Avalon 222

Chapter 222 [Medical Officer] Reunion Knot

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 Lily let out a puzzled voice as Alexis led her into his room.

 ”Oh, um, did you need a tour of the interior?”

 Her eyes met his green eyes, and she quickly let her gaze drift away.

 It was hard for her to look directly into his eyes. And that made her face heat up on its own.

 At first, Alexis opened his mouth to say something, but then he just smiled.

 ”…well, if Lily says so”

 Lily knows that this is not what he meant to say. But she can’t question him.

 His expression is as if he is observing me as if he is amused by her reaction. This made Lily feel even more embarrassed.

 ”I-I understand.”

 Somehow, she sensed a strange atmosphere and became uncomfortable.

 But she nodded her head meekly.

 And now, with some confusion, Lily started to show Alexis the room.

 The room, located on the top floor of the inn, is about 24 tatami mats in size. It is furnished with a king-size bed on a carpet, and a well-polished wooden table and chairs. There is also a bathroom equipped with a bathtub.

 Compared to the royal palace, it is less ornate and plain in general. However, it is a fine enough structure.

 The innkeeper seems to have taken the liberty of placing a bottle of expensive brandy and candy on the table.

 ”…—This is what it looks like. If you need anything, just ask the innkeeper and he will provide you with anything you need. For dinner… Umm, you were invited by the mayor, weren’t you?”

 Why am I saying this while talking to Alexis? She wonders to herself.

 At least, the details of the inn are completely out of her grasp.

 Even the tour of the interior she gave him just now was a probe.

 ”Umm…other questions should be directed to the innkeeper.”

 Lily concluded, having finally told everything she knew.

 Alexis, who had been listening silently, smiled and nodded.

 ”Oh, thank you. I understand”

 ”Y-Yes. I’m glad I could be of help. Then, see you later…”

 Lily turns and reaches for the doorknob. But Alexis’ hand grabs her wrist. It is a big, burly man’s hand.

 ”Oops, are you leaving already? Don’t you have other things to do?”

 Alexis’s question makes her breath catch in her throat.


 No, nothing.

 She can’t say the word out loud.

 And out of necessity, Lily falls silent.

 Perhaps sensing something, Alexis pulls her close to him.

 He took her in his arms and put his hand on her head.

 ”You’ve been working so hard without me, haven’t you? I’ve felt that all day long as I’ve looked around. The trust in you and the fact that the people here don’t make the slightest distinction between Krangals is the best proof of that. Thank you. Did you miss me?”

 His words of concern made it difficult for her to hold back her tears.

 Even so, as her shoulders shook and her voice was muffled, Alexis’ hand lifted her chin.


 Alexis could see her crying face. Just as she thinks so, their lips meet each other.

 Lily stops breathing. Thanks to this, by the time their lips parted, her breathing was ragged.

 ”Ah, um, Your Majesty…”

 Alexis smiles at her and points at the bed.

 ”I haven’t seen you in a while. We have some time before dinner, why don’t we take it easy?”

 ”Eh. But…”

 Lily was confused and embarrassed.

 ”I… I…”

 She turns her head down to hide her red face.

 She can’t seem to stop her heart from pounding in her chest.

 She knows what he wants, what he’s thinking.

 At that moment, Lily’s immediate thought was not no, but, “Is it okay if I’m his partner?” That was it.

 But before she can answer any questions, Alexis’ hand lightly picks up Lily’s body and takes her toward the bed.

 Her body then sinks into the soft sheets.

 ”Eh? um…”

 Lily’s face is still bright red, and she can’t do anything but be upset.

 She is not ready for anything.

 Still, Alexis has climbed onto the bed and is looking down at her, smiling.

 ”I haven’t tasted your body in a long time.”

 Alexis says and puts her hands on Lily’s clothes.

* * *

 Lily looks red and shivers a little.

 Her attitude is fresh and nostalgic at the same time.

 When Alexis picks up the edge of her honey-colored hair with his index finger, her body shivers.

 Her lips tense with nervousness, her breath trembling, all so innocent and lovely.

 Still, she does not reject him.

 Alexis finally slides his hand down to the button that holds her lab coat on her chest.

 Unlike Sara, who only lightly pulls the buttons on her shoulders, Lily has all three buttons fastened with great care. He undoes them one by one. Lily feels the wooden buttons against his finger. This makes Lily’s body tense up more and more.

 After that, her lab coat is pulled open. And Lily lets out a small gasp.

 She is now wearing the white uniform of medical officers. It is fastened at the front of the chest with hooks.

 This one too, he unhooked one by one and pushed it open to the left and right, and let it fall open.

 Immediately, a light pink bra concealed Lily’s modest breasts.

 When Alexis touched her breast through the bra, her body jerked.

 He then continued to stroke the soft texture of her breast through the cloth.

 And before long, her breath starts to heat up and rubs on the top of her body.

 ”Haah, haah…”

 Lily looks up at Alexis without speaking. Her brown eyes have a hint of fear in them, but she seems to trust him.

 ”My prince…”

 A familiar call escapes from her mouth.

 But then, her mouth is sealed with his lips.

 His tongue traces over it, and Lily’s body shivers a little.

 ”Mmm… Mmm…”

 A muffled voice escapes, and the tongue pushes into her crevice.

 Lily’s body trembled even more as the tongue twirled around her tongue.

 ”Mmm… *Kiss,* mm, mmm”

 Gradually, Lily’s voice becomes sweeter and sweeter.

 And while Alexis played with Lily’s tongue, he slipped off her bra with one hand and touched her breast directly.

 He then touches her hardened nipples against his palms.

 ”Haah, haah, mmm, nnnggg!”

 Lily’s body writhed and squirmed as her nipples were lightly pinched.

 Still, Alexis continues to gently squeeze her entire breast.

 ”Ah—mmm, mmm, mmm…!”

 Her reaction is not as strong as her nipples, but she still seems to feel pleasure enough. Her trembling body and her eyelids that fell down thickly told him that.

 And so, for a while, Alexis gently touched her breast with her tongue.

 Then, thinking it was about time, he reached the lower half of her body with the hand that was not touching her breast.

 He slipped his hand under the skirt of her medical uniform and touched her panties, which were moist and wet.

 He runs his fingers over the shape of the crack of her pubic mound, which can be seen through the cloth. And his fingers got wet and slippery.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, ah…”

 Lily wriggled, and finally, her lips parted.

 As Alexis stroked her clit through her panties, she immediately reached out her arms and clung to Alexis’ body.

 ”Prince, mmm, prince, my lord—”

 Lily’s eyes are sad and hesitant.

 ”Prince, that’s enough. I mean, you know…”

 Lily’s hand reaches out and lightly presses down on Alexis’s hand.

 It is almost forceful, though, but Alexis ignores it and puts his hand under her panties.

 ”Ah,” Lily’s body jumps.

 ”No, no, no… It’s dirty…”

 She says, her breath shaking feverishly.

 Still, the sweet pleasure fills her body more than the resistance. Besides, the sound of squeaking can be heard as the finger stirs the slickness.

 At the same time, Alexis did this, Lily is shaking and trembling, letting out a coquettish sound.

 After a while, He slides down her panties toward her white thighs.

 And seemingly embarrassed, she closes her legs tightly.

 However, Alexis covers her in a hug, and one hand moves around the lower part of her body, gently stroking her hair-colored underhair.

 ”Prince. No… I have to go back soon, or the innkeeper will get suspicious…”

 Lily says in a muffled voice.

 But Alexis controls her, “Don’t worry about it,” and slips her fingertips into the crack of her body.

 Immediately, Lily’s body jumps with a wet sound.

 ”Ah. Prince, the people here are— Ah, ah…”

 Lily’s insistence is cut short by a charming voice.

 Alexis knows what she’s talking about.

 Most of the people here are Sagrado.

 Sagrado people don’t like it when a man with a wife and children befriends a woman, even a king.

 By now, the innkeepers might be waiting for the doctor’s return with suspicion.

 Knowing this, Alexis loosened his trousers and stretched out his tentacle, which was already wagging.

 Meanwhile, Lily’s secret was still wet, and her secretion was still increasing.

 ”You really want to finish, don’t you?”

 Alexis gets on his knees and tries to spread her closed legs with his hands.

 ”Open your legs!”

 Alexis says, and her legs relax.

 ”Um, prince. It’s not really a good idea… is it?”

 Lily looks at Alexis’ tentacle as he begins to poke her.

 ”I can deal with that later. And I’ll at least make sure you don’t make a sound.”

 Alexis picks up a nearby pillow and presses it against Lily’s face.

 She seems to realize his intention to kill her voice and grabs the pillow firmly with both hands.

 After confirming this, Alexis let her tentacle, which had only been poking at the muddy entrance of the honey pot, go inside.


 Lily’s body bounced wildly. Her knees buckled.

 Her vaginal walls are full of wetness, wiggling and squeezing as Alexis’ cock moves in and out.

 Her body convulses with each movement.

 ”Hhh—nnn, mmmmmm!”

 She trembles and relaxes, then tenses up again and lets out a muffled moan.

 She must have reached the s*xual orgasm many times. This is clearly visible in the movement of her vagina, which tightens up to a tingling sensation.

 However, the problem is that Alexis can’t see her expression when she has a pillow pressed against her body… Thinking about this, he pistons her vagina with an uncontrollable movement.

 ”Haah—ah, ah!”

 Lily’s body was shaking and she was making muffled sounds through the pillow.

 Alexis, too, is feeling the pleasure building up inside him.

 So, “…I’m going to let it out,” he whispers, lifting up her lab coat and the skirt of her medical uniform. He then pulled out his cock and pushed it out of her.

 Just soon, he ejaculates deep inside her vagina without pulling out his cock.

 ”Mmm, mmmmmmm…”

 Lily lets out a muffled voice and shakes her whole body.

 When the pillow is taken away from her, Alexis saw the look of ecstasy and meltdown on her face.

 ”Haah… Ah, ah… Did you cum inside…?”

 Lily asked, and Alexis nodded.

 At this, she let out a sigh.

 ”Prince, I never thought you’d do something like this…”

 She mumbles with a somewhat dazed look on her face, and then she looks aghast.

 ”Ah, no, I mean… It’s the king…”

 A look of embarrassment on her face. And Alexis blurts out.

 Lily, on the other hand, just looked blankly at him with a red face and a blank stare.

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