Avalon 223

Chapter 223

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 As the dinner was about to begin.

 ”—I finally found you, Alexis-sama!”

 In front of Mayor Flores’ house, Valencia had made a hasty meeting with Alexis.

 ”I thought you just went to the stables to drop off the horses. What’s taking you so long?”

 To Alexis’ exasperated look, Valencia says “Please forgive me” and shrugs her shoulders.

 ”I found the stables right away, but after that, I couldn’t find Alexis-sama and the others…”

 ”So you’ve been looking all over for us?”

 To Alexis’ surprise, she denied it.

 ”I just happened to meet a member of the neighborhood watch in this town. Since I was there, we had a little chat about the security measures.”

 ”I see…”

 It seems that she was having a good time in her own way.

 In fact, the court knight’s advice to the guard would be very beneficial for this town. —Though…

 ”…it seems that you need to be punished for not doing a proper job as my guard…”

 ”Huh!?” Valencia shrugged.

 ”Wait!? I thought it was mainly necessary only on the road and in public.”

 Indeed, she is right.

 She has a point in her argument that it is enough if she can play the role of an armor decoration in public.

 ”But I didn’t order you to do anything, did I?”

 ”That’s true, but Alexis-sama and the others went on an inspection tour without waiting for me, didn’t they? Everywhere I went there, people said you’d already left…”

 ”Well, you’ll be punished later. For now, you’ll have to be a good armor piece.”

 Alexis declared to her smilingly.

 Actually, he was not angry at all. He simply enjoyed seeing Valencia’s troubled face.

 ”Come on, let’s go, Valencia!”

 Alexis urges her blonde guard.

 ”Uhhh, Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Despite her whining, Valencia follows.

* * *

 In the dining room of the mayor’s mansion, there is a table for six with a white tablecloth. By the time Alexis arrived at the table, the mayor was already there, arranging cutlery such as plates, knives, and forks.

 The mayor wore an apron on his well-dressed body and smiled when he saw Alexis.

 ”Oh, I’ve been waiting for you. Please, take a seat. The oven will be ready in a few minutes.”

 The mayor pulled out a chair for Alexis and his escort, Valencia, and hurried out of the room.

 Lily was already at the table. But when she looked at Alexis, she smiled a little annoyed and bowed her head.

 She seemed to have changed her clothes and was wearing a white coat over a plain one-piece dress instead of a medical officer’s uniform.

 Alexis motioned Valencia over and took a seat across from Lily.

 ”Hey, do you think—”

 Valencia immediately speaks to Lily.

 ”Is the mayor preparing a meal?”

 But Alexis interrupted and Lily glanced at Alexis and answered “Yes.”

 ”I heard that Mayor likes to cook. So, he always treats me too…”

 ”I see, so the mayor himself is going to give us a home-cooked meal”

 Alexis thought again that this was a great welcome.

 While he was admiring the mayor, Lily’s eyes fell down in a flash. Her attitude seems awkward.

 At this sight, he’s curious, but again he notices a faint tint on her cheeks as she looks away from me as soon as our eyes meet.

 After thinking for a while, he finally understands that she is worried about the fact that he pushed her down during the day.

 (Come to think of it… She’s not used to it, is she?)

 But whenever Alexis sees this kind of reaction from her, he feels something else as well as innocence.

 (Well, Lily has not been trained very well…)

 Her constant shyness and her lack of initiative are some of the reasons why she is not a priority for Alexis.

 ”—Hey, Valencia.”

 As he thinks about it, he calls out to the knight next to him.

 ”Yes. How can I help you, Alexis-sama?”

 ”I just want to make sure. We’re supposed to stay here for five days, right?”

 ”…? Yes, that’s right”

 Valencia nodded her head in puzzlement as Alexis carefully checked the plan.

 ”Well, okay, I understand”

 Alexis only nodded at that moment.

* * *

 Soon the dishes were brought one after another, and the mayor, who had been busy with his work, left the rest to the servants and joined them at the table.

 ”Well, let’s have a toast!”

 The mayor’s voice signals the beginning of the meal.

 The expensive white wine was opened and the meal began in a relaxed atmosphere.

 Soon the second bottle of wine was brought in, and the conversation about reconstruction that had been going on for a while was running out.

 ”By the way…”

 Alexis suddenly cut in.

 ”About Lily. I’m borrowing her for the time being to guide me during my stay, but I’d also like to ask her to take care of me. As you can see, I’m only bringing my personal guard this time”

 In a slightly formal, yet frank manner, Alexis addresses the mayor.

 Perhaps Alexis’ proposal came as a surprise to Lily, she makes a face as if to say, “Eh!?” Next to Lily, the mayor smiles with a drunken blush on his face.

 ”As you wish, Your Majesty. The doctor’s office is not too busy and above all, the director of the office belongs to His Majesty, doesn’t he?”

 ”Well, that’s true. So, I didn’t need to hesitate.”

 Alexis is convinced and the mayor smiles, “Of course, of course.”

 Having said that, Lily herself has been left out of the conversation.

 ”Oh, um… Your Majesty, the mayor…?”

 Lily’s confused voice was drowned out by their laughter.

 Lily’s eyes drift to Valencia in confusion.

 Her eyes met Valencia’s. But Valencia gave her a wry smile.

 Her return of a wry smile shows that she definitely understands the other side of Alexis’ intention—and that she accepts it.

 —Well, it’s all right.

 She told herself that with a crackle of her mouth.

 In short, she is under siege. There is no one here to stop Alexis’ usual vices.

 (W-What’s going to happen to me? What am I going to do?)

 Lily sighs hopelessly.

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