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Chapter 71 [Loli Doctor] Examination with a Vaginal Speculum and a Proctoscope, Part One

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On the bed in the examination room, Sara was bound naked with her arms and legs spread open, and Alexis was holding a spoon in his hand

 ”Okay, let’s get started…”

 As Alexis applies the Vaginal Speculum to Sara’s tiny vaginal hole, Sara screams “Ouch!”

 ”C-Can’t you at least get me a size S!? T-That’s too big for my body…!”

 Hearing Sara’s tearful voice, Alexis remembers that Sara had brought out Vaginal Speculum from the shelf

 So, Alexis goes to the shelf and pulls open the drawer

 ”—Oh, this one looks better,” Alexis said, pulling out a Vaginal Speculum that was one size larger than the one he was holding in his hand now

 ”Eh… I just said it’s too big, didn’t I? D-Did you hear what I said… Alex-kun?”

 Alexis smiles at Sara, who has a bad feeling about this

 ”Well well, it’s just a matter of getting it wet enough, isn’t it?”

 ”Ehhh… T-That’s not possible…”

 While Sara was in tears, Alexis had found another tool

 ”…Hmm, what’s this? It looks like Vaginal Speculum…”

 Alexis found a Vaginal Speculum with a plug in it, instead of one like a Vaginal Speculum that is opened and closed by moving a handle like a pair of scissors

 ”…Oh, that’s a proctoscope.”

 It was Fatima who blurted out

 ”Hey, Fatima-chan!?”

 Seeing Sara’s teary eyes, Fatima realized that she had just misspoken and gulped

 At this, “Hee…”, Alexis smiled

 He then closes the cabinet on his knees with Vaginal Speculum in his right hand and a proctoscope in his left

 ”Eh… wait, wait…? Wait! No, no way, both of them…”

 ”Come on. Just a little bit.”

 ”Two at the same time!? No doctor would do that!? Not my butt! I don’t want it in my butt!”

 Sara is seriously concerned and twists around. Still, Alexis walks up to her

 He puts Vaginal Speculum aside for the moment and tries to insert the proctoscope into Sara’s butt, but he can’t seem to insert it. After all..

 ”Ow…!” Sara’s face was distorted and she seemed to be in pain


 And worried by the lack of progress, Alexis moves the proctoscope around

 At this, Sara yelled out “Okay, okay!”

 ”You should at least work on it… Ow! Can’t you at least use some lubricant…? It’s in the shelf…!”

 ”Okay. Hey, Fransisca!”

 Alexis spoke to Fransisca, who was watching with bated breath

 Fransisca nodded hurriedly and, following Alexis’ instructions, rummaged through the shelves until she found a corked bottle

 Inside was a viscous, clear-colored liquid

 ”…is this it?”

 When Fransisca brought it to her, Sara nodded “Yes, that’s it…”. However, she looked very uncomfortable

 She was hanging her head and murmuring, “Ahhh…… I feel terrible in my heart when Her Highness is in the room….”

 ”… Do you think it’s a little better if it’s only Fatima?”

 In response to Alexis’ simple question, Sara nodded her head

 ”That’s for sure. I can’t say I’m okay with it, but a little…”

 ”Okay. Then Fransisca should leave the room.”

 Fransisca felt sad when Alexis said this to her

 ”Eh… Am I not allowed to stay here?”

 ”Well, if Sara doesn’t want you to stay here, I don’t see why not, do you? I’m going to give her a Vaginal Speculum. I want her to get wet first.”

 ”I-I understand…”

 Fransisca looked dejected as she said that. So, Alexis pulled her close and patted her head

 ”I’ll give you lots of love again later, okay?”


 Fransisca’s cheeks flushed and she left the room

 ”Well then,” said Alexis as he faced Sara again. But then, Fatima raises her hand uncomfortably

 ”I’d like to leave too…”

 ”No, you’re my assistant.”

 At Alexis’ words, Fatima let out a puzzled, “Eh?”

 ”You’re the assistant who will examine Sara from now on. Do you understand?”


 Fatima let out a sigh, but eventually walked toward Sara

 ”…—As long as Alex says so, I have no choice. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

 ”Ehhhh… Fatima-chan, aren’t you supposed to be upset about that…?”

 Fatima shook her head apologetically at Sara’s words

 ”Well… I’m not in a position to speak strongly about this… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

 ”What are you apologizing for? Can you get me some more lube?”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 Fatima did as Alexis asked and opened the lid of the lubricant

 Then she looked at Sara again and apologized in a whisper, tilting the bottle and pouring the clear liquid into her secret place

 ”Hyah! Oh… At least let it warm up to human skin first…”

 ”Isn’t it going to warm up soon?”

 Alexis ran her hand over Sara’s soaking wet pussy and took some of the slimy lubricant in his palm, then smeared it over her small anus

 ”Oh, ugh, you’re not that experienced…”

 ”Oh, I see. The front virgin hole was only for your body, but the back virgin hole is for your mind.”

 ”Don’t talk like that. Alex-kun is such a pervert…”

 ”You should have known that when you knew what I was doing to Fatima and Fransisca.”

 ”But I didn’t think you’d do it to me, too.”

 Sara sighs evilly

 ”It’s too late,” Alexis said as he pushed the proctoscope into Sara’s anus again

 Maybe it was the lubricant, or maybe it was the fact that he had chosen a narrower proctoscope. Unlike before, the penetration was slow but slippery

 ”Uh, oh…”

 Sara is making a pained sound

 ”Haah, haah… m-my stomach is rumbling…”

 Sara could not help but do what Alexis was doing to her while her eyebrows were furrowed

 After a few thrusts, Alexis motioned to Fatima, “Here”

 ”Look, there’s this metal rod stuck in Sara’s anus!”

 ”Eh?”, says Sara, her cheeks reddening

 ”Huh, will you stop trying to show it to Fatima-chan?”

 Ignoring Sara, Alexis says, “What do you think?” to Fatima what she thinks

 Fatima shook her head in a panic as she turned red to the ears

 ”W-What do I think?—But… but… I used to be treated like this when I was examined…”

 It seems Fatima was not completely uninterested

 However, Sara turns even redder as Fatima looks at her closely

 ”Fatima-chan, what are you staring at me like that…?”

 ”Ah. I-I’m sorry.”

 Fatima apologized hurriedly, but Alexis couldn’t stop grinning

 ”I guess the thing I stabbed it at is stretching it. I can see the wrinkles in your asshole stretching. …But then again, child’ buttholes have wrinkles too, huh? Shall I palpate it?”

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