Avalon 220

Chapter 220

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 Three years have passed since the disappearance of the Avalon.

 The Sagrado Kingdom is recovering day by day, and the capital has already been transformed into a new town, and the reconstruction is beginning to reach neighboring towns and villages.

 Meanwhile, in Flores, a small town located in the west of the Sagrado capital, a town of medicine and medical care was being built around a big clinic to take advantage of the numerous medicinal herbs that could be gathered in the nearby forests and swamps.

 ”Ah—it’s finally over!”

 Lily McLeod stretched out with the setting sun in the background. She is one of the close advisors of Alexis, the Priest-King who once conquered Avalon, but only a few people here know that. Her honey-colored curly hair and small stature, combined with her own charming face, make her look younger than she should.

 Lily is wearing a white coat over her medical officer’s uniform and looks up at a simple one-story building that has just been completed.

 The triangular-roofed building, made of wood and wooden planks, is spacious and the smell of fresh bark wafts through the air.

 This is the new doctor’s office in town. Lily’s new castle. It is not yet a magnificent structure, but it can take care of its patients well enough.

 She looks at it with a sense of pride.

 ”Good work!”

 ”Good work, Lily-sensei!”

 The carpenters who had been working together until just now came out of the building and called out to Lily.

 ”But I was surprised to see you and the medical staff helping us.”

 ”It’s true. I’m sure it must have been hard work for those who use their brains to do the hard work they are not used to doing.”

 As the craftsmen were working so hard, Lily thought that they were against it.

 ”It’s okay,” she answered, laughing.

 ”I wanted to get back to work as soon as possible. Thanks to you, I’ll be able to open the clinic tomorrow.”

 Lily looks up at the clinic again.

 Alexis is not nearby. But Lily is thrilled to be a key part of Sagrado’s new medical team.

* * *

 ”Finally, we’re getting somewhere, aren’t we?”

 The Flores Mayor said to Lily as she was being served dinner at the Mayor’s house.

 The Flores mayor is a stout, well-built Sagrado man, who used to be a landowner. He must be the most pleased with the recovery.

 And since Lily is an important person in this town, she is always invited to the mayor’s dinner like this. Well, to begin with, the mayor of this town has a personality that likes to serve meals to others.

 ”Yes, I suppose so,” Lily answered, stopping to eat.

 ”We are going to take the initiative to receive patients from all over the country, though it is only around this town at the moment. However, we have Alexis-sama’s appointment and support. In addition, pharmaceuticals will become a major industry, and I am sure that the town as a whole will be able to grow and prosper in the future.”

 ”I have high expectations. But still…”

 The mayor suddenly changes the subject.


 Lily looks at the mayor’s face, but he breaks, “No,” into a smile as he pulls on his white beard.

 ”You seem to be more interested in His Majesty than in others. I heard that you participated in the conquest of Avalon…”

 ”Eh… ah…”

 Lily feels her face heat up quickly and she casts her eyes down.

 ”No. Not at all”

 ”I don’t think so”

 Seeing Lily’s reaction, the mayor’s face turned into a wry smile, as if he knew what to expect.

 ”A knight from the capital brought a letter this morning. His Majesty is coming for a visit next week. He asked me if Lily McLeod was doing well”

 ”Eh… ah… T-The king?”

 ”Yeah. He’ll be here next week so there’s no need to ask now. At that time I was thinking that he’s very fond of you”

 ”Ah. Y, Yes, that may be so… right…”

 Lily replied as best she could, with a downcast look on her face.

 But she couldn’t believe it.

 Her body trembled with embarrassment and happiness.

 ”…His Majesty is an impatient person, isn’t he…”

 Lily murmured.

 She swallowed down the tears that were beginning to well up on their own.

 He was not next to her. But she was glad to be a part of it.

 She thought so, but when she heard that she was going to meet him, she realized it.

 (……I want to meet you, Prince)

* * *

 A week passed in the blink of an eye.

 That day, a carriage driven by a knight rides into the Flores town.

 A man with bouncy brown hair gets out of the covered carriage. Over his rough, common clothes, he wears a fine white cloak with gold and silver threads woven into it. At his waist is a sword.

 ”Oh, so this is Flores. Things are growing up here. There are more buildings, and the empty field has changed”

 A knightess who was sitting on the Couchman platform walks up to the man who is looking around the place with a look of curiosity.

 The knightess was a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, young, and beautiful woman wearing white-painted armor.

 ”Alexis-sama,” the knight speaks in a formal tone.

 ”First of all, we have to greet the mayor, don’t we?”

 ”Yes, Valencia”

 The man, Alexis, looks at Valencia, the knightess he has brought with him.

 ”The mayor here knows you, doesn’t he?”

 ”Yes, he’s my friend, or rather he used to be a friend of the Contesti family.”

 ”I heard that. The guy’s a Sagrado. It’s better to have a Sagrado knight with you than a knight from Krangal. Especially since you are a Contesti, a family of high priests.”

 ”…Yes, I see…?”

 Valencia’s expression was puzzled.

 Alexis, the current Priest-King of the Sagrado Kingdom, is always ready with a plan.

 However, his attitude sometimes makes Valencia feel that he is taking things too far.

 Well, Valencia herself is at least aware that she is a bit of a brainiac.

 Alexis is a master who thinks he is much smarter than she is.

 ”I will obey you”

 Valencia said and Alexis nodded.

 ”I’m going to see the mayor now. You are my personal guard this time. Follow me closely.”

 Nodding “Yes!” Valencia followed Alexis’ lead.

* * *

 The mayor’s mansion is a big brick and wood mansion near the center of the Flores’ small town.

 When Alexis led Valencia to the gate, the mayor, an elderly man in formal dress, was already standing there and said, “Well, well, well, welcome, our Priest-King.”

 He bowed deeply.

 To tell the truth, Alexis was surprised at this treatment. After all, he had expected to be greeted by a servant.

 Next to the mayor, a petite girl in a white coat bows her head in the same way.

 Alexis recognized her.


 He calls out to her as soon as he can.

 Lily looked up and her eyes drifted to him with a sly grin.

 ”Ah, Mayor Flores. Thank you for meeting me in person”

 Alexis realized that his first words had not been good and quickly rephrased them.

 The mayor looked up and smiled, his wrinkles deepening.

 ”We’ve been expecting you. Please, this way”

 The mayor led Alexis through the gate.

 Lily seems to be accompanying him, following the mayor.

 Alexis is relieved as he is led to a room in the villa.

 At least, the Sagrado mayor here seems to have no sense of distinction toward Alexis, a former Krangal.

 Even though he is an Avalon conqueror, some citizens do not feel 100% welcome to a king who comes from a foreign country with a foreign culture.

 For this reason, Alexis is willing to tolerate a little bit of rudeness.

 But the mayor of this town said.

 ”Please, have a seat”

 After showing Alexis to a special chair in the spacious parlor, decorated with gold and silver, which he has prepared for him, he himself takes a seat on a sofa downstairs.

 A servant soon arrives and prepares the finest tea and tea cakes for the king.

 ”Welcome, Your Majesty”

 The mayor bows his head again.

 The hospitality could not be better.

 Lily stood by the mayor, and Valencia stood by Alexis.

 In this state, the conversation began.

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