Avalon 112

Chapter 112 [Personal Guard] Torture with a Tentacle until the Heart Breaks, Part One

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 For starters, Alexis used his tentacle to crawl around Eden’s breast.

 Eden just bit her lip and turned her face away from him, not even twitching.

 Eden’s breast felt warm and soft through his p*nis. Even though she is a female knight with such a firm body, her breasts seem to be firm and soft.

 Valencia, who is also a knight, also has a firm body, but Valencia’s body is softer and her skin is more elastic. Probably, if Eden and Valencia were to fight, Eden would win at least in terms of power.

 (—Well, otherwise, she should not call herself Krangal’s personal guard, should she?)

 This is different from the Sagrado knights in the priesthood. A Krangal knight would have to be stronger.

 Thinking of this, Alexis feels somewhat proud, even though his opponent has endured so much. She is only a Krangal after all.

 But even so, if the other person doesn’t feel it, Alexis can hardly get into it.

 Also, whenever Eden moves her hands and feet, he hears the sound of metal clanking. —Although she is supposed to, he does not even hear such background music because he does not even move his body.

 For a while, Alexis stroked her breast with his p*nis as if crawling like a worm, but Eden did not move at all.

 No, her breasts were indeed soft and fluffy against his p*nis. But that’s not enough stimulation.

 (…I have no choice. Let’s go this way…)

 Alexis decides to give up on the breast, and lets the tentacle go down. With a twitch, Eden’s thighs move slightly.

 ”…You lowlife…”

 Eden says in a muffled voice and glares at Alexis.

 He thought she was just biting her lip, but when he looks at her, he can see that her face is slightly upturned.

 Alexis smiles thinly and lowers his p*nis.

 He led his tentacle crawls on Eden’s thigh.


 Eden bites her lip at this.

 She felt the hot, obscene snakes crawling over her body.

 Through her skin, she also could feel the small pulsations of the snake’s veiny skin.

 (No… good)

 Eden tries to cheers herself up in her mind.

 (No, don’t close my eyes. Don’t…)

 Eden resists the urge to close her eyes and run away from the image in front of her.

 After seeing such tentacle, she is convinced that there is no way she can give in to such an obscene and disgusting thing. However, as soon as it started to move across her skin, she noticed something…


 Alexis’s body is very similar to her Master, despite its deformed form.

 (It is… like… Master)

 When she realized this, her heart jumped up.


 She takes a small breath so that Alexis doesn’t notice, and tries to keep her composure.

 Though they hardly resemble each other, they are still brothers.

 Alexis himself may not even realize it, but sometimes he feels a trace of Jerome in himself, even though they don’t look alike. At such times, Eden does not know what to do.

 Still, a snake-like tentacle caresses Eden’s inner thigh.

 And Eden is weak in this area.

 It has a sensation that creeps up her spine, and she bites back a shiver at this.


 However, she swallows down the voice that is about to leak out.

 (No…. Don’t… I’m Master’s…)

 I belong to Master. I can’t belong to anyone else.

 Eden tells herself this and waits patiently for the time to pass.

 She doesn’t show it. And yet, Alexis’s p*nis crawls insistently up and down her inner thighs, as if it knows how sensitive she is.

 Each time it does, the tingling sensation that crawls up her spine gets stronger.

 It is as if she is having s*x with Jerome, as if she is in the process of being loved by her Master.

 At this, Eden almost closes her eyes.

 But she manages to keep them open.

 She told herself that she must not close her eyes. If she closes her eyes, Alexis will disappear.

 The hateful man in front of her will be replaced by the man she loves.

 With this thought, Eden desperately opens her eyes, grits her teeth, and continues to stare at Alexis.

 ”How is it?” Alexis asks.

 ”This is mine. It’s an unusual caress, isn’t it?”

 —It was indeed.

 A p*nis of similar temperature and texture to Jerome’s repeatedly stroked the sensitive spot in a long, entwining motion. If it had been a Master, Eden would have gladly accepted such a thing.

 Knowing this, she feels frustrated.

 As she felt so, the tentacle crawls up.

 Eden bites her lip harder at the sensation that flutters against her skin.

 Then she glares at Alexis.

 ”What’s wrong?”, Alexis asks.

 He couldn’t help to ask because he was glared with a hard and strong gaze.

 ”You look like you’re about to kill me.”

 But then, Alexis smiled.

 ”You’re trying to kill me with your eyes, huh? —Well, can’t help but kill me?”

 Alexis was smiling. It was a smile of reserve.

 Still, Eden looked at him more hatefully. The brother’s personal guard, who had never changed color… It was a sign of emotional turmoil. That’s the sign of upset.

 (—I see. Fransisca’s words are confirmed through experience)

 So, that’s what true. Fransisca was the first person to accept Alexis’s p*nis… reluctantly… and to be captivated by it.

 (Okay. What did I have to worry about?)

 Alexis takes a step or two toward Eden.

 Eden’s expression changes from hatred to fear. Awe. I see a glimpse of awe.

 ”You the worst…”

 Eden’s voice sounds like it’s trying to escape.

 Still, Alexis takes another step toward her.

 ”You beast…”

 Eden spits out words of rejection for Alexis.

 More and more, Eden’s mind is being stirred.

 However, Alexis’ p*nis, which had been stroking his inner thighs, finally—with a gentle lengthening movement—moves to Eden’s tightly closed folds of flesh at the end of her inner thighs.

 He inserts his glans into the folds to pry them open. It splits open, and a slick slime accepts the glans.

 As if doubt has been replaced by confidence, Alexis laughs, and Eden takes a gulp of air.

 ”You’re talking like you’re rejecting me. But you’re wet here, aren’t you?”

 He pokes Eden’s slickness with the tip of his glans, as if he is trying to be mean to her.

 And after a pout, Eden said.

 ”Shut…up… Shut up…”

 ”Yes, yes. How much longer are you going to put up with this?”

 Alexis moved closer to Eden, tracing the moist moist spot with his p*nis, and reached both hands to her breasts.

 First he strokes them gently. Then he grabs the pointed tips with his fingers and pulls hard.


 Eden did not make a sound.

 Instead he stared at Alexis.

 Alexis smiled.

 He put his prick toward the honey pot, which was oozing with her love juices.

 ”This place looks like it wants to take mine, doesn’t it?”


 ”Well, you’ll see when I put it in. Don’t you want to try it? Don’t you want to put your beloved master little brother’s cock in you?”


 Eden shook her head slowly.

 ”Even if I told you not to… you’d still do it…”

 ”Good answer,” Alexis replies.

 Then he slid his p*nis in just at the glans.


 Eden still did not make a sound.

 Instead, she took small breaths. Though her exhale was shaky.

 She told herself she didn’t want to feel. She doesn’t want to feel.

 It’s just—Alexis’s one was still very similar in shape, and Eden couldn’t help but be reminded of the familiar feeling of one.

 (This is… this is not… this is not giving in to him. It’s because it reminds me of Master. That’s… all…)

 Eden takes a deep breath, and told herself again.

 It’s okay.

 His p*nis is just longer.

 The rest is the same as Master’s.

 So, I can hold on. I can hold out until the end.

 It’s dirty and disgusting, but once I make her spit it out, he’ll give up, discouraged by his own incompetence.

 If Master does it to me, I will come if he continues to do it to me persistently.

 But his way disgusts me. This, goosebumps-like disgust. The disgust makes me less sensitive to it.

 (…it’s okay…)

 After thinking this, Eden stared at Alexis.

 Alexis had not yet moved his dick with his glans in it.

 ”…It’s not that… big of a deal…”

 Eden told him.

 ”Is that so?”

 Alexis answered. But the next moment.


 The p*nis swelled like a screw and stroked up the vaginal wall.

 ”—Ahh, ah…!?”

 Eden screams out unintentionally.

 Alexis laughs.

 His smile made Eden feel frustrated and hateful.

 ”No. What, this… It’s against rule… Ah, ahhh—ahhh—!”

 Eden realized her hips are shaking.

 It’s not something she can control. Forced, is the word that fits it best.

 ”What. What are you doing… Ah, ahhhh!!”

 Eden was shaking and trembling.

 The feeling of the p*nis moving freely in and out of her vagina was stimulating her in a way she had never experienced before.

 Then, when Alexis pulled out a p*nis, the tip of the p*nis pulled the vagina in a circular motion, and when he went deep into the vagina again, the tip of the p*nis stroked up and down as if licking the vagina from bottom to top.

 ”Hgiaaaaahhhh—Stop, stop—!”


 A squirt of water came out from the opened hole.

 Eden’s jaw was tilted back, her body was shaking, and she climaxed in a flash.


 Eden’s eyes turned even more hateful even though she had reached her climax.

 ”How is it? Have you changed your mind?”

 Alexis asks, and Eden shakes her head stubbornly.

 ”No! I won’t change, I won’t change it…!”

 ”I see. Then—”

 ”Hiii, hwaa, aaaaaahh!”

 Her near-exclamatory voice sounded like she was being tortured.

 Eden had probably never experienced such a strong sensation.

 The pleasure was like an electric shock that pushed her up again and again, and after repeating it six times, her eyes were glazed over.

 Drool trickled from her mouth, drenching the floor.

 Still Eden shakes her head weakly and says, “No…no”

 ”I’m not giving in… not giving in…”

 ”Really? You’ve come so hard, so many times.”

 ”I didn’t come… once, I didn’t come…!”

 Eden was stubborn, so Alexis thought, “Well, I’m going to make her cum a lot more, until she admits it”.

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