Avalon 152

Chapter 152 [Princess-Maiden] Night Visit

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It was that night.

 Alexis was sleeping in his private room with the wall sconce dimmed.

 He was lying on the bed and breathing heavily when he suddenly heard a rustling sound of clothes. The sound and the strange sensation on the lower half of his body slowly pull his consciousness out of slumber.


 He opens his eyes and checks the ceiling of the fortress.

 With his head still hazy, he tries to adjust to the quiet environment, the strange feeling, and the atmosphere to ensure there is nothing dangerous.


 (Well, it’s nothing to worry about.)

 With this thought, Alexis closed his eyes again.

 After a short moment…

 *Kiss… Smooch…

 A wet sound was heard. Then, heat slowly spread to the lower part of his body.

 Especially, a sensation crawls up between his legs, and his p*nis starts to stretch naturally…

 (…What, what…?)

 This time, he can’t shake off the strange feeling. Or rather, there is definitely a physical stimulation between his legs. It is not murderous. No hostility. No harm. Something is wrong.

 No, to be precise, to be honest, it felt good. A pleasant sensation spreads between his legs as if someone is licking his member.

 Alexis raises his head and turns his eyes toward his lower body. As his eyes gradually become accustomed to this darkness, he becomes aware of its true nature.

 Someone is kneeling at his feet.

 No, it is not someone.


 Alexis calls out, and Fransisca looks up and turns her head toward Alexis. Her pouty lips are full of his member, and her mouth is slightly parted when her eyes meet Alexis’.

 ”Hey, what are you doing…”

 Alexis’ voice was upset.

 Fransisca finally removed her lips from his member and said.

 ”…I’m here for the night”

 ”What?” Alexis asked back.

 Fransisca climbs on top of Alexis, and then she mounts him and straddles his crotch, which is exposed before Alexis knows it.

 Her lower half, covered by a negligee, is placed on Alexis’s cock.

 Then, a wet sound is heard.

 She was not wearing any panties, and her private parts were already wet.

 Fransisca’s eyes were wet with excitement, and she started to move her hips back and forth slowly. Then, a wet sound was heard again.

 ”Haah, mmm…. kuh, ahh…”

 On top of his body, Alexis could hear the sound of her voice, which sounded like it was about to disappear, interruptedly.

 The sound of her breathing, which is getting rougher and rougher, also reaches his ears.

 The wet folds of the flesh are rubbing against Alexis’ cock like a tangle, and Alexis lets out an involuntary sigh.

 ”Oh… you… What are you doing…?”

 ”Haah, haah. Because I…uh… I couldn’t resist”

 Saying this, Fransisca rocks her hips and rubs her pussy against Alexis’ p*nis. She turns her blue eyes toward Alexis with a rapt expression on her face.

 ”…And… You said you wanted to punish… haah… Didn’t you tell me?”

 She looked at him reproachfully, and Alexis remembered.

 ”I forgot…”

 ”Geez… Alexis-sama…”

 Despite the displeased expression on her face, her voice is flirtatious, and Fransisca’s hips do not stop. Not only that, she puts her slender fingers on the base of Alexis’s p*nis and lifts her hips to place the honeycomb on the glans of Alexis’s p*nis.

 Then she slowly sinks it into herself, letting out a heated breath.

 ”Ahhhh—ngh, ah, ah, ah…”

 Alexis was not actively moving his cock, but occasionally, the pulsating sensation of Alexis’ p*nis made Fransisca jerk her body.

 ”H-haah… Alexis-sama, how do you like it…?”

 Fransisca stops moving her hips and smiles at him.

 ”My pussy… mmmm… Does it feel good?”

 Fransisca asked with a much more pleasant expression and tone of voice.

 And Alexis nodded.

 ”…yeah, not bad”

 Then Fransisca smiled seductively, “Hmm.”

 ”Well then… Mmm, mmm. I’ll be the one to make the move today… Haah, haah… Alexis-sama, enjoy yourself, okay?”

 Saying this, Fransisca starts to wiggle her hips again.

 She then puts her hands on Alexis’ abdomen and moves her hips back and forth.

 Each time Fransisca moves her hips back and forth, the p*nis is pulled in and out of her vagina, making a slurping sound.

 Gradually, more love juice is produced, soaking Alexis’ lower body.

 ”Haah, haah, mmm, mmm…”

 Fransisca’s voice is getting louder and louder.

 She must be getting pleasure from the movement. However, the sensitivity seems lower than that of Alexis’ movements.

 Alexis also feels like putting his hands on her as he sees her moving on his body.

 So, he moves his hands and grabs her plump breasts, which are visible through the thin silk of her negligee.

 ”Hyah,” a squeal escaped Fransisca’s lips.


 Fransisca stops moving and looks at him with puzzled eyes while gasping.

 ”Just keep moving,” Alexis commands, putting his hands on her breasts.

 Fransisca did as she was told and began to move her hips again.

 Each time she did so, Alexis’s palms would hit the sensitive areas of her breasts, giving Fransisca pleasure.

 ”Ah, ah… Mmm, haah…” Her voice was getting louder and louder.

 And seeing Fransisca’s eyes get narrower, Alexis started to stretch his p*nis, which had not been moving.

 He thrusts his tentacle p*nis more deeply, and Fransisca’s vaginal hole tightens as she senses it.

 ”Haah…ahhh—A-Alexis, sama!”

 Fransisca looked troubled but did not stop Alexis from doing it.

 Instead, she pressed her secret against Alexis’ lower body. She accepted his p*nis as it sank deeper and deeper into her.

 ”Mmm… ah, ah… There, that place…”

 Fransisca raises her eyebrows, her mouth relaxes, and her body trembles.

 ”Ahhhhhh— Your p*nis… kissing… my… womb…”

 Fransisca was happy to feel the p*nis against her cervix.

 She shivers with a happy expression and then moves her hips again.

 Naturally, the squeaking sound is getting louder.

 She was shaking her hips and pushing Alexis’ p*nis against the entrance of her womb.

 In the meantime, with his hands on her hips, Alexis told her to “lift her hips,” and Fransisca did just that.

 Alexis stretched the length of his cock further and told her to put it deep inside her womb herself.

 Fransisca’s eyes flashed, and she nodded “…yes,” with wet eyes.

 She prepared to swallow deep into her cervix for the first time.

 And after a gulp, Fransisca smiles at Alexis.

 ”Then, I will eat it… okay?”

 She tells him this with a thrill in her heart and slowly lowers her hips.

 As the p*nis thrust up to her cervix, a tingling sensation ran up her spine.


 Fransisca shuddered, then slowly swallowed the cock.

 ”Nnnnghhh— ah… ah, ah, ah—”

 Her voice escapes each time the p*nis rubs against the cervix, and her hips stop moving.

 But soon, Fransisca sinks her hips down. Little by little.

 Her hands on Alexis’ chest are trembling. Her hips are also shaking.

 It was hard to maintain the squatting posture. Still, there was a more penetrating sensation, and Fransisca carefully took it in.

 ”Nnghhhh, hmmm…! Ahhh—”

 A single tear fell from the corner of Fransisca’s eye.

 Fransisca felt the sensation of his p*nis deep inside her vagina, up to the base. Then she felt his p*nis lightly against the wall of her uterus.

 ”Ahhh, ahhhhh—ngh, haah, haah…”

 Fransisca repeatedly shuddered at the feeling of the p*nis stroking her weakest point.

 Her breathing is mingled with her voice.

 Fransisca managed to hold it in, smiling at Alexis.

 ”D-Do you feel it…? Alexis-sama… Mmm, mmm… my… my… baby’s room, is penetrated by Alexis-sama’s one…”

 ”…Yeah, I know,” Alexis responds, swallowing a ragged breath.

 Watching Fransisca’s hips moving on top of him again, he asks, “Is it good?”.

 Fransisca nodded her head and answered with a look of ecstasy on her face.

 ”Yes…Alexis-sama’s cock is delicious—”

 Fransisca smiles enchantingly while shaking her body.

 She was so cute that Alexis beckoned Fransisca to him.

 Then, he hugs Fransisca as she falls on top of him and whispers in her ear.

 ”I have to reward you for swallowing so well. So, what do you want?”

 Fransisca’s expression becomes more and more relaxed, and she nods broadly, “—yes.”

 Fransisca’s cheeks are flushed, and her hips are swaying as she says, “P-Please.”

 ”As a reward, please give me Alexis-sama’s milk, a lot of it, deep inside me…”

 Saying this, Fransisca hugged Alexis, and Alexis moved his p*nis.

 Then Fransisca’s body trembled.

 ”Oh, ah! Hwahhhhhhhhh—!”

 Fransisca asked for a kiss, her body shaking with swelling pleasure.

 And Alexis sucked on her lips and spit himself deep inside her.

 His cock pulsated and bounced inside her vagina, shooting his semen into Fransisca’s depths.

 ”Mmm, mmmm— Mmmmm—!”

 Fransisca seems to have reached her climax with her lips pressed together, and her whole body is shaking.

 ”Puha—Haah, haah, mmm… nn… nn… Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca was kissing Alexis repeatedly, rocking her hips as if trying to guide the semen deeper and deeper into Alexis.

 When Alexis finished ejaculating, Fransisca put her hand on his bulging abdomen.

 When her lips parted, she smiled at Alexis from an almost breathtaking distance.

 ”There’s been a lot of cum today, hasn’t there?”

 Fransisca says in a whisper, sounding pleased.

 Then Fransisca hugged Alexis again and put her lips on Alexis’ cheek as she spoke.

 ”…I am happiest when we are together. I am happiest now”

 Alexis felt embarrassed, but this kind of behavior was usual for her. So, he just nodded, “…yes”.

 But then, Fransisca laughed and said, “Today, can I sleep here with you?”.

 Alexis blinked as if he had heard something unexpected.

 ”You’re not supposed to share a bed with me, are you?”

 Then Fransisca says, “Well.”

 ”…We’ve been together many times already…”

 ”Yeah, that’s true, but…”

 ”And… besides…”

 Fransisca looked into Alexis’ face from above as if she had made up her mind, but then her cheeks were stained, and her gaze drifted shyly.


 Alexis exhales once when he is puzzled. Then, Fransisca says in a whisper.

 ”…Besides, it’s as if we’re already going to be husband and wife, isn’t it? So, it’s okay, right? Just a little bit…”

 It seems that Fransisca was embarrassed to tell him they would become husband and wife.

 ”Hey, you…”

 It seemed like an unnecessary embarrassment, and Alexis couldn’t help but laugh.

 In the first place, it made him feel embarrassed too.

 ”Hmm… anyway, yes, yes, okay”

 When Alexis pats Fransisca’s head, Fransisca makes a bewildering sound, “Hyah,.”

 ”Geez, d-don’t treat me like that, Alexis-sama…”

 She gives him a disapproving look, but Alexis looks away.

 ”I’m pretty serious, you know? I am…”

 Fransisca said, and Alexis said, “Okay, okay,” to her.

 In fact, he knows enough to know that she is serious.

 After a while, Alexis points next to her and Fransisca’s frustrated expression breaks into a smile.

 ”Hehe… Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca hugged him tightly with a sweet voice.

 ”I love you!”

 Fransisca said, and Alexis answered, “I know.”

 Fransisca smiled with satisfaction.

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