Avalon 65

Chapter 65 [Loli doctor] Semen extraction with fellatio

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Slurp… Slurp….

 It’s a sound too lascivious to hear when one wakes up from sleep.

 Slurp, kiss. Slurp.

 And yes, Alexis woke up with a burning sensation in his lower body.

 ”Uh, uh…?”

 Alexis looks around with a strange feeling. He was sure… This is not a dungeon. This is his room.

 Then, where is this discomfort coming from?

 He pulls his arm, but his hand stops moving with a jerk.

 For some reason, his arms and legs don’t move freely.

 ”Hmm, ah…?”

 Having no choice but to raise his head, he turns his eyes toward his feet to search for the cause of the discomfort. Then, there was…

 ”Lick, Lick… Hmm…nmm…”

 Sara was trying her best to hold Alexis’ cock in her mouth as she pulled it out of his pants.

 As she notices that Alexis has woken up, she looks at him.

 ”Lick. Slurp, mmm…… Ah, hood horning?”

 ”Hey, S-S-Sara, what are you doing?!”

 Alexis tries to jump up but his arms and legs flailing again.

 ”…Whoa!? And what the hell is this!!”

 Alexis finally realizes. His arms and legs are tied to the legs of the bed with ropes, and he is forced to lie on the bed.

 ”Nfufu, isn’t this a good idea? It’ll keep Alex-kun from taking the lead.  Really, I should have done it this way from the beginning. Then I could have observed it more closely.”

 Sara taps the jug on her hand with her finger as she speaks this as soon as she takes her mouth off the cock.

 ”You’re going to be letting it out of here a lot today, Alex-kun!”

 ”But that doesn’t mean you can attack me in my sleep!”

 ”It’s your own fault for not waking up when you’re tied up! Alex-kun, are you still an adventurer?”

 Alexis has something to say to Sara, who replies nonchalantly.

 ”It’s okay if it’s me. But are you still a priest of Sagrado?”

 ”I’m fine. The only reason I’m in the court is for the salary and the research environment.”


 Alexis could not help but be amazed.

 Sara buried her face in Alexis’ crotch again.

 ”Squelch, kiss, kiss, mmm…”

 Sara’s small mouth did not take Alexis’ cock all the way down to the root.

 Still, she gives Alexis a good stimulation by lightly clamping her lips around the neck of her potty, stroking his urethra with her tongue, and moving her face around.

 Alexis’s cock, which was originally halfway swollen, begins to lengthen.

 ”Ggh, ugh…”

 Alexis feels pleasure in his lower body and moves his arms and legs, trying to get his bound arms and legs off.

 ”Are you still not giving up?”

 Sara removes her mouth from the object and touches the glans with her tongue.

 ”That’s good. If you stay still, I’ll make you feel good.”

 ”Sara, I have my own pride and I have my own tastes.”

 ”Preferences?” Sara turns her gaze toward Alexis’s face.

 ”Of course. Being forced to ejaculate in such a straitjacketed situation is humiliating, no matter how you look at it!”

 As soon as he said this, Alexis quickly stretched out his cock.

 ”Huh?!” Sara backed away in surprise.

 While she was backing away, Alexis extended his tentacles and wrapped it around Sara’s body like a rope, restraining both of her hands.

 ”Ahaha! Well, now you can’t move!”

 Alexis was laughing while his hands and feet were bound.

 Sara’s eyes widened in shock.

 ”Alex-kun, did your dick grow this long?”

 ”Yes. Are you surprised? I honestly don’t know how much longer I can go.”

 ”…Alex-kun, you’re more human than I thought you’d be. It changes my image of you…”

 Alexis wonders what kind of image Sara, who is blinking her eyes, has of him.

 ”Are you disgusted?”

 Sara’s eyes sparkle rather than look at me in a disgusted way.

 ”No! I’m really looking forward to it, very much! I love strange people!”

 She said with a big smile on her face.

 ”I-I see…”

 That’s definitely more like love. Besides, he is her research subject… Thinking this, Alexis is disappointed.

 Sara, on the other hand, is in a good mood even though her body is bound with a p*nis tentacle.

 ”Hey, you know what, you have such a long p*nis…”

 Sara lowered her face and then she pinched the rod part with her lips.

 ”Does it feel good no matter where I touch it? From the base to the tip, does everything feel good?”

 Sara’s tongue crawls along the rod, and Alexis is startled.

 ”Hey! You!”

 ”I want you to answer my question…”

 Saying this, Sara licks the tip of Alexis’ p*nis toward the root as far as she can move her face.

 ”Ggh, ugh…”

 (Wherever she licks, she can make it feel good. Her oral technique is so bad…)

 Alexis thought so, but did not answer Sara’s question.

 However, Sara seemed to understand it naturally by looking at Alexis’ expression.

 ”I see. So it feels good to touch you everywhere?”

 ”Gh… yeah, I guess so…”

 Alexis finally nodded and loosened his hold on Sara’s body, realizing it was useless.

 ”I see… I see… Well, why do you have such a p*nis?”

 With her free hand, Sara grabbed Alexis’ long cock and pulled it toward her lips.

 She then began to lick the underside with her mouth, causing Alexis to exhale.

 ”…Because it was affected by an artifact of the ancient mage Crowley’s s*x magic. I heard it gives me a magical instrument to make all kinds of women fall in love with me… hahaha, well, here’s the result. Laugh if you want.”

 ”No, I’m not laughing. Actually, Alex-kun, your stuff is really great.”

 ”Is it? I think your mouth is pretty good too…”

 ”Fufu, thank you.”

 Sara’s attitude softened considerably, as if she thought Alexis would no longer resist.

 ”…But, the power of the artifact. How could an artifact not only repair or restore the human body, but also transform it into something completely different? Artifacts are amazing, aren’t they? The magic of ancient mages is something that modern mages can’t reproduce. That’s why in the past, civilization was built on magic, and now civilization is being built by following various technologies…”

 Sara puts one hand on Alexis’ ball as she speaks, and slides the tip of her tongue down to the base of the object.

 ”Mmm… Fufu. Alex-kun, you’re twitching. Does it feel good?”

 Alexis nods silently when asked in a gentle voice.

 ”Ah, I’m glad. I want you to feel so good, and I want you to cum so much, okay? I want you to show me how much you cum. So, when you want to cum, tell me you’re going to cum, okay?”

 Sara speaks in a soothing voice, and when she notices the pre-cum oozing from the tip of Alexis, she removes her mouth from the pole and puts her lips to the glans.

 ”Ssshhh… mmm”

 Sara slurps and swallows the cowper juice, and then smiles.

 ”You’re making a lot of naughty juice, aren’t you? …Oh, it’s coming out again. There’s no end to how much I can lick off, is there?”

 Sara swallowed Alexis’ cock noisily.

 ”…Puha, mmm… it tastes so naughty. Does it feel that good?”

 Sara’s mouth relaxes in satisfaction when she sees Alexis nodding.

 ”Hehehe… seeing Alex-kun feeling so good makes me feel naughty too…”

 Soon, when Sara was licking Alexis’ glans, she reaching for her own skirt.

 She slipped her hand under the pleated skirt and pulled her pants down her legs. Then she said in a whispering voice, “Hey, Alex-kun”.

 ”I want you to make me feel good too…”

 ”What? After all you’ve done to me, I must come inside you?”

 Sara shakes her head no.

 ”No, instead, I’m going to do this.”

 Sara holds the object in her hand and starts to straddle Alexis’s face.

 Her’ little secret was right in front of Alexis, soaking wet and not even a hair on it yet.

 Alexis knows what Sara is thinking and tries to say, “Hey,” but Sara presses her pubic mound against Alexis’ face before she can say anything.

 ”Haah, haah… hey, can you lick me?”

 Sara sounds excited and sweet.

 ”As usual, you don’t care about serious observation…”

 Alexis said so, but Sara answered, “Don’t worry.”

 ”I’m going to be able to palpate you and observe you properly. Besides, Alexis, the main thing is that I want to collect your semen. I also want to see where it comes out. But I can’t help feeling naughty…”

 Then Sara moves her hips and urges, “Hey”.

 ”Alex-kun’s face is so cute when he feels so good… this is your punishment for making me feel so naughty. Isn’t my pussy full of naughty juice? I want you to lick it off with your tongue, Alex-kun…”

 While she was saying this, clear liquid was pouring out of her small vaginal opening and dripping down to Alexis’ mouth.

 Sara’s secret place, which is at the tip of Alexis’s nose, is still immature but emits the scent of a female.

 Alexis finally puts his lips on the honey pot, which shows her eagerness to be fucked.


 Sara’s voice escapes from her mouth as her love juice slurps noisily.

 ”Ah, yes… Ngh, ah, ah… yes, that’s it. Alex-kun, you’re so good at this…”

 Sara wiggles her hips and rubs her pussy against Alexis’s face, while she herself also sucks Alexis’s cock.

 ”Mmmm… slurp, slurp, smack, kiss… Haah, haah, Mmm… I’m going to cum, too… A-Alex-kun, you can come anytime too, okay? Please make love to me with your mouth… Slurp, kiss, kiss…”

 Sara’s mouth starts to move more and more, as if she’s getting aroused.

 ”Ugh, fuck…”

 Alexis also feels a surge of arousal, and he licks around her secret place with the tip of his tongue, stirring Sara’s love juice to at least make her cum first.

 ”Haah… ah, ahh, hwahhh… slurp, kiss, mmm… hwahh, I, I can’t take it any more…”

 As if to show her climax, Sara’s vagina twitches violently in front of Alexis’ eyes.

 ”Slurppp… kissss, kiss, mmmmmmm!!”

 Sara’s body was shaking and trembling as she sucked Alexis’s cock like a vacuum.


 Alexis also couldn’t resist exploding his swollen seed inside Sara’s mouth.

 Then Sara quickly removed her mouth and pressed the jug against Alexis’s cock instead.

 Sara was watching with fascinated eyes as she rubbed her rod to get as much cum as possible.

 ”Nfu, you’re cumming a lot…”

 Sara speaks in a trance.


 Alexis, who had ejaculated with his arms and legs still tied together, let out a sigh as Sara straddled him again, this time on his abdomen.

 Sara’s jug was bigger than the usual size, but still, when she saw the amount of white cum overflowed beyond the limit, Sara’s mouth relaxed.

 ”It overflows. It’s such a waste. But I couldn’t prepare anything more today…”

 With Alexis’ glans inserted into the jug filled with the white muck, she gazed at the overflowing white muck spilling down the surface of the jug and contaminating her hand.

 Sara looked thoughtful for a while and then came to a conclusion.

 ”I guess I should check it over here, too.”

 Sara pulled up Alexis’s p*nis from the jug and put it in her mouth instead.

 As if it was overflowing from the spigot, the white mist that came out one after another was filled in her mouth, and she was pouring the muddy water into the back of her throat.

 ”Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp…”

 Sara closes her eyes and swallows the semen produced by Alexis, while she catches the overflowing liquid with the palm of her hand.

 By the time Alexis finally finished ejaculating, Sara’s chin, body, hands, and everything else were wet with Alexis’s cum.

 ”…Fuuh. You cum a lot.”

 Sara smiles as she speaks with a nuance as if to say, “Well done”.

 ”Huff, you know…”

 Alexis let out a sigh.

 ”Hmm, what?” Sara is in a good mood and doesn’t seem to be offended at all.

 ”Oh, my God…”

 Alexis gives up on saying anything more and instead lightly moves his still-bound limbs.

 ”When you’re done, take these off me, will you?”

 ”Oh, yeah, of course. Sorry, Alex-kun? Does it hurt? Are you okay?”

 Sara, concerned about Alexis’ physical condition, begins to undo the ropes tying Alexis’ hands and feet without even showing a gesture of wiping her dirty body.

 Then, after she undoes them, Sara says, “Yes, it’s done.”

 ”I’m sorry I tied you up without your permission. But if you cooperate with me, I won’t do it either, okay? If you get quiet again next time, I’ll do something even better for you.”

 Sara is really defenseless as she talks in a good mood.

 ”You think that’s the end of it?”

 Alexis said, but then he got up and pushed Sara down on the bed.

 ”Eh, huh?”

 Sara’s eyes go black and white.

 Alexis smiles at her and says

 ”Well, the next round is the real thing. Let’s go for the second round.”

 Sara’s expression became impatient as he told her so.

 ”Eh… you’re kidding, right? You just gave me a lot of cum…. Can you still do it?”

 ”Of course. Didn’t you already take enough for your needs? Then you’ll repay the humiliation you’ve put me through. I’m going to get even with you, Sara.”

 Alexis said with a smile.

 ”What? Are you kidding me? Ugh, you’re lying, aren’t you?”

 Sara smiles awkwardly, as if she is trying to appease her partner.

 Alexis smiles back at her.

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good enough. You don’t mind if I do, do you?”

 ”No, I do! I do mind! You know what? Alex-kun, you know that’s not a very nice thing to do, right?”

 Sara seemed to remember her previous mistake and tried to flail about, but Alexis held her arms and legs firmly in place.

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll do something good for you. Okay?”

 ”Ugh, you didn’t like it that much? I apologize…”

 Sara’s violent power was weakening, indicating that she was starting to give up on the idea of doing something bad.

 ”There’s no need to apologize. I’ve got plenty more to give you. Aren’t you happy, Sara?”

 Sara stopped her wild behavior and gave a small groan in response to Alexis’s words.

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