Avalon 68

Chapter 68

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 It was late afternoon – and no wonder Alexis froze when he saw a person.

 That person is a girl with a sullen look on her face.

 She had two moderately large breasts on a thin and toned body with a healthy tan. Her size ratio is probably less than Fatima’s and more than Fransisca’s. She had brown, full eyes.

 She has long brown eyes framed by long eyelashes and well-defined nose.

 She is small and looks around 15 years old, and would be liked by men, although she is somewhat young. Unfortunately, the clothes she wears are apparently men’s clothes and do not fit her. Not only that, her ash-gray hair, which has a tendency to bounce up in places, grows down to her waist in a haphazard manner. Alexis’s first impression was of a pretty but careless girl.

 When Alexis tried to open his mouth, Fransisca, who was standing next to him, looked surprised and pointed at the girl, who was apparently an outsider.


 ”What?” Alexis sounded doubtful because he wondered what the hell she was talking about. He thought she was talking about something else.

 Alexis was not aware of this, but Fransisca ran toward the girl and asked her, “What’s wrong with you?!”.

 ”Ah, umm. That’s…”

 Her voice was a girlish soprano with a hint of liveliness.

 The girl ruffled her hair in a rough gesture. Then a curly horn peeked out from between the messy strands of hair.

 ”What? Are you really Lorenzo?!”

 Alexis exclaimed in astonishment.

 ”Isn’t that what he looks like!”

 Fransisca insisted, but Alexis could not agree.

 ”He doesn’t look that way from any point of view!”

 ”Why not? Even though he has a different gender, look at his eyes and nose. I don’t know what to make of them…”

 ”No, no, no, no, no way…”

 Alexis rushed toward Lorenzo.

 He started to look at Lorenzo’s face.

 ”Well… it’s true, if you ask me, they do look alike… I wonder if the difference in size, figure, and gender can make such a difference…. But then, what’s with the hair? If Lorenzo is a skinhead, shouldn’t he be a skinhead after his gender change?”

 ”As for that, it seems that the density of hair and body hair have been switched.”

 The girl Lorenzo explains with a straight face.

 ”I see. …how much hair did you used to have?”

 ”As much as anyone else.”

 ”Is a human like you!?”

 Lorenzo then said, “So, are you convinced I’m Lorenzo?” and Alexis nod his head.

 ”Well, your horns are the best proof… No, wait, wait! This is not the time to be convinced! How did this happen? There’s no Avalon’s Spring here.”

 Alexis noticed the most important part.

 ”I’m glad you’re listening, Alex! This is a very hard thing to say…”

 Lorenzo leaned forward and explained the situation to Alexis.

* * *

 ”No, no, no!”

 That was Alexis’ first words after hearing the whole story.

 ”I don’t care how much of a woman you become, I don’t want to be with a former man!”

 ”I don’t want to be with a man either!”

 Lorenzo retorted, and Alexis then said, “Then why did you lose your mind!”.

 ”What choice do I have? I’m only thinking that if I become a woman, I’ll be a woman… No, wait a minute. I’d like to talk to you about it.”

 Alexis was prepared as Lorenzo’s face suddenly turned serious.

 ”Wh-What is it?”

 ”You know…”


 ”I’m not a womann!!”

 ――Lorenzo, a girl, shouted.

 ”W-What do you mean?”

 Fransisca, who had been listening to their conversation in amazement, asked.

 ”Well, look at this. Ah, Her Highness better refrain from see it!”

 Lorenzo nailed her, and while Fransisca’s eyes were blinking, Alexis was beckoned by Lorenzo who pulled his trousers open.

 Apparently, he wants him to peek into his pant.

 (I don’t have a taste for looking at a man’s thing…)

 No, maybe Alexis can’t describe it as a man’s.

 After all, the girl in front of him is a seemingly pretty girl whom he would not recognize as Lorenzo if he was not told.

 She has a very nice pair of breasts. Such a girl pulls up her trousers without even a blush on her cheeks and gestures to him to peek at her.

 ”Is it okay?” Alexis hesitates.

 No, but this is Lorenzo. Look at the horns on his head. Lorenzo is the only one who has such a strange thing in the fort. That’s why he’s Lorenzo, Lorenzo.

 But, Alexis finally looks down into the pants.

 ”…It’s there”

 Lorenzo responds, “Yeah, it’s there,” in a voice that leaks out involuntarily.

 ”It’s there? What do you mean?”

 Fransisca’s eyes twinkled with concern.

 There’s a hint of purity in this girl’s eyes. Alexis laughs at the thought.

 ”Don’t worry about it, Fransisca. Don’t mind it… anyway, I understand what’s going on. So you’re saying you’ve become a man who looks like a woman?”

 ”That’s right. I am now a lonely being who can neither be a man nor a woman…”

 Lorenzo lets out a sigh of despair.

 If Lorenzo’s existence is lonely, does that mean that his crotch is also lonely? Alexis suddenly realized that he was about to fall down with Lorenzo.

 ”Lorenzo, how can you be so reckless? That’s what happens when you use bad artifacts.”

 Fransisca, the only one who has not suffered any damage, spoke with a serious look on her face.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry.”

 Lorenzo shrugs his shoulders, while Alexis, who is not a stranger to the situation, asks seriously, “A bad artifact?”.

 Fransisca nods “yes” and explains.

 ”Most of the things in the world are not like the monitored artifacts in the Sagrado Kingdom. After all, the ancient mages are very different from one another… Among the many artifacts they have created, there are often those with effects as dubious as the medicines Sara rarely produces.”

 ”But the merchant said it was an artifact of a famous ancient mage… and it was expensive…”

 ”Even if the merchant who sold it to you wasn’t lying, there have been many imitations of artifacts of famous mages since the time of ancient civilizations. There is no way that a mere merchant can tell which ones are real and which ones are fake.”

 Listening to Fransisca’s story, Alexis realized that there was a possibility that his artifact was also a fake.

 And then, he shouted in his mind, “Damn. Why didn’t I befriend the royalty of Sagrado until now!!”, and he was now feeling regretful.

 If they knew so much about artifacts, he could have benefited a lot from their friendship, and he wouldn’t have had to make such a mistake as he did now.

 (That’s absurd, isn’t it? I mean, who in the world could have gotten through Princess-maiden’s iron-clad guards back then…)

 While Alexis was thinking about this, a conversation was going on between Fransisca and Lorenzo.

 ”Anyway, why don’t we give you a new name first? You’ve just become a girl. If you keep the name Lorenzo, it will ruin all your prettiness.”

 With a smile, Fransisca puts her hands together in the air and makes the suggestion.

 ”No, I think we should talk to Sara first or something.”

 Alexis muttered unintentionally, and Lorenzo said, “Hmm… a name,” nodding with a serious expression on his face.

 ”If Her Highness gives me a name, I’ll be happy to take any name she wants!”

 With Lorenzo’s enthusiasm, Alexis decided to wait for Fransisca’s naming.

* * *

 A few minutes later.

 ”I have decided! How about Lorena? It’s girlish and easy to remember because it’s close to your original name.”

 ”It’s a little too feminine, don’t you think?” Lorena, aka Lorenzo, faltered.

 ”Don’t worry! Lorena is pretty enough!”

 Fransisca is already feeling like Lorenzo, no, Lorena is a girl.

 At any rate, since they still seem to have decided on a new name, Alexis suggests again that they go to Sara for advice. But when he tried to speak…

 ”Well, certainly that name would be better. But if we had the cup of dispel, it would be easy to erase the influence of magic… but the whole country is in Avalon now”

 ”Hmm, that’s true…”

 ”Shall we go?”

 The two people leave the command center without him.

 ”…No, wait a minute!”

 Alexis quickly pulled Fransisca’s hand to hold her back.

 It was so sudden that Fransisca asked, “What’s wrong?” with her cheeks flushed.

 ”You just said something very important now! The cup of dispel? Is there such a useful item?”

 ”Eh? Well, yes, but… what about it?”

 Fransisca is puzzled. She didn’t know that Alexis’ crotch was a mutation.

 But Alexis didn’t care.

 ”If the Avalon is eliminated, the cup should appear on the surface. Ohhhh! I’ve got to do this! “

 Alexis was unusually motivated.


 Fransisca’s eyes twinkled with wonder.

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