Avalon 224

Chapter 224 [Female Knight] I will Punish Her Gently

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 The night breeze on the way back to the inn sobered them up nicely.

 ”Well then…”

 And now, Alexis makes the female knight go into his room.

 When he lights the wall lamp, the dimly-lit room becomes bright at once.

 ”You know why I brought you here, don’t you?”

 Alexis turns around to see Valencia’s lips pursed into a tight line as she nods her head.

 ”It’s because I abandoned my duty as a guard midway”

 Valencia put her hand on the pure white knight’s armor as she answered.

 ”…But I have a point of view too”

 ”That’s all well and good, but you’re rebellious.”

 ”I’m not rebellious. I just want to say what I want to say.”

 Valencia’s hand removes her armor and drops it with a clatter to the floor.

 ”…Alexis-sama wants to have s*x with a woman for some reason or another, and she’s going to do it to Lily, too. I have so many things to say.”

 Valencia purses her lips and expresses her frustration frankly, without any attempt to be subtle about it.

 With these words, her hands have long since removed all of her equipment, including the sword that hangs from her waist belt.

 Underneath, as usual, she wears a tight high-necked shirt and a pleated miniskirt.

 Her full breasts are pushing up her shirt to the point that it is almost ripped off, and her healthy thighs are peeking through the gap between her skirt and knee socks.

 ”What is it? You seem to be dissatisfied.”

 Alexis folded his arms and smiled.

 Valencia shakes her head a little, “…It’s not. At least not with me.”

 She said in a small voice.

 ”But can’t you punish me gently?”

 As she said this, Valencia put her hands on her own clothes.

 ”I’m also afraid of being punished too roughly, you know. You know, that kind of thing makes me nervous. It makes my heart ache and makes me sad. But that doesn’t mean…”

 When she takes off her shirt, her ample breasts are revealed in all their glory, swaying and bouncing.

 The white, round, soft-looking fruits are perched on her own toned, yet feminine body.

 ”Well, sometimes it’s nice to be punished gently”

 Alexis said while looking at Valencia’s breasts, and Valencia had a bad feeling about this.

 ”Wh-What do you mean by gentle punishment?”

 ”Well, you better take off all of your clothes!”

 Alexis said, and Valencia quietly took off all of her clothes.

 She has already gotten used to taking off all her clothes, even her underwear, and exposing her nakedness to his eyes.

 Even so, this does not take away her sense of shame.

 She feels nervous when he looks at her carefully as if he is inspecting her, and she feels suffocated and tormented by the sensation that he is tracing her nakedness with his eyes.

 But Valencia does not try to hide her bare skin, and he is allowed to admire her in silence until he is satisfied. This is loyalty. In a way, this is proof of loyalty to him.

 As she receives his long, licking glances, her heart gradually throbs in her chest.

 Valencia became aware that her secret was gradually becoming hotter and hotter.

 Alexis only looked at her but did not touch her for a long time.

 ”…Alexis-sama,” Valencia uttered.

 ”I’m ready to be punished”

 Alexis just nodded.

 Valencia was puzzled.

 ”…Umm. Should I serve you with my mouth first?”

 ”Well, don’t be in such a hurry”

 Alexis’ reply came as a surprise.

 He moved away from Valencia and sat down on the sofa next to the table.

 Valencia involuntarily looked at Alexis’ crotch. She was curious about the state of his tentacle.

 And through the fabric, she could see that it was swollen and moving.

 Valencia wondered if that was the case, but Alexis did not put his hands on his pants, but just sat deeper on the sofa and crossed his legs.

 ”Uh… um?”

 She was completely naked. And Valencia is puzzled by the fact that she is being stared at by him, who is wearing clothes.

 This is a completely different situation from usual, and she loses her temper.

 ”What is it? Don’t tell me you’ve been looking forward to your punishment that much?”

 His tone was as if he was trying to tell her that she was an idiot.

 Valencia shook her head in a panic. She didn’t want to say “yes” and get punished too severely.

 ”Well, that’s good.”

 Alexis said and pointed at Valencia’s breast.

 ”They’re still big, aren’t they?”

 He said slowly, and Valencia nodded as soon as she could.

 ”Umm… but… I can’t beat Ane-sama”

 ”Still, you sisters have breasts that are s*xy”

 Alexis smirks.

 ”You have such nice breasts that they want to be touched. They stick out and are very assertive. I bet many guys want to look at them”


 Valencia turned red to the ears.

 ”No, don’t look at me like that…!”

 In a panic, she tried to cover her breast with her arm.

 Then, her arms seemed to change their shape as they were squeezed together and Alexis said with a sly smile, “Well, it’s not that important to emphasize it so much, but…”

 ”You want me to look at you and touch you, right? I know it. I know your nipples. You want me to pinch them with my fingers and pull them, right?”

 ”No, no, no… That’s not…!”

 Valencia was tormented by an unbearable sense of shame.

 She was embarrassed, but she thought she was fine, and before she knew it, her previous feelings were gone.

 ”So, what do you mean by that?”

 She gets teary-eyed with shame.

 And biting her lips, she turned her head back.

 ”Because, Alexis-sama…”

 ”I’m, what?”

 He asked her to take off my clothes…

 ”I mean, you said that. You didn’t like it?”

 ”No, it’s not that. It’s just…”


 Valencia finally stops talking after the back-and-forth.

 Alexis keeps staring at her, and she can’t get rid of the burning in her body. She feels a thrill of excitement, even though her heart is aching with shame.

 (…Why won’t he touch me?)

 Finally, she thinks clearly in her heart.

 (No way… I…don’t have a body worth touching…?)

 The tingling sensation of oppression made her body tremble.

 ”Haah, haah… Alexis, sama…”

 She couldn’t catch her breath.

 But Valencia stood still, wriggling and rubbing her legs together.

 ”Aren’t you going to do anything?”

 ”No way” Alexis chuckles.

 ”Still, do you want me to do it? However, you’re a slave and you expect me to do it for you? Without permission? Without your master’s permission?”


 Valencia’s body trembled at the realization that he had hit the nail on the head.

 ”N-No. I don’t know…”

 ”Really? If you’re lying, you’ll be punished.”


 The word “punishment” makes her heart flutter.

 ”I’m sorry. I was expecting…”

 Valencia finally says.

 The stinging words of humiliation and the frustrating s*xual intercourse are about to break her high-spiritedness.

 ”I knew you were lying!”

 Alexis laughs, and Valencia can’t help but feel nervous.

 ”You bad girl,” Alexis whispered.

 He gets up from the sofa and finally walks over to her.

 Valencia lowered her hands, which were trying to cover her breasts, expecting him to touch her.

 She looks up at Alexis who stops right in front of her.

 ”How did you want me to touch you?”

 Valencia stutters when Alexis asks her that.

 ”This… here…”

 With her chest heaving, Valencia then gently placed her index fingers on the apex of each nipple, which was pointed at the apex of her breast.

 ”Ah, you know. Alexis-sama’s, hand…”

 Her voice trembled with embarrassment.

 Still, Valencia glanced at Alexis expectantly.

 He is close enough to reach out and touch her. She thought that he would touch her right away.

 But what does Alexis say?

 ”Heh,” he says, and smiles wickedly.

 ”What do you want me to do with my hands?”


 Valencia’s body stiffened. She was on the verge of tears.

 She had tried so hard to confide in him, but he had done nothing for her, and her heart was in turmoil. But she cannot disobey the Lord’s command.

 ”W-With Alexis-sama’s, hand…”

 Soon Valencia pinched her nipples with her fingers.

 ”Haah, haah. My nipples… Mmm, mmm…”

 She squeezed and twisted her own nipples tightly, and her body trembled with sweet numbness.

 ”Ahhhh… Please, I want you to punish my nipple…”

 But Alexis just smiles and says, “Hmm?” And she just nods.

 ”Did you want me to pinch you so hard?”


 Valencia nods, trying to keep her knees from shaking.

 If she answered truthfully, Alexis might do that for her, she thought, her heart racing.

 ”Alexis-sama, no, Master. Please look at my breasts, my nipples, I want you to play with them. I want you to squeeze them so hard it hurts”

 She confides in a raised voice.

 With that, she put her hands on her breasts and squeezed them tightly.


 The strong stimulation becomes high and is converted into a sweet thrusting sensation that sends a tingle up her spine.

 Moreover, being watched by Alexis, she reveals her perverted and perverted feelings to him one by one. It was so miserable, frustrating, painful, and comforting.

 ”Haah, haah, Alexis-sama… Look… I’m getting such a good feeling… Even though I’m being so rough with myself… Mmm, mmm!”

 ”Yes, yes, I’m watching”

 Valencia feels better when she hears the sound of his exasperated voice.

 Her legs were so wobbly that she finally slumped down on the floor.

 ”Alexis-sama, I’m a pervert, right?”

 ”Yes, you’re a pervert.”

 ”Fufu… I’m a bad pervert. So, please, dirty me with Alexis-sama…”

 ”You want it so bad?”

 Alexis finally pulls his tentacle out from under his pants.

 The tentacle stretches out, and Valencia can’t help but loosen her cheeks when she sees manhood sticking out of the tip of Valencia’s nose.

 ”Ah, Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Valencia closes her eyes and kisses Alexis’ tentacle.

 ”Mmm… *Lick.* Mmm, mmm. Please give me a white one… I want you to make me dirty a lot with it.”

 Valencia looks entranced as she begins to carefully run her tongue over Alexis.

 She can feel Alexis’s cock pulsating on the tip of her tongue.

 ”If you want it so bad, let it come out!”

 Alexis said, and Valencia nodded and sucked on it.

 Now, with her eyes closed, Valencia took the head of the cock in her mouth.

 In her mouth, she licked the tip with her tongue and sometimes stroked the underside of the glans with her hand.

 At this, Alexis shuddered in her lower body.

 When he puts his hand on Valencia’s head, she shudders.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 One of her hands is still on her breast as she serves the object. She pinches and pulls her nipples slowly, stimulating herself.

 ”Haah, haah, Arexwis-samwa, *Kiss,* mm, mmm”

 Valencia is ecstatic, shaking her body repeatedly, jerking and shaking.

 She is consoling herself with her miserable act, being so aroused by the miserable act, while serving to be defiled. This situation seems to bring Valencia pleasure.

 Eventually, perhaps unable to resist any longer, the hand that had been crawling on her pussy reaches out to her lower body.

 Looking down at Alexis and taking a piece in her mouth, she touches her breast with one hand and her secret place with the other hand.

 Even before she touches it, Alexis notices that it is very wet. In any case, her inner thighs were wet as she was sitting on the bed.

 Sure enough, he hears a squeaking sound.

 And now, while looking down at the knight’s lasciviousness, Alexis grabs her bangs and pulls them.

 ”Masturbating with your master’s cock in your mouth. Is this so good for you?”

 Valencia’s eyes were wet with tears, but she looked completely melted and answered “ywes.”

 She seems to make only a muffled voice because she has a p*nis in her mouth.

 But then, Valencia shudders as Alexis calls out coldly to her, “You pervert!”

 ”Hey, you perverted bitch! You should cum like a pervert. I’ll watch your miserable appearance.”

 He pulled her hair hard as he spoke to her, and her body trembled.

 She was breathing hard with a p*nis in her mouth. And she seemed to have reached a light orgasm.

 ”Oh, you came early? You pervert”

 He pulls her hair while cursing her, and her body shakes again.

 ”Apologize. Say I’m sorry for being a pervert”

 Alexis asks, and she says, “I’m sworry,” with a giggle in her voice.

 I’m sworry for being a pervert.

 She must have said so many times. But she is not saying the words because she is holding a thing in her mouth.

 Still, her hands were touching her breasts, and she was inserting her fingers into her vagina and pistoning it before she knew it. And it makes a wet sound.

 Such a lasciviousness tickles and arouses Alexis’ sense of s*xual pleasure.

 So, he pulls her bangs again, trying to hold back his ejaculation. However, Valencia’s body shakes and she reaches again.

 ”You, you came again even though you apologize to me. You really are a pervert, you know that?”

 ”Yes, I’m sorry—gggghh!”

 Alexis violently shoved his p*nis into her oral cavity, which she pulled away from the object to apologize.

 Maybe he stimulated the back of her throat with too much force, and she is moaning with his dick in her mouth.

 Still, he pistons her throat and says, “Hey, I’m going to cum.”

 Then, he pulled her bangs and made her raise her face, and ejaculated into her face.

 Valencia was panicking and holding her mouth with her hands because he suddenly pulled out his p*nis. She must have been about to throw up.

 Despite this, Alexis sprayed white spunk on her without any mercy, soiling her hair and everything else.

 ”…Mmm, mmm… Alexis, sama…”

 Valencia seemed to be holding her mouth, closing her eyes, and tasting the hot and thick feeling of the white slime.

 By the time Alexis had finished cumming, Valencia’s whole body was completely covered with the white fluid.

 In the midst of this, Valencia was sitting on the floor, naked and stunned.

 Alexis strokes her hair gently this time.


 Valencia regains consciousness and looks up.

 ”The punishment is over.” Alexis smiles a relaxed smile and adds, “You did a good job.”

 ”No, not at all. I mean, Alexis-sama…”

 Valencia leans forward and hugs Alexis’ leg tightly.

 Alexis is momentarily concerned about the stain on his pants but decides not to be so unreasonable.

 ”Alexis-sama. please pat my head”

 Valencia says in a sweet voice.

 He did as she asked, and she let out a squeal and pressed her head against his leg.

 ”I will obey you. I will follow you for the rest of my life”

 At Valencia’s whisper, Alexis nodded and stroked her head again.

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