Avalon 67

Chapter 67

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 Recently, the relationship between the new captain and the Sagrado people has been the talk of the town in Fort Rohka.

 This is not surprising since several witnesses emerged during this one-week break.

 No, the relationship between the Princess-maiden Fransisca and Alexis had always been suspected, but now it had become a certainty among the soldiers.

 ”That’s probably the prince’s intention to have the Princess-maiden as his wife”

 ”Not only the Princess-maiden, right? I heard that the big-breasted maid over there is planning to do the same.”

 ”Well, they’re both beautiful women. I’m sure that’s the price for helping them conquer the dungeon.”

 ”I wouldn’t blame them if they did. In fact, the dungeon attack progressed rapidly after the prince arrived.”

 ”Well… in the beginning, that princess wasn’t much of a leader…”

 ”But still…”

 ””I’m jealous…!””

 The soldiers who were chatting in the mess hall let out a sigh in unison after saying this in unison.

 ”Besides, I’m even more jealous that the guy I thought was a dull recruit is… er, the guy I thought was a dull recruit is that guy!”

 Someone raises a fist in the air and makes a strong statement, to which the others nod their heads in agreement.

 ”Yes, I’ve always heard rumors about the sixth prince but I’ve heard that he doesn’t look like the King and has a commoner’s face but he’s more than I expected.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right…”

 ”It’s understable…”

 This time, the soldiers nodded at each other with a sincere look.

 But it was short-lived.

 ”…Well, even though she’s a Princess-maiden, I can’t help but feel a little angry at that oni who was nothing but a refugee and acted all high and mighty, but is now at the mercy of the sixth prince…”

 ”Well, if I have to deal with that little…”

 ”Hey! Don’t call it short! Say it ‘little’!”

 ”No, they’re both the same…”

 ”It would’ve been better if the 5th prince had come here.”

 ”No, I’m glad if it was the sixth prince. The sixth prince is a pretty frank guy, isn’t he?”

 ”That’s right, it’s better that the royal family didn’t come. I’m glad there’s no one watching us like before. Then we could’ve brought that scary princess to her knees someday.”

 ”Can you beat that Princess-maiden?”

 ”……No way…”

 Soldiers were chatting amiably like this.

 The place is the dining hall in the fort. Since alcoholic beverages are available in addition to meals, this is a place where off-duty soldiers gather regardless of the time of day or night.

 In the middle of this, the door opens with a bang, and a person enters.

 It was Lorenzo, the least talked about of the Sagrado people.

 Lorenzo is a muscular and sturdy looking man, and nowadays he has a pair of horns on his head, which makes him a conspicuous figure even among the soldiers.


 Lorenzo has been troubled recently.

 But then, he noticed that someone called out to him nearby, “Hey, Lorenzo-san!”.

 (Her Highness are working so hard for the country… But, what’s wrong with me!)

 This was Lorenzo’s concern.

 Lorenzo had heard the rumors about the soldiers.

 When Lorenzo heard it, he thought.

 (Selling herself out of concern for his country… how self-sacrificing!)

 And not only the princess, but also Fatima had done the same.

 (Well, Fatima is from a family close to Her Highness, but still, it’s a noble thing to serve the country so well.)

 ”I have to stand up for the country more and more…!” Lorenzo though and made up his mind.

 That’s why he had left his fortress just yesterday and traveled to a port town in the Krangal kingdom.

 He had bought something there.

 ”I guess… the day has finally come…”

 On the table in front of him, Lorenzo placed a small bottle. A strange liquid is poured into it.

 ”…What is that?”

 And then, Krangal soldier sitting next to Lorenzo asked casually.

 ”Oh, you heard me right. This is..”

 Lorenzo folded his arms and spoke with ease.

 ”I bought it from a trader in Krangal. It is a potion that is said to be one of the artifacts left behind by the ancient mage.”

 ”A potion?”

 The soldiers are in an uproar. Before long, other intrigued soldiers had gathered around Lorenzo.

 ”…Yes, that’s right.”

 Lorenzo nodded gravely.

 ”Today I will reborn. I will not fall behind Her Highness who are willing to sacrifice her life for country. To do this, I’m going to use this potion…”

 Lorenzo grabbed the bottle.

 ”I’m going to use this “reverse yin-yang potion” to change my gender!”

 The next moment, there’s a commotion in the dining hall.

 ”Wh-What are you thinking, Corporal Lorenzo? D-Don’t be hasty!!”

 One soldier shouts in a panic, followed by others “That’s right!”.

 ”Just because your gender changed doesn’t mean you can become a beautiful girl unconditionally, right? If a man like Lorenzo-san changes his gender…”

 Everyone around him gasps in unison.

 ”No, please stop!!”

 ”Yes! If you do it wrong, people will die…!”

 ”No way, don’t drink it! I don’t want to die…!”

 The soldiers are now more desperate than ever before.

 ”No, don’t stop me!!!”

 Lorenzo shakes them off and stands up with a potion in hand.

 ”I am a priest of the Sagrado people! I can’t fall behind! I’m going to do whatever it takes to accomplish that! I’ll join Alex’s harem!” (*Translator Note: What the…)

 ”Wait a minute! Even prince have preferences! He has his own preferences!”

 ”Well, I can handle it!” As soon as he said that, Lorenzo pulled out the cork from the mouth of the bottle and drink it.

 Just then, the hands around him took it away from him.

 ”Oh, Corporal, think about it! No matter how much your body has changed! From your point, corporal is a man, right!? Can you bang a man, Corporal?”

 That was a word Lorenzo couldn’t miss.


 Lorenzo drops the potion from his hand with a clank.

 (Y-Yeah! I thought I’d become a woman…! But no matter how much I look like a woman, I’m still a man…! No matter what I do, I’m still a man!)

 Smoke begins to billow from Lorenzo’s body as he clutches his head.


 Lorenzo screamed, feeling the heat as if he was fire itself.

* * *

 And then, a few moments later…

 ”Uh, uh…”

 Lorenzo woke up and the first thing he saw was the floor of the cafeteria.

 It seems that he had collapsed on the floor.


 He looked up and saw the faces of the soldiers lined up in a row.

 They all fell silent at once and stared down at Lorenzo with astonished faces.

 ”What? Why are you looking at me like that…?”

 Lorenzo tried to sit up and put his hands on the floor. There were his hands, healthy and tanned but thin and toned.

 ”Huh, huhh…?”

 Looking down at his body, he notice his thin physique wrapped in loose-fitting clothes. Pushing up against his chest are two moderately full breasts.


 Lorenzo clutches the crotch of his pants.

 ”Is… it here?!…Huh?!”

 Lorenzo pulls down his pants and checks his crotch.

 ”It’s here!” he exclaimed again.

 And people around him shouted “Huhhhhhh?!” in unison.

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