Avalon 262

Chapter 262

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 When Alexis returned to the couple’s bedroom after finishing his work, Fransisca was already waiting for him in a negligee.

 She still looks pretty and lovely with long and shiny silver hair, smooth and white skin, and a clean impression even after being a princess for a long time.

 Some people still call her a princess-maiden, which is understandable, as she looks so young.

 If such a woman smiles softly and says “Good evening” to everyone, even a little bit of tiredness will be blown away.

 However, Alexis yawned.

 Her soft atmosphere is soothing but also makes him sleepy.

 Whatever is it, he sits on the bed, and she follows and sits beside him. Their shoulders make light contact, and he smells delicately sweet from her.

 It makes him want to reach out to her, but he holds back when he thinks of the Senate’s minion who is still at the door.

 (W-Wait… If the couple’s bedroom was also rejected, then I would have no contact with Fransisca…!)

 He exhaled and calmed down instead, and he wondered why she took that as a sign that he was sorry, and she tilted her head a little.

 ”I’m sorry. I can’t come to help you now that the child has been released from my care”

 Apparently, she was concerned about not being able to go to the office.

 But it is not Fransisca who is at fault. It is the Senate. Thinking this, Alexis smiles bitterly.

 ”Yes, I heard. The Senate has stopped you?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. I really want to be with you”

 Saying this, she looked downcast and leaned closer to him.

 Her soft and warm body covered by a thin negligee was pressed tightly against his arm.

 The side of her breast also hit him, and he felt a fluffy sensation on his arm.

 ”They won’t let me go to the office for a minute.”

 Fransisca’s lips pout in frustration.

 Alexis is tempted to reach, but he tells himself no.

 ”There are still guards at the door…”

 He couldn’t do that under the circumstances. That’s what he wanted to say.

 ”Uh, um, Alexis-sama…”

 She suddenly made a determined expression on her face and pulled his arm with a tight hug. Still, the distance between them was very close. Well, maybe it’s a natural distance because they are married…

 ”Well…um… What do you think?”

 That was what she asked suddenly with a serious face.

 Naturally, Alexis didn’t know what she was talking about, so she asked back.

 ”What do you mean?”


 She suddenly turned red and stammered.

 But eventually, she began to speak, though with some hesitation.

 ”…Angelica is now old enough to have a private room and an educator.”

 ”Yes, she is. She’s growing up well. And she looks just like you, with her silver hair and her pretty face. I’m glad she doesn’t look like me.”

 That’s the only thing Alexis is really glad about.

 ”So… Doesn’t that mean that Angelica’s not in our hands anymore?”

 She emphasized this and squeezed his arms tighter.

 The feeling of her breast became stronger, and Alexis became a little excited.


 ”…And so, I can come to your bedroom again.”

 ”Yes, you can.”


 Her face was red to the ears as she let out a sigh.


 Alexis found himself having a good time.

 It is fun to watch her shyly trying to talk to him. Inadvertently, he is tempted to make her feel more embarrassed.

 Oh, his crotch is tingling too. Also, from the looks of it, she seems to have a strong desire to do so, too.

 (Is it okay? If I can get her to keep her voice down, I can manage…)

 But after much deliberation, Alexis has concluded that it is better not to do so now.

 They should refrain from doing anything that might be disadvantageous later on. Instead, it would be better to do what would be advantageous, so that he would not lose anything later on.

 It was Alexis who calculated selfishly like that.

 Still, Fransisca is fidgeting with her red face.

 Her eyes were slightly moistened, and her breasts pressed against him made his heart pound. Her thighs are rubbing against each other.

 Her mouth opens and closes over and over again.

 He was tempted to wait until she finally asked. And if he could, he would torture her and make her feel ashamed of herself.

 But he can’t really do that, and he can’t really make her do it. He feels sorry for her. And yet, it’s not without blood and tears.

 She’s his wife, after all. So, at least, he wants to take care of her.

 ”Let’s go to bed”

 He said softly to her. She looked troubled.

 ”Eh? Uh…Y-Yes. Uh, okay…”

 Hearing her disappointed voice hurts Alexis’s heart. It makes him feel as if he has waste time and money.

 Still, Alexis pretends that nothing has happened and crawls into bed.

 Fransisca also lies down right next to him.

 She also pulls her body close and hugs him as if she is pampering him.

 However, she looked disappointed and gave him a timid look, so he patted her on the head.

 After doing so, she looks somewhat relieved.

 She must have been anxious because she thought that he disliked her.

 She is so easy to understand that he can’t help smiling at her.

 She also beamed with relief.

 ”…Good night.”

 She whispered to him and Alexis nodded.

 She giggles and squeezes him again.

 It’s an attitude that shows she trusts him with her whole being.

 After that, as he closed his eyes, he thought to himself.

 He should solve this problem as soon as possible.

 After all, he can’t bear to see her depressed face.

 (Besides, Fransisca is my wife, right?)

 Why is it that he has to be told what to do by the outsiders?

 Why does he still have to worry about the guards?

 He was not satisfied with this absurdity and it was not good for him to stay in this situation.

 Thinking so, he was determined to deceive the senate.

 And after looking at her attitude as if she was looking at him, he finally felt that way and decided to do it.

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