Avalon 266

Chapter 266 [Princess-Maiden] Make Her Masturbate While Looking at Her

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 The next day, Alexis left his bedroom early in the morning and went to the Senate conference room.

 Then, after the meeting with the senators, he decided to see Fransisca’s face for a while because he had some time to spare.

 (We haven’t seen each other in the morning recently. Besides, I’ve been eating while I’ve been working)

 After a quick hello, he plans to go back to his work.

 But when he comes back to the door of the king’s bedroom with that intention, the priest on guard, who is always there, is not there.

 (…Come to think of it, it’s time for the morning meeting…)

 Alexis himself had cut off the conversation with the senator because he had heard that the morning meeting was about to start.

 So, at this time of the day, leaving one’s post is not a good idea, no matter how many people are coming and going in the corridor, but the guards are only in name and in reality, they are just watching. It may be natural for them to be carefree.

 But he should not complain, because he can use this as a good opportunity to make a proposal to the senator.

 However, from now, he should be back in a few minutes and shouldn’t be too careless. It is better to make a quick look at Fransisca.

 Thinking this, he pulls the doorknob.

 The door opens, and sure enough, Fransisca is still there.

 However, something is wrong.

 He had expected her to be still sleeping on the bed, but she was looking at the mirror on the wall and doing something.

 (…It can’t be)

 Alexis immediately sensed it.

 With her legs open, her hands were moving over her breasts and her secret parts, respectively. A hushed, troubled voice leaked out from time to time.

 ”Haaah, haaah…”

 Even her breathing is hot and raspy.


 Alexis did not speak.

 But he closes the door softly and watches her lasciviousness silently.

 She had removed her bra under a thin baby doll, and her panties, and opened her legs to show her ungodly figure in the mirror.

 She was looking in the mirror with her eyes half-opened.


 Seeing so, Alexis can’t help smiling at her.

 It seems that he was just in the right place at the right time.

 (Doesn’t she have to look at me at least a little?)

 He confirms it inwardly.

 He can’t make love to her, but he can at least spend a little time watching her lasciviousness.

 Anyway, he saw Fransisca closes her eyes and pinches her peach-colored nipples with her slender fingers, making her body tremble.

 ”Ah, punish me, Alexis-sama. I want you to call me a pervert…”

 Hearing her desperate confession, Alexis couldn’t help but open her mouth.

 ”You want me to call you a pervert?”

 He asked gently and she nodded her head.

 ”Yes, I want to be told. Alexis-sama, please torment me…”

 Apparently, she wanted to be tormented to the fullest extent. Well, he himself was going to punish her for seducing him, even though he couldn’t have s*x with her in person.

 ”You’re a pervert, Fransisca… even if you’re a mother.”

 Alexis dares to say something nasty to her, and her eyes widen. Her amethyst eyes stare at him through the mirror.

 Her cheeks become more and more vermilion because she finally realized that he was looking at her.

 ”At this time of the day, no priest is guarding the door, is there? So, why don’t we continue?”


 Her face is bright red. Her eyes drifted up and down.

 ”Go on, continue. You wanted me to see you, didn’t you?”

 He nudged her with a commanding tone, and eventually, she sighed and nodded her head hesitantly.

 Fransisca’s face was bright red and she began to move her hands again between her legs, which were spread in an M-shape.

 With her other hand, she pinched the tip of her breast which was peeking out from her baby doll and spilling out from her slipping-down bra, while letting out a subdued moan sound as if she was ashamed.


 She shudders with pleasure, her eyes narrowed and her breath hot. She occasionally glances at Alexis through the mirror as if she is concerned about him.

 No matter how much the Senate wants her to be chaste, she is still a wife to Alexis, and there is no way to get rid of the lewdness she has been disciplined for. It is as if she has proved it.

 Of course, Alexis smiles with inexpressible satisfaction.

 ”Does it feel good?”

 He asked her, and she nodded her head with a melted face.

 ”Yes, it feels good. Alexis-sama! Doing this weird thing, feels so good. It makes me feel so good…”

 Her voice is high-pitched and full of build-up between ragged breaths.

 She herself knows that her behavior is perverted. Yet, she feels comfortable with her lack of control.

 Her eyes were melting and she was looking at Alexis with a trance-like expression.

 ”Alexis-sama, look at me. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…”

 As if to release the desire she had been holding back, she lifted her hips and shook her body.

 She herself knows that she will not be touched.

 She wants to release her desire by being looked at instead.

 So Alexis decided to give her what she wanted.

 (…and still, I’m relieved to see that she’s still a pervert…)

 He grinned at the thought.

 After all, Fransisca is willing to be seen in her current lasciviousness.

 Now, he watches her fingertips on the honey pot, the way they draw a clear string, and the way her pale fingers bite into the soft breast.

 She shivered and let out a hot breath as if it felt so good.

 ”Ah, ah… I’m cumming. I’m cumming…”

 Her eyebrows are raised impatiently, and her chin is turned down.

 With her other hand, she inserted her slender fingertips into the honey pot, making a squeaking sound.

 She seemed to be pleased to show herself in such a dirty way.

 She also wanted to climax and moved her finger in her vagina back and forth several times, but it was not enough for her. Though, it was wet and slippery.

 ”…Alexis-sama’s p*nis, put it in here?”

 Her eyes were downcast, but she looked at him through the mirror. Her open legs are spread further, her red ripe pussy was twitching, and the honey pot, which she had been fingering earlier, was overflowing with a thick and clear liquid.

 She has a red face, but her rationality seems to have fled from her melting expression.

 And she gives Alexis a wistful look.

 But Alexis dares to mock her.

 ”You’re so spoiled!”

 Of course, he doesn’t pull his dick out. He doesn’t even show her what he’s about to do.

 And because of this, she looks like she’s about to cry. She realizes that even if she wanted to, she can’t have it. It must be miserable. Still, her mouth is loose. Her body trembled even though her hand was away from her secret place.


 She arched her back and convulsed her whole body as if she couldn’t hold it in.


 She seemed to climax violently.

 She had reached her climax all by herself, with Alexis preventing her from inserting herself into him, while he was just watching her. She must have lost control of her heightened body because her miserable and sad feelings made her emotions run high.

 After a while, she chewed her lip slightly in frustration, and then laid her body down on the bed in a limp state, with a ragged breath.

 Meanwhile, as Alexis was watching her, she glanced at him.

 (Was I too mean to her?)

 He thought so, but her eyes looked rather happy.

 After she relaxed her cheeks with a shy smile, she reached out her hand slightly with a mellow expression on her face.

 ”…Alexis-sama, please squeeze me.”

 Even her voice is somewhat smiling.


 He can’t help but laugh.

 He climbed up on the bed and hugged her body.

 She smells like meth, probably because she had been masturbating earlier.

 It makes him horny. He really wants to put his dick in her, but…

 (…just a little bit…)

 For a moment, he thought so, but then he heard a noise through the closed door and decided not to do it.

 (…anyway, it’s the least I can do for now…)

 He picks her up on his lap and pats her head lightly.

 At that moment, his p*nis accidentally touches her thigh through his pants.

 Before he can think it’s a bad idea, she reaches out her hand to him, as if she noticed that he was groaning.

 Fransisca was already starting to look a little mopey, even though she had already come a few minutes ago.

 In a panic, Alexis quickly pushed back the hand that had touched him.


 She immediately looked sad and asked me why.

 Alexis wanted to sigh.

 ”I don’t have that much time.”

 ”Why not? I want to serve your p*nis. Please, let me.”

 Alexis shook her head.

 ”The senator’s being a pain in the ass.”

 ”Ah, no.”

 He thinks for a moment that he should scold Fransisca for her bad manners, but then he sees the tearful look on her face and decides not to do so.

 Instead, he patted her head lightly.

 ”Well, wait a little longer. It will be resolved in a little while.”



 Alexis nodded.

 Fransisca is Fransisca, and she seems to be discussing her current situation with him. Her way of doing things is clumsy, but not something to be scolded for.

 (I’ll get us out of this…)

 He can’t say clearly what he’s doing because the guards outside might be listening in. Instead, he pulls his face close to hers and presses his lips to hers. It’s a comforting gesture.

 Fransisca lets out a small gasp and strokes his p*nis through his pants, kissing her lips again when she tries to pull away.

 It made him itch, but he decided to let her go at least for that.

 Anyway, after she stroked it a few times, she finally calmed down and let go of his lips.

 Her amethyst eyes stare at him from a distance, so close that he can catch her breath on his nose.

 ”…I love you, Alexis-sama. My love for you is still the same.”

 He nodded his head as she spoke in a whisper and looked at him with eager eyes.

 She smiled a little and hugged him again.

 ”So, I’ll be waiting for you forever. Always… I am waiting for you to make love to me.”


 Alexis smiles.

 He took this as a sign that she was happy to hear him honestly. Then, he just has to make the appropriate arrangements.

 (Please wait a little longer, Fransisca.)

 He strokes his wife’s silver hair slowly, speaking to her in his mind.

 He can’t do more than that, but it must have been enough to convey his feelings to her. She beams happily and then gently moves away from him.

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