Avalon 267

Chapter 267 [Princess-Maiden] Doing the Deed with His Long-Awaited Wife, Part One

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 A few days passed.

 Eden came to Alexis in his office, accompanied by the senator.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting. I have been reassigned as of today”

 He did not know what she was thinking as she nodded her head slightly under her helmet next to the senator.

 However, her scarlet eyes, which Alexis glimpsed through her helmet, were narrowed.

 Eden must be glad to have a new role.

 ”…Pleased to meet you.”

 Her greeting in a whisper seemed to be in a good mood. However, the senator did not seem to notice the subtle change.

 The senator, still with a dour look on his face, urges Eden to leave the room at once. He was probably concerned that he would not disturb the king’s work once his business was done.


 Alexis muttered to himself in the deserted room.

 It had been a long time. It’s partly because the Senate’s ass is on the line, but he can’t help but wonder how much effort it took for him to make the necessary arrangements since he doesn’t have the authority to make personnel decisions.


 (Now I don’t have to see Fransisca’s sad face anymore…right?)

 He confirms in his mind, but with a bit of a question mark mixed in, that for Alexis, too, his relationship with her has become so weak that he can’t be sure.


 Anyway, when he came home from work that night, he could finally confirm that Eden was standing in front of the couple’s bedroom.

 ”I’m sorry, Eden.”

 He called out to her, and she shook her head as she stood by the door.

 ”…Me too. I’m glad I can protect you again. I’m glad.”


 Alexis pats her head, albeit through her helmet.

 Even though Sagrado is now completely at peace, she would have been unwilling to serve as an ornamental guard of honor, only to be asked to accompany Alexis on ceremonial occasions.

 ”I can’t deny that the old-school guys are too concerned about me. So, from now on, maybe I should try to do a little bit of the Senate’s work so that I can do more conventional work”

 To these words, she was silent but seemed to be affirming.

 Alexis looked again at the closed door.

 (Well, Fransisca is behind this door)

 He was feeling a bit nervous for no good reason, although he was ashamed of himself.

 After all, it was his wife. But now, he could finally do what he wanted with her.

 (…this is it… The flower at the top of the mountain.)

 It had been a long time since he had such feelings for a woman, and it even made him nostalgic.

 However, he was deeply moved.

 Nevertheless, this is not like him, and it would make Fransisca sad to think like that.

 (Besides, in this case, it seems that the Senate has made me feel bad for saying too much to her…)

 Shaking his head to compose himself, he opens the door.

 Inside, Fransisca is already waiting for him in a negligee.

 She was sitting on her bed today with a book open.

 When she heard the door open, she looked up and gave him a happy smile, “Welcome home, Alexis-sama.” But that was all. She did not come close to him. Because…

 [I will always be waiting for you.]

 She told him that, and ever since then, she has not approached him in any way, really.

 ”I’m home.”

 ”Good night.”

 ”I’m going to take a bath now. What about you?”

 ”After you.”

 She smiles at him, as usual.

 No, he knows she doesn’t mean it. Until this day, she has been waiting for him honestly.

 But he feels that this has made the distance between them to be confused.

 Still, he went to the bathroom to wash off his sweat for the time being.


 After he washed off his sweat, he dressed roughly in a shirt and pants with a towel on his shoulders.

 He knew he was going to be out of shape. So, he wears this.

 Now, he lies down beside her for the time being. And soon Fransisca turned over and hugged him tightly. The soft warmth of her touch is felt through the fabric. Moreover, he can clearly smell the sweet smell of her hair when they are so close to each other.

 Naturally, he was so horny in this situation, but she didn’t seem to be aware of it, and she hugged him innocently even during the period when they had talked about waiting.

 But today should be the end of that.

 However, she is so innocent that he even suspects that she has forgotten about the whole man-woman thing.

 She looks happy. She is smiling.

 ”Good night.”

 He was a little concerned because she said it so easily and in a good mood.

 ”Why are you so happy?”

 He pointed out, and she nodded her head.

 ”Yes, I’m happy just to be with you like this.”

 She kept her innocent smile on her face.

 ”Like this, sleeping in the same bed every night. To be able to see your face up close like this. That’s enough for me. I think that’s enough for me to be happy.”

 In between her words, a slight sadness peeks out.

 Alexis finally understands.

 She is trying to be strong, thinking that she can’t be physical with him yet.

 But, thinking that his fears were unfounded, he felt a naughty feeling welling up inside of him.

 ”…Heh~. Then, don’t you want this kind of thing anymore?”

 He turns over and presses his crotch against her waist.

 Fransisca is startled. Alexis tries to pull away, but her hand immediately reaches out and touches his p*nis.

 ”No, not like that…”

 She looked him up and down, her eyes were wide.

 ”I mean. I want that, I want that… now.”


 He can’t help smiling at her.

 She’s still a she.

 Because she was masturbating the other day.

 (I guess I don’t need to be so defensive now.)

 He’s relieved, but at the same time, he’s itching to torment her.

 ”But you said that was enough for you earlier, didn’t you?”

 Alexis dares to say, and she shakes her head with a tearful look on her face.

 ”Yes, I did. But if Alexis-sama is willing. I will, always, always want to.”

 After all, she was being stubborn.

 It was cheeky of her to be so careless. But it’s also cute.

 (But she didn’t have to do that)

 He patted her head lightly.

 She leaned forward and pressed her body tightly against him.

 When she does this, the softness of Fransisca’s body is intensified, even though it is through the cloth.

 ”Ah, it’s true. I love Alexis-sama’s p*nis, too.”

 She looked at him with a straight face, and he laughed bitterly.

 ”No, it’s not something you have to remind me of with a straight face… It’s like you’re declaring that you’re a whore.”

 ”Eh… I-I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, it’s limited to your p*nis.”

 ”…So you’re saying you’re after my dick.”

 He looks at her far away and she makes a panicked expression.

 ”Well, I didn’t mean it like that. Ugh, don’t be so mean to me, Alexis-sama…”

 Seeing Fransisca’s teary eyes, he laughed.

 As usual, she is worth teasing.

 ”Ah, geez, Alexis-sama!”

 Seeing her face become sullen, he decides it’s time to give up teasing her.

 Instead, he stroked her thigh. They were smooth and soft.

 Fransisca, who had been talking nonsense until just a moment ago, stopped talking, her body instantly jerking. Not only that, but he can hear a slight squeal from her downcast face.

 ”You’re very sensitive”

 She seems to be very frustrated.

 ”I just touch you here, you know? You must be a slut after all.”

 When he covered her up, a voice of dissatisfaction leaked out from between her charming voice.

 ”Because Alexis-sama won’t touch me for a long time…”

 Well, not wanting to allow her to argue, Alexis-sama stroked the outside of her breast with his other hand.

 She then let out a high-pitched squeal, and then she stopped speaking.

 ”Ah…nnn, ah, ah…”

 Alexis just lightly stroked her thighs and the circumference of her breasts through the cloth.

 She lets out a sweet voice as if she had been touched directly, her face turns bright red, and her body shakes repeatedly. Her face is melting and her eyelids fall down.

 When he loosened his hold, her eyes, which had been closed, opened slightly.

 ”Ah… A-Alexis, sama…?”

 Alexis did not respond to the peering eyes and slipped his hands under the negligee.

 She called his name again, but he ignored it.

 Now, the hardness of the bra touches him, so he pulls it down and puts his palms directly on the softness of the bra. He feels the warmth of the woman’s body and her slow breathing.

 Then, he gently rubbed it and stroked her pubic mound through her panties with his other hand.

 *Twitch! Twitch! Her slender body trembled again.

 ”Are you sure you don’t need to rest? Mmm…”

 Contrary to her words, her expression was mellow.

 Alexis didn’t dare to point out that she wouldn’t like it if he stopped her now. Instead, he pinched her pointed nipples with one hand and put his other hand under her panties.


 Fransisca jumps up and down.

 Her nipples are slightly more sensitive to his hand.

 He can clearly feel the hardness of the bumps. And when he tugged lightly, she shivered again, perhaps because of the sweet sensation.

 ”Oh, that!”

 She finally couldn’t stand it any longer and opened her mouth as if she had been dammed up.

 ”Oh, Why are you touching me? Why?”

 Alexis thought her question was absurd. Why would a husband touch his wife?

 However, he guess she thinks he is concerned about the fact that the senate still restricts it.

 But it made him want to tease her, and he smirked.

 ”What, you want me to rest?”

 ”No, I don’t. But, but…”

 He pinches and tugs on her nipples to block out her shaking her head.

 That’s all it takes to make her arch her back and squeal.

 (I guess she’s frustrated, after all)

 But there was one thing that bothered him.

 ”What, here?”

 He thought it was just his imagination, but it was not.

 He caressed her nipples with his palms, which were the object of the discomfort.

 In the meantime, Fransisca shivered and looked at him with mellow eyes.

 Then, he grabbed the breast of her negligee with both hands and pulled it down sharply.

 Two large bulges appeared out of nowhere.

 In the center, peach-colored nipples stood up and asserted themselves.

 The moment he saw them, he could not help smiling.

 He puts his pinky finger on the nipple and found that it was about the same size as his pinky finger.

 In his memory, Fransisca’s nipples should have been a little bit more, he thought, cute size.

 ”They’re bigger.”

 When he pointed out her nipples, she answered with a question mark, “What…?”

 ”So, this is it. I mean, your nipples, they’re bigger than before, aren’t they?”

 ”Oh, is that so?”

 She seemed to be feeling shame as her ears were getting reddish.

 Did she think he was telling her that she had a dirty body?

 (Hmm. I wonder what happens to a mother’s body after the lactation period)

 Alexis is impressed by this, but it is not a change she dislikes.

 It is easier to touch, and it seems to be worth tormenting because it stands out so much.

 With both hands, he pinches both nipples of Fransisca at the same time. When he pulls them, her face instantly turns away and her chin bends back.


 Her trembling reaction is still very sensitive.

 And then he noticed that her inner thighs were rubbing against each other.

 Apparently, when she is tormented only by her breasts, she is eager to be touched.

 She also opens and closes her mouth repeatedly with a greedy look on her face.

 And yet, with the same expression on her face, this is what she said to him.

 ”A-Aren’t you going to finish touching me? Is it okay…?”

 She is still reserved.

 To the Senate or to him? Alexis doesn’t know which.

 (…Is she still reserved?)

 He can’t help but laugh, thinking that she is too sensitive.

 Well, he could tell her that there is no need to be reserved anymore, but he still want to see her hesitant reaction.

 He grabs her legs, lifts her up, makes her open her legs to the left and right, and puts her in a circling posture.

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