Avalon 263

Chapter 263

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 From the next day, Alexis started to do a lot of work while he was busy with his office work.

 All this in order to have a “healthy” marriage.

 He asked the elder to come to his usual office to receive his papers and to tell him that he had heard some suspicious noises last night. Of course, he was talking out of his mouth.

 ”All right, I will check with the priest on guard.”

 With these words, the elder left the room.

 There was no way he could ignore the priest-king’s appeal.

 (Now, the rest…)

 Alexis stares at the desk in front of him, where the papers are piled up high again today.

 (I’m turning them around… Before that, I have to deal with this one…)

 A sigh comes out of him. Just send someone to him already. He thought so, but no, this is a blessing in disguise.

 It’s much better than having someone who works for the Senate around him.


 After such a hectic daytime, Alexis was sleepier than ever by the time he returned to the couple’s bedroom at night.

 Today again Fransisca, wearing a negligee, came up to him and asked, “Are you under a lot of pressure these days?” She said with an anxious look on her face.

 She was concerned for his well-being. Besides, even though he came back late today, she was waiting for him without sleeping.

 Seeing her as a kind and patient person, he gives her a pat on the head. She looked a little embarrassed and nodded her head.

 ”I think I should help you, too”

 ”Well, if I let the Queen do it, people around me will be very noisy.”

 With these words, he quickly turned away from her and crawled under the covers of the bed.

 As he said “Good night”, he heard her voice saying “Yes, good night” in an obviously depressed tone. She must be expecting it.

 Nevertheless, it was not good for his mentality to keep her in his sight any longer.

 The negligee she was wearing was not so transparent, but it was thin enough to show the lines of her body.

 The shape of her puffy breasts, the slimness of her waist, the roundness of the fabric crawling along her thighs, and the smooth white legs stretching from her thighs. Whenever he sees such things, an evil feeling arises in his heart.

 If it were true, he should have pushed her down with such a feeling. She also behaves defenselessly and smiles at him with a trusting smile.

 (I wonder why I have to be so reserved…)

 But he has to be patient until the arrangements are made.

 But still… he thought.

 (It’s my nature to want to touch them when I can’t touch them…)

 When everything is done, he’ll take good care of her.

 Thus, with this thought in mind, he decided to go to sleep for the time being. After all, he has an early morning tomorrow.

* * *

 The next morning, earlier than usual, Alexis visited Valencia before going to his office.

 Walking down the still unpopular and dark corridor, he heard a familiar woman’s voice coming faintly from the backyard facing the office.

 (I knew she would be here at this time of the day)

 As he steps out into the garden, the fresh air and sunlight come in, and he squeezes his eyes shut.

 He could hear birds chirping and chirping.

 Following that, he walks along the pavement in the backyard and peeks into the slightly elevated covered sandy field, which is used as a training ground.

 There, he saw a female knight in silver and white armor wielding a sword. Her blonde hair swung over her shoulder, reflecting the sunlight and sparkling.

 ”Hey, Valencia!”

 She stopped swinging her sword and turned around.

 Her blue eyes widen.


 She said, her voice escaping from her shapely lips.

 Even though she is now a Knight Commander, Valencia has an air of friendliness about her. Far from being strong or tough, she looks more like a tall beautiful woman at a glance.

 However, when the fight starts, she has a different look, a sharpness, and a strong ability to fight.

 Alexis knows this and is glad she put down her sword.

 ”You’re very energetic this early in the morning, aren’t you?”

 She smiled at him as she walked up to him, slipping her sword into the scabbard at her waist.

 ”Alexis-sama, you’re up early today. How are you doing?”

 ”About yesterday.”

 ”Yes, yesterday.”

 Valencia smiles.

 Yesterday, the old man came to Alexis, who claimed to have heard a noise in the morning.

 [But he told me that the guards didn’t hear anything]

 The old man looks annoyed, and Alexis tells him that he can’t rely on him and that I want him to be replaced. This was yesterday, and he had gone to Valencia to talk to him before he went back to his bedroom.

 ”As you said, I’ve been talking to Eden-san.”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry.”

 ”…Oh, and while I’m saying that, you’re just in time. —Hey, Eden! Over here!”

 Valencia flaps her hand over Alexis’ shoulder.

 He turns around to see Eden just coming toward the training site.

 Although it is not important, the two of them seem to be getting along very well. Alexis thinks to himself.

 She is wearing full body armor and has a shield and a spear on her back. Even her face is covered by a thick helmet so that people could not tell whether she was a man or a woman unless she told them.


 She stopped when she came to the front of the training hall, saying only that in a whisper. She seems surprised by Alexis’ presence.

 ”Am I not supposed to be here?”

 He asked, and she shook her head.

 ”…Oh, Eden is always with me at this time of the day for my training.”

 Valencia added as if to supplement what she had said. Eden nodded and came up to the training hall.

 Holding her shield in her left hand, she pointed the tip of her spear, which she held in her right hand, at Valencia. Valencia, on the other hand, kept her sword sheathed.

 ”Uh…now, wait a minute. Alexis-sama is here too.”


 Eden put her weapons back in their original place.

 ”So,” Valencia looks back at Alexis.

 ”You want Eden to take over the late-night watch?”

 ”Yes, I want you to arrange for that to happen eventually. I’ll make arrangements with the Senate. Do as you’re supposed to do.”

 ”…Alexis-sama, you are thinking of something wicked, aren’t you?”

 At her somewhat stern eyes on him, he shook his head in haste.

 ”There is no such thing as evil when I’m holding my wife. I mean, they’re stubborn, aren’t they?”

 ”Well, from what I’ve heard, I think the Senate is overreacting… that’s for sure.”

 Valencia sighs and says that she is in between the two parties. She must have heard a lot of things from the Senate side.

 ”But, Alexis-sama is Alexis-sama. It’s not right to screw here, I thought.”

 ”Hey, you’re my knight and you’re talking back to me?”

 Alexis was just going to tease her lightly by folding his arms, but she suddenly looked embarrassed.

 ”…Well, I didn’t mean it that way. I have no intention to disobey Alexis-sama.”

 Only when she said this, her cheeks turned red with embarrassment. However, her expression immediately returned to a crisp one.

 ”But there is also the matter of the senate and trust. Besides, I am also a high priest of Sagrado… despite my appearance.”

 ”I know that. That’s why you’re going to approach the Senate, isn’t it? If you can do the same, I’ll reward you with a lot of hugs.”


 Valencia’s face turned vermilion and she looked at him with a vacant stare, and then she coughed.

 ”…T-That’s the one that no one can find?” She asks him in a whisper.

 ”Maybe. Well, for that, I’d recommend mixing the Krangals with the knights of the night watch in moderation.”

 ”Yes, I know. Alexis-sama really doesn’t have the power of personnel, does she?”

 ”Well, I gave it up to the Senate. To gain their trust, it’s inevitable. But it gives me some say in the matter. Besides, you and Eden have come a long way, haven’t you?”

 ”No, I didn’t want power. But I am happy to be of service to Alexis-sama.”

 Valencia smiles and tightens her mouth again.

 Eden nodded her head in agreement.

 Alexis looked at the two of them and thought

 ”A king can do well enough if he has a vassal he can trust his back to.”

 When he spoke to them, they nodded in agreement.

 ”Well then, I’ll leave it to yours”

 ”Yes, I’ll take care of it, Alexis-sama”

 Valencia nodded in agreement, followed by Eden.

 Looking at the two of them, Alexis felt relieved and lightly patted each of them on the head before turning away.

 ”I don’t have much time today. I’m sorry.”

 ”No, no problem. You’ll get it later, right?”

 Valencia nodded her head and said, “I will,” and walked away.

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