Avalon 268

Chapter 268 [Princess-Maiden] Doing the Deed with His Long-Awaited Wife, Part Two

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When Alexis made her sit in a crouching posture, Fransisca did not resist but only let out a small moan.

She just looked mellow and called his name in a whisper.

And seeing it again, her open secret was wet and tingling. Even a woman is honest about her lower half. She wants to be fucked by a p*nis.

After all, her love juice is flowing out and running down to her butt.

“Do you want me to finish touching you?”

She did not respond to his question.

Instead, she was breathing wildly and repeatedly.

Ignoring her like that, he spreads her secret place with his hands. On there, he could see a heated nectar hole opening its mouth in the reddish muddy depths.

“You seem to be very greedy.”

She nodded her head in response to his comment.

“Yes… I want…”

Her voice sounded as if it was about to fade away, but her reply was honest and sincere.

Alexis smiled at this.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”


Her eyes widen as she chokes.

And as soon as she did, her face broke into a smile.

Thinking that she wanted it so much, he smiled at her, and she immediately looked at him shyly.

Watching her like that, he felt that she is a person who can’t help it. It makes him think so.

“Have you been waiting that long?”

When he tried to reach for his pants, she shook her head in a panic.

“Oh, um, Alexis-sama! Are you sure it’s okay? I can endure it, you know…?”

At this late stage, she is still concerned about it.

She’s doing it because she cares about him.

Really, she’s still funny as ever, and he bites back his laughter.

Even though she is a very dull person, that’s her way of caring for and teasing him.

“If that’s the case, I’d like to make you endure to the limit… But this time, I don’t mind.”

He loosened his belt and stretched out his p*nis.

After all, he had been holding back for a long time too. It’s time for him to fully enjoy her body.


Fransisca looks entranced as soon as she sees the p*nis. She was the one who couldn’t wait to see it.

Now, the glans are pressed against her secret place.

The folds were wet and her body jumped up and down with just a light rubbing.

Her vaginal hole was twitching in anticipation. But then, it slid into her.


Fransisca’s chin turned up and her whole body trembled.

It was as if she was climaxing.

Fransisca’s body was also hot and wet, and she was squeezing the p*nis as if she was sucking it.

The sticking sensation is pleasant and makes his lower body tingle. At this sensation, Alexis gasped for air.

Still, he extends his p*nis further and lightly pokes her cervix at the back of her vagina.

As he did so, Franssica shuddered as if she was going to climax again and again.

“Oh! Aah! Alexis-sama, that’s it!”

She was slack-jawed on the bed, her body and facial expression relaxed as if she had lost all her energy.

She looks as if she has melted into a molten mess with a slow movement of the p*nis, and she bends over with a jerking back.

“Huh! Aaahh!”

“As usual, you’re overreacting.”

Alexis stifled her ejaculation and looked down at her with a grin.

But she doesn’t seem to have the time to be aware that she’s being mocked. She is absorbed, her body relaxed, her hips wriggling.

“Because, Alexis-sama, you’re so good… ahhh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

“Oh, already? I’m just poking your cervix.”

“Ah… Ah, Hahh! Hahh! Hahh! That feels good…”

“You can come, but then I won’t be able to go any deeper, okay?”

When he dared to be mean to her, her body shivered.

“Eh!? No… Give it to me, I want it in my back, ah, ah!”

Her trembling intensified.

“Ah, ah, don’t, stop it, I’m cumming, I’m cumming… Don’t, ahhhhh—!”

It seems that she couldn’t hold back, turned her back away, and climaxed just like that.

Tears ran down her flushed cheeks as she kept her mouth relaxed.

Even the tightening of her vagina, which was spasming like a cramp, made Alexis believe that she had climaxed and he laughed.

“Oh, you came. But it hasn’t entered your womb yet, has it?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, ahh… I want it in the back.”

From her pouty expression, Fransisca still wants to go deep, even though she has almost given up consciousness.

Alexis stroked her head, thinking it was typical of her.

“You came and you still want it?”

“Yes, I want it. I want it all the time, Alexis-sama, can you give it to me? I want it a lot, Alexis-sama…”

“What should I do? Well, I’ve made you endure for so long, so I should let you enjoy it today at least, right?”

In fact, he himself is nearing the end of his rope.

In any case, Fransisca’s body is warm, soft, and comfortable after a long time.

He twists his p*nis to pry open the cervix, which is still in contact with Fransisca’s cervix.

Fransisca’s reaction becomes more intense again, and the tightness increases.

But, he let it go deeper into the cervix.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, this, ahhhh!”

Her whole body was shaking violently as if she had climaxed.

“Aaahhh! I’m cumming, I’m cumming again…”

“Well, it’s getting hard for me to tell if she’s coming or not…”

He can’t help but giggle.

Fransisca’s secret place was repeatedly flooded with the tide, soaking his lower body to the bed sheet.

“Oh well…” he thinks.

He had been worried about cleaning up the mess, but it was Eden behind the door now. He can do whatever he wants.

More importantly, this one is getting close to the limit.

He looks down at the happy, relaxed face of Fransisca, who is in a state of climax and wandering in and out of consciousness but not revealing her true feelings.

She closes her eyes and seems to be in a trance-like state of comfort.

“Please let it out… deep inside me, baby seed, lots of it…”

Alexis smiled.

“I can put it in, but you’ll have to clean it and drink Sara’s medicine later, okay?”

“What? But the baby?”

She opened her eyes wide in surprise, but there was not enough room for an answer.

Alexis ejaculated right there, deep in the pleasant slush.

The long ejaculation made her body tremble.

The sensation of her vagina sucking on him felt good, too.

Alexis ejaculates as if he is squeezing out all his semen. Perhaps it was because he had not cum with Fransisca for a long time, but he felt that he had cum more than usual.

After seeing Fransisca’s abdomen swell up, he pulls out his softened p*nis after cumming.

“…nn, ah, ah, ah—”

Fransisca was breathing heavily, with a fascinated expression on her face.

Her vagina, which was still turned around, was still twitching with a lingering sensation.

The white discharge from her gaping vaginal hole was slowly running down to the round bulge of her buttocks, making a small sound.

When he tried to lower Fransisca’s hips, she shook her head.

“No, I want you to stay like this for a while, Alexis-sama, inside me…”

She didn’t want him to lower his hips, for if he did, all the semen in her womb would overflow and go out.

However, her belly is still swollen, and Alexis doesn’t want the seed to take root in her body.

“…I think it’s better to get the semen out as soon as possible.”

“…No, please don’t let it out. I haven’t had it for a long time. I want it to stay in my stomach for a while.”

Fransisca’s lips twitched in frustration, and Alexis could only laugh at her.

“You just finished child rearing and now you’re going to have another baby in no time? You’re ruining the image of the pure Queen Sagrado that the Senate wants.”

“It doesn’t matter. They want an heir, don’t they?”

She looked unhappy as she said this. It seems that even she is not happy with the Senate’s recent interference.

Alexis giggled, amused.

“Yes, of course. I was just thinking that since they want an heir, it’s about time to lift the ban on procreation. And yet they’ve kept us under guard. That’s why I’ve been negotiating with them until today to change the night guard to a Krangal. It was hard to convince those stubborn old men. But after I convinced them that many of them were experienced in practical matters and would be strong in escorting the priests, they finally agreed.”

“Then who’s guarding us now?”

Fransisca looks back at the door and finally realizes.

Alexis responds.

“It’s Eden. She’s quiet and listens to me. And she doesn’t pry too much. So now we can finally have as much time as we want.”

“…Is that why you’re playing with me tonight?”

Her eyes blinked and she seemed to have seriously realized it just now, so all he could do was laugh bitterly.

Although he didn’t tell her, he could have thought of it on the way to the meeting.

Anyway, his arm was getting sore, so he lowered Fransisca’s waist, and he heard a disappointed voice.

“Oh…I’m going to lose Alexis-sama!”

When she looked at him so forlornly at the white cloud overflowing from her own lower body, Alexis had a complicated feeling.

“…Hey, what the hell do you think I am?”

At once, she shook her head.

“Oh, no, Alexis-sama, I don’t think of you as a p*nis, do I!?”

“That’s right…. no, I doubt you.”


He pulled her to him and patted her head lightly.

“If you want me to have many more, you’d better stop talking and use contraception. If you don’t, you won’t be able to see me again for the next three years, right?”

“Well…yes, that’s true…”

“…and I don’t want to not be able to see you again either.”

He tried to whisper, but she seemed to have heard him.

She rolled her eyes and stared at him, but she looked away.

He thought he could fool her, but “Alexis-sama!” she hugged him.

Her body was still covered in semen, so he recoiled involuntarily.

“You’re making me dirty, Fransisca…”

But she did not listen.

With a big smile on her face, she tightened her hold on me.

“Me too. I don’t want to lose you. I want to stay with you, I don’t want to leave you, Alexis-sama…”

As she squeezed him tighter and tighter, he found her irresistibly cute.

Though he was not willing to do the Senate’s bidding to avoid having a baby even if he wanted to procreate, he had other motives to do so when he saw her expression like this.

“…Then, do you want to stay for a while?”


After nodding, Fransisca hugged him and didn’t move away.

Stroking her soft hair, Alexis vowed to keep this comfortable environment where he could touch her anytime, together with the peace of Sagrado.

The end

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