Avalon 66

Chapter 66 [Loli Doctor] Thoroughly Torture Her until She Peed and Got Even

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Finally, Alexis removes Sara’s clothes, and then stretches ropes from the bed legs on all sides and binds her arms and legs to the ropes.

 When her young body is fully exposed, even Sara’s cheeks turn bright red and she seems to become weak.

 ”Hey, Alex-kun. I didn’t go this far, did I? I mean, you’re not naked…”

 ”You took my semen without telling me. So I’m gonna get even with you to make me feel better”

 ”Ugh. At least let me put some clothes on…”

 Sara’s attitude seemed weaker than it needed to be, and Alexis felt uncomfortable.

 ”What do you mean? Sure, your body is childish… but your skin is white and fine, and it feels like it’s being sucked into your hand. I’m beginning to think that’s not such a bad thing.”

 As he spoke, Alexis slowly ran his hand over Sara’s abdomen, and Sara wriggled ticklishly.

 ”D-Don’t look at me too much…”

 ”Why not? You have a pretty body. And this one too… it’s so tiny.”

 Alexis lightly pinched Sara’s small, pointed nipples.

 ”Hyah,” came out of Sara’s mouth.

 ”Ah…no, stop. Not like that…”

 ”What’s going on, all of a sudden?”

 To Alexis’ eyes, Sara’s attitude now seemed really strange.

 ”Ugh. B-Because,” Sara’s eyes were moist.

 ”M-My body is too childish… I don’t really like this body. So, I don’t want you to look at it too much…”

 Sara mumbles in an awkward manner.

 Alexis’ eyes widen in surprise.

 ”Why? What did you do to make this happen?”

 Alexis ask inadvertently and then gulps, realizing that he has just stepped into a taboo subject.

 Sure enough, Sara turns her face to the side with a miffed expression on her face.

 ”…If I tell you, could you at least cover me with a piece of cloth?”

 Sara’s unexpected suggestion made Alexis nod his head. His curiosity was stronger than his desire to hear the answer.

 Sara sighed and asked her to put a cloth over her body.

 When Alexis put the sheet over Sara’s body, Sara started to speak slowly.

 ”…This body is like a sign of failure for me. That’s why I don’t like it so much.”


 ”Yes. When I was a court priest in Sagrado, the Priest-King gave me a great facility and the right to study at will. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted, so I decided to do what I wanted to do. So I decided to try my hand at it… eternal life.”

 ”Eternal life…”

 Sara nodded at Alexis, who blinked at her.

 ”Who wouldn’t want to have eternal life? Even if it’s not me, I think so. That’s why I researched it, and I thought it worked by referring to an artifact of an ancient mage who was researching the same thing…”

 ”So you’re saying that it’s the result of being rejuvenated?”

 ”That’s right,” Sara responded.

 ”Well, I mean, the technique I used was a reconstruction. Though I was a bit nervous when I found myself back to the baby… Anyway, when people around me saw my result, they hurriedly destroyed the medicine I had created. What a waste of time and money! Well, it’s my fault for doing such research without telling them…”

 ”Huh, a baby?!”

 Sara nodded to Alexis who asked back, “Yes.”

 ”It took me nine years to grow up to this point. Nine years is a surprisingly long time. I was surprised at how long it takes a child to grow up.”

 ”No, wait. You’re not even 10 years old?! Under 10?!”

 Sara’s lips twitched as Alexis realized that he was about to commit a crime.

 ”Well, please don’t say that, okay? I’m the one who worries the most…”

 ”I-I understand. That’s…”

 Alexis nodded his head and decided not to talk about Sara’s current age. He thought. So instead.

 ”Well, how old are you really, aside from your appearance?”

 ”Oh, you’d better not think you’ll be here tomorrow if you ask me that, okay?”

 It was a quick answer.

 Apparently, this was more taboo for Sara.

 ”I-I see…”

 At least, she is definitely not at an age where he should not ask.

 Alexis swallowed the question down his throat.

 ”Well, that’s the thing. I don’t want to take my clothes off too much… and to treat me like a child. I feel like I’m being confronted with my own failures.”

 ”Failure… huh?”

 Alexis nodded and pulled up the sheets again, which caused Sara to let out a squeal of disapproval.

 ”What are you doing! You promised to cover me, didn’t you?”

 ”That’s true, but… It doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes.”

 ”Does it a small mistake? This?”

 ”If you say so, my life is full of failures. My failures began the moment I was born. Can you imagine how painful it is to grow up being compared to my good-looing half-brothers and half-sisters? When I appealed to people around me, no one would take me seriously, saying that I was blessed to be a prince even though I was born from a commoner’s mother’s womb.”

 Alexis’s somewhat forceful monologue was very convincing.

 ”I see, it’s been hard.”

 Sara responds reflexively.

 ”I got tired of that kind of environment, so I became an adventurer, and I thought I’d finally have a chance to be popular, and this is what I got. Look, look at my crotch. This is one of my mistakes.”

 Alexis remove his pants down and pulls out his p*nis.

 ”But at least you and Fransisca don’t see this as a failure. Especially you, who’s so happy to use me as material for your research.”

 Sara groaned as Alexis’s cock was shoved near her face.

 ”Uh…oh, Alex-kun’s is different from mine. Because Alex-kun’s is rare and valuable, but…”

 Sara let out a sigh.

 ”…mine is just a child, you know?”

 ”You see. You know so much about medicine, pharmacy, and magic that you call me ‘just a kid’?”

 Alexis retorted.

 ”Well… anyway… It’s too early to dismiss yours as a failure, just like me.”

 ”What, what is that…?”

 Alexis covers her small breasts with his palms.

 ”For my part, if Sara hadn’t ‘failed’, I wouldn’t have been able to have such a valuable experience legally…”

 Alexis sucks Sara’s neck, and Sara lets out a small “ah” sound.

 ”Well, you said before that you wanted a woman who is s*xually ravishing…”

 ”That’s what you call a sales pitch. You’re the one who called mine short or something.”

 ”What? Wasn’t that a feature of your tentacle-like organ?”

 Sara’s smile tightens at the look of disgust on Alexis’ face after she says this.

 ”Uh…I’m sorry about the other day”

 ”…That’s okay. I’ll just have you apologize with your body instead.”


 Sara thought for a while.

 But the truth was that the conversation she had just had had had lightened her heart somewhat.

 ”…It can’t be helped. I’ll be quiet just for today.”

 Sara’s cheeks turned bright red as she declared, and Alexis grabbed the sheet that was still on Sara’s body.

 ”Since I usually let you observe me a lot, you don’t mind if I observe you a lot, do you?”

 Alexis smiles at her, and Sara’s body tenses up.

 ”Well, that’s a little…”

 ”You just said you didn’t have a choice, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes, I know, but! You don’t want me to see yours?!”

 Alex removes the sheet from over Sara’s body again.

 ”Can’t we have a double standard here? The only people who are allowed to kill are those who are ready to be killed…?”

 ”K-kill?! Why are you talking like that?!”

 ”And with your hands and feet open, there’s no better time to observe you.”

 Alexis stood up and looked down at Sara with a leering, licking eye.

 Sara, who at first jokingly tells me to stop, gradually starts to talk less and less, until finally her cheeks turn bright red and she becomes silent.

 She feels tremendously embarrassed when she realizes that every part of her body, which is not covered with any cloth, is being looked at again.

 Neck, breast, abdomen, pubic mound, thighs… She can easily see where Alexis’ eyes are looking at as he moves slowly. It’s because he doesn’t try to hide where his eyes are looking.

 It makes Sara feel as if she is being touched by his gaze, making her restless.

 ”Uh…oh, Alex-kun. If you’re going to do it, it would be better if you do it in a clean and simple way… you know, without making me feel uncomfortable…”

 Sara moves her body with a brusque voice, but she cannot even close her legs, let alone turn over because her hands and feet are tied.

 At last Alexis bent over the bed, and Sara was relieved to see that things were finally moving.

 But then Alexis put his face between Sara’s spread legs and spread her plump little folds apart with his hands.

 Sara’s young secret is exposed in front of Alexis’ eyes. Her legs are open so that it can be seen clearly.

 Sara’s clitoris is small. The skin covers it all the way to the tip, making it look like a foreskin.

 Sara’s ears turn red as she listens to Alexis’ commentary.

 ”Sara’s clitoris is a nice pink color, too, and it’s smooth and almost wrinkle-free. But…”

 Alexis’ fingertip touches Sara’s vaginal hole, and Sara jerks up.

 ”I guess it’s because I penetrated it a couple of times with my dick. But, your pussy hole, which is used to be closed up tight, is now open enough for me to stick my pinky finger in.”

 ”Y-You don’t have to tell me that!”

 Sara’s voice was obviously upset.

 ”Ugh. A-Alex-kun, you’re so mean!”

 Sara sounded like she was about to cry.

 ”Just because you didn’t like what I did before. I never realized how embarrassing it is to be stared at so closely… and, besides, you didn’t even touch me a little…!”

 Sara shivers.

 ”I’m so embarrassed that I’m about to get messed up, but there’s nowhere to run…! This is so much worse than Alex-kun’s! I just touched Alex’s p*nis all over! And Alex-kun doesn’t touch me at all!”

 Realizing that Sara was apparently angry, Alexis thought he had gone too far and hurriedly apologized.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you wanted me to touch you so much.”

 ”Eh?! I-It’s not like that…?”

 Sara’s gaze drifts to the ground as she realizes that she has just dug her own grave.

 ”That’s right. You have such a small and innocent body, but your mind is mature and naughty, isn’t it?”

 The tip of Alexis’ tongue pokes Sara’s vaginal hole, “Hyaaaah!”, and Sara’s body jumps up and down.

 ”Hiii, what, what…?”

 She didn’t expect to feel so much sensitivity at the touch of his tongue.

 But Sara’s lower body is overflowing with a thick and clear liquid from the honey pot.

 ”Can you feel it? Sara’s slippery loli pussy has already been penetrated, and now her s*xy juices are flowing out of the hole.”

 After Alexis had taken the trouble of describing the changes in Sara’s body, he thought to himself, “Oh, yeah”.

 ”I’ll bring you this so you can see for yourself. I’m being nice, aren’t I?”

 With these words, Alexis left the bed and brought in a large mirror.

 He places it in the direction of Sara’s feet so that she can see her whole body.


 Sara turns reddest and exclaims.

 Her arms and legs are opened on the bed, and her young but wet and sloppy secret hole is clearly exposed.

 When she confirms that this is the exact same situation as Alexis’ situation, she is confronted with the reality that this is not something he says out of his mouth, but something he has observed and said.

 ”Ugh. A-Alex-kun, you’re going to kill me. You’re going to kill me with embarrassment…!”

 Sara still looked angry, but the pussy seemed to be in a good mood, so it was OK. Alexis decided to go with it.

 ”I would have liked to take a closer look inside and report back to you, but that would have been a shame. My dick doesn’t have a visual function…”

 As he speaks, Alexis does not hide the mirror, but takes a position a little further away from Sara and stretches out his cock.

 ”Since I can’t help it, I’m going to let you take a good look at my tentacle dick inserted into you. Wouldn’t you like to see it being pulled in and out of your hole, and your pussy juices being drained out?”


 Alexis directs his cock to the tip of Sara’s open pussy, which is neither crying nor moaning.

 The mirror clearly reflected the tip as it slyly scraped open Sara’s hole and went in.


 Sara’s body jumped up.

 As the cock pushed further into Sara’s hole, Sara couldn’t help but shiver and tremble.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahn――”

 She really didn’t want to see her own lasciviousness.

 However, Alexis’s cock is the kind of thing that would twist Sara’s heart into submission with all her might.

 She tries to hold back her pleasure. She tries not to react as much as possible. However, all her efforts are returned to nothing. The tentacles of Alexis have such a violent ability.

 Alexis lightly shrinks his tentacle to make it shallower, and then He turns it around and thrusts it into Sara’s depths.


 When Alexis feels the head kissing Sara’s tightly closed cervix, he wiggles his cock there.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh!!”

 Sara shakes her body.

 ”Stop, I said, sutop, ah, that’s, nhiii!”

 Alexis smiles at Sara, who is talking like a child because of her slurred speech.

 ”You said you didn’t like to be treated like a child, but you talk like a child, don’t you?”

 ”Ah, I’m not a child… ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!”

 Sara’s body trembled before she could even argue.

 ”I’m coming… I’m coming…!”

 Sara moves her hips and tries to escape from Alexis’s cock, but Alexis doesn’t pull it out at all.

 ”Are you watching it? If you’re not, I’ll tell you what’s going on with you. Your pussy is soaking wet, and it’s twitching inside, like you’re playing hard to get with my dick. You see, can you feel the pussy juice coming out of the joint with just a slight movement? By the way, even a child’s body can make a good cumming face.”

 ”Ah… nwooo. Don’t say ittt!”

 Alexis dared to stir Sara’s spasming vagina even more vigorously.

 He pushed her bladder in from the backside and moved his glans back and forth again and again.

 ”Nn, ha, don’t do thattt… ahh, ahhhhhhh!!”

 Sara’s hips were shaking and she was finally spewing water from her secret place.

 ”Haaaaahhhh… I said, stopp… ugh, sob, sob!”

 Sara finally starts to sob when she sees her reflection in the mirror, even her peeing, after she drops her raised hips onto the bed with a jerk.

 ”How could Sara pee herself and cry?”

 Hearing those words that made her pride crumble to the bottom, Sara had let out the last bit of urine that was left in her bladder.

 ”Ha, ah, ah…”

 Sara was lying on the bed with a face as if she had given up everything, and the sight of her was arousing Alexis’ s*xual desire.

 ”Haah, haah… Sara always wanted me to ejaculate outside, didn’t she?”

 Alexis pulled out his cock, hoping to give her what she wanted at least for the last time.

 But that was as far as he went.

 Just as he remembered that the jug was already full when he pulled it out of Sara, he couldn’t stop his dick from pulsing.


 Alexis ended up spewing cum violently with the tip of his cock pointed at Sara.

 The spurt after spurt of white spunk stained Sara’s body.

 ”Oh, ugh…”

 Sara did not show much resistance to being soiled by Alexis’ spurt, and she was receiving it with her eyes closed.

 By the time Alexis had finished cumming, Sara’s whole body was drenched with her own urine and Alexis’s semen.

 Sara’s breasts were just moving up and down in a daze with her hands and feet tied together in a pool of white.

 Alexis was worried now that he might have overdone it.

 (I wonder if Sara felt the same way when she approached me to ask if I was okay?)

 Thinking so, Alexis regains his composure and unties Sara from the ropes that bind her.

 Sara, who was finally released, sat up languidly and hugged the jug filled with her semen, as if she had entrusted her body to it.

 ”Ugh… this is the price for the harvest? This is not worth it…Alex-kun, you change when s*x is involved…”

 Sara’s shoulders slump as she laments.

 ”I-I’m sorry.”

 Alex scratches his head.

 He has spewed a lot of semen twice. He must be relieved.

 After staring at Alexis like this, Sara groans.

 ”So, the male organ mutates into a tentacle-like structure, which makes it possible to accumulate a large amount of sperm, which in turn increases s*xual desire… this would be worth studying”

 ”No, no. I don’t know about that. Well, I think I’m more of a rebound from my past of being treated roughly by women and other various events.”

 ”Is that really all there is to it? Hmmm.”

 Sara stares at Alexis’s already shriveled up member and groans.

 Apparently, she hasn’t learned her lesson after all the retribution she’s received.

 ”You. If you’ve realized how uncomfortable it is to be stared at, you should control yourself a little bit…”

 Alexis said as he hurriedly put his thing back in his pants.

 But Sara looked miffed and then declared, “I’m not going to do it!”

 ”Because I had such a bad experience, you know? You have to let me observe you a lot to make up for it!”

 ”You know. The things that are done to you are generally felt with several times the pain. That’s why the human race can’t stop fighting.”

 ”You know what, Alex-kun? There’s no point in trying to up the scale and make it sound like a big deal, you know!”

 Sara then cuts him off, “By the way,” while looking at Alexis with a fidgety expression this time.

 ”I can’t walk outside like this because I’m so dirty,”

 ”…You’re right.”

 Alexis was wondering what she was going to say this time.

 ”Well, Alex-kun, don’t you think you carry me? Don’t you think you should wrap me in a cloth and carry me to the bathroom?”

 ”Carry you?” Alexis was surprised, and then he asked.

 ”But you don’t want to be treated like a child, do you?”

 When he pointed this out, Sara tilts her head and says, “Well…”

 ”Yes. But, when you break down my concern thoroughly like this, I get thrilled. So I’m okay with it for a little bit… it’s a strange feeling, isn’t it?”


 Alexis took a sheet and covered Sara’s body with it.

 Then he picked her up on her side with both arms, and Sara said to him as if she had just remembered.

 ”Oh, but it’s just you, Alex-kun. And only sometimes.”

 Sara’s cheeks were tinted with vermilion as she said this.

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