Avalon 155

Chapter 155 [Female Knight, Personal Guard] Playing with Both of Them

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 Alexis takes Valencia and Eden to an armory in the corner of the training area. There is no time to move to a place with beds. Besides, they know that no one will be coming at this time of the day.

 Now, in the square stone space with only a light, crates of weapons and armor are lined up to fill the walls.

 With the warehouse doors closed, this would be enough to keep the outside world from not knowing what is going on inside.

 As Alexis sits down on the nearest crate, he says, “—Well.”

 ”So, what are you going to do? You guys”

 He looks at Valencia and Eden alternately.

 Eden is the first to make a move, not Valencia, who was the first to offer.

 She first props the spear on her back against the wall, removes her armor, including gauntlets and gorgets, and places them on the floor. The stone floor makes a cold clattering sound when it meets the metal.

 Contrary to this, however, Eden’s skin is noticeably moistened while gradually exposed. She must feel ashamed to challenge such an act in public. No matter how drowsy she looks.

 She wears only a one-piece dress with a slit close to her bare skin, and her body line is clearly exposed. Her well-defined and well-shaped hips, waist, and full breasts that seem to suck on the dress sway slightly as she steps closer.

 Seeing Eden rubbing against Alexis in her vulnerable attire, Valencia also decides to take off her armor. She, too, puts down her sword, removes her gauntlets, and removes the medium armor she is wearing from her upper body to her thighs.

 As she removes her armor, her breasts, which are a size or two larger than Eden’s and can be seen through her clothes, begin to spill out and assert themselves.

 In general, a knight in full armor would choose a close-fitting outfit to avoid getting in the way. But Valencia is wearing a tight turtleneck shirt and a girlish mini pleated skirt. It’s a combination.

 The thighs extending out from the skirt show the fresh and plump flesh characteristic of a young girl who is still immature but has almost completed her growth as a woman.

 Her soft skin is covered by knee-high socks over her toes, which are covered by leg armors. This creates a whole area between the skirt and the body.

 Now, Eden is leaning on Alexis’ left arm, pressing her breast against it, whispering to him, “Master.”

 Valencia, too, presses her breast on the opposite arm and says, “Alexis-sama,” flushed and tense.

 Both breasts are different in size, shape, and texture. However, they are all different and all good.

 Alexis spreads his arms to the left and right, holding Eden’s breast in his left hand and Valencia’s in his right hand.

 But it was soon not enough, and Alexis asked them to take off their clothes.

 They each nodded and, without hesitation, took off their clothes. Even their only protection was removed, leaving them genuinely defenseless this time.

 Even so, when Eden and Valencia were still naked, they leaned against Alexis from both sides pressing their bare skin against him.

 Their eyes are aroused, and they call Alexis’ name differently.

 Both are willing to let Alexis have his way.

 And both of them are cute and sweet.

 ”All right, I’ll love both of you”

 With a satisfied feeling, Alexis hugged them again around their shoulders.

 He reached out his hand to their bare skin, flushed with shame, and squeezed their breasts lightly, and each responded with a slight twitch.

 Eden’s breast was firm and elastic, while Valencia’s breast was soft and soft enough for its size to push back his finger.

 He fondled and squeezed each breast with his left and right hands, enjoying the softness of each breast, and then he reached for the pointed nipples.

 He pinches them with his fingertips, which are harder than the surrounding ones, and rubs them in a caressing way.

 Gradually the breathing from both sides becomes more and more turbulent, and Valencia is the first to let out an “Mmm” sound.

 ”Mmm, haaah, haah— A-Alexis-samaaaaa—!”

 With a gasp, Valencia declared with a bright red face that she had fallen in.

 Contrary to her voice, she presses her body against Alexis as if begging him.

 ”Mmm, ahhh—That’s it… Mmm, mmm, I really like it when Alexis-sama touches me…”

 Alexis can’t help but smirk and whisper to Valencia, who looks at him with a debauched look in her eyes.

 ”You know what? Eden is here too. And yet you are shamelessly moaning. I’m afraid you’re a real slut”

 Then Valencia’s cheeks flushed as if her sense of shame was stirred up, and she mixed upset voice into her panting voice, saying, “Hwahh.”

 ”E-Even though… Mmm, mm! Even though you said that my body just…!”

 Valencia tries to choke out the sound of her voice, but instead, her body starts to jerk wildly. Alexis is grinning with satisfaction at the sight of her.

 Meanwhile, as Alexis playing with Valencia, Eden moves closer to him and reaches her hand toward Alexis’ lower body.

 She stroked Alexis’ p*nis through his pants, and his cock, already beginning to grow in length, jumped up.

 When Alexis turned his eyes toward Eden, Eden dexterously loosened Alexis’ belt with one hand and took out his p*nis. Then she began to handle Alexis’ p*nis with the palm of her hand, which was surprisingly slender.

 She slid her palm on the slightly moistened Cowper’s fluid on the glans and moved her hand up and down from the back muscle to the ball sack as if stroking the glans.

 Due to the moderate pressure and stimulation, Alexis let out an involuntary gasp.

 The Cowper’s fluid was oozing out of him, and he wanted to lengthen the length of his cock.

 ”Heh… You’re surprisingly good at this, aren’t you?”

 Alexis says to Eden, and Eden nods a little, then crouches between Alexis’ legs. She handled Alexis’ cock with both hands, opened her mouth, and swallowed it down her throat.

 Eden makes a muffled “Mmm, mmm,” and shakes her head back and forth, stimulating Alexis’ cock. Her hands also started to gently touch Alexis’ ball sack.

 As the stimulation rushes up his lower body, Alexis gasps for air. But he still strokes Eden’s head, which is serving him hard.

 ”This… this is good. I might even let you take it in your mouth like this”

 Eden nodded her head and continued to serve him.

 The way she takes it deep into her throat must be painful, but Eden’s eyes are wet with arousal as she looks down at the p*nis. She must not be averse to this act.

 However, the next thing Alexis knows, Valencia gives him a grilled look.

 ”Alexis-sama, are you going to put it in Eden’s mouth? I want you to give it to me too…”

 Valencia’s voice and eyes were greedy, leaning toward Alexis.

 In Valencia’s mind, the competition has almost completely disappeared. She now acts like a female who simply wants Alexis’ cum.

 ”All right,” Alexis says as if he were treating an animal or a pet.

 ”Where do you want me to put you?”

 And Valencia, perhaps thinking that her wish will be granted, murmurs a small “Ah,” and then whispers, “My body.”

 ”My body… from my head down, I want you to dirty me, I want you to dirty me all over with Alexis-sama’s white…”

 ”Heh? Dirtying all over your body?”

 Alexis laughed, but Valencia nodded broadly.

 ”Yes, that’s what I want. I want to be covered in Alexis-sama’s semen and smell it all over my body…”

 ”That’s a very slut-like desire”

 Alexis can’t help but smile and points to the floor as Valencia bows down to him.

 Valencia’s eyes were wet with excitement as she replied, “Yes,” and she got down on all fours on the stone floor. As he puts his foot on her back, Alexis feels an indescribable sense of conquest.

 Valencia is not weak.

 If she wanted to, she could easily leap off Alexis’ legs and, under the circumstances, even put her sword to his neck.

 But Valencia does not. She crawls willingly and becomes a slut herself.

 Even now, when Alexis’ foot is on her, she shakes with a shudder, which must turn the thrill into a pleasure. Her mouth is slackened by the joy she can’t hide.

 Now, these two knights, who are as good as any men, are on their knees, one on Alexis’ lap, sucking his cock, the other in ecstasy from being trampled.

 Alexis feels a sense of conquest filling his chest and lust rising in the lower half of his body.

 And satisfied with the situation and the sight, Alexis looks at them and murmurs, “Okay.”

 ”—I’ve decided. Eden, get my thing out of your mouth”

 Alexis said, and Eden stopped sucking and pulled his p*nis out of her mouth.

 He then stretches his dick, turns it around, and releases the semen, which had been aroused for a few moments.

 Immediately, a spray of white spunk splashes onto the two knights who are kneeling down.

 Eden looks a little surprised, but at the same time, she seems to accept the situation, as if she thought it was all right.

 On the other hand, Valencia, who had been hoping for it from the beginning, gets soiled with a fascinated look on her face.

 ”Alexis-sama, it’s a pleasure. Thank you very much…”

 Valencia said, and as she extended her tongue, she seemed to swallow it, accepting the white mess in her mouth as well. The sensation of being soiled in this way must have been pleasant for her. After all, Valencia’s body was shaking as if she had reached a light orgasm.

 ”…Mmm, haah, haah… I really feel like a semen toilet…”

 Valencia murmurs with a melancholy expression and seems to have completely accepted that she has become a semen toilet.

 Meanwhile, Eden kissed Alexis’ p*nis after the completion of ejaculation.

 She looked Alexis up and down. Then, without saying anything, she cleaned up Alexis’ satisfied p*nis by licking off the last drop of his p*nis with her mouth.

 She seemed to have swallowed the little white residue in the urethra by moving her throat up and down.

 After a short pause, Eden knelt down between Alexis’ legs and turned her eyes toward Alexis again as if to inquire about his condition.

 ”…How is it?” Eden asks for the result in a quiet voice.

 ”Uh… yeah, well…”

 Alexis looks up at the ceiling for a moment, lost in the afterglow of his ejaculation and the feeling of satisfaction.

 Then, after recovering himself, he turns his eyes toward Eden and Valencia.

 Eden is between Alexis’ legs, waiting for an answer.

 However, Valencia still has not returned from the world because of the wet and muddy water. She is in a state of abandonment, her body trembling and shaking, with a debauched look on her face.

 (I forgot the match in the second half of the time…)

 Alexis swallowed this thought.

 After thinking for a while, he tells Eden his answer.

 ”I’m taking Valencia this time”

 Eden seemed to be surprised and interjected, “What?” Then, she seemed to shut her mouth in a hurry, as if she thought it was a bad idea.

 ”Hmm? What do you want to say?”

 When Alexis urged her to speak, Eden finally opened her mouth.

 ”…I made Master feel good, so I thought it was me…”

 ”I see,” Alexis thinks that Eden’s disapproval is understandable.

 ”Sure, you’re right. But you know what, Eden? You were focused on making me feel good, and you didn’t forget about the game until the very end”

 At Alexis’ point, Eden turns serious and nods her head.

 ”Valencia…well, she’s a simpleton and a fool from the beginning. She dropped out of the match halfway through and became obsessed with giving in to me


 Eden glances at Valencia.

 Valencia seems to be regaining consciousness. Her body is still wet with a white mist, slowly turning red, and nodding her head. She is depressed because she realizes that she has forgotten the game.

 Watching Valencia, as well as Eden, Alexis thought to himself, “What a lazy.”

 ”Well, she’s supposed to be a knight with the princess—but that’s okay. Anyway. Who do you think is really paying more attention to me, you or Valencia?”


 Eden was speechless.

 She felt as if her own loyalty was being tested.

 Perhaps sensing Eden’s depression, Alexis put his hand on her head and said.

 ”Well, I do not doubt your loyalty. That’s the truth. That said,…for what it’s worth, I’ve known Valencia longer and have trained her better than you have”

 Eden nodded her head.

 This time she looked as if she had come to an agreement.


 Eden calls to Alexis, who is about to stand up, and Alexis stops moving and asks, “Yes?”.

 Eden looked serious, but her eyes drifted shyly.

 ”…About me. I want you to train me a lot from now on”

 Because she spoke in this way, Alexis felt somewhat embarrassed.

 ”…Well, okay. I’ll do that”

 Alexis stroked Eden’s head again. His hand got some of the semen still wet on Eden’s hair, but he figured it didn’t matter since they were going to the bathhouse.

 ”After all, I’m going to have to make you my own anyway”

 Eden smiled a ticklish little smile and nodded her head at this word.

 ”—Okay. Let’s go to the bathroom. And then… hurry up, Valencia? You’re taking up a lot of my time, aren’t you?”

 Valencia, still sitting down, was startled when Alexis asked her to speak.

 ”Uh…okay, Alexis-sama! Uh…but I didn’t mean to do this at first…?”

 Alexis responds to Valencia’s unfaithful insistence, “I know.”

 ”Well, 60%… it was Fransisca, wasn’t it?”

 ”Yes, yes—No! I don’t think it’s Her Highness’s fault”

 Valencia straightens her back nervously, but her voice is a little off. She definitely agrees with Alexis.

 ”No… I will punish her later…”

 Alexis mutters, and Valencia shuts her mouth when she is about to say, “That’s…,” but then she stops talking.

 After thinking for a while, she replied, “…Please be gentle”. But at any rate, Valencia knows that Fransisca likes to be blamed by Alexis.

 Nevertheless, after putting some light clothes on their soiled bodies, the three went to the bathhouse.

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