Avalon 64

Chapter 64 [Maid] Violating Outdoors While Inciting a Sense of Immorality

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Fatima let out a small exhale every time Alexis’s hand caressed her breast through the gap of her blouse.

 Fatima’s face turned redder when she saw the wriggling under the clothes as Alexis moved his hands.

 She seemed to be able to feel it, though she kept her mouth shut and suppressed her voice, and her body is twitching every time Alexis rubbed them.

 On the other side, Alexis was getting more and more horny as he watched her although his motive at first was just to check her pleasant touch.

 ”…I’ve changed my mind. Let’s just do it here, after all.”

 Hearing Alexis’ whimsical words, Fatima shouts, “Ehh!?”.

 ”You’re lying! Because right now, we’re…!”

 ”No one will complain if I do it here.”

 With that, Alexis yanks on Fatima’s arm, turns her around, and pushes her against the wall.

 ”Ah, no! No, no, no, what if someone comes…”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay,” Alexis says to Fatima, whose voice is hoarse.

 ”If you’re so worried, why don’t you just get it over with?”

 Alexis rolled up Fatima’s skirt, exposing her butt, and stroked the black panties that covered them with the palm of his hand.

 ”So you’re still wearing panties…”

 He whispered to her, to which she replied, “Of course…”

 ”If I don’t wear panties for no reason, I’m a pervert…”

 ”Oh, I see, so, your princess is a pervert, isn’t she?”

 ”What!? Alex, you let Her Highness do that?”

 ”Well, only in the fort.”

 Alexis put his hand under Fatima’s panties and lightly traced the cleavage of her butt with his fingertips.

 ”Hwahhhhh, that tickles…”

 ”Is that really all?”

 Alexis’ fingertips lightly touch Fatima’s chrysanthemum, then quickly move away.

 Fatima’s heart pounded, she confirmed that Alexis’ palms stayed on her butt forever, and then she let out an insect-like cry.

 ”Ah… maybe it’s okay if it just a little bit…”

 ”Well, then,” Alexis said, hooking his fingers into Fatima’s panties.

 He pulled it down to the bottom of her legs, which caused Fatima to shiver.

 ”Haah, haah…”

 Fatima, who was breathing heavily, is watching Alexis’ action with her eyes moistened with anxiety.

 Then, Alexis’ hand slipped into Fatima’s blouse again.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Fatima’s reaction is getting stronger, though she still tries to keep her voice down.

 But when Alexis rub her ass cheek with his other hand, she finally lets out a squeal.

 ”W-Wait… at least let me do some magic…”

 ”Magic?” Alexis rubbed her breasts and buttocks.

 ”Ah, mmm, mmm… It’s a transmission spell. If people can hear my voice…”

 ”That’s easy. Just don’t speak up, okay?”

 Alexis’ fingertips pinch Fatima’s nipples.


 After a shudder, Fatima says, “It’s not like that,” her voice trembling.

 ”Don’t be absurd…”

 The weak voice of Fatima arouses Alexis, and he puts his hand in the crack of her butt.

 ”Are you crazy? Are you trying to tell me that I must control my voice in a place like this, where anyone can come at any time?”

 ”Well, that’s…”

 Alexis whispers to Fatima, who turns red and exclaims.

 ”Normally, when you get screwed in a place like this, your sense of decency gets in the way, thus, you’re distracted and you don’t feel it as much. Of course you are, aren’t you?”

 Alexis’ hand crawls up her butt, through her cleavage, and reaches out in front.


 Fatima was so flustered that she squeezed her legs shut.

 ”Anyway, you had said just a little bit, didn’t you?”, Alexis urged her.


 Fatima’s voice was hoarse. But Alexis urged her on, “You had said that, didn’t you?”


 Fatima finally relaxed her thighs as if she had given up. Then, Alexis’ hand passed through.

 His fingertips sink into the bushes.

 ”Nngh, nngh..”

 Fatima closes her eyes, but she cannot hold back her voice.

 The slush of soft, wet folds of flesh welcomed Alexis’ fingertips.

 And when Alexis scratched his finger above the entrance of her vagina, he heard a gurgling sound.

 ”Oh, oh…”

 Fatima pressed her head against the wall, feeling a tingling sensation.

 And every time Alexis moved his fingers, her love juices were scraped out from the crevices between the folds of the wall, wetting her inner thighs.

 ”Hmph, hmm, mmmmmm…”

 Fatima rushes to cover her arms.

 But her body is asserting itself against Alexis.

 ”…Hmm, you’re so good, aren’t you wetter than usual?”

 Fatima’s ears turn red at Alexis’s remark.

 ”So, that’s true.”

 Alexis was happy to get the point.

 ”Really, you like doing bad things. I guess this kind of thing makes you feel good. You really are a slut and a bad girl”

 His words are harsh, but his voice is gentle.

 Fatima is unable to resist when she is being taunted in this way.

 ”Hwah, ah, ah!”

 Fatima was aware that her voice was getting louder and louder, and the vermilion on her cheeks was getting redder.

 ”…Yes, yes, it would be pitiful if I only love this place. I wonder if the place you love the most might be lonely right now?”

 When Alexis said this, his hand that was touching her breast left her blouse.

 Still, the hand that was stirring her secret place did not stop, and Fatima shivered with her weight on the wall.

 ”Ah, mmm, ahhh…”

 Fatima tries to keep her mouth closed, but her teeth are soon filled with tears.

 (Oh, no, I can’t. I can’t keep my voice down. I’m such a bad girl…)

 Thinking like this, her s*xual sensation is heightened even more.

 Then, something is placed on Fatima’s ass.

 ”Come on, I have to make sure this one doesn’t get lonely too, right?”

 Alexis said and put his dick on Fatima’s butt hole.


 Fatima’s response was louder than ever.

 ”Oh, you’ve been waiting for this?”

 Alexis put one of his hands into her blouse again.

 ”No, no, I just stuttered…!”

 Fatima said, but then Alexis stroked her asshole with his glans a couple of times.


 Fatima jumps up and down. At the same time, her asshole twitched and flinched.

 ”You see it. This place want it so bad”

 Alexis pointed out and Fatima turned red.

 ”No, no way. No, no, no…”

 Her words were not so much to Alexis but to herself.

 Thus, Alexis inserted his cock into Fatima’s asshole.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh!”

 Unable to bear the sensation of the cock slithering into her asshole, Fatima utters the loudest voice ever.

 ”Yeah, that was a big one,” Alexis laughs.

 ”Maybe people could hear us?”

 ”Ugh, no way.”

 ”What do you care? Let them see how dirty you are.”

 Alexis rubs Fatima’s intestinal wall with his glans while simultaneously playing with her breasts and her secret parts.

 ”Ah, ah, hwah, ah…!”

 Fatima couldn’t stand the thrilling sensation that was rising inside her.

 ”No, no…! I’m not supposed to feel… in this place…!”

 Fatima writhed, but her strength is too weak to get out of the situation.

 Having three sensitive places tortured at the same time, she felt a tingling sensation as if her whole body had been turned into a s*xual zone.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, hwaaaah!”

 Fatima’s legs are about to fall down because of the violent pleasure that pushed her to the climax at once.

 Still, Alexis resumed the action.

 ”Haah, no, stop it…!”

 Fatima shakes her head no to the voice that comes out involuntarily.

 ”Hahh, I can’t help it. I guess this will make it a little less bothersome, won’t it?”

 With that Alexis took his hands off her breasts and covered Fatima’s eyes with the palms of his hands.

 Fatima gasped for air as her vision was covered at once.

 ”See, this way you won’t know where you are.”

 Alexis then moves his other hand away from her secret place, lifted one of her legs up, and move his hand under one of Fatima’s thighs. The skirt flaps down and Fatima’s legs are spread apart.

 Alexis smirks, keeping his cock in Fatima’s anus.

 ”Wow, you look great. You know what I mean? Your cunt is showing through your skirt.”

 Fatima’s lips quiver as Alexis points out.

 ”Ah, no, no, not here…”

 Being covered had the opposite effect.

 She could not shake off the feeling that she was being watched outside, and she could not even see what was going on around her. There was no way of knowing when, where, or who was watching her, even if there was a third person right beside her.

 ”No, stop it!”

 Fatima lets out a weak voice, but her anus squeezes her tight.

 By lifting up one leg and spreading it apart, the position of the anus under the vaginal hole causes the love juice from the front hole to trickle down to her ass, soaking Fatima’s anus and Alexis’s cock, which is contained in it.

 Meanwhile, Alexis’ cock is going deeper and deeper into Fatima’s anus.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 Fatima screamed uncontrollably. She seemed to be unable to stop her body from shaking.

 Still, Alexis had put his cock deep inside her and is now starting long strokes in the direction of slowly pulling out.

 ”Ahh, ahhhhh…!

 Fatima’s reaction was so intense. This is because she is most vulnerable to this stimulation.

 The anal organs are more pleasurable when they are pulled out than when they are put in.

 Moreover, Alexis takes his time to pull out from the deeper part, so that the tingling sensation that makes her spine tingle comes continuously.

 ”Hyaaaaa, no, nooo… I can’t…!!”

 The stimulation of her asshole and the previous stimulation of other parts of her body had heightened her s*xual arousal. And it was bringing Fatima to a climax.

 ”Ahh, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Fatima reached her climax with a voice that could have been heard around her, but Alexis’ cock was still in the process of being pulled out.

 The tightness of her anus was getting tighter and tighter, and her love juices were flowing out like she was peeing.

 ”Wow, that’s a great voice. I wonder if someone might have heard that.”

 Alexis whispered to her, and Fatima’s intestinal wall moved as if it was teasing Alexis’ dick.

 ”Ah, no way. Noo…”

 ”Come on, get your ass down. I’m not going to finish until I cum, okay?”

 Fatima’s body trembled when he made a further pulling out motion.

 ”Fweh!? Ahh… I-I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

 ”What? I didn’t hear you say you were cumming.”

 Alexis dared to be dumbfounded, and finally pulled his dick out of her anus.

 At that moment, Fatima let out a loud “ahhh!”, and tried to take a break to catch her breath.


 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh…!”

 Fatima wiggles her body.

 ”No, no more! Please, please, take a break…”

 Fatima begs in a weak voice, but Alexis, of course, has no intention of taking a break.

 ”If you don’t have the energy, you’re not make it through. After all, you want to finish this thing as soon as possible, right? If we take a break, it’s going to take longer.”

 ”Haah, haah… But, I can’t do it anymore…”

 Fatima said that.

 But when Alexis push his cock deeper into her intestines, her insides clamping down on it with a force that pushes it back.


 She makes a blatantly pleasured cry.

 ”Ohhh, I’m going to break, I’m going crazy…”

 When she says this with vacant, round eyes, Alexis wants to destroy her.

 ”Haah, haah…I’m holding back until you say cum. I mean, why don’t you just cum faster?”

 ”Fwehh? B-But I just came…”

 ”I didn’t hear you said cum.”

 Alexis said that and moved his dick around some more. And then.

 ”Aaaaa! Alex is terrible, terrible, terrible…!”

 But then she shakes her body and says…

 ”I’m gonna cum again, I’m gonna cum, Alex, I’m gonna cum!”

 Fatima presses her back against Alexis’ chest and puts one hand on Alexis’ head as if she is holding him close.

 ”I’m going to cum, just watch me, I’m going to cum… ah, ahh, ahhhh…!”

 Fatima comes as she declared.

 Deep inside her, Alexis also releasing his semen.

 *Spurt! Spurtt! Spurttt!

 He pours it generously into her bowels.

 ”Ahhh, ahh…”

 Fatima closes her eyes and moves her breasts up and down.

 The sensation of semen flowing into her intestines also causes a sweet numbness to run through the pit of her stomach.

 It was the first time that she felt the pleasure more strongly than the foreign body sensation.


 Fatima exhaled deeply, taking every last drop that Alexis poured into her.

 When Alexis finally pulled it out, Fatima slumped down on the ground.

 Fatima sighs as she looks at her panties that are tangled at her legs where she has fallen to her knees.

 ”Alex is terrible,” she whispered.

 ”Ugh… why are you constantly changing your mind between ‘kind’ and ‘terrible’?”

 Fatima blurted out as soon as she could, and Alexis reflected a little on the fact that he had indeed overdone it.

 Well, when he think that the other person is a slave, he tend to do whatever his mind leads him to do.

 ”Ah, it’s too much. Too much!”

 Fatima said in a strong tone of voice, causing Alexis to flinch.

 ”Ah… oh, yes, is that so?”

 ”Yes! Even though I said just a little, but not a little at all, and in a place like this…”

 Fatima looked around and was relieved to see that no one was in sight.

 ”…That’s not all. You are destroying my body more and more. Breaking me down, remaking me into something new. You’re really… a terrible man.”

 Fatima’s shoulders slumped.

 Alexis tucked his load into his pants for the time being, but he crouched down beside her, knowing he could not just walk away.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry, Fatima. I’ll be a little gentler next time.”

 He puts his hand on her head and she looked up and turned around.

 ”Are you sure? Do you really felt bad?”

 Fatima’s cheeks were bright red as she asked this question.

 Alexis nodded.

 ”Yes, I do.”



 ”Then… please… apologize.”

 Her voice was so muffled that it was hard to understand him.

 Alexis couldn’t help but laugh, but nodded his head and said, “Oh, okay”.

 Then Fatima’s hand reached out to Alexis’ cheek.

 As if the palm of her hand was perfectly cold and thin, she gently moved Alexis face closer to her’s, and before Alexis had time to react, she kissed him.


 Fatima closes her eyes and traces the shape of Alexis’ lips, then slowly pulls away.

 ”…I got your apology, I forgive you.”

 Fatima’s cheeks turned bright red as she said this, and she seemed to be somewhat regretful, but Alexis unintentionally pulled Fatima’s head closer and kissed her again.


 Fatima’s eyes widened in surprise, but soon closed again.


 When their lips parted, Fatima looked miffed for some reason.

 ”Alex is terrible…”

 At this, Alexis is upset.

 ”Why are you saying that?!”

 ”…Because you know even though I said you that you should stop it, you’re making me more and more crazy about you…”

 After saying this, Fatima’s cheeks turned red and she looked away from Alexis, which made even him embarrassed too.

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