Avalon 264

Chapter 264 [Mage] Use the Civilian Officer who Brings the Work to Eliminate Sexual Need

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 Fransisca aside, there were serious problems for Alexis in the office.

 ”What is this…?”

 Maria was unusually carrying a stack of papers in her hands today. They are placed on the desk in front of him.

 When he complained to her, she looked at him with a puzzled look.

 ”It’s your job, isn’t it?”

 Maria speaks curiously, her face as cosmetically plain as it was a few years ago, and she wears round glasses. Her plum-colored hair is pulled into a braid, giving her a simple and quiet impression.

 She seems to have chosen this fashion to avoid men in the past, but now she prefers it because it will improve her reputation among the priests of Sagrado.

 The robe-like Sagrado priest’s uniform that she still wears suits her well.

 ”Were you inspired by the priests while you were in the administration office? I know it’s your job but look at the quantity, the quantity. You’re so ruthless!”

 When he pointed at the desk, she replied with a clear expression on her face.

 ”If you’re talking about adjustments, it’s already on the agenda.”

 ”Please solve it as soon as possible.”

 ”Please wait a moment, whatever it is, it needs to be approved.”

 While she was talking, he bent forward and looked at the papers.

 The collar of the priest’s uniform covers the neck so that he cannot see her breast even if he looks at her. However, when she leans forward, the shape of her breast can be clearly seen.

 Moreover, she smells good from her side.

 Unaware of Alexis’s gaze, Maria is lightly flipping through the papers she has brought with her.

 ”I can spare some time today. I understand that it’s a lot of work, so I’ll help you out.”

 ”Hmm? Will they complain if you don’t come back soon?”

 As he asked, his eyes focused on the curve of her slim waist and buttocks, which stood out through her priest’s uniform. Her long skirt covered her knees and her stocking-clad calves peeked out.

 ”Well, I’m going to work with many priests anyway. In the first place, I won’t be noticed if one of us leaves…”

 While half listening to her reply, his hand naturally reached for her buttocks.

 He strokes it softly, and Maria’s body jumps as if she has finally noticed it.

 ”…Your Majesty?”

 The way Maria turned her head and gave him a cold look made him think that she had a sharp sense of humor. However, it is hard for him to let go of his hand once he touches it.

 And since the softness and elasticity through the cloth are too much for him to resist, he squeezes it lightly.

 ”Hyah! Hey, hey…what are you doing?”

 She turns around after whispering a rebuttal.

 Then, she holds her buttocks with both hands. Her face turned bright red and her lips pouted in disapproval.

 ”I-I’m on duty. Besides, don’t you feel bad for the queen?”

 ”Why is Fransisca coming out of nowhere?”

 ”Because, Your Majesty, she’s in trouble. So I heard. Haven’t you been with her lately?”

 ”…It can’t be helped, the Senate’s been nagging me…”

 He replied that he was just trying to get rid of the horny feeling and reached out to her again. Again she shook her head.

 ”I can’t help it. They want the queen a second child.”


 Alexis’s hand stopped.

 He’d never heard that before.

 ”Those guys… it’s outrageous.”

 It makes him want to clutch his head.

 No wonder Fransisca seems somewhat troubled lately.

 ”So, they’ve pestered the Queen?”

 ”Yes. So, rather than that… you know what?”

 Maria’s brow furrowed in suspicion as Alexis pulled her close and made her straddle him face-to-face in his lap.

 ”Yes, I’m listening”

 As she responded, he stroked her ass again.

 Anyway, Alexis had become horny once. For the time being, he thinks about finishing her off.

 But she twists around and says, “Hey, Your Majesty,” stubbornly.

 Knowing that he will be rejected if he doesn’t give her a satisfactory answer, he opens his mouth.

 ”Not now. I can’t do it even if I wanted to. After all, the Senate has been nagging me. If I mess with Fransisca by accident. They won’t let me see her again.”

 His hands reach into Maria’s priestly vestments and undo the hooks that hold them tightly together, one by one, starting from the neck.

 When he opened the dress to the left and right after removing the hooks to the waist, he found that the bottom of the dress seemed to be a thin undergarment, a camisole. From her collarbone to her cleavage, her breasts are bare, and her crimson-colored bra is showing through, although it is covered by the camisole underneath.

 ”…So, can’t you do something about it, Prince-sama?”

 He lifted up her camisole and pulled it over the soft bulge. Then when he pulls down her bra, two bulges are revealed.

 Squeezing it between his hands from both sides, he emphasized her cleavage. Then, when he moved his hand up and down, the breasts bounced and swayed.

 Pushing his fingers lightly, his fingers bit deep into the warm and soft flesh.

 She does not complain with a red face as he strokes her breast observing her like this. She just let out a small “…hmmm” sound.

 ”It’s nothing for you to worry about. I’m just trying to work it out in my own way.”

 ”Haah, haahh… Oh, really?”

 Even as she listens, her breathing is becoming ragged. He gently caressed both of her nipples, which were beginning to point, with his fingers, and she shivered on his lap.

 ”Mmm…hmm… Please do it properly, okay? Don’t only touch me…”

 Maria’s green eyes were moist and wet with desire as she looked into his eyes.

 ”I know.”

 He responded, covering her moist, pouty lips with his lips.

 At the same time, he could hear her heated sigh.

 He then rubbed her breasts in a circular motion, inserting his tongue between the openings of her lips and poking them with the tip of his tongue.

 Each time he did that, she shuddered, and soon she clung to him tightly.

 She slides down with only one hand and starts to stroke Alexis’s p*nis through his pants.

 The tickling, tingling sensation made his p*nis jump lightly as it tried to stretch.

 Without saying a word, she loosened Alexis’ belt and took out his p*nis with both hands. She stroked the base of the p*nis with one hand as if she was squeezing it, while her other hand was rubbing his balls underneath with a soft hand.

 As she does that, she kisses him again and again. And each time intertwining their tongues, she looks at him with a melting face and a moist gaze from a distance where he can catch her breath.

 ”Geez… Your Majesty… I can’t help it.”

 ”I guess she’s not too satisfied with the way he presses his body against her even though she says so,” Alexis thought inwardly.

 However, he did not point it out, but gave her a single word of instruction to “put it in.”

 She nodded and reached for her priest’s uniform.

 She pulls it up tightly, revealing her thighs.

 The stockings covered her thighs up to the mid-thigh, beyond which a crimson-colored garter belt extended.

 Maria slides her panties to the side, revealing her underbelly.

 Meanwhile, Alexis squeezes her breasts with both hands and stretches his p*nis there.

 And when he presses his dick against her, she slides her panties down further so that he can go deep inside her. The back of her hair was damp.

 It was filled with moist, humid heat.

 Then, as he moved his p*nis, he heard a squealing sound.

 She was leaning against her more and more.

 Her breasts also pressed directly against his chest.

 And when their lips were separated, her hot and trembling breath hung on the tip of his nose.

 Her eyes are mellow, and she seems to have little reason left in her body.

 Still, she seems to have some composure left in her voice as she whispers in a muffled voice, “You’re a bad person, aren’t you, Your Majesty?”

 However, it is Alexis’ nature to want to erase that margin.

 ”A bad person? Which is it? Aren’t you the bad priest? Even after you get the priesthood, you won’t stop being held by me, the priest-king. A priest is supposed to be pure and innocent.”

 ”But… but… Your Majesty…”

 Maria looks slightly disgruntled, but he can shut her up by poking her in the secret place with his p*nis. Her mouth changes shape as she tries to say something, but it immediately relaxes, and a meaningless, raspy breath escapes.

 ”Ah. Oh, Your Majesty. Don’t move that…”

 She looks like she’s about to cry, and clutches at his clothes tightly.

 ”I don’t know. What do you want me to say? You’re the one who’s standing near me knowing I’m going to fuck you, aren’t you?”

 ”Uh… uh… yes. I’m standing by your side, Your Majesty.”

 Maria immediately breaks down and wriggles her hips, “Please put it inside me soon,” she says in a sweet voice.

 It is a little disconcerting, but Alexis is also deeply moved to think that he has brought her this far.

 ”You’re a vassal I can’t help”

 When he poked her vaginal hole, she uttered a clear “ah” and her knees trembled.

 ”Haa, haa, haa… your majesty…”

 She said in a sweet voice, rubbing her mouth against Maria’s lips again, and inserted his p*nis deep into her vagina.


 Judging from her trembling body and the tightening of her vagina, he could tell that she had reached her climax.

 ”Where’s your pride to make me come?”

 He pulls her lips apart and whispers to her, stretching and contracting her load.

 She shuddered, raised her eyebrows, and uttered a squeaky voice, “Oh, no…”

 ”Because—uhh, ah… I can’t, I can’t do this, I can’t do this!”

 Shaking her head reluctantly, she hugs him tightly.

 ”I can’t go against this. I can’t, I can’t do this, Ah, ahhh! Please do as you like. I don’t care what you do to me, Your Majesty Alexis-sama.”

 Maria looks at him from behind her glasses with a melted face.

 Her braids are still in place, so now she looks like a shy woman who just wants to be hugged and pleasured.

 Well, Alexis likes Maria now as well as when she undid her hair.

 Thinking of this, he stirs the hot muddy depths with his p*nis.

 ”Oh! Ahhhh!”

 Maria’s jaw dropped and her body trembled.

 The soft, yet absorbing tightness of the woman herself made Alexis smile.

 ”I’m cumming again, I’m cumming, Your Majesty…”

 With her soft body pressed against him and her eyes moist and mellow, Alexis nodded his head.

 ”Even though you’re a priest, you can’t stop doing this, can you?”

 ”Yes, ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m cumming even though I’m a priest, ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 Maria’s whole body was bent over and trembled.

 Her vagina twitched and spasmed.

 The soothing sucking was irresistible, but Alexis held back and asked her in her ear.

 ”Now, do you want me to cum or not?”

 ”…You’re asking me a nasty question. Please let it out.”

 Maria said with a sigh, and then rested her head on his shoulder, so he nodded and ejaculated. He pulsed, again and again, spewing the white spurt into the back of her vagina.

 She remained silent, her feverish breathing trembling, and her body gave a small jerk.

 ”Oh…nnnn, ugh… Haa, haa, haa—”

 She seems to be enjoying the hot sensation inside her womb as she breathes.

 ”How can you take my cum, you man-hater?”

 She shakes her head slowly, keeping her body relaxed.

 ”…I told you. I can’t resist, except you…”


 Lifting the edge of her lips, she sighs.

 ”…you’re so mean”

 ”You know I’m like that, right?”

 He smirks, and she nods a little.

 ”Yes, I know. I know… and I serve you.”

 She murmured, and her hands tightened in a hug.

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