Avalon 72

Chapter 72 [Loli Doctor] Examination with a Vaginal Speculum and a Proctoscope, Part Two

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 Sara had no choice but to give up.

 She takes a deep breath with her reddened body, holding back the urge to cry out in embarrassment.

 Her hands and feet are bound, so she is unable to resist.

 The result of this repeated request to Alexis is that her disturbing thought of poisoning him later on has receded.

 No matter how fast-paced Sara is, she can’t be cruel to others now that her grudge has been retracted.

 At last, Alexis reached for Sara’s proctoscope and pulled out the plug that had been closed with a snap.

 By peering into it, Alexis understood why Sara was so reluctant.

 ”Hmm,” Alexis exclaimed in amazement.

 ”Is this what the inside of your butthole looks like?”

 Alexis asks, and Sara feels almost deadly embarrassed.

 She knows what the inside of her anus looks like from her own examination. But she never thought she would be put in such a position.

 ”No way. Even though I’m not sick, you’re using my equipment like this, this is, this is…”

 Finally, Sara begins to sob, sobbing heavily.

 Alexis stroked Sara’s head.

 ”Ah, can’t you stand it anymore? You’re crying like a child, aren’t you? But it’s okay Sara, you can cry like a child.”

 ”U-Uuu…. No… don’t say that…”

 ”You’re ashamed of that too?”

 ”Y-Yes. If you know that… don’t look at me…”

 Alexis says to Sara, who turns away.

 ”…But I’ll accept you no matter how embarrassing it is for you.”

 Sara’s heart is filled with a feeling of helplessness because Alexis said that.

 ”H-Hey… W-What are you talking about…”

 Finally, Alexis pulls the proctoscope out of Sara’s obviously upset asshole.

 And instead, he spreads Sara’s secret place—the child’s closed cunt—with two fingers.

 What spilled out was a clear liquid with the smell of meth.

 ”That’s right. You don’t want anyone to see you like this when you get fucked, do you?”

 Alexis’ fingers scratched Sara’s hot and wet spot.

 Then Sara heard a gurgling sound, and she suddenly felt a sweet numbness running down her spine like electricity.


 Her voice contained a hint of confusion.

 Sara was not aware of it.

 ”Eh…? Why, am I…”

 The vermilion in Sara’s cheeks darkened even more.

 ”If it were true, you should have lived long enough and known your body well enough to know it all…”

 Alexis finally thrust Vaginal Speculum into Sara’s honey pot.

 It was tight, but it was still wet and lubricated enough to accept the penetration.


 Sara’s eyebrows were furrowed at the hard pressure of the metal.

 ”Haah, haah… A-Alex-kun…”

 Sara breathes on her shoulder and turns her wet eyes toward Alexis.

 Alexis takes hold of the handle and slowly opens Vaginal Speculum.

 Sara shudders as she feels more pressure.

 ”Oh, ohh…”

 Sara feels a sweet tingling sensation from the hard metal pressed against her vaginal wall, though it is supposed to be a medical instrument, and she is embarrassed.

 (I, I, such, such a thing…!)

 Even though she is embarrassed to be treated like a patient by her own tools, she senses even more shameful sensations.

 Sara is even more embarrassed to the point of losing her place in the world.

 ”Ah, ahhh… Such, such a thing…”

 However, Alexis still fixes the opening of Vaginal Speculum with the attached screw and looks into Sara’s vagina.

 He could clearly see the pink folds of her vagina, which were wet with her love juice, and he could even see them wriggling, heaving, and squirming, as if they were seeking for a cock.

 ”Sara’s pussy looks so hungry when I look inside of it.”

 Alexis’s words made Sara feel even more ashamed.

 ”Ah…no… don’t say such thing! Don’t see me in such an embarrassing place…”


 Alexis twists Vaginal Speculum around and adjusts the screw to open it a little more.

 ”Ah, no… That angle… That place… you’re pressing on my bladder…”

 Sara’s voice rises.

 ”Is your bladder here?”

 Alexis was pressing on Sara’s lower abdomen from above. Then…

 ”Oh, oh, ohhhh!”

 A mess of yellow liquid came out of Sara’s urethra.

 Sara was spilling tears as she was forced to pee even though she didn’t come.

 ”Y-You’re so mean. You’re so mean to me, Alex-kun…”

 ”You said it was okay for me to see your embarrassing parts.”

 ”T-That’s true, but you always make me pee…”

 Sara was crying quietly, but it was obvious that she was aroused by the fact that her vagina was still twitching.

 ”But you like it when I make you pee, don’t you? It’s so obvious.”

 Alexis pointed out, making Sara blush up to her ears.

 ”Ugh. Idiot, idiottt…!”

 ”So, you have to drink a lot of water when I fuck you. Then I’ll make you pee a lot.”

 ”Uhhhh. No, I don’t want that…”

 ”But you know it, right? You can tell by the way your pussy feels.”


 Sara let out a sigh and finally gave up.

 ”N-No, I don’t know, I don’t know it…! In all my decades of life, Alex-kun is the only person I know who would do such a thing! So I thought I knew myself. However, why am I prefer to let you do it rather than make you feel good and I prefer younger boys…?! Moreover, moreover…!”

 Sara was shedding tears.

 ”Why I don’t know that I really like to pee? And why sometimes when you treat me like a child, I get a little nervous? Also, there are things that make even me go blank… Why I don’t know that at all!> Why I don’t know anything about that!?”

 Sara was sobbing.

 ”Oh, Alex-kun saw me crying again… It’s absolutely ridiculous that I’m so nervous to be seen like this by a younger boy…!!”

 Alexis smiled at Sara’s confusion.

 ”Is it such a bad thing that you don’t know?”

 ”Of course it is!”, Sara replied.

 ”…I see. However, I think it’s good that there are things we don’t know”

 ”Why… damn. Why? Even though I’m an adult. Why…!”

 ”Because it’s more fun.”

 Alexis was covering Sara as he said this.

 ”You’re also so thrilled because you didn’t know, aren’t you?”

 Alexis extends his tentacle and inserts it into Sara’s Vaginal Speculum-opened hole.

 ”Ah, ahh, ahhh!”

 Sara feels a seeping sensation in her lower part of her body.

 ”Haaaaahhhh… this, too, I don’t know…! Alex-kun’s p*nis, it’s so… It’s so good that I never knew it…”

 Sara’s eyes relax involuntarily.

 Then, Alexis slowly traced the vaginal wall he had just observed with the head of his p*nis.

 ”Ahh, ahh…! I-I can’t keep my voice down…! I can’t hold back my voice…”

 Sara was wriggling her crippled body as much as she could and moving her hips wriggling.

 ”Haah, haah… You see, Alex-kun made my hips move again… ah, ah… oh, my God… ah! No, ah, ahhh…”

 Before Sara knew it, her mouth had relaxed as well.

 ”Ahhhh… Haah, haah… look, Alex-kun… it feels so good… so good… that I’ve never felt this good before… I’ve never known such a feeling before…”

 Sara remained connected to him, her whole body shaking with a thrill as she let what little pee remained drip out of her urethra again.

 ”Ahhh… it feels so good. It feels so good to be fucked in the pussy while peeing… ah, this… this is so amazing… Ah, I’m cumming… I’m cumming…”

 Sara was trembling all over.

 ”Ah, ahh, haahhh… I… no, a younger boy did such an embarrassing thing to me… ah, aaah!! I-I’m peeingggggg… Aaahh… Amazing… amazingggg… ah, ahh… nnaaaahhhhh!!”

 Sara’s vagina wriggles and twists around Alexis’s cock.

 She seems to be enjoying her climax for a long time, and her vagina continues to caress Alexis’ vagina, which is shaking her body repeatedly.

 ”Haah, haah… S-Sara…”

 Alexis held her small body from above and slowly stroked her little vaginal hole with his cock.

 ”Kuh, I’m going to cum…”

 Alexis exhaled deeply and Sara looked at him in ecstasy.

 ”Let it out… Come on, let it out. Let it out… Cover me with Alex-kun’s cum!”

 As Sara begged her to do so, Alexis pulled out his pulsating cock from her vagina.

 Then, he directed his cock, which had already begun to spit out a cloud of white cum, to Sara’s body as she had requested.

 The white cloud immediately soaked Sara’s body as if the water from the faucet soaked the floor.

 ”Ohhh… The smell of semen…” Sara says ecstatically.

 Sara opens her mouth with an ecstatic smile on her face and takes Alexis’ semen in her mouth.

 As Sara’s small mouth could not catch it, the cum ran down her cheeks and soaked the bunk.

 ”Hehe… I like it…. I-I really like it…. I didn’t know I liked this kind of thing…”

 Sara was immersed in ecstasy for a while, muttering such things.

* * *

 When she finally calmed down and came back to herself, she realized that the examination room was completely soiled by the white stain.

 ”…I guess we can’t use this room for the rest of the day, can we?”

 Alexis pointed out in a whispered voice. And Sara, who was finally freed from the rope, got up and smiled, “Haha…”.

 ”Well, don’t worry. The only thing I have planned for today is to deal with Fatima-chan…”


 Alexis asked back.

 She remembered that Fatima was already here when she came here.

 Sara nodded to Alexis.

 ”That’s right. Now that I know how to deal with it, I have to do something about the parasite.”

 Alexis was taken aback by this statement.

 ”What!? Did you know how to deal with it?”

 ”Ah, yes. But then we’ll have to take a break from dungeon attack for a while…. So, You’d better appoint a substitute for Fatima-chan.”

 ”Ehy, you should have said something like that earlier!”

 Alexis said in astonishment, and then, because he was still in a state of surprise, he said it again.

 ”…Say it quickly…”

 ”Yeah, I’m sorry. I missed the timing to tell you because there was Lorena’s case before that…”

 Sara laughed bitterly.

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