Avalon 260

Chapter 260

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 Having a family means settling down.

 Alexis would like to think so, but it is not true, and today, too, he has a mountain of work as a priest-king in front of him.

 ”What’s the meaning of this?”

 Alexis is in the middle of his office, where the walls are covered with bookshelves and shelves.

 There is enough space for the entire room, and the magnificent wooden desk can accommodate four people. Yet, Alexis is the only one sitting at the desk. On the other hand, there are about three stacks of paper.

 ”Here, Priest-King.”

 With a difficult look on his face, the man who placed a new pile of papers in the vacant space is an elderly priest with gray hair and a thin and small build. To be precise, he is not a priest but a senator.

 As Alexis learned after becoming a priest-king, the priests of Sagrado are divided into lower priests, higher priests, and then the senate. Since he is one of the senators, he must be a very important person.

 However, he immediately stopped the senator who was giving him a hard time.

 ”Wait, what is this amount?”

 When he pointed at the stack of papers in front of him, he turned around and looked at him suspiciously.


 ”You look as if you are witnessing a word you have never heard before, but this amount, this one, and this one.”

 After pointing his finger all over the table.

 ”And can I ask you something?”

 ”Yes, what is it?”

 The old man straightens his back with a serious look on his face.

 He would like to give a compliment to the young king who came from abroad for being so disciplined. But this is not the point now.

 ”Since the other week, Maria, who used to be my aide, has disappeared, hasn’t she?”

 ”…Yes, she’s gone to the administration.”

 ”Then, Fatima, who used to be my assistant, is now occupied in the nursery with the baby.”

 ”I understand.”

 ”And last week, Angelica, my daughter, finally got a teacher, right?”


 The old man nodded his head one after the other and Alexis finally asked the main question.

 ”What about Fransisca?”

 ”Isn’t she a princess-maiden?”

 At once, his eyes sharpened.

 Here it is. This is why it is hard to talk about Fransisca with the Sagrado people.

 ”Yes. But she’s not a princess. She’s a queen. She’s my wife. She has just left the nursery last week. If she were a Princess-Maiden, wouldn’t Angelica already be a princess-maiden?”

 ”Princess Angelica is only three years old. She has just begun her education. She is not yet ready to be a princess-maiden. We still need Fransisca-sama to take her role”

 ”But that doesn’t mean you did this…”

 Alexis pointed again at the stack of papers.

 He did not complain about the fact that they had not abandoned the old customs of the deceased moon god. It is also an authority.

 At the same time, he did not complain about the fact that he should wear the costume of the priest-king when he went out. After all, he is allowed to wear ordinary clothes inside the castle.

 Furthermore, he accepted the fact that only one concubine is allowed. I understand the argument that he has a position as a priest-king.


 ”This amount of paper is not for one person. Can’t you see that? If I can’t get Fatima, give me Fransisca. Or reduce it.”

 The next moment, the senator smiled thinly.

 ”I see. Surely you are not asking for a chance to be alone with our maiden, are you?”


 Alexis couldn’t believe his ears.

 ”With all due respect, Your Majesty… I don’t care if you’re newlyweds, the honeymoon period is long over!”

 The old man opens his bony arms ostentatiously. His face is turning red.

 ”I-I-It’s outrageous! It’s filthy!”


 Alexis is silent, just tapping the edge of his desk with his fingertips.

 He had a lot to say. Many things come up to his throat.

 (…But, wait. Hold on. I can’t lose the trust I’ve earned…)

 For now, he clutches his head. The headache is starting.

 ”…Okay. Back off. Just think about the amount…”

 He barely managed to say that much while trying to hold it together.

 The elder nodded his head in a reverential manner.

 ”Yes, Your Majesty. Then, I will make a proposal to the Senate for consideration.”

 ”Well, it takes a long time from the proposal to the Senate to the meeting to come to a conclusion,” He nodded his head, thinking so.

 After he watched the Senate closing the door, he plopped down on his desk with a thud.

 A few sheets of paper near him fluttered on the desk.

 ”I’ve said what I’m going to say. I don’t know the rest…”

 He sighs deeply and closes his eyes.

* * *

 Many years have already passed since Avalon disappeared.

 Now Fatima and Fransisca have two children, aged three and two, respectively.

 Their older daughter, Angelica, now has an educator, and Fransisca is finally free from childcare. This means that it should be time to start thinking about having a second child.

 [This is outrageous to defile the queen!]

 Such was the stubborn opinion of the senate.

 That’s why the elders of Sagrado are not good… Alexis thought.

 They are preventing them from getting a chance to be alone at every opportunity. It’s so bad that they can’t even get her into the office.

 Well, it was his fault that they had found him with Valencia, whom he had just appointed as a Knight Commander, sometime in the last month or so.

 She would have been suspended for a month immediately after her appointment, but he managed to avoid expulsion and deprivation of her rank by using the authority of the Priest-King.

 ”This is an unprecedented situation!”

 The senate was quite angry.

 ”…Anyway, there is a problem with the current situation…”

 During his monthly checkup, Alexis looked up at the ceiling as he slouched in a cushioned chair in his private office.

 ”Yes,” came the curt reply from Sara, who promptly wrapped her blood pressure belt around Alexis’ right arm, which was resting on the railing.

 Sara’s appearance has now grown to that of a curious beauty of about twenty years old or so. She no longer looks like a child, and her wavy light green hair is shoulder-length and swings in the air. Her breasts have grown to the point that her shape and fullness are clearly visible through her white robe.

 And, Alexis is surprised to find out that she had married a medical officer who works for her without his knowledge. Nowadays, she has a hint of s*xiness mixed with a married woman’s calmness.

 She holds a stethoscope to her ear and turns her sweet cherry eyes to Alexis from nearby.

 ”It’s because you play too much, Alex-kun.”

 ”No, I don’t want to be told by you.”

 He didn’t pause for more than a second in his reply.

 ”After all, if you have a family of your own, you should keep your distance from me.”

 Hearing this, the edge of her glossy lips lifted up, and she let out a giggle.

 ”…Only you, Alex-kun.”

 She whispers, more to listen to the sound of the stethoscope than to keep her voice down.

 She is pushing the pump in her hand with the stethoscope in the crevice of the band, which is tightened tightly, but her mouth is still closed.

 Not wanting to disturb her, Alexis also kept silent.

 Instead, he looks around him.

 His eyes meet Lily’s, who is in a white lab coat and is holding a chart on the side of a hospital trolley.

 Lily is the one who looks more like a child when she grows up. Her fluffy, honey-colored hair sways and she tilts her head and squints her round eyes, still puppy-like.

 Unlike Sara, who got married unexpectedly early, Lily has been back at the court since last year, after the expansion of the clinic, but he never hears anything about her. She is pretty, kind, and witty. He thinks she may be popular with the ladies.

 As he thinks about this, the stethoscope comes off his arm.

 While decompressing, Sara is talking to Lily, but he can’t understand what she is saying because of all the medical trolley.

 ”…But still, the senate is a problem, isn’t it?”

 As she was putting away the equipment, Sara started to talk to him.

 He nodded his head, happy that he agreed with her.

 ”Right, you should tell them too”

 ”Well…that would have the opposite effect,” Sara laughs bitterly.

 She is indeed an old and troubled Sagradoan.

 However, Alexis nowadays thinks that Sara is the most understanding among the Sagrado people after all. Her complaints are often heated.

 ”Besides, Fransisca has just returned to the couple’s bedroom, but the old priest is standing at the door listening to the conversation. This is another problem. I want Eden back!”

 ”Eden-san, doesn’t she only work as a guard at festivals now?”

 Asked Lily, who had been silent for a long time.

 Alexis nodded.

 ”That’s right. That’s what happens when the Senate takes charge of personnel. Chief of the Kingsguard sounds good, but at the end of the day, it’s just a decoration and a guard. Well, it’s a rank that won’t let her stand guard at night.”

 ”Well, that’s true. But the Senate is very careful in its selection, so it’s hard to oppose them. Maria-chan’s going to the administration too, right? You’re in a bind, Alex-kun.”

 Sara kneeled down in front of Alexis while speaking in a relaxed tone.

 ”Also, Valencia-chan is being watched very closely, and you are starting to have trouble finding a partner for s*xual intercourse, aren’t you?”

 Sara’s fingertips, which had been extended from her white lab coat, hung on his trousers.

 ”Then, what are you doing here, naturally, with Lily here too?”

 Alexis glances at Lily, who is standing next to him. As expected, she blushed up to her ears and looked away apologetically, as if she had seen something she shouldn’t have.

 ”It’s Alex-kun’s checkup, of course. We have to look at this, too. Right?”

 Sara smiles and strokes her hand softly over his pants.

 Alexis sighs and replies, “Just for one shot.”

 Hearing this, Sara’s lips lift.

 ”That’s the way it should be. It’s a privilege to be your personal doctor.”

 As she speaks, her hand is on the belt holding his pants.

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