Avalon 265

Chapter 265

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 Thanks to Maria’s help, Alexis managed to finish his work for the day.

 It was not only already dark outside, but also bedtime. And because of his busy schedule these days, he often had a simple dinner in his office, and the time he could spend with Fransisca was decreasing more and more.

 (Oh, I’m so tired…)

 Alexis has never been a sedentary person.

 He returns to his room, stretching his stiff bones, though he feels that it is time for him to do some kind of exercise. However, it is finally time for them to spend time as a couple. Even if he can’t undress her.

 Welcome home, Alexis-sama.

 He’s sure his wife will greet him today with a soft smile.

 At least that would be comforting.

 Hoping for that, he opened the door, but when their eyes met, he almost fell into a fit of choking.

 ”Ah…” He mumbled in a whisper, and as soon as he looked at her, Fransisca’s cheeks were stained bright red. No wonder. Today she is wearing a transparent white babydoll directly over her underwear, instead of her usual negligee.

 The thin fabric is transparent, but the lines of her body stand out clearly.

 Her body, which he had not seen for a while, is so pale that it plays the room light, and her skin is smooth, and her waist is as slender as ever. The round and soft texture of her hips and breasts seems to have increased.

 Involuntarily, he swallows down the spit that oozes out of his mouth. If he hadn’t pulled out Maria at lunchtime, he would have been in danger.


 As he was scratching his hair, she glanced at him with her eyes looking up at him.

 Her expression is lack of confidence.

 ”Alexis-sama, how are you doing? Is my body properly arranged for you to see? She looks as if she wants to ask something like that.

 She is not doing so because she is confident. She sometimes rubs her thighs together as if she is biting back her embarrassment, blushing up to the back of her ears.

 It must have taken courage to dress like this.

 (…Shouldn’t I have been used to it? No, it’s just the way it is when there is a blank.)

 He was touched by the unexpected aspect of his wife, whom he should have been familiar with.

 He thought she was cute that she worked so hard for him and dressed like that now.

 However, he can’t let himself be in a good mood right now.

 ”…Fransisca, I’m home.”

 There is an unnaturally long pause, but then she makes a sullen face.

 ”A-Ah, you’re back…”

 Her depressed voice made his heart ache, but she seemed to have recovered herself soon and walked closer to him.

 Her sweet smell bothers him when she comes close to him.

 He almost swallows down his temptation to tell her that she should leave him alone.

 But then, she hugs him tightly from the front. The thin fabric is too thin to block the texture of her skin, so her soft skin texture, her body temperature, and even the pounding sound of her breasts are directly transmitted to me.

 ”Good evening, Alexis-sama. Well, um…”

 With a bright red face, she looked at him with a serious face, trying hard to open her mouth to say something. But her voice is trembling, perhaps with a sense of shame, and her face immediately falls.

 Then, in a flash, her voice becomes quiet and the words disappear. All that remains is the sound of her heartbeat.

 The back of her ear, glimpsed through the silver hair that spills out from her face, is bright red.

 Her trembling breaths are hot on his chest, and his groin feels like it’s about to explode.

 But, he immediately reacted by pulling her off him.

 ”I’m sweating. Let me take a bath first.”

 He thought it was a good excuse.

 Anyway, he had to get away from her. She nodded and pulled away.

 ”Shall I wash your back?”

 She was still shy, and she even made a suggestion that she usually doesn’t make.

 This was a sure thing. She must be waiting for him to attack her.

 (…she’s so cocky…)

 He never expected Fransisca to do such a thing to him.

 It makes him a little angry to think that he can do something to seduce him. However, the reality is that she has not made a move for a long time. She herself may be in a hurry.

 However, he can’t give her any kind of reaction now. But if she takes any further action. He doesn’t think he can stand it.

 ”No, no. Go back to sleep.”

 When he responded by looking away from her, she nodded “…yes” with a sullen voice.

 His heart ached in his chest, but there was nothing he could do about it. He felt so frustrated with himself.

 But on the other side of the door, there was still a priest who had the authority of the elder.

 If he finds out that he’s made a mistake, it could ruin everything he’s been doing while he’s trying to arrange the meeting.

 So, he resist the urge to hug her and go to the bathroom by himself to wash off his sweat.

 In the meantime, he felt calm, so he went back to his room after freshening up, and she was wrapped up in the bedclothes, obeying his instructions.

 (…she’s a very obedient person, isn’t she?)

 When he sat down on the bed, she seemed to have woken up, and she came out of the bed and wrapped herself around his arm.

 She was wearing only a tunic, short-sleeved shirt and pants, and her breasts through her baby-doll and bra were squeezed against his bare arms.

 Of course, his crotch, which had been so calm, became hard again.

 (Damn…she hadn’t given up yet, had she?)

 He was so aroused.

 Still, he tried to keep his composure and asked her if she should go to bed.

 He can’t let her know his ulterior motive.

 Sure enough, Fransisca’s eyes flashed in surprise.

 ”Eh? I… see?”

 He felt a little sorry for her depressed voice.

 But before she could look at his crotch, he quickly plunged his lower body into the futon.

 However, it would be a little awkward to pretend that he didn’t notice anything and go back to sleep.

 ”…Hey, Fransisca, you’re thinking about something, aren’t you?”

 He whisper to her, and she shakes her body in an amusing way.

 ”Hwehh. Ah… uhhhh… ah… Um, well, um…!”

 Fransisca’s cheeks gradually turn vermilion. Eventually, her eyes go down and she becomes silent.

 Even though she could dress s*xily, she didn’t have the guts to actively ask him out by her words or actions.

 Still, she tried her best, and he could not help smiling at her.

 (But what can I do about it?)

 The fact that the senate is impatiently waiting for the second one is probably one of the reasons why she tried to ask him out this time.

 She is under pressure in her own way.

 ”…Maria told me about this.”

 He snuggled under the covers as he spoke to her.

 ”And you care too much.”

 ”Well… is that so?”

 Her voice was somewhat disappointed.

 He guessed she was depressed that he couldn’t ask her out any more. However, he should not force himself to do something he can’t do.

 (It’s not her character, she should have left it to me.)

 But he did not say what he thought.

 ”Listen to the words of the elder half-heartedly. They’re just saying some random stuff anyway.”

 When he spoke to her with the intention of consoling her, she also crawled into bed and rubbed herself against him. This time, she was shy and reserved.

 Her eyes are downcast, and she is timid. Does she think that her approach would make him uncomfortable?

 (…No way)

 She pulls her waist closer to him.

 A wife who just wants to rub up against her husband and be pampered is being made to behave like this. There was no way Alexis was going to leave her alone.

 Anyway, Fransisca’s cheeks broke into a smile and it is a relief to see her like this.

 If it is true, this kind of thing should be a normal behavior and should not make her wife uneasy.

 So, he tightens his arms around her. For the first time in a long time, Fransisca’s warmth on his arm is soft and warm.

 ”…But still, they… They’ve been telling Fransisca all kinds of crazy things…”

 Fransisca could hear the frustration in his voice.


 When she looked at him blankly, hr told her it was nothing.

 ”Anyway, you go to bed without worrying about anything. I’ll take care of it soon.”

 ”Soon…? Y-Yes. If that’s what Alexis-sama wants…”

 Fransisca said frankly and then pressed her body against him. He did not ask him any more questions. Apparently, she trusted him.

 Realizing this made his chest heat up. And, by the way, his crotch, too.

 ”…I’m having trouble sleeping…”

 ”Uh…oh, I’m sorry.”

 She looked disappointed and patted his head as she slowly moved away.

 ”You know… You’re such a jerk.”

 Fransisca could easily smile or be sad, depending on his attitude.

 To make her smile again, he puts his face close to hers. The kiss was just a light touch, but when he pulled away, she was smiling again.

 ”Go to sleep.”

 Briefly, she said, “O-Okay. Good night, Alexis-sama.”

 With that, he saw Fransisca close her eyes.

 He waited until he could hear her breathing and then patted her head.

 ”…Just wait a little longer, please.”

 He whispered to her, knowing she would not answer.

 (Just wait and see, Senate. I won’t let you get away with this.)

 Alexis was quietly building up his anger.

 They wanted a second Fransisca, even though they had told Alexis not to touch her and kept a close watch on her.

 How is that possible?

 (Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to work for anything but what’s in my interest.)

 He thought to himself and chuckled.

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