Avalon 261

Chapter 261 [Loli(ask) Female Doctor and Medical Officer] Regular Checkups by Female Medical Officers

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 When it comes to Sara, don’t be too hard on her.

 So, Alexis let her hands do the work and watched as the buckle was undone, the belt was loosened, the pants were slid down, and a hand was inserted between the gaps.

 Through his shorts, the woman’s hand stroked his pants. It was a frustrating sensation, but it did the job of making the soft thing stand up.

 Sara guided her hand through the gap, and the hardness of the shaft began to increase.

 Then, her fingers touched the glans that peeked out of here.

 She made it move back and forth on the smooth part of the glans as if she stroked the bell mouth and Alexis felt a small tremor in his hips.

 At the same time, she does it, there was a small squeezing sound, and a little bit of Cowper fluid moistens her fingers.

 Sara licked the edge of her lips, and then lowered her face to the crotch, tugging up a lock of her hair with one hand and pulling it over her ear.


 Her small mouth opened and she brought the head of her turtle into the oral cavity. A slimy tongue, full of saliva, twines around it.

 Alexis smiles slightly.

 Now a married woman takes his cock into her mouth without hesitation. Her eyes are flushed with arousal.

 He wants to grab her by the bangs and say roughly, “Don’t you feel bad for your husband?”

 But he didn’t do it now because he had already done it before.

 At that time, Sara looked so nonchalant and said, “I’ve got his permission.”

 He wondered what she meant, but decided not to interfere further. But that’s another family’s story. He was not extremely interested in the matter to question her.

 More importantly, she now reached his p*nis up to her throat, where it was constantly nudging the glans.

 It poked lightly at the back of her throat.


 Sara’s body jumps slightly, and she looks up at him with a somewhat reproachful look.

 Then, Alexis’s p*nis is slipperily pulled out from her oral cavity.

 ”…Oh, Gosh. Alex-kun, can’t you just stay here for a while?”

 Her lips pouted in dissatisfaction, and she lightly gripped the base of his p*nis.

 Yet, Alexis smiles.

 ”Why don’t you at least take off your clothes if you want to do it?”


 Sara lets out an upset voice and finally turns around to look at Lily.

 Lily shakes her head with a red face, her round eyes wide, and her lips wagging.

 ”D-Don’t mind me…”


 Alexis laughs.

 ”You didn’t really think you’d be the only one on the sidelines, did you?”


 ”Come here, Lily”

 He beckons her to him. “Uh, um…!” She sounded upset, but then she walked up to him slowly.

 When he reached out his hand, it was close enough to touch her.

 ”Take off your clothes together”

 Alexis ordered, and Lily turned her reproachful eyes not to Alexis but to Sara.

 ”Sara-sensei is going to start doing something wrong!” She looks like she wants to say.

 ”Ah… well, well, don’t be angry. It can’t be helped, he’s a priest-king”

 Sara smiles softly and puts her hand on her white robe.

 She slips it off her shoulders and drops it on the floor, and then touches the dress she is wearing underneath, showing that she still has some time to enjoy the situation.

 It is Alexis’ nature to feel uncomfortable with this.

 Sara is in her underwear, and her breasts covered by a black bra are round and large.

 As if to show off to Lily, who was always hesitant to take off her underwear, she moved toward Alexis and lifted herself onto his lap.

 ”Ah,” she opens her eyes, but Alexis put his arms around her thighs and spreads her legs on his lap.

 ”Lily,” calls Alexis.

 ”If you can’t summon up the courage to undress, you can take a look at your slutty boss’s body for me.”

 ”Oh, um… Uh, Your Majesty…?”

 Lily’s eyes widened as she looked at Alexis with a red face.

 But despite her reluctance, she can’t seem to resist Alexis.

 She looks embarrassed at the sight of her boss’s ungainly figure being forced to spread her legs from behind, but she doesn’t look away.

 But Sara is the one who is not happy.

 ”Ah, A-Alex-kun!”

 She sounds upset.

 ”Well, you don’t have to do that, do you?”

 ”No, you’re too cocky.”

 Alexis grins and reaches his p*nis to the doctor’s secret place hidden by the black lace panties she is holding.

 ”I’m going to have to discipline you.”

 He wiggles his cock expertly and then slips her panties to the side to reveal his spread secret.

 ”Besides, you’re wearing cheeky panties when you used to wear children’s panties”

 ”Wh-What do you care about my underwear?”

 Alexis let Sara’s complaints slide, and he removed his arms from around her thighs and spread her crack with both hands.


 He feels Sara’s body shudder against his chest as she stiffens, and he makes sure Lily is watching them as he tells her to.

 ”Lily, look. Can’t you see it?”

 Alexis holds Sara’s elbows down as she tries to wriggle away, her hands spreading the crack even wider. In the red, ripe slush behind the bushes, her open vagina oozes nectar with each fluttering movement.

 ”Hahh, hahh, hahh!”

 He heard her breath coming in ragged gasps, and he lightly flicked her pointed clitoris.

 Sara’s body jumps up.

 ”Oh, wait, no…”

 Sara is blushing up to her ears.

 She likes to torture, but when she is humiliated, she turns out to be like a borrowed cat.

 Just like this, when he gently pokes her urethral opening with his finger, which is located just below her clitoris.

 Sara’s body jumps up.

 ”Ah… No, stop… Stop, there, no. Don’t do it…”

 She makes a squeaky voice and twists her body with a bright red face. She really doesn’t want to do it.

 Even Alexis can’t hold her down all by herself.

 ”Lily, hold her legs!”

 Lily nodded her head “Y-Yes” and ran up to them and held Sara’s legs as she was told.

 ”Hey, Lily-chan!? Why are you taking Alex-kun’s side?”

 ”I’m sorry, Sara-sensei. But what Your Majesty says is absolute. I promise…!”

 Lily apologizes with a tearful face. She continues to hold back.

 Sara’s voice of protest becomes weaker and weaker. The corners of her eyes were drooping.

 ”No, no, don’t play with it anymore. Please stop.”

 On Alexis’s lap, her body trembled and shook.

 Her mouth is opened with force, her tongue slurring, but she still resists.

 ”Oh, don’t, stop, stop!”

 Sara’s back arched, and her body jumped up and down. With that, a little bit of yellow liquid poured out in a parabolic pattern onto the floor.

 ”Ahhhhh, no, don’t look at me, no!”

 She shakes her head no with a red face in response to her peeing, but she can’t resist climaxing. She keeps her chin up and her body shaking.

 ”Oh, no, don’t look. Don’t show it to her, Alex-kun, you idiot!”

 She protests tearfully, but Alexis doesn’t answer her at all, just smiles at her.

 In any case, her knees have loosened up and she can no longer resist.

 ”It’s nice, isn’t it? Boss and subordinate getting to know each other better?”

 ”You’re ruining my dignity!”

 She tearfully protested with all her might.

 ”What? It seems you still have the energy to defy me.”


 Alexis touched his glans again to Sara’s secret place where her body was tense. It was so wet and slippery that just when he puts the head against her vagina and let go of it, a trickle of honey dripped onto the floor.

 ”Look, no matter how much you complain with your mouth, it’s obvious that you’re aroused.”

 Alexis giggles and slides his p*nis into Sara’s vagina.


 Sara’s body shudders.

 She was wet and soft inside, twitching and clenching as if she were entangling herself with me.

 ”A married woman’s vagina”

 He whispers to her from behind and moves his p*nis like a screw.

 ”Ah, ahh, ahhhh!”

 Sara’s jaw was turned back, her whole body was shaking, and she came loudly.

 The remaining liquid in her urethra gushed out in a gushing stream, making a mess on the floor.

 ”Does your husband do this much for you?”

 He asked her. She shakes her head, still in a daze.

 In a muffled voice, she only replied, “Don’t ask me.”

 Well, instead of asking, he decided to wiggle her backside, and her body jumped again.

 ”Ahh, ah, ah, that’s it, so deep, ahh, hwahhh!”

 Sara’s mouth is completely slack after reaching the third time, and she is beginning to drift in and out of consciousness.

 Thinking it was time to go, Alexis pulled out his p*nis and released her body. Lily rushes to catch Sara as she almost falls to the floor.

 ”S-Sara-sensei, are you okay? It seems she’s not.”

 Lily is puzzled, but she doesn’t say anything as she carries Sara’s body to the side of the bed and makes her sit down.

 ”Your Majesty, you always do too much…”

 She thinks she’s whispering, but Alexis hears her.

 ”Can you hear me?”

 He calls out, and Lily’s back stiffens.


 ”Hey, why are you so scared?”

 Lily replies in a fading voice, “Well, you say so, but…”


 After sighing, he called out to Lily, “Come here”

 She turns around fearfully, but obediently.

 ”Look at this,” he said, showing Lily his still-extended member.

 ”I’m not done with mine yet, okay? Why don’t you finish the process?”

 Lily’s red face drifted as she looked at him, but then she nodded her head and walked over to him.

 She immediately stood but seemed to be at a loss as to what more to do.

 So he pulled her arms, and this time he had Lily straddling his lap in a sitting position.

 ”Put mine in”

 She nodded “Yes” in a fading voice as he gave her the command.

 Their eyes met, and then she gasped and fell on her face. She sits up a little, tucks her hands under her lab coat, and wriggles.

 A little later, as if deciding, she puts her hands on Alexis’ shoulders and moved her hips.

 Lily’s firm and smooth inner thighs are against his p*nis, which has been shortened to a human length for easier insertion.

 ”Oh, mmm…mmm…”

 Lily’s voice was reserved.

 She lowered her hips fearfully and pressed the glans against her secret place, letting out a suppressed breath through her nose.

 Nothing else hit her, and the touch of her fluffy underhair caught Alexis’ attention.

 ”Lily, aren’t you wearing anything under your lab coat?”

 ”O-Of course I wear.”

 Her voice was slightly shaken with agitation.

 ”Today… I’m wearing a skirt, and… nmm, nmm…”

 ”Heh~, aren’t you usually in pants?”

 Yes… yes.”

 Nodding her head, she pulls herself closer to him in a hug. This caused the p*nis to be deeply embedded in the crack of her secret place.

 ”Oh,” she lets out a slight squeak as it rubs slightly. No wonder. Lily’s pubic region is hot and slippery.

 ”…Mmm, ah, ah, ah…”

 At the same time, her breath on his ear is heated and ragged.

 Lily is also aroused by the situation.

 Seeing this makes Alexis grin.

 ”You look like a submissive, but you like this kind of thing too, huh?”

 ”That’s, that’s…”

 Lily’s eyes are downcast with a bright red face, and she moves her hips to rub her vaginal area against his p*nis. Every time she does this, there is a squeaking sound.

 ”Nnnn, hmmm, nnnn, nnnn, nnnn…”

 She is breathing hard and looks at Alexis with mellow eyes and says, “…I’m going to put it in…”

 Lily is used to such an affair, too. Since she is shy by nature, she still acts embarrassed, but she does not reject it.

 She puts only the glans into the vagina shallowly and stops her hips for a moment. She gasps for air.

 The stifled breath in his ear, combined with the tickling, makes Alexis’s hips tremble.

 ”…But, Your Majesty. I think it’s time to settle down. You’ll make the queen and Fatima-san sad… won’t you?”

 In between the whispering, there is a small charming voice.

 She says so with her mouth, but she does not stop sinking her hips into the bed.


 She presses her secret place tightly against the base of the p*nis by inserting it deeply.

 Lily stops talking and breathes deeply.

 Her vagina is well wet and squeezes tightly, but it doesn’t hurt thanks to the good wetness. Rather, the warm tightness feels nice and comfortable.

 ”Is it something to worry about now?”

 He points out to her, and she gives him a complicated look.

 Alexis is no stranger to this. Lily still has special feelings for him. So he can’t blame her for sometimes feeling envious of Alexis’ wives.

 But before Alexis could say anything, she apologized, “I’m sorry.”

 ”I’m… mmm, mmm… Your Majesty, I should be happy just to be by your side. I understand that. I’m happy enough just to be here with you.”

 Her round brown puppy dog eyes, which have been downcast for a long time, look up at him sweetly.

 On the other hand, Alexis moves his p*nis lightly, and immediately it becomes very soft.

 ”Ah, ah… …. Alexis, sama. Your Majesty…”

 She hugs him tightly.

 ”Ah… Ahh… I’m so happy, ah!”

 Whenever he moves his p*nis, she shivers excessively, and she hugs him tightly.

 He felt the soft and petite woman’s touch through the cloth.


 After all, Alexis is a king who does more than just checkups.

 After the examination, the two doctors leave the room after cleaning up moderately, because the floor is soaked with white fluid.

 Alexis is left alone in the private room and thinks deeply about the privileges of this kind of work.

 (…well, Fransisca…)

 For some reason, Fransisca, who is supposed to be his wife, has become the most difficult person to deal with. She is supposed to be my wife, but why? Such absurdity and questions keep coming to his mind.

 (…I have to solve this…)

 He nodded deeply. It’s not that he wants to have s*x with her.

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