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Chapter 71 [Loli Doctor] Examination with a Vaginal Speculum and a Proctoscope, Part One

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Alexis reaches up to Sara’s anus where the proctoscope is being held in her anus

 Sara shudders involuntarily as she feels a hand crawling over her tight asshole in a circular motion

 ”Hyahhhh… No, don’t, don’t look at me like that…”

 Sara’s voice has lost its high pitch

 Still, Alexis grabbed the proctoscope that was stuck in Sara’s asshole and pulled it out

 Then he repeatedly thrusts it again

 ”Ugh… aggh! U, uuu, no, I don’t like this feeling…”

 Sara had tears in the corners of her eyes because the feeling of the proctoscope going back and forth in her rectum was like the sensation of defecation

 She was so embarrassed to have such a sensation, but Alexis pushed her further

 ”Heh. I didn’t know that even a child’s anal organs move like this when a foreign object is pulled out and inserted. Its mouth is open right after the foreign object is pulled out, but it tries to close it soon. But it doesn’t close as quickly as it did at first.”

 ”Hweh, nooo… don’t look at me like that…”

 Sara is on the verge of crying, but she holds back because not only Alexis but also Fatima is there

 Soon, after sticking a proctoscope into Sara’s asshole again, Alexis says

 ”I wonder what happens when I remove this plug-like thing?”

 Then Sara’s color changed, as if she had imagined what would happen

 ”Eh…!? D-Don’t! Please! Alex-kun, that’s it, that’s it… no, no, no…!”

 Sara tries to wriggle away, her ears reddening

 But Alexis smiles, knowing this is her weakness

 ”Well, what do I do now?”

 ”Ugh…you really can’t do that! If you try any more, I’ll poison you! I’ll give you a dose!”

 Alexis was troubled by Sara’s earnest protest

 As he was thinking what to do, he suddenly saw Fatima and thought this was it

 ”Hmm. How about this?”

 Alexis asked Sara

 ”I’ll leave your ass like this, but I’ll continue to Vaginal Speculum. Then let’s see what Sara looks like when she comes.”

 ”Eh!?” Sara’s expression becomes tight

 ”I-I don’t like that either…”

 Alexis muttered “You’re so selfish” when she heard Sara’s answer

 ”If you really don’t like it, why don’t you just hold back and not come?”

 ”But… but…”

 Sara’s eyes drifted to the other side of the room as she spoke

 ”A-Alex-kun’s… it’s something that would make me crazy… I-I’m not sure I want to do that…”

 ”Oh, I know…”

 Alexis speaks as if he suddenly remembers

 ”You know, when you cum…”

 ”Oh, no, don’t tell me… please don’t tell me!!”

 Sara interrupted Alexis with tears in her eyes

 No wonder, Alexis thinks

 (She doesn’t want people to know she pees when she comes, not squirts.)

 Alexis giggles at the thought

 Sara sees the look on his face and understands what Alexis is trying to do

 She grunts in frustration and then nods her head reluctantly


 ”Hmm, what?”

 Sara growled at Alexis, who was trying to be mean to her

 ”If you want to open the plug that much, I-I don’t have a choice. …. I-If it’s just Alex-kun, I can put up with it…”

 Alexis didn’t like his condescending tone

 ”What do you mean you don’t have a choice? Besides, I didn’t say I had to do it, did I?”

 Sara growled and turned to glare at Alexis

 ”Huff… Get Fatima-chan out of this room, now! It’s really not a good idea for a serious girl like Fatima-chan to see me like this, you know…”

 ”But, isn’t it all right? You’ve already acclimatized Fatima with your own hands. Especially her asshole, right?”

 Fatima was blushing up to her ears when she was told the story

 ”No, that’s…”

 ”Fatima, you’re looking at Sara’s proctoscope with envy right now, aren’t you? When I was pulling it in and out just now. I know Fatima really likes that. Maybe you’re getting a tingle in your own asshole from all the penetration you just saw?”

 Alexis hugged Fatima, and Fatima turned her head down, red to the ears, but eventually gave a small nod of approval

 ”Uuh, uuh, that doesn’t mean――”

 Alexis smiled at Sara, who was feeling like she was running out of ideas, and said, “…So, it’s all right, right?”

 ”…Then, what do you want me to do?”

 In the end, Alexis finally asks Sara what she wants

 ”When you want something done, you have to ask nicely, don’t you?”

 As it turns out, that’s what he’s after. He wants to be on top

 With this thought, Sara let out a sigh and said in a trembling voice

 ”A-Alex-kun, please… at least, let Fatima-chan out of the room.”


 ”B-Because,”Sara turns red

 ”I’m embarrassed. That’s why…”


 ”I mean… Alex-kun, you’re going to open up my butthole, aren’t you? I’m really not good at that kind of thing… and I don’t want to be seen…”

 ”So… I gave you an alternative.”

 ”I don’t like that either. I… still, in front of Fatima-chan…”

 ”Are you trying to tell me that if it was me, you wouldn’t mind?”

 Alexis asked, and Sara let out a sigh with a bright red face

 ”I-It’s not… b-but, it’s better…”


 ”…Like I said, can you get Fatima-chan out of my room? So, you can look at all my embarrassing… e-embarrassing things…?”

 Sara finally told Alexis

 ”Do you want to be seen alone with me?”

 Alexis asked, and Sara gave a small nod

 ”…um, yeah… if it’s just the two of us, I can manage…”


 Sara was relieved when Alexis finally gave his permission

 And Alexis told Fatima to leave

 Fatima seemed to have a guilty conscience about continuing to watch Sara, so she nodded and left the room

 ”Well then…”

 After seeing Fatima off, Alexis looked back at Sara and said smilingly

 ”Now Fransisca and Fatima are gone, just as you requested, right? I’ve done what you asked twice now, haven’t I?”


 Sara gulped. She knew she couldn’t resist Alexis any longer

 ”…A-Alex-kun, you’re such a schemer…”

 Sara whispered to him

 ”Well, I’m going to do something very embarrassing to you right now,” Alexis laughs

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