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Chapter 70 [Futanari] Verbal Abuse in Restraints (Sexual Intercourse Not Attempted)

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”But still…”

 She certainly looks prettier. He admit that

 But there’s also a raging masculinity and the fact that he’s an ex-Lorenzo. These two points make Alexis hesitate

 Alexis puts his hand on his chin as the ladies look at him

 Meanwhile Lorena was trembling on the bed

 Her uterus, which had once begun to seek out the man’s p*nis, was not at rest, and the tingling in her abdomen would not subside

 She is gasping in agony and Fransisca, finally unable to bear the sight of her, approaches Alexis,”Alexis-sama”

 ”Please. Can’t you do something for her? Otherwise…”

 Alexis was shaking his head in panic

 ”No, no, no… no way. You say that like it’s somebody else’s business. Don’t you think it’s impossible? Just calm down and think about it. My dick’s gonna be inside him. Don’t you think that’s disgusting?”

 ”Well, to tell you the truth, I was a little uncomfortable at first. To see Alexis doing that with someone other than me… but I’m used to it now, so I don’t mind.”

 Seeing Fransisca smiling at her, Alexis for the first time slightly regrets his previous actions

 So, that’s it. For Fransisca, it’s the same to put his p*nis in Fatima as it is to put her in Lorena. Really?

 In the meantime, Lorena was breathing heavily and wriggling her hips with her limb-bound and crippled body

 ”Ah, my inside… inside, you have to fuck me… I’m tingling, I’m going crazy…!”

 ”…Alexis-sama. Please!”

 Again and again, even Fransisca makes a request with an earnest expression on her face


 Alexis was at a loss for words

 He noticed that even Sara and Fatima were looking at him as if to say”Lorena-chan is so pitiful”,”Alex is a demon”

 Alexis wanted to say,”You guys…!”, but he’s a bit overwhelmed by the aura that is created when multiple women unite to make it difficult to talk back


 Alexis growls a bit and then says

 ”Yeah, okay. I’ll do it. Shouldn’t I?”

 He was desperate

 Alexis decides to do it and stands in front of Lorena

 ”Uh… kuh, uh…”

 Perhaps, what little reason she had left must have sounded a warning bell to Lorena

 But, Lorena could not resist the tingling sensation

 She showed no sign of resistance, though she had a bitter expression on her face. Not only that, her hips were wriggling. Her eyes were moist

 And the pre-cum flowing out of her stiffly slender member showed her arousal

 ”I can’t help it…”

 Not wanting to be treated like a villain any longer, Alexis decides to extend his tentacles

 He extends it to the vagina speculum, which had been tied. What is excluded from the hole that has been opened are pink folds of flesh, which are apparently the female genitalia itself

 Thinking that closing his eyes would help, Alexis finally reached out with his tentacles

 ”Ugh, ugh, ouch!”

 Lorena gulps her breath, but she is still looking for it – she is now staring intently at Alexis’ growing manhood

 But then..

 Poof! A cloud of smoke enveloped Lorena’s body


 a loud voice like fainting in agony is heard

 When the smoke clears, there is Lorenzo, who has returned to his normal appearance as a large man with a skinny head


 ”He’s back”

 Fatima and Fransisca each muttered

 ”Oh no. This is why bad artifacts are so bad…”

 Sara lets out a sigh

 ”Ouch! Ow, ow, ow! Get it off! Take it off!!”

 Lorenzo was writhing on the bed

 The ropes binding Lorena’s slender arms and legs were now biting into Lorenzo unbearably

 ”Oh, my wrist! My wrist! My hands and feet are falling off! My hands and feet are fraying!”

 The pain was agonizing, even for a man of his size

 ”You don’t have to tell me. I’ll untie you.”

 Saying this, Sara quickly untied Lorenzo from the rope

 After that, Sara let out a deep sigh

 ”Oh no. Why do you have to go back? It was a good thing that you changed your body. It was such a different body…”

 ”I don’t care! I’m sick of it! I’ve had enough of this!”

 Lorenzo hastily hides his crotch with his hands while yelling at Sara with tears in his eyes

 Then he glanced at Alexis

 ”Uh, uh, uooooooooooooooo!”

 He must have been in shock

 But Lorenzo ran out of the examination room crying

 ”Oh, Lorenzo-kun, you’re completely naked…!”

 Sara tried to run after him in a panic, then she said”…Oh, well. There’s a bunch of guys here anyway…”

 She turns back, muttering to herself


 Alexis glared at Sara

 ”Hey. How are you going to pay for this?”

 Sara smiled when she saw that Alexis was angry

 ”Tehe~♪”, she says childishly

 ”Hey! Sara, I’ll never forgive you! You almost turned me into a gay!”

 Alexis is still angry, and Sara shows an impatient look on her face

 ”Yeah… but, I just thought I’ve got some good research material. It’s Lorenzo-kun’s fault for taking strange drugs, isn’t it?”

 ”That’s his choice, isn’t it? You’re the one who tried to get us to do it!”

 Alexis grabbed Sara’s arm and pulled her up onto the bunk

 ”My crotch isn’t getting any better, and I’m going to punish you for this!”

 ””What?””, Sara, Fransisca and Fatima’s cries overlapped with each other’s

 ”Well, that’s a pity for Sara…”, this is Fatima’s voice

 ”Oh, a punishment… that would be nice…”

 But Fransisca looked greedy in a completely different way from Fatima

 Alexis tied Sara’s arms and legs to the bed with ropes, just as she had done to Lorena earlier

 She then picked up the knife Sara had just used

 ”I’ll replace your clothes later, okay?”

 Alexis smiles at her, which causes Sara to look flustered, as she realizes her intention

 ”Oh, no. Don’t tell me you’re going to make me do everything you just did…?”

 ”Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Vaginal speculum, right? It’s a good tool. I’m going to stick it in, open up your cunt hole, and take a good look at your little pussy.”


 Sara’s face turns red at once

 ”C-Can’t you stop that? Her Highness and Fatima-chan are here, too…?”

 ”Not so bad, unfortunately, as Fransisca said earlier, she used to seeing other people having s*x…”

 ”T-That’s not the point…!”

 Sara is the worst at being seen

 Knowing this, Alexis finally pulled out a knife and slashed at Sara’s clothes

 Sara hears the sound of cloth being shoved away, and is instantly stripped naked

 ”Ugh, ugh, demon, devil!”

 Sara’s eyes are teary, as one would expect

 ”I don’t want to be talked that by you!”

 Alexis smiles broadly and says,”Well then, let’s take a closer look.”

 With these words, he picked up the vaginal speculum in his hand

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