Avalon 153

Chapter 153 [Mage] Teaching Her Who Came to Check It out How Good a Tentacle Is

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 On the second leave day, Alexis decides to spend the whole day in his room. After all, tomorrow, he has to go back to the dungeon.

 If he is not careful, he will have to face the area boss next.

 While he spends his time reading and coasting, he hears a knock at the door of his room.

 ”Is there a tradition these days that my room is visited by someone?”

 Alexis blurts, thinking, “Well, it’s okay. It’s not like I’m busy.” Then he heard a voice through the door.

 ”Oh, um… Prince-sama. May I have a moment?”


 Alexis jerks himself up from his lying position on the bed.

 Because it was Maria Keithley’s voice.

 Of all people. Maria, the one who supposedly hates him. What on earth does she want? Thinking this, he gets off the bed and opens the door.

 Maria is wearing a tight skirt and blouse with a cape over it.

 As usual, she entered Alexis’ room with a depressed expression on her face. Then she turns her head down and speaks in a somewhat frightened and unsure voice, “…S-Sorry to disturb you, P-Prince-sama…” in a mumbling voice.

 Maria takes a step into the room and slams the door behind her.

 Standing in front of the door, Maria is silent and stares at Alexis through her glasses with her green eyes, which seem to be wary and somewhat afraid of him.

 (…If she’s afraid to go into a man’s room, why doesn’t she just stop?)

 Alexis thought so but decided to keep quiet.

 After a while of heavy silence, Alexis said “…So,” without thinking.

 ”Why are you coming here?”

 Maria was startled, and then her gaze drifted hesitantly. But it is short-lived, and she turns to Alexis with a determined look.

 ”I…came…to…check,” Maria said in a muffled voice.


 Alexis blinks.

 Maria nods and takes a step forward.

 As she does so, her hand is placed on the cord holding the cape.

 She undoes it quickly, “…To check”.

 ”…why everyone doesn’t hate you or…isn’t afraid of you… I just want to make sure… Because if I don’t, I can’t convince them… no matter what…!”

 Maria gives Alexis a determined look.

 ”Oh, I see,” Alexis thinks.

 She is a coward, but she is also a logical person.

 Her own common sense and the common sense of the people around her are so far apart that, at last, she can no longer ignore the feeling of discomfort.

 She wants to know the “answer.” The “answer” to reconcile her common sense with those around her.

 Alexis realizes this and does not stop Maria from taking off her clothes.

 He can see her fingertips trembling. She must be afraid.

 But Maria is more concerned with matching logic with reality.

 For her, it is something she is used to doing, to stifle her feelings of disgust and dislike. However, she does not want to be able to reason with herself.

 Because she has endured each suffering by swallowing it with her own logic.

 (…She doesn’t believe in anyone, does she?)

 While Alexis was silent, Maria seemed to have finished undressing.

 Her naked body is clearly defined with fleshy bumps, and her breasts, which were not so noticeable when she was clothed, assert their softness and fullness.

 A black butterfly “tattoo” added color to her waist, which was so thin that it looked as if it reflected her life as a man’s toy.

 The woman with the fleshy limbs that arouse men’s desire is a simple-looking woman with braids, glasses, and a fearful gaze.

 Alexis finds this imbalance unexplainably s*xy.

 Then Maria speaks to Alexis in a muffled voice, “…P-Prince-sama”.

 ”Please…take me in your arms…”

 Maria spoke with a melancholy look in her eyes.


 Alexis gasps.

 The words “if you don’t want to, you can stop” are almost in his throat.

 —No, but for her, she has already made up her mind by the time she arrives here.

 She must be sure to make such a decision.

 (…Then what can I do?)

 Alexis nodded his head.

 He sat cross-legged on the bed and beckoned to Maria.

 Maria nodded, got up on the bed, and sat beside Alexis.

 Alexis put his hands on Maria’s shoulders and pushed her down on the bed.

 ”I’ll do it. I’ll take care of you”

 Maria nodded her head, looking somewhat uneasy at Alexis’ words.

 Alexis then reaches out and touches Maria’s breast.

 After a twitch and a tremble, Maria utters “…ah,” in a small voice.

 ”I-I knew it, I…”

 She turns her tense gaze on Alexis.

 ”It’s okay,” Alexis replies.

 He stroked her puckered nipples with his palms and then took them in his mouth.

 He rolled it around with the tip of his tongue, feeling it gradually become harder and harder in his mouth.

 Then Maria breathes and wriggles uncomfortably.

 ”I-I can’t get used to it…”

 Maria speaks with a sigh.

 ”I-I’m not used to having someone else do it for me…”

 But then, Alexis covered her mouth with his hand as if to block Maria’s words.

 He continued to play with her breasts for more than enough time.

 He uses his mouth on one side and his hand on the other. Still no p*nis. He knows well enough that she has a weakness for the male genitalia.

 And while doing this, Maria lets out a muffled “mmm, mmm” sound.

 At first, she tries to say something, but her voice gradually becomes meaningless.

 ”Mmm… hmm, hmm, hmm…”

 Maria’s voice is slowly being eroded by the sweetness of her voice.

 Alexis took his mouth away from her breast and looked at her face, and his eyes met Maria’s regretful gaze.

 As their eyes met, Maria seemed to want to say something, but since his hands were still covering her mouth, he couldn’t understand what she wanted to say.

 When he let go of his hand, Maria took a few breaths and shook her head.

 ”A-After all, I’ll do it myself…”

 Maria sounds somewhat agitated.

 But Alexis smiles and says, “No,” and now reaches for his lower half.

 It’s already bulging under his pants.

 But not yet. He’s not going to use it yet.

 And telling Maria not to move, as she tries to wriggle away, Alexis now strokes her inner thigh and reaches her pubic area, which is covered by a bush the same color as her hair.

 Feeling his fingertips slightly wet, he first rubs them between the folds of her pubic region without going into the muddy area.

 He also puts his other hand on her breast and rolls her nipple slowly.

 ”Mmm, …mmm…”

 Maria’s voice sounds uncomfortable.

 But he can see her cheeks are slowly becoming flushed.

 Maria feels out of place when she is just lying there and being played with by the other man.

 Moreover, the other man—Alexis—does not even try to undress. He does not take out his p*nis.

 She was the only one naked and just being played with by hands and mouths—

 (W-What’s this? What’s this state…?)

 Maria is gradually filled with shame.

 Alexis is calm, and she is just being played with.

 (This, this makes me feel as if I’m here just to be played with…… No, that’s not true…!)

 Maria finally couldn’t take it anymore and tried to get up, but Alexis stopped her with his eyes.

 ”No,” Alexis said sternly.

 ”Don’t move. Stay where you are.”

 ”Eh. B-But…”

 Maria’s gaze drifted, flustered.

 Meanwhile, Alexis’ fingers slip into the folds.

 The finger strokes the wet spot, and Maria feels a tingling sensation, and she lets out an involuntary “Mmmm,” to her dismay.

 ”—Mm, haah, haah… Mmmm…”

 Alexis’ fingertips are moving in an impatient, playful manner.

 Maria herself became aware of the gradual buildup of nectar in the muddy, soundless slush, and she involuntarily closed her legs tightly.

 ”Hey! What are you doing?”

 Alexis scolded in a light tone.


 What came out of her mouth was a rebuke.

 But it was the prince. While Maria was troubled, Alexis said.

 ”Come on, open your legs quickly, or I’ll do this to you”

 Maria makes a funny sound of tickling and yelps and opens her legs.

 At that moment, Alexis pushed one knee between her legs, making it impossible for her to close them. Then the caresses started again.

 ”Mm… Mmm… kuh… Mmmm…”

 Maria desperately tried to keep her mouth closed.

 She clenches her teeth, which are about to rise up, and chokes out her voice.

 She felt that she would lose if she let out her voice.

 But she knows it—she can’t stop the secretion of her love juices.

 Gradually, it moistens Alexis’ hand and soaks the sheets.

 And she’s making a wetting sound.

 ”Mmm—mm! Mmmmmm—!”

 Maria can’t help but jump up and down.

 ”—Mmm, haah, haah…”

 She brought one hand to her mouth and bit her fingertips unconsciously.

 ”S-Stop. I can’t…”

 Maria pleads in a muffled voice.

 She can’t let go of her own body any longer, which is starting to feel the effects of her actions.

 She also wriggles, “I-I’ll take care of it, I’ll take care of it…”

 Apparently, Maria is afraid.

 She is afraid that she will feel the pleasure out of her control.

 Alexis realizes this and lifts his mouth, “No.”

 ”I’ll do it. I told you, didn’t I?”

 Alexis finally reaches for his pants.

 He undoes his belt and slips it on.

 He pulls his member over Maria’s body, causing her to jerk.

 ”Oh, … oh…”

 Her frightened but wet eyes begin to ask Alexis’ expression with fear.

 But, Alexis still presses his p*nis tightly against Maria’s secret place. After a shiver, Maria speaks in a small voice, “P-Please forgive me.”

 ”No, no more… Ah. No, stop… ah…”

 Ignoring her plea, Alexis gently stroked her hair, who was trembling slightly and then moved his p*nis deeper into the muddy pool.

 When he placed it against the honeypot, he felt it was hot and ripe.

 When he pushed and pulled his cock back and forth, there was a slurping sound and a transparent string.

 ”Ah, mmm, ah…”

 Maria bit her finger that was touching her lips and breathed a little, silently.

 Then she said again, “No.”

 ”D-Don’t go in there. No, don’t put it in…”

 Maria sighed, and Alexis said, “Why not?”

 ”You’re the one who asked me to hold you, right?”


 Maria’s voice trembles.

 ”Yes, because…”


 Maria’s body jumps up and down when Alexis repeatedly puts his p*nis on her.

 ”—Ah. I-I knew it…”

 Maria’s face becomes flushed with shame and fear.

 Alexis slowly puts his p*nis inside her body.

 He feels her wet vagina softly accept the p*nis as if it were wrapped by her.

 ”Oh, oh, oh—!”

 Maria’s body shuddered.

 Then, when Alexis starts pistoning slowly, Maria shakes her head reluctantly.

 ”—Haah, ah, ah…”

 The corners of her eyes drooped, and Maria finally began to let out an intermittent, charming sound.

 Maria is still mumbling her words of rejection between her cries of “No, please stop…”.

 But her hands are not trying to push Alexis back but are holding the sheets tightly as if she is trying to hold something back.

 Maria was not saying no to Alexis, but to her own body that was making her feel.

 ”Ah, ah—Ah! No, no more… please”

 She kept saying “no” and “no,” so much that Alexis couldn’t help but ask, “Why not?”

 Maria glared at Alexis for a moment, but her expression immediately turned prodigal.

 ”Ahhh— B-Because I, I—”

 Suddenly, an irresistible feeling came over her.

 A thrilling, violent pleasure and an urge send a hot shiver down her stomach.

 (No more, no more, oh no…!)

 Maria finally cries out.

 ”No, no, no—!”

 Maria is overcome by an impulse, and her legs are entangled in Alexis’ back.

 ”I want— I want it—”

 Maria clutches Alexis tightly with her arms.

 ”Give it to me, please— Ahhh, Prince-sama…”

 Maria starts to shake her hips, driven by her lust.

 ”Prince-sama, because, this is foul— This is, this is—”

 Maria’s body trembles.

 ”Nnghhhh— Ahhhhh—”

 Maria had reached the point once. As she did so, she realized that this was what it meant to be drowned.

 ”—Hwaa. Prince, sama, ahh—”

 Maria’s arms tighten around Alexis as she climaxes, but the desire born deep in her abdomen does not subside.

 As Maria hugged him back, Alexis whispered, “…I’m going to let it out.”

 Maria did not say anything but only tightened her arms more.

 She could feel Alexis’ cock pulsing inside her, hot and throbbing.

 ”—Ah, ahhhh—!”

 Maria shudders from the heat she can feel in the pit of her stomach and screams out in delight. She could clearly see that she was—at the very core of her s*xual pleasure.

 ”…Prince, sama…”

 Maria cried out as she felt the warmth and the indescribable pleasure that filled the depths of her body.

 When he had finished filling her, Alexis gently hugged her and stroked her head.

 ”…How do you like it? Are you satisfied?”

 Maria bit her lip for a moment and then nodded her head slowly.


 At this moment, for the first time in her life, Maria felt love for what should have been an ugly and dirty act with a man.

* * *

 After a while, Maria finally pulled herself away from Alexis. The tentacle also slid out. Then, the white muck that had accumulated in her abdomen flowed out and spilled onto the bed sheet.


 Maria was blushing without uttering a word as she watched this.

 ”Ah… I-I…”

 Reason brought back the sense of disgust with reality.

 (I can’t believe I love this…)

 Maria looks at Alexis involuntarily.

 Her eyes meet Alexis’ smiling face, and she hurriedly averts her gaze.

 Maria’s eyes are more puzzled and perplexed than awkward.

 She let out an uncomfortable “hmm,” and then stood up hurriedly and quickly put on her clothes.

 ”…If you think you’ll be forgiven for this…you’re mistaken…”

 Maria said in a fading voice and then left the room.

 ”Forgiven… what are you talking about?”

 Alexis could only scratch his head with a bitter smile.

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