Avalon 154

Chapter 154

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 —What and how did this happen?

 Alexis was thinking.

 It was this morning.

 Today is the day to go to Avalon again. Now, let’s get into the swing of things! Alexis wakes up thinking.

 After getting dressed, he went to the well at the back of the fort to freshen up.

 There was a training area by the well, and a crowd of soldiers had gathered there for some reason.

 Isn’t it too early in the morning for training?

 (What happened…?)

 Despite curiosity, Alexis washed his face, brushed his teeth, and shaved his beard, which was beginning to grow. Everything was fine up to that point, but…

 ”—Ah, Alexis-sama”

 Suddenly, the crowd split to the left and right, and Fransisca appeared from here.

 She was already wearing the clothes she would wear under her armor. Then as she walked up to Alexis, she greeted him with a “Good morning.”

 ”Ah, good morning”

 When Alexis turns around from the well and replies, Fransisca tilts her head slightly as if she has noticed something.

 ”Alexis-sama, your hair is ruffled”

 She reaches out her hand and starts to fix Alexis’ hair.

 ”Oh, yeah, thank you…”

 Alexis felt embarrassed and looked away. Then a crowd of people came out of the corner of his eye.

 ”—By the way, Fransisca,” Alexis opened his mouth.

 ”What is that crowd?”

 ”Oh, that? We’re having a little trouble…”

 Fransisca smiled wryly.


 Alexis raised his eyebrows. And she nodded her head.

 ”Yes, yes, and I was just about to call you”

 ”…You came to call me, and now you’re just doing my hair…”

 Fransisca muttered, “Oh,” as if she had just noticed.

 ”I-I’m sorry. I was just worried…”

 Fransisca smiles bitterly.

 Anyway, he understands what she is saying. Alexis himself struggles with this stubborn ruffling of his hair every morning.

 ”—Anyway, let’s go”

 Alexis looks back at the crowd.

 ”Uh, hey, let me through!”

 Alexis shouted. And with the soldiers on their left and right, he and Fransisca went to the center of the crowd.

 The center of the crowd was open, and there was a certain amount of space.

 There were two knights in the space where the soil of the training ground was spread out.

 The one on the right is Valencia, wearing white knightly armor. The one on the left is Eden, fully equipped except for her armet.

 Valencia holds a sword, and Eden a shield and a spear.

 ”Hey… Stop, stop!”

 Alexis was startled.

 ”Are you guys fighting this early in the morning? What the hell are you doing…?”

 Alexis called out, and Valencia and Eden turned around at the same time.

 ”Alexis-sama!” Valencia was the first to speak up.

 ”I’m better than her as a knight, aren’t I?”

 Why is she saying that out of the blue?

 Alexis thought so and could only reply with a blank, “Huh?”.

 Following her, Eden shook her head shakily.

 ”…No, I’m the one who protects Master…”

 She quietly said this, and then Valencia and Eden faced each other again.

 Immediately, Alexis could feel the air tense, and there was an invisible spark.

 Sensing that he should not interrupt, Alexis turns to Fransisca and speaks to her through lip-synching and gestures.

 What the hell are these guys doing?

 Fransisca gave an embarrassed smile and shook her head slowly.

 But then, Fatima’s voice rang out, “Valencia!” and the tension between the two was suddenly interrupted.

 Because Alexis had been focused on the two people facing each other, he overlooked Fatima, who had been there all along.

 It seemed that she had been at the front of the crowd for a long time, and finally, she couldn’t stand to watch them any longer and walked quickly toward them.

 ”Enough of this. What’s the point of you two fighting each other?”

 She is angry—or rather, she is dumbfounded. Fatima looks visibly dismayed and speaks to Valencia with a sigh.

 But Valencia is not the kind of girl who would stop at that.

 She is the kind of girl who is unsatisfied unless the outcome is clear-cut, black and white.

 As expected, Valencia was furious and said, “Ane-sama!” in a pissed-off tone.

 ”The one who can protect Alexis-sama must be the knight with stronger power! And I’m the better knight! That’s what I’m trying to decide now. Don’t get in my way!”

 ”Huff… even so, Valencia. Why on earth are you competing with her… You should be Her Highness’ knight. Just as I am Her Highness’ maid”

 Fatima’s voice, like a reproach, was entirely right.

 However, Valencia groaned, “Ugh, but, but!”.

 ”Protecting Alexis-sama must also mean protecting Her Highness!”

 ”…—You may have a point. But as long as we’re fighting amongst ourselves…”

 Fatima’s calm attitude in her persuasion is quite impressive.

 ”Anyway, you shouldn’t do it. Everyone is watching. And so are Her Highness and Alex”

 Fatima looks around the crowd and finally points her hand toward Alexis and Fransisca.

 Finally, Valencia seems to realize that she is causing a commotion.


 Valencia is stubborn by nature.

 She turns back to Eden and confronts her again.

 ”If he is watching, then it’s just as well! Let’s make it clear now, Eden-san!”

 Valencia finally declares.

 ”Let’s see who’s stronger, you or me!”

 To Valencia’s response, Eden nodded, “…Hmm”.

 ”Hey… Stop, stop!”

 Alexis was scratching his head.

 What will happen now that I know which one of them is stronger? I mean, they’re guardian and attacker. They are in different positions! Alexis was about to speak when someone said to them.

 ”Wait a minute, both of you!”

 It was Fransisca’s voice that was unusually sharp.

 ”What are you doing pointing your weapons at each other like this? Alexis-sama doesn’t want anything to do with this”

 Seeing Fransisca walk up to them as she spoke, Alexis was impressed.

 He was impressed that she could say such a thing with a bit of conviction.

 ”In the first place, Alexis-sama is not concerned about who is stronger”

 Alexis nodded, feeling reassured by Fransisca’s ability to speak for Alexis.

 ”Alexis-sama is only concerned about which one of you is better at servicing him”

 *Point! Fransisca pointed at both of them, and Alexis nodded again, But he let out a question mark, “…hmm?”

 ”In this case, it’s not the strength of the technique that is in dispute, but rather the skill it takes to perform a good service!”

 Hearing Fransisca’s words, Valencia and Eden, widen their eyes and look at each other.

 On the other hand, the crowd around them said, “Oh!” “Good grief!” “If you’re a knight, make it clear!”.

 ”Hey! What are you talking about, Fransisca? And don’t make the soldiers cheer as if they were encouraging a fight…!!”

 Alexis shouted.

 But for Valencia and Eden, it was an eye-opener.



 They looked surprised and muttered in their mouths.

 They look as if they have found the light of day, but they haven’t. It has to be. Alexis thinks.

 But the next thing he knows, Valencia and Eden are slowly putting away their weapons.

 That’s fine, but they turn to look at Alexis instead.


 Valencia opened her mouth, and her cheeks flushed bright red as if worried about the many eyes around her.

 ”I-I’m going to make you feel good, Alexis-sama…”

 As Valencia’s voice trembled, Eden stopped her with a hand.

 ”No… I’ll be the one who will take care of Master…”

 In a muffled voice, she said only that.

 The two women then sidled up to Alexis.

 ”Hey! What are you going to do about this?” He looks at Fransisca, but before he knows it, she’s talking to Fatima.

 ”Hey guys! What are you doing acting like you’re out of the loop?”

 Alexis shouted in a panic, but Fransisca didn’t seem aware of it and tilted her head, “What?”.

 ”You’re making things so weird…!”

 While Alexis was complaining to Fransisca, Valencia hugged his right arm, and Eden hugged his left arm.

 In this situation, he had two flowers in his hands. Or, more precisely, a knight on each hand.

 There is a crowd of soldiers around them, who are looking on excitedly and snickering.

 In the midst of all this, both of them have serious eyes. If this continues, they might start taking their clothes off right here.

 ”Uh… O-Okay. I got it!”

 Alexis shouted. Anyway, the worst was not going to happen.

 ”Okay. I’ll let you play, but not in broad daylight…! Do you understand? Soldiers are watching us!?”

 Alexis pointed out, and the two knights seemed to understand and released Alexis’ arm.

 Sighs and murmurs of “Oh, I’m so disappointed” are heard everywhere.

 ”Prince… you’ve disappointed us…!”

 ”Yes! I thought our captain would do it…!”

 Alexis responded to the soldier’s earnest plea, “Shut up.”

 ”What are you guys going to do when you see your colleagues’ dirty deeds…? Now, get your asses back to work! Isn’t it time to get to work?”

 Then, the soldiers seemed to leave the room with a hoot and a holler. Today is another happy day in Fort Rohka.

 Well, the two remaining knights will not be convinced unless Alexis lets them make a black-and-white decision.

 ”I don’t have a choice…”

 Alexis sighed.

 It would not be wise to take a shot before he departed to Avalon—but whatever.

 ”Let’s change places, both of you”

 Alexis called out to Valencia and Eden, and they nodded their heads.

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