Avalon 221

Chapter 221

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 In the guest room of a big mansion, Alexis hears from the mayor about the current situation and development of Flores town.

 The mayor told him that the clinic had been fully opened last week and that the medical officers from Krangal, of which Lily is the head, are providing assistance not only in the medical field but also in maintenance and miscellaneous tasks.

 As the mayor spoke his words of thanks, Lily, who was standing beside him, turned her face down with a shy smile on her cheeks.

 Seeing this, Alexis clearly understood why the mayor had no ill feelings toward the King from another country.

 ”As Your Majesty would be more comfortable with a familiar person, so she will be your guide in this town.”

 The mayor said this and indicated Lily.

 It was only then that Alexis finally understood why she was here.

 ”I will take care of you during your stay. Please take care of me, Your Majesty.”

 Lily said and gave a beaming smile.

* * *

 Valencia, who had been accompanying Alexis silently for a long time, finally opened her mouth as they left the mayor’s mansion.

 ”It’s been a long time, Lily.”

 ”Yes, it’s been a while, Valencia-san.”

 Lily smiled again and answered.

 ”It’s nice to see you. But I’m surprised to see you come here, Valencia-san. I thought that if it was business as usual, it would be with Eden-san.”

 ”Yes, I thought so too, but Alexis-sama said that this time he should go with Sagrado.”

 ”Is it because the mayor is a Sagradoan?”

 ” That seems to be the case.”

 Like that, they are chatting peacefully until they stop in front of the mansion.

 With a sense of nostalgia in such a friendly atmosphere, Alexis interrupted, “You guys.”

 ”Don’t keep talking, I’m here on an inspection tour. Lily, you’re going to show me the way.”

 ”Ah, yes! Pardon me”

 Lily panics. But then, Valencia says “ah.”

 ”The carriage’s still parked at the entrance. Is there a stable?”

 Valencia asks Lily just to be sure, and Lily gives a wry smile.

 ”Yes we do, Flores is a town too. Stables are a priority facility.”

 ”Good. I’m off, Alexis-sama!”

 Valencia saluted and left.

 ”Uh… the meeting place, and the location of the stables… is that okay? Can we meet up later?”

 Besides Alexis, Lily has a puzzled look on her face.

 ”Well, let’s just figure something out,” Alexis answered appropriately.

 ”It’s just like her that she’s slipping. I’m sure she’ll get there if we leave her alone, and by evening, she’ll be able to make it through the night.”

 ”Your Majesty? She’s the guard, isn’t she?”

 Alexis replies nonchalantly to Lily, who smiles bitterly, “Yes, of course.”

 ”Anyway, I can take care of myself and we’re in the middle of a town.”

 Saying this, Alexis touches the hilt of the sword hanging from his waist.

 ”Well, yes, but…”

 Lily was puzzled but decided to do her job if he said so.

 ”Well then, shall we do it this way, Your Majesty?”

 ”Please do,” Alexis responded.

* * *

 The Flores town is now sparsely built, flanked by dirt paths. To the right is a forest, to the left is marshland, and fields are being developed around the perimeter of the town.

 Lily explains to Alexis the major facilities that have already been built, the facilities that have not yet been built, the manpower that will be needed, and the future construction schedule while showing him the place from corner to corner.

 ”You’re the medical director, by the way. I’m sorry, I know you’re busy, but you’re still my guide.”

 Alexis suddenly said.

 Because as they walk, he spots the approaching doctor’s office in the distance, which reminds him of Lily’s original position.

 Lily shakes her head as she leads Alexis away.

 ”No, it’s not a busy time yet. We have other medical officers who can take care of simple treatments and patients. Though I’m not sure I can trust them with the more complicated mixing and prescribing of medicines yet.”

 ”Well, your pharmacology is from Sara.”

 Alexis remembers being with that little lady doctor Sara every day when she was still at court.

 ”How is Sara-sensei?”

 Lily asked. “Of course,” Alexis nodded.

 ”She’s a court doctor, but I couldn’t bring her with me…”

 ”No, it’s fine. I understand that we are both busy.”

 In a panic, Lily answered.

 After a while, while they were talking, they arrived at the front of the clinic.

 It was a big one-story building with a sign with a symbol indicating the clinic hanging above the double swinging door.

 ”Let me show you in.”

 Lily said as she turned around.

 Alexis nodded.

* * *

 Lily was the one who designed the entire clinic.

 The rooms for beds, examinations, tests, treatments, medicines, and so on.

 She was lively as she showed Alexis these rooms.

 Anyway, she must be proud of her work.

 And it made Alexis feel relieved.

 After the tour, following Lily out of the clinic, Alexis said “…to be honest, I’m relieved” without thinking about it.

 ”You cried when you left the capital. You told me how hard it was for you to leave me. That’s why I was worried about you. I was wondering if you were doing well.”


 Lily turned away and suddenly fell silent.

 Alexis turns around to face her, startled.


 Looking into her face, he saw that she looked as if she was trying to hold back tears.

 Alexis falls silent.

 She then forced a smile and said, “…I’ll show you around.”

 ”There’s a room for you during your stay at the newly built inn. I’ve prepared a room for you there, so let’s go. Also, I’ve been instructed to take you there…”

 ”Ah… uh, yeah. Thank you”

 That was all Alexis said.

 But he noticed that her voice was trembling. However, he didn’t know what to say to her.

 He just knew that he must have made her feel very lonely.

 Realizing this, he kept his mouth shut.

* * *

 The largest room on the top floor of the brand-new inn, with a rooftop. This was the room reserved for Alexis. The second-best room right next to it seemed to be for his guard.

 Now, the innkeepers all stand formally, bowing their heads and welcoming the priest-king.

 ”What a welcome…!”

 Alexis is beginning to feel uncomfortable.

 Lily, knowing that Alexis is not very fond of special treatment, politely stops the innkeeper who offers to show him around with the key in person, and decides to continue showing him around by herself.

 Now, going to the top floor and unlocking the room for Alexis, Lily lets out a sigh.

 ”I’m kind of… sorry.”

 She can’t help apologizing.

 ”I had told them that Your Majesty Alexis doesn’t like to be too ostentatious…”

 ”Well, it’s understandable. It’s not your fault.”

 Alexis answered.

 It is natural to greet the king of a country with ostentation when he comes. Alexis himself understands that much.

 But Lily was not satisfied with that.

 ”…Please forgive me… I may have made Your Majesty feel uncomfortable again…”

 Lily is looking depressed and on the verge of tears.

 She is remembering. Once, she had embarrassed him by behaving that way herself.

 Realizing this, Alexis reaches out and touches the key that her hand is clutching.

 He grabs Lily’s hand and opens the door to the room.

 While Lily is still in a daze, Alexis pulls her hand and leads her inside the room.

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