Avalon 219

Chapter 219 [Maid] Sex while Breastfeeding

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 Fatima lifted up her nightgown as she was told.

 Her swollen breasts, which were visible through her clothes, were even more spectacular when seen in person.

 Originally, Fatima’s bulge was plump, but now it is as big as a balloon and as round as a watermelon, asserting its size even more than before.

 Her nipples, which are pointed at the tips, are a little darker in color and are fuller and larger than before.

 ”They’re getting bigger from being sucked every day”

 Alexis flicked Fatima’s nipple lightly with his finger, and she shuddered.

 ”Ah… D-Don’t be too rough…”

 ”I know”

 Alexis replies, this time stroking her taut breasts.

 Fatima’s breasts were soft, to begin with, but now they were firmer as if they were filled with her mother’s milk. This accumulation must be painful.

 ”Do you want me to suck it out?”

 He lightly grabbed her breast as he asked her. Then, her nipples started to overflow with milk. When he grabbed harder, her breast milk came out like a shower, soaking Alexis’ clothes.

 ”Ah… I-I’m sorry. But when you grab me, it comes out”

 Fatima said apologetically, but Alexis didn’t mind a bit.

 Rather, he made a suggestion.

 ”I know. Do you want me to change the place?”

 ”What place?”

 She asked, and Alexis quickly pointed to the bathroom attached to the room.

 Unlike Fort Rohka, which only had a public bath, Sagrado Castle has private bathrooms in each of its magnificent rooms. Fatima today lives in a room second only to the king and queen’s bedrooms, so there is such a place.

 ”Umm, Alex? Didn’t you say you just wanted to see it because you were curious about it?”

 Maybe she had a bad premonition. Fatima points this out with a red face.

 ”Just to see?”

 Alexis smirked and continued to insist.


 No! Definitely not! Fatima looks at me as if to say so.

 But Alexis is aware of this.

 ”Shall we go?”

 He urges her to go, and she never refuses.

 Sure enough, Fatima nodded her head with a frustrated look on her face.

* * *

 Both of them took off their clothes and went into the bathroom.

 The bathroom is about 10 tatami mats wide (16.2 m2), with 6 tatami mats (9.72 m2) for the shower area and 4 tatami mats (6.48 m2) for the bathtub. The bathtub is equipped with a magic-powered shower and a boiler.

 As usual, the couple seems to have a hard time getting used to the idea of facing each other naked, even though they have already had a child together. Fatima looks down with her red face and restlessly rubs her legs together.

 Even so, she does not try to hide her body, so Alexis can clearly see her perky breasts, her slender but still soft postpartum abdomen, her golden underhair, and her thighs.

 Anyway, he makes Fatima sit on the edge of the bathtub, and he reaches for her breast again.

 Perhaps because he had already stimulated her with some touch, her milk was flowing out of her nipples and wetting the underside of her breast before Alexis touched it.

 When Alexis lightly pressed the sides of the breast with his hands, the oozing milk became more vigorous, and the white liquid started to flow out slowly.

 ”You have a lot of milk, don’t you?”

 Alexis squats down and puts his mouth on her nipple, causing Fatima’s body to jump.

 ”W-What are you doing, Alex!?”

 ”I’m curious,” Alexis replied, sucking hard on the nipple. Then the mother’s milk flowed into his mouth. It was sweet like diluted condensed milk, with the taste of iron mixed in.

 ”Mmm, don’t say that you did it to the queen too…”

 Fatima protested, her body trembling slightly.

 ”Well, I didn’t do as much as I did to you”

 He answered and took a new mouthful.


 Fatima exhales a little with a choking sound.

 ”—Haah, haah. A-Alex, this is not for you…”

 To Fatima’s frustration, he interrupts her argument by grabbing her breast firmly.

 ”Ugh— I-It hurts, Alex”

 Eventually, Fatima was silent as if she had given up.

 Instead, she stifled the occasional outburst.

 Alexis rolled and licked her nipples with the tip of his tongue and rubbed her breasts gently.

 As the milk flowed out, the hardness of the breast was gradually lessening and becoming softer.

 Fatima’s breathing became more and more erratic, and she was puffing and panting.

 After a while, Alexis took his mouth away from Fatima’s nipple and looked at her face, and his eyes met with her moist blue eyes.

 ”What’s wrong? You’re getting a lewd look on your face.”

 While saying this, he pointedly grabbed her breast.

 Then her milk came out in a gush.


 Fatima’s body trembles.

 ”Haah, haah, b, because you touch me so hard… Haah, haah…”

 She says back, her eyes slightly glazed over.

 Even when Alexis pulls his hand away, her breast milk is still flowing out. Looking at this, he scopes it in both hands and smears it on her breast.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Fatima let out a small voice.

 When Alexis sometimes increased the force of rubbing her breasts, her voice became obviously charming.

 Now, looking at her face again, she looks completely blank.

 ”Good grief,” Alexis giggled.

 ”Don’t tell me you’re feeling it? How can you breastfeed Fernando like that?”

 ”Uh… H-He doesn’t strangely touch me as Alex does…”

 Fatima’s voice was trembling as she protested, red to the ears.

 ”What’s a strange way of touching you?”

 He asked as he raised himself up and moved his body closer to hers.

 With both hands, he stroked her breast and smeared her mother’s milk on it.

 The mother’s milk was making the nipples slippery and Fatima’s body trembled when the pointed nipples were kneaded repeatedly.

 ”Hwahh, mmm, ahh…”

 Fatima answered Alexis’s question with a steady voice.

 ”A-Alex’s way of touching is naughty, you know…”

 She replies with a “Haah” in her muffled voice and Alexis reaches out one hand to her lower body.

 Fatima breathes and opens her legs slightly as her inner thighs are stroked by Alexis’s hand, which is soaked with her mother’s milk. His hand then slipped between them and traced her crack.


 Fatima’s voice is getting louder.

 And when Alexis put his finger deep into the crack, a squeaking sound was heard.

 ”Spread your legs”

 Alexis commands her to spread them apart.

 While her body trembles, she spreads them apart from side to side, exposing her shameful parts.

 Alexis looks down at Fatima’s secret place.

 Her golden hair peeks out from her moist, wet, red, and bloodshot secret.

 Her clitoris is small and erect, and when he stroked it with his finger, her body jumped up.

 ”Ahhh… Haah, haah, Alex…”

 Fatima is no longer hiding her mellow expression.

 She opens her legs and raises her hips slightly.

 ”A-Alex, it’s your fault. You did this to me…”

 She gently hugged Alexis’ body while saying so.

 And as her breasts were pressed against him, Alexis could feel the warm breast milk flowing out of her breasts.

 ”I can’t contain it… So…”

 ”Do you want me to finish it?”

 Alexis’ crotch was already stretching and moving even as he was asking.

 Fatima still nodded her head with a red face.

 She knows that as soon as she points out Alexis’ s*xuality to him, he will interrupt her in a lewd way.

 Well, Fatima doesn’t mind being played in the palm of his hand. In fact, she is even comfortable with the feeling of being manipulated at will.

 Now, as their bodies are pressed further against each other, Alexis smiles and says, “You’ll have to tell me where you want me to fuck you, won’t you?”

 Fatima, with burning shame, squeezes out “…ass”

 ”I want it in my… in my ass, Alex”

 ”Now that you’re a mother, you can’t resist, huh?”

 Fatima almost melts down when she hears such a gentle tone of voice with a hint of “I can’t help it.”

 ”But, I can’t stand it. It’s Alex’s fault”

 ”Yes. The reason why you can feel so good with your ass is that I did it”

 Saying this, Alexis made Fatima change her position and put her hands on the edge of the bathtub.

 Fatima nodded, her breath trembling hotly.

 ”And my breasts, too… You’re the one who made them better”

 After Fatima said this, Alexis extended his tentacle to touch her anus. As he watches her body jerk up, he says, “What? You want me to touch your tits too?”


 Fatima choked out, thinking he was going to make her say more.

 But it was a pleasure for Fatima to do what he wanted.

 Shaking with embarrassment, she nodded her head.

 ”This body of mine is, ah, it’s yours. You have remade it for yourself. So…”

 She finishes, her voice trembling.

 ”…It doesn’t matter if I’m a mother or not. I am still your property. I want you to enjoy me responsibly…”

 Alexis smiled and replied, “Okay.”

 He sighed as he hugged Fatima from behind.

 Anyway, he moves his tentacle, which is still in contact with her anus, and slowly inserts it into her.

 The inside is not cleaned, but this is a bathroom. So, he decides that it is OK since he can wash it immediately in case of any accident.

 Just soon, Fatima lets out an “oooh” sound.

 Alexis then reached out and grabbed her breast, and her body trembled.

 At the same time, her mother’s milk started to flow out of her.

 ”Haaah, haaah. A-Alex…”

 She lets out an exclamation of deep emotion. Her knees are shaking with pleasure.

 She must have been getting a lot of pleasure herself because she has been getting it less and less often these days.

 As the tentacle goes deeper and deeper into her anus, her body shakes more and more.

 ”Ahhh. I want you to feel good inside me. I want you to feel good…”

 She says this, and Alexis moves his cock without hesitation.

 ”Ah… Aaah!”

 Fatima’s voice rises.

 Her intestinal walls twitch and tighten around his cock, making it throb and throb.

 It feels like a series of rings. As he rubs and pistons inside her, Alexis’ own pleasure rises.

 Fatima’s body also trembled and she exhaled.

 ”Ahh, Alex. Alex…”

 Fatima’s hips moved with a trembling breath in ecstasy.

 She was being made to feel good by Alexis’ body, and the realization of it was a pleasant sensation in itself.

 The feeling of his body moving in and out of her stomach causes a thrill of pleasure.

 The rubbing of her nipples while he stroked her entire breasts also made her breast milk flow out.

 Now, Fatima, who was soaking the bathroom with the white fluid, trembled with pleasure.

 ”Alex, watch me—I’m cumming, I’m about to cum…”

 When she pleads with him, “Okay,” Alexis said.

 Immediately, Fatima’s whole body trembled and shook with the sweet pleasure that surged through her.

 ”Ahhhh, ahhh—!”

 A rush of pleasure engulfed her whole body.

 Fatima likes to be watched by him at this moment when her mind goes blank and her rationality bursts out. She feels as if he accepts everything she reveals to him without reserve.

 ”Mmm—uh, ahhh…”

 Even after her climax ceased, when Alexis moved his cock, her body jumped up and down with sweet delight.

 ”I’m going to enjoy you until I cum, all right?”

 Fatima nodded her head in agreement with Alexis’ whisper.

 ”Of course, use me, a lot. My body is yours”

 ”Of course. You know exactly what I mean”

 Alexis’ hand reached out from behind and patted Fatima’s head in a praising manner.

 Fatima’s eyes narrowed and she let herself be comforted.

 In the meantime, Alexis’ hand moves again. And her breast was squeezed again.


 Once again, pleasure enveloped Fatima’s whole body.

 Her breasts were no longer sore. Her breast milk, which had been the cause of her turgor, had probably drained out of her.

 But that did not stop the milk from flowing.

 ”I’m going to cum again, Alex!”

 Soon, the sweet joy of climax was rising up to the top of her body.

 Fatima had no reason to hold back or deny the sensation. It felt good from the bottom of her heart to be at Alexis’ mercy, to respond to his body.

 The tightness of the sensation must be felt by Alexis, too.

 After all, he breathes hard.

 ”…I’m about to cum”

 Fatima nodded.

 ”Please cum. I’m cumming, I’m cumming too—!

 Fatima’s whole body shook as she continued to cum.

 At the same time, Alexis ejaculated as much as he could deep inside her tightening anus.

 The white spurts of cum were spurting out, pulsing and throbbing.

 ”Haaah, haaah—”

 Enjoying the long-lasting ejaculation, Alexis strengthened his hand on her breast and watched her breast milk squeezing out.

 After a while, when he had finished spitting out his “milk,” Fatima’s abdomen was bulging out as it had been before the birth of her child.

 He pulled out his cock, and a white mist poured out from her open anus, soaking the bathroom floor.


 Fatima slumps down on the bathroom floor, starting from the moment her anus is pulled out.


 Her blue eyes are squinty and dazed, but she looks happy and her mouth is slack.

 Alexis grabbed the shower and poured hot water on her.

 She stroked Fatima’s head while she washed off the wetness from the white and mother’s milk.

 ”Now you’ve already had two rounds of breast milk. So, just sleep a little longer. Do you understand?”

 Fatima nodded her head, feeling embarrassed because she felt that he could see that she was still out of sleep.

 ”Besides, your body is my precious thing, not to mention your mother’s body. I will not forgive you if you overuse it”

 Fatima felt both shame and happiness at the same time when she heard Alexis’ words.

 After she groaned, she let out a muffled voice, “…okay”

 ”I’m going to bed… Alex”

 She then tried to say something, but she was afraid that it might bother him.

 However, Alexis sees right through her and says, “What? Just say it.”

 Fatima opened her mouth, feeling sorry and happy at the same time that he could see through everything.

 ”If it’s not too much trouble… I want you to stay close to me until I fall asleep”

 Alexis smiled and said, “Okay.”

 ”It’s not a problem. You’re my wife. You know that, don’t you?”

 Fatima nodded, his voice reminding her.

 ”You know that you’re mine now, don’t you? Making your own decisions and refraining from doing things on your own without my instructions is a serious violation of my orders. Don’t do it again. Do you understand?”

 Fatima could only nod her head at these words again.

 As she did so, she felt happy and prepared for a future in which she would never be separated from him.

 The End

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