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Chapter 70 [Futanari] Verbal Abuse in Restraints (Sexual Intercourse Not Attempted)

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ※This story contains a strong theme of TS (Transs*xual Fiction)

 If this is not your cup of tea, please skip this story

 Despite his reluctance, Sara’s oral technique is certainly pleasurable

 Therefore, Alexis’s cock is getting better and better as he was being sucked by Sara

 But Fransisca could not stand by and watch

 ”S-Sara! What are you doing!? It’s my job to make Alexis-sama feel good. I forgave Fatima, but… It’s not fair if only Sara… me too… Even me…”

 Fransisca looks at Sara and Alexis alternately in frustration

 Alexis is annoyed by this

 ”…That said, as you can see, I’m just getting beaten up on my own, aren’t I?”

 Then Sara, who had been sucking Alexis’ crotch with a sucking sound until just now, pulled her mouth away with a “Puha”

 ”Then why don’t you do it with me, Her Highness? You see, Alex-kun can stretch his manhood. With this manhood, it will be easier for us to serve him.”

 At Sara’s suggestion, Fransisca’s eyes turned towards Alexis with a questioning look

 After a sigh, Alexis reached out her hand and said,”Here you go”


 Fransisca is embarrassed, but her mouth breaks into a smile when she is allowed to do so

 Seeing this expression on her face made Alexis feel superior

 ”You want to serve me so badly?”

 ”Mmm… yes.”

 Alexis looks down at Fransisca, who kneels at his feet with a small nod and a blush on her cheeks

 ”You’re still a pervert, aren’t you?”

 Fransisca thinks for a moment and then says

 ”…I-I’m not a pervert after all. It’s not like that… I just love Alexis-sama and Alexis-sama’s p*nis very much…?”

 Saying this, she puts her hands on the pole of Alexis’s p*nis, and then she puts it between her lips

 ”Mmm… fufu. Alexis-sama taste…”

 With her mouth covered with his p*nis, Fransisca tastes Alexis with her eyes squinted in a good mood

 Meanwhile, Fatima looks at them fidgeting as they work on Alexis’ cock, but then she quickly looks away when she realizes that Alexis is looking at her

 ”What about you?”

 Fatima sighs and says,”I…I don’t care.”

 ”I-I’m just standing here… and I don’t envy it…”

 She tries to make it sound as if she is concerned not only for the two who have already serving, but also for Lorena, who remains bound on the bed

 Alexis notices this and calls Fatima to come closer

 Fatima nodded and did as she was told, walking closer to Alexis

 Then Alexis pulled Fatima’s waist tightly and loosened the ribbon of her maid’s dress, unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and took out two breasts

 ”Ah, no, Lorena’s eyes…”

 Fatima turned bright red and let out an upset voice, but Alexis asks,”You’re going to make me feel good, aren’t you?”

 Her gaze then drifts up to him

 ”Well, that’s… It’s not that I don’t want to… but… but… it has nothing to do with showing my breasts…”

 ”It’s got a lot to do with it. It’s just that having a big breast to rub while you suck my cock makes it even better.”

 ”I-If you say so, Alex…”

 Fatima says and starts to lean back against Alexis’ body

 When Alexis buries her palm in Fatima’s breast, Fatima lets out a small moan

 Lorena can only watch as Alexis is surrounded by the three women

 (Damn you, Sara! You did this to me…!)

 (Oh… H-Her Highness shouldn’t have been in such an unclean place…)

 (Did that stiff Fatima make that kind of noise…?!)

 There are many things on her mind, but this is what Lorena thinks the most

 (Alex! What the hell is going on with his dick?)

 No wonder her own crotch, of which she had no lack of confidence, was being undermined

 Alexis’s body was just like a deformity. The women are not afraid or disgusted at the sight of his demon-like crotch, but are willing to kiss it

 At the sight of this incendiary but bizarre scene, Lorena involuntarily gulps

 (Oh… A-Am I going to be penetrated by that thing…?)

 A thick fluid starts to flow out of Lorena’s vagina

 With her heart pounding in her chest, she felt a strange sensation that she had never felt before

 The tingling in the lower half of her body, deep inside her lower abdomen, made her shiver and tremble

 (I, “I”, I’m going connected with Alex’s….) (Note: from ore to watashi)

 Lorena almost thought of that, and then she came back to herself

 (What am I doing? What, what the hell! What the hell was I thinking just now? Was it me earlierrrrr?!)

 Lorena was shaking her head

 ”No! I don’t admit it! I envy him! I envy Alex being served by Her Highness! Not that I envy that I can’t serve Alex!”

 She denied it so forcefully that she couldn’t help but let out her voice

 The next moment, all the women looked at her as if they despised her

 ”Ugh… Lorena, are you thinking like that?” Sara says

 ”…You’re filthy.”

 Fatima blurted out, followed by Fransisca

 ”Don’t say such disgusting things, please.”

 Lorena’s heart was heavy and she couldn’t stand the thrill of it

 To begin with, she was not immune to this kind of scenery. Besides, she usually leads an ascetic life

 (No! No, not like that… but still…)

 Lorena’s hips tremble

 ”Ah, ah, ah…!”

 She tried to suppress her voice, but it was the first time she had ever been unable to do so

 The voice she made was definitely that of a woman in love

 She felt an ejaculation as her cock pulsed loudly, and then she spurted it out with a great force. It was a clear liquid, not a clouded white one

 ”Hauuu, stop, stop it… But it can’t be stopped… Uwaaa, even though I’m a man, I’m a woman, my hands and feet are tied, and I’m being abused… I’m in such a miserable situation… ah, ah… No… I’m supposed to come, but it’s in the pit of my stomach…”

 Maybe she had lost her mind, or maybe she felt sympathy for the girl who was wriggling her hips as far as she could move

 Fransisca stood up and walked toward Lorena

 ”…You’ve really turned into a girl. Are you feeling a tingle in the pit of your stomach? Your womb is tingling, isn’t it?”

 ”My womb…?”

 Fransisca nods her head in response to her mumbling

 ”Right now your body is aching for a man’s to come inside you. It’s a feeling that only girls have. It’s very painful, I know.”

 Fransisca puts her hand gently on Lorena’s flat soft lower belly and looks back at Alexis

 ”…Alexis-sama, can you insert it?”

 Fransisca even asked her to do so

 ”What?! No, no way! I don’t want it…”

 When Alexis glanced at Lorena’s face, he saw that she was moving her chest up and down with a pouty expression and tears streaming down her cheeks

 Her waist-length ash gray hair is completely disheveled, and her large eyes, framed by long eyelashes, are moist

 Despite the situation, Lorena seems to have gathered what little reason she has left, and with a small groan, she speaks,”No, don’t…”

 ”I’m not a woman… I-I’m not a womannnn…!”

 Sara’s eyes flashed at the sight of Lorena, and she stopped serving Alexis to run toward Lorena

 ”Is it affecting your psyche? I knew that ancient mage’s artifacts are amazing. It doesn’t matter how inferior the artifact is, it still has this effect.”

 ”Eh, it can’t be affected…!”

 When Lorena tries to talk back, Sara interrupts her and says

 ”Hey, your first goal was to serve Alex-kun, wasn’t it? You don’t want Her Highness to do that kind of thing, right? Well, I think it’s a bit stupid, but, then, it’s a good thing that you think this is a good thing, isn’t it? Don’t worry. Alex-kun is very good at it, especially with a girl like you who likes to be bullied.”

 Hearing Sara’s smiling words, Alexis interrupts her in a hurry

 ”Hey, don’t be so selfish… what do you mean, ‘I’m good at a girl who likes to be bullied’?”

 ”It’s not the same, is it? Even you’re pushing me to the bottom. I really prefer to make you feel good, you know? Well, I’ve been doing research for most of my life, so there haven’t been that many of them – but Alex-kun is the only one who can make me feel so good by forcibly making me feel good, right?”

 ”Mmm…”, Alexis groans

 It’s true that Lorena is a woman for all intents and purposes. She looks more and more like one now. Except for one thing: a stiffly protruding, apparently non-functional groin that does not seem to be capable of producing semen

 Alexis ponders for a while, but then, a voice says,”…What are you going to do?”

 It was Fatima, who was still holding him close at the waist

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