Avalon 226

Chapter 226 [Female Knight ‘ Medical Officer] Example of Obedience, Part One

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 Alexis’ day in Flores town is a simple one.

 During the day, accompanied by Valencia and Lily, Alexis will visit various sites.

 While the first day was just a quick tour of the town, today Alexis will be taking a closer look at each of the sites.

 And after the tour, he is invited to dinner by the mayor, after which he goes back to his inn.

 Now, after returning to the inn, Lily is supposed to take care of Alexis’ personal needs.

 ”Well then, Alexis-sama, I’ll leave you now”

 Valencia leaves in front of Alexis’ room.

 After returning to the inn, Valencia’s work as a guard would be over.

 ”Yes, thank you”

 Alexis was about to send Valencia off when it occurred to him to stop her.

 The knightess stopped and turned around.

 ”Yes, can I help you?”

 ”Why don’t you come in?”

 ”Hmm…? All right”

 Valencia nodded her head.

 Alexis then invited both Valencia and Lily into his private room.

 At this point, Valencia seemed to have guessed Alexis’ intention to some extent.

 Lily, however, does not seem to understand at all.

 ”Do you still have some work to do? Then I don’t want to disturb you, and I’m going to prepare the bath in the meantime”

 Alexis sees Lily off to the bathroom.

 ”Alexis-sama, you finished your work, right?”

 Valencia, standing next to him, called out with a doubtful look on her face.

 ”If you’re going to keep me around, that means…”

 ”Oh, that’s quite a feat. You’re getting pretty smart now, aren’t you?”

 Alexis stroked Valencia’s head as if he were petting her.

 Valencia looked ticklish and opened her mouth.

 ”I think I’ve learned enough at the court, you know…”

 ”Well, it’s true”

 Alexis stops patting her head in understanding.

 ”Alexis-sama, are you going to stop patting me?”

 Valencia sounds somewhat dissatisfied and Alexis replies, “I guess it’s natural that you’ve been learning.”

 ”Oh no. Please pat me more”

 Valencia looks up at Alexis greedily, which makes Alexis think that Valencia’s attitude has improved a lot.

 ”You’ve really mastered the attitude of being my slave, haven’t you?”

 ”Isn’t it so? You can praise me more than that”

 Valencia’s chest heaves with pride. But…

 ”…I don’t feel like praising you if you say so…”

 Alexis dares to pinch Valencia’s cheeks.

 At this, she says “Uuuu, stop” and gets teary-eyed.

 Alexis is the only one who thinks she is cute like a pet.

 After a while, he lets go of his hand, and Valencia puts her hand on her blushing cheek with tears in her eyes.

 ”Ugh. Alexis-sama is so mean”

 ”I’ve always been that way”

 ”…Hey, it’s not good to be open about it, you know”

 Alexis, who was not so concerned about Valencia’s complaints, changed the subject.

 ”Still, Lily doesn’t seem to be very aware of what she’s doing. So, I want to show her an example”

 ”An example?” Valencia’s eyes widened.

* * *

 After filling the large bathtub and putting the towels in the changing room, Lily went back to the room.

 By then Valencia had taken off her armor and was wearing a shirt and skirt under her armor.

 Alexis is sitting on the sofa with her shirt loose at the chest, and Valencia is sitting next to him. They are completely relaxed.

 They looked like a couple for a moment.

 At this sight, Lily feels a twinge in her chest and takes a step back.

 ”Uh…well… I-I should leave now, shouldn’t I?”

 Lily rushes to turn away from them.

 ”I-It’s ready. You can take your time now…”

 She walked quickly to the door, but Alexis rushed to her in a panic.

 ”Hey, hey, what are you thinking?”

 He grabbed her wrist as she reached for the doorknob.

 ”I never told you to go back, did I?”

 ”Eh? But, um…”

 Lily tries to open her mouth, but she is embarrassed.

 She covers her face to hide the heat in her cheeks.

 ”Well… That’s…”

 It may be condescending to say such a thing. But it would be impolite not to say anything.

 ”Tonight, you’re going to have Valencia-san play with you, aren’t you? And if so, I don’t think I should…”

 Alexis sighs, interrupting Lily’s words.

 ”You’re such a… What do people call it? Yes, a clueless person…”

 ”Eh? But, that’s…”

 Feeling denied, she rushes to look up and see Alexis.

 She saw he had a look of exasperation on his face, which made her heart ache again.

 ”Remember what I said about discipline?”

 ”I-I remember. But tonight—”

 Alexis pulls Lily’s upset hand.

 ”I’m going to start discipline now. Come here”


 Lily gasped.

 In the presence of Valencia-san? she thinks and gets very upset.

 And not knowing what to do, she looks at Valencia and her eyes meet hers.

 But the beautiful Sagrado knightess just smiled silently.

 (Eh, what…! What’s going on…!?)

 Lily is even more puzzled.

 In the meantime, she is taken to the sofa.

 ”First, we need an example.”

 With Lily standing in front of him, Alexis pulls Valencia into a hug.

 ”Alexis-sama,” Valencia said, and she leaned forward uncontrollably.

 ”Show Lily how you take care of me”

 Alexis urged her to do so and Valencia nodded “Yes.” Then, getting off the sofa, she kneels between her lord’s legs.

 She reached her hands between Alexis’s legs with a practiced technique and moved her face close to it as she rubbed her hands over his crotch.


 She kisses it lightly through his pants and then rubs her cheek against it as if she is spoiling it.

 Meanwhile, her hands are still moving, gently rubbing his spot.

 In no time at all, Alexis’ dick is bulging through his pants and starting to squirm and squirm.

 ”Haah… *Kiss.* Alexis, sama”

 Valencia kissed it again, and her expression was greedy.

 It seems she already wants to take out a thing.

 But Alexis doesn’t say anything, so Valencia can’t do anything except touch it through his pants.

 Still, Alexis strokes Valencia’s hair lightly and glances at Lily.

 Valencia also realizes that it is not good for her to keep touching herself. So…

 ”Lily,” she calls out, beckoning.


 Lily gasps and nods her head.

 The sensational scene that had been taking place in front of her eyes was so stimulating that she had to hold her breath the whole time she was watching.

 Ashamed of herself, she fearlessly moved closer to her.

 Meanwhile, Valencia shifted lightly to the side.

 Lily felt her heart pounding as she realized that she should kneel in front of Alexis’ knees, too.

 But concealing her feelings, she folds her knees next to Valencia’s.

 After a while, Valencia whispered, “Touch it.”

 Lily nodded and reached out her hand.

 She touches Alexis’ crotch where Valencia’s hand is touching hers.

 After that, she is not sure what to do but finally decides to do it as Valencia urges her with her eyes.

 So, as she had seen before, she gently stroked it through his pants and kissed it.

 But at such a moment, her heart clenched tightly in her chest.

 ”Your Majesty…”

 However, she still kissed it carefully several times with all her eyes closed. Seeing this, Alexis’ hand came down and patted her head.

 Being kissed like that fills his heart. He feels a clear sense of her surrender.

 It is the first time for Lily.

 Valencia smiled happily and kissed it from the opposite side of Lily’s body.

 She was also touching Alexis’s body, so their hands touched each other several times.

 While feeling confused about this, Alexis’ hand finally reaches the belt holding his trousers.

 The belt is loosened, and his p*nis reaches out from inside.


 Valencia reached out and pulled it in first.

 She put her face close to the glans and inhaled its smell, then licked it with her outstretched tongue.

 ”H-haah…mmm. It tastes like sweat.”

 Alexis nodded at Valencia’s comment.

 ”Make sure you lick it clean”

 ”Yes—*Lick, lick…*”

 Valencia leans forward, half hugging the side of Alexis’s waist, and licks the shaft from the side. She carefully licks it from the base to the tip, like a tentacle that extends about 30 centimeters and sways lightly.

 She is doing this so that Lily can lick the other half.

 ”What are you doing,” Alexis urges Lily, who can do nothing but blush and stare blankly at it.

 ”You’re doing it too”


 Lily decides to do it and follows Valencia’s example.

 She herself hugs Alexis and licks his p*nis with her tongue.

 As Valencia said, a salty taste mixed with the smell of sweat spread in her mouth.

 But, strangely enough, she was not disgusted but excited.

 Rather, her heart is pounding at the thought of kneeling down to obey him.

 And her heart is filled with sweet and sincere feelings.

 Before long, Alexis’ hands each pat Valencia’s and Lily’s hair.

 ”All right, let’s go take a bath soon. Are you ready?”

 Alexis asks, and Lily can’t get her mind off the situation and feels embarrassed.

 She turned her face down, which was getting hot on its own accord, and answered “Yes” in a small voice.

 At such an answer, Alexis got up from the sofa.

 ”Let’s all take a bath together”

 Lily choked again at Alexis’ invitation.

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