Avalon 69

Chapter 69 [Futanari] All Together in the Examination Room, Less Erotic

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 ※This story contains a strong theme of TS (Transs*xual Fiction).

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 Alexis followed Fransisca and Lorena to Sara and found Fatima in the examination room with Sara.

 ”Oh… Her Highness”, Fatima immediately bowed her head to Fransisca and then immediately noticed the girl next to Fransisca.

 ”And… eh? No, no way… Lorenzo?!”

 Fatima seems to have recognized the girl as soon as Fransisca did.

 ”Ah, that’s right.”

 Lorena affirms with a shrug of her shoulders, and Fatima panics, “What the is going on?!”.

 Meanwhile, Alexis wonders how they can classify this girl as Lorenzo.

 Despite Alexis, Lorena quickly explained to Sara and Fatima what had happened and her new name, saying,

 ”…Actually, I’m screwed up as usual?”

 After listening to the explanation, Sara smiled.

 ”Don’t… don’t use funny expressions!”

 Lorena retorted, but Sara was as smiling as ever.

 ”You keep bringing up problems one after another. Are you an idiot? Can I have a little more vacation time?”

 Sara seems to be angry.

 ”Calm down, why don’t you try to think positive?”

 Alexis suggested half-heartedly.

 ”Isn’t it a rare subject to have a woman’s body but only her crotch is a man’s? Isn’t this the kind of strange person you’ve always been looking for?”

 ”Hey… Alex-kun, you want me to study other people’s male genitalia?!”

 ”Hey… Alex want me to be a guinea pig?!”

 They shouted in unison, each claiming different things.

 ”Well, but Fransisca brought Lorena here to be examined, didn’t she?”

 Fransisca was upset when Alexis asked her about it, but she answered,”…that was my intention”.

 ”But I didn’t mean to use you as a guinea pig or for research or anything like that… I just wondered if there was a way to cure you…”

 Fransisca is as undignified as ever.

 ”And that’s it. So please check her out,” Alexis pats Sara’s shoulder.


 Sara looked at Alexis as if she wanted to say something, but then let out a sigh,”…I guess it can’t be helped”.

 ”As a doctor, I can’t be too choosy just because the other person is an ex-Lorenzo kun…”

 ”Just because it’s me?!”

 Sara smiles at Alexis while passing over Lorena’s astonishment.

 ”But since you’re going to make me go through all this trouble, Alex, you’re going to have to go along with me too, right?”


 ”Because, you’re the one who started this, right?”

 ”No, it was Fransisca…”

 ”Can you please not put the responsibility on me?”

 Fransisca replied with a straight face, which made it look like Alexis was the one who started it.

 ”Damn. You want me to look at this guy’s crotch…! Hey Fransisca, you should join too.”

 ”What? Me too?”

 ”Of course! I’m not going let you go!”

 ”If Her Highness staying, I’m staying too.”

 Fatima also came forward, so it was decided that Sara, Alexis, Fransisca, and Fatima would all check out Lorena’s crotch.

 ”This is the worst pattern! I don’t like it, I don’t like it! I’d rather be Alex’s mistress than be publicly executed!”

 ”If you said that, I’ll be in hell ten thousand times more!”

 Alexis said back, restraining Lorena’s thin and flailing body, and laid her down on the bed.

 Alexis was surprised that Lorena’s body was so light because of her small size, and he was able to hold her down so easily.

 Her hands and legs were too thin to hold him, and her brown eyes glaring at him were too bright to look like a man’s. But he did notice her agitation.

 But while trying not to let others know Lorena was upset, the other three people had split up and tied Lorena’s arms and legs to the bed’s limbs with ropes, so Alexis had moved back on top of her.

 Lorena was thus unable to move at all.

 Just then, Sara pulled out a knife in front of Lorena.

 ”Hey, what are you doing!”

 Lorena tried to resist, but all she could do was to flail her arms and legs.

 ”I thought it would be a good idea to check your whole body…”

 Saying this, Sara starts to cut Lorena’s clothes with a knife.

 ”Don’t worry, these clothes are supplied, right? Besides, they’re too worn out to wear properly anyway, Alex will get you a replacement later.”

 With this remark, Sara snips off some of Lorena’s clothes and pulls them off her body.

 ”That’s not the point! Please don’t look at me!”

 Lorena’s eyes are already teary.

 She looks like a girl about to cry.

 But Alexis is immersed in a delicate feeling when Lorena finally reveals her whole self.

 ”Ugh. Sara, remember this!”

 Lorena’s body was really slender as she exclaimed.

 She looked to be in her mid-teens. She had a small but healthy and toned body with large breasts. Her waist was narrow and her buttocks were well-defined.

 She looks like a girl. However, between her legs, a phallic figure is firmly asserting its presence between her ash-gray pubic hairs.


 Alexis couldn’t help but click her tongue.

 It was because Lorena’s crotch, though now deflated, was more magnificent than the one Alexis had originally possessed.

 However, Fransisca and Fatima, who were standing next to Alexis, had a completely different impression.

 ”Wow… It’s kind of a lot smaller than what I know.”

 ”…Yes. And it seem to be quite short.”

 These two people knew only one tentacle-like object, and that was Alexis’ tentacle.

 They were shocked by what they just saw. Still, they continue their conversation without noticing Lorena’s shock.

 ”…Is it the effect of feminization? It seems to have lost a lot of energy…”

 ”Yes, it’s like that. It doesn’t seem to be moving. It’s as if it’s dead.”

 In contrast to the seriousness of the two, Lorena looks as if she is about to cry and trembles.

 ”Hey… Hey… hey.”

 Alexis was starting to feel sorry for her and opened his mouth.

 Well, it wasn’t her fault. Nothing was supposed to be wrong. Including her crotch.

 ”Hey, that’s a bit much, don’t you think? Maybe you should be a little more subtle…”

 To save his own skin, he did not tell her that his crotch was the strange one.

 ”But, Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca insisted with tears in her eyes.

 ”I didn’t expect to be shown such a creepy thing! I thought everyone had something as magnificent as Alexis, but with lovely movements…”


 Fatima’s seemed to choose silence for air, but affirmed Fransisca with a small nod after a drifting glance.

 ”You guys…”

 Alexis looked at Sara to see what was going on, but she was shaking and trying not to laugh.

 He then looked back at Lorena, wondering what was wrong with these guys, and saw that her mane was firmly erect.

 ”You, you’re getting abused from all directions, yet you’re still standing up!”

 Alexis pointed out, but Lorena said with tears streaming down her face, “Shut up!”.

 ”I don’t have a choice! I, I’ve never had Her Highness speak to me so harshly before!”

 ”Are you a masochist!!”

 Alexis quickly hid Fransisca behind his back. He felt it was better to do so for the time being.

 Sara, however, seemed to have been calmly observing the situation.

 ”Well, skin, body shape, vocal cords, bone thickness, flesh… all of them are female. And I noticed something else… May I have a word with you, Lorena-chan?

 ”Can you stop calling me ‘chan’ like it’s a matter of course…?”

 Sara, as usual, ignored Lorena’s words and touched the underside of her manhood.

 Because it was too sudden, Lorena felt a creepy sensation and let out an unintentional “hyah”.

 The women around her gave her cold looks, which made Lorena’s crotch stand out even more.

 ”Haah, haah, I’m in trouble. I’m about to open an unknown door…”

 ”Yeah, I guess so…”

 Alexis looks away.

 He doesn’t want to watch any more. He doesn’t want to see a man get excited. No, he doesn’t want to see it even more because she looks like a woman except for her tone of voice and the product between her legs.

 Besides, nobody calls her Lorenzo now. Alexis was slightly resentful of Fransisca who had been the first to give her the name, because he was afraid that he would forget that she was formerly Lorenzo.

 Sara, however, opened Lorena’s crotch with her hands and said half excitedly, “Look, look, Alex-kun!”.

 This reaction suggests that she has found something unusual.

 Alexis had no choice but to walk up to her, and Sara leaned over to show Alexis Lorena’s crotch.

 What she found was not a magnificent testicle… but a vagina-like part. It seemed to be in the shape of a piece rising up from the clitoris, and a vagina-like hole could be seen between the moist and wet folds.

 ”…Hey Lorena. You look like you’re not even a man anymore…”

 Alexis growls in a whisper, and Lorena responds, “What?!”.

 ”What the hell is going on? What did you see…no, what are you looking at?”

 Despite the fact that she had been stirring her loins at the verbal abuse of the women, Lorena was really uncomfortable with Alexis.

 Sara answered her.

 ”It’s like you don’t have a pouch, but you have a vagina instead. In other words, it’s half male and half female. In other words, it’s what’s known as a ‘Futanari’. But I’m wondering if it’s really a vagina, so let me check it out, okay?”

 Sara quickly went to the cabinet where the tools were kept and took out a metal beak-like object with a handle and a screw attached, which she thrust into Lorena’s secret place without any hesitation.

 Then Lorena uttered a cry.

 ”Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch! What are you doing, Sara!”

 Lorena faints with tears in her eyes, but Sara takes one of her dribbling pre-cum and says, “You like it like this, don’t you?”. Sara then continued.

 ”What are you doing with that?”

 Alexis was curious, and Sara looked at Lorena’s vagina and answered.

 ”Hmm, I’m looking inside. Haven’t you heard of Vaginal Speculum? …Oh, and this is probably a real vagina. Well, Alex-kun, could you put your crotch inside her for a test?”


 Alexis asks back in a panic, since the question is so natural.

 Lorena, on the other hand, is shaking her head.

 ”Noooo! Oh, God! Help me! God, help me! …I mean, what did I do? I don’t want to lose my virginity while I’m still a virgin… of course I don’t want that!”

 ”…She’s saying this and it’s true that she looks prettier, but I can’t help but think that she’s an ex-Lorenzo…”

 Alexis said with a half-recrimination. But then, Sara put her hand on Alexis’s pants after saying, “I don’t have a choice.”

 She pulled down his pants and got up on her knees, and Sara kissed Alexis’ crotch.

 ”I’ll make you feel better, but could you do me a favor for me?”

 Sara said and took Alexis’s little piece in her mouth.

 It seems that her curiosity has been completely turned on.

 (She’s going to make me and Lorena do that….!)

 Alexis was shivering with conviction.

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