Avalon 63

Chapter 63

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 The next morning.


 Fransisca woke up in bed.

 She felt the familiar color of the ceiling and the familiar texture of the sheets. And then…


 Fransisca sniffed a certain “smell”.

 It was a comforting smell, but it also made her heart flutter.

 (What is this?)

 She immediately realized it was her favorite smell.


 She dreamily turned over in her sleep.

 While feeling happy in the morning, she reached for the warmth that was right beside her and found it hugging it tightly.

 ”Umm,” that warmth uttered a voice.


 Soon Fransisca awoke.

 It was undoubtedly Alexis in Fransisca’s arms.

 She must have smelled like Alexis, her favorite.

 ”Eh, what…?”

 Fransisca wakes up from sleep and her head is still spinning.

 Why is he here? Why is he in the same bed with her?

 ”Eh, eh”

 Fransisca’s face turns red as if it were lit on fire.

 ”Eh… W-W-Why would Alexis-sama…”

 She turns bright red and gets up suddenly as if she had been suddenly awakened.

 Then the quilt is flipped open, revealing a dazzlingly white nude body illuminated by the morning sunlight streaming in through the window.

 ”What are you talking about, after all these years?”

 Alexis is lying naked on the bed, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

 ”We’ve screwed a lot. What’s the big deal about a bed or two?”

 Fransisca is convinced by what he just said… Yes, she has definitely spent the night in the same bed with him!

 ”Awawawa. No, it’s not right!”

 Fransisca turns bright red and flaps her hands in panic.

 ”An unmarried man and a woman sleeping in the same bed!”

 ”What is she talking about?” Alexis thought.

 ”Haah, isn’t it fine? In the first place, it’s your fault for not waking up, isn’t it?”

 ”But you should wake me up! Awawa. What a nonsense…”

 Fransisca turned over, turning red and covering her mouth.

 She finally realized that she was naked.


 She rushed to pull up the covers to cover herself. Then she looked around and realized that she was in Alexis’ room.

 ”…D-Did I fall a-asleep like this…?”

 She pulls up her memory of last night.

 She remember that she was having an affair with Alexis as usual, but she realized that her memory had been cut off in the middle of the conversation, and the vermilion on her cheeks had been intensified.

 ”Ugh… I-I shouldn’t do this. I seem to lose myself in your hands…”

 Fransisca’s shoulders slumped.

 She seems to be embarrassed and regretful, remembering the events of last night.

 ”Yeah, well, you came so hard and squirted so much. And you lost your mind too, so I had to clean up the mess last night, you know?”

 Alexis said wickedly, then lifted the corner of his lips.

 ”In short, you wanted me to carry you into my private room. Sagrado kingdom really has raised a selfish princess.”

 Fransisca’s cheeks reddened even more as he said this.

 ”Ah… no way, that’s impossible! I, I, how can I apologize for demanding such a thing from my master Alexis-sama… Ah, how can I apologize?”

 He just wanted to tease her a little and make her teary-eyed, but Fransisca took it more seriously than he expected, and Alexis smiled bitterly.

 However, Fransisca seems to have been thinking alone and has come to a conclusion, putting her hands on her hips in front of Alexis and saying, “Yes, that’s right”.

 ”I’ll do whatever you say! You can do whatever you want… and, if you want, you can make me dirty…”

 Fransisca’s expression seemed to be not so full of emotion as her cheeks were stained with a faint blush while she fidgeted with her eyes.

 ”…Isn’t that half of what you’re into?”

 Alexis pointed out to Fransisca and he looked at her as if he wanted to say something.

 She groans and says, “Because it’s Alexis-sama’ fault that I have such a strange hobby…”

 She mumbles something like that, and Alexis stammers, “What is it?”

 ”You always blame others, but that doesn’t happen if you don’t have the right qualities, right?”

 ”Is that so? I’m not the only one who likes you, Alexis-sama.”


 ”That’s right. You have a relationship with Fatima and you have a relationship with Dorothea, too. I’m sure you’ve done this with many other women, haven’t you? Because I know that you do.”

 Fransisca picked up a negligee on the floor, put it on, and put on a cloak.

 ”I’ll leave before the more people arrive. Besides, I have to go to the bathroom…”

 Fransisca made sure that the front of the room was closed properly and looked back at Alexis. Her cheeks are still flushed, and she says, “But”.

 ”A-Alexis-sama, you said earlier that I’m selfish princess… but I’m not selfish. I was once scolded by my teacher. I’m not allowed to sleep in the same bed with the opposite s*x. So, as a princess, I have to obey.”

 After murmuring disapprovingly, Fransisca leaves the room saying, “Well then, excuse me.”

 (Scolded, huh…? I think her words contain a hidden nuance that it might lead to what we usually do…)

 Is she stupid or simple-minded?

 Alexis scratches his head, thinking like that, and then, he suddenly realizes.

 ”…She was scolded? Does that mean she has a history of doing that kind of thing?”

 The Princess-maiden? What the hell is going on!

 Once he realized that, he couldn’t help but be curious about it.

 ”Hmm~, hmm~, hmm~”

 Fatima dressed in her maid’s uniform again today, humming a tune, visited the courtyard inside the fort.

 It is her daily routine to take care of the flowers she has planted in the flowerbeds here, basking in the fresh morning sunlight. In the evenings, unless she has other plans, Fransisca is in charge.

 Nowadays, she often dives into dungeons one after another, so there are many days when she cannot take care of the flowers.

 She thought that it would be difficult to maintain the flowers, but it seems that there is someone in the fortress who can take care of the flowers, and they are still blooming beautifully.

 However, it seems that this person does not visit the courtyard on the days when the owner of the flowerbeds is there, so Fatima has been taking care of them as usual.

 (The fort is so stuffy wherever I look at this time of the day and also the time I spend making tea are the most relaxing times…)

 While she was watering the flowers in such a relaxing way.

 ”Good morning, Fatima.”

 She heard a voice.

 She turned around to see Alexis standing there, dressed in his tunic, trousers, short boots, and a sword.

 ”Good morning, Alex…?”

 Fatima greeted him with a question mark at the end of her sentence.

 ”What is it?”, he said without thinking. “It’s nothing,” Fatima’s gaze drifted to him.

 ”Why are you here… at this hour? I thought you were in the command center.”

 ”Well, it’s a little late this morning. What do you care? Anyway, I’m in the command center screwing Fransisca this time of day.”

 Fatima’s cheeks turn red when she hears these words.

 ”Well, I don’t mind, but… no, I mind it! Really, you keep on going on and on with Her Highness… Why can’t you understand that if you are not careful, the innocent Princess will fall in love with you!”

 Fatima’s words intensified.

 Alexis let out a sigh, convinced that all the priests of Sagrado were like this.

 ”Innocence is good, but because of your negligence in the name of innocence, the Princess-maidens in your country are growing up to be utterly useless. Why didn’t you give her a better education?”

 ”We’ve given Her Highness enough education. Theosophy, religion, paleomagic, the history of ancient civilizations, priestly etiquette, song and dance… thanks to all of this, Her Highness Princess-maiden has made a name for herself as an impeccable and ideal Princess-maiden.”

 ”That’s not the kind of education! I mean, more about society and common sense…”

 ”Are you saying that Her Highness should be contaminated with worldly knowledge?”

 Fatima looked a little miffed, and Alexis was convinced that this guy is no good.

 ”Well… you know, that might have been fine in the past. But now we’re in a lot of trouble because of it.”

 Alexis wondered if this would also provoke a reaction, but to his surprise, it did not.

 ”…I guess so. It’s true, now that I think about it. We have raised Her Highness with great care. We thought it would be enough if priests like us took care of the worldly contact. But the reality is that I alone cannot fully follow her in such an environment. As a proof, Alex had poisoned Her Highness without my knowledge. I was shocked at first, but then I realized that I trust people too easily. I’m a bad priest.”

 As she slumped her shoulders and shook her head, Alexis knew that Fatima’s thinking was fundamentally wrong.

 ”Why does that make you a bad priest?”


 Fatima was flustered.

 ”Well, it’s an environment full of men like this. What can you do? How could you protect a naive princess who was so cocky with a bunch of rough soldiers?”

 ”B-But there is Lorenzo and Sara besides me… and Her Highness herself wasn’t as weak as I thought she was…”

 Fatima’s unsure attitude, drifting in her gaze, is a surprising side of her that she sometimes shows.

 ”Well, she was the kind of person who would sneak into a man’s bed, wasn’t she, by nature? So, she must have been interested in that kind of thing sooner or later, right?”

 When Alexis said this to comfort her, Fatima said, “What?” .

 And Fatima’s eyes flashed. This made Alexis upset and then, he continued.

 ”But Fransisca said she was scolded…”

 Fatima looked down and remained silent for a while.


 She nodded her head, as if she remembered one point that came to mind.

 ”Yes, I remember the time when the teacher scolded her for something.”

 Fatima closed her eyes and spoke as if reminiscing about the past.

 ”That was when Her Highness was six years old. It was shortly after I had been sent to the court as an apprentice maid. One night, apparently, she had a frightful dream… In the morning, when her caretakers went to her room, they found it deserted and there was a commotion. Soon they learned that she had gone to her father’s room and slept in the same bed as His Majesty…”


 Alexis knew by now. It was a very silly thing to do.

 ”Her father, His Majesty, was a deep sleeper and did not notice that Her Highness was in his bed. It’s quite a feat to get past a few other priests on guard duty…”

 Fatima folded her arms and nodded her head.

 ”I remember the look of blood on the teacher’s face at that time. I don’t think it was too strict, but I think it’s just the right amount to keep the princess in line. Princess-maidens are special, after all, and we must not let her feel the same way as other royalty.”

 Somehow, Alexis’ eyes were directed toward Fatima’s breasts, which were often prominent when she folded her arms, and which inevitably rode up on top of her arms.

 ”Hey! Where are you looking? Listen to me!”

 Fatima noticed Alexis’ gaze and hurriedly clutched her chest.

 ”No, I was listening to you. At least the first half.”

 ”Listen to the back half too!”

 ”Don’t you think there are more important things in the world than that?”

 Alexis’ eyes were not averted.

 The breast that was being held by Fatima’s thin arm was also changing its shape through the clothes as Fatima’s thin arm pressed against it. It is a very beautiful thing.

 Fatima’s cheeks turn bright red, as if she is embarrassed to be seen so openly even through her clothes.

 ”Really…! Even I have never been seen so openly before!”

 ”Yes, I suppose so. But it’s some kind of right for a master to see his slave’s breast, isn’t it? Well, I guess you’re lucky that you’re not being asked to undress right here.”

 Fatima groaned at Alexis’s crude remark.

 ”Ugh. Y-You’re not supposed to be like that… Y-You’re supposed to be nicer!”

 ”Yes, yes. I understand that, let me rub it again.”

 At the whimsical words of Alexis, Fatima’s voice turns upside down, “What?”.

 ”No, don’t tell me to take my clothes off now…”

 ”That’s why I’m not going to tell you. I just want to rub them. It’s nice, for wake up tits.”

 ”Ugh, w-what the hell…”

 Fatima’s voice lost its power as she was pushed closer and closer to the wall.

 At last, when they were close to the wall, Fatima put her back against the wall and nodded her head in agreement.

 Her ears were reddening and she reminded me, “Just a little bit, okay…?”.

 ”Okay, okay.”

 Alexis nodded his head and unbuttoned one button of her blouse to feel her soft breast, and inserted her hand through the button.

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