Avalon 111

Chapter 111

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 Alexis took Eden and descended into an uninhabited prison.

 The prison is attached to a small frontier fortress. Only three private rooms with bars are available, and the space where the guards are supposed to be is now empty.

 It is natural. There is not a single criminal to be guarded. In fact, there is no law to judge the criminals in Sagrado now, and it is not certain if there are any criminals at all.

 Such bandits who come from the outside to commit some kind of crime will not come near this place where there is nothing but pitch darkness. Even if they do, their destination is Krangal’s prison.

 Now, Alexis, who had a torch in his hand, goes to light the wall sconces and then opens one of the prisons.

 It is a bit dusty, but the shackles and fetters extending from the stone walls are rust-free and could be used.

 ”Well, Eden.”

 Alexis puts Eden in the cell and says to her.

 ”First, why don’t you take off that armor?”


 Eden nods meekly and puts her hands on the full body armor that covers her.

 One by one, the metal pieces fall to the stone floor with a clattering sound.

 She removes her armet and reveals a face from beneath that is more perfect than Alexis had imagined.

 Her face is definitely beautiful, though it seems to be a childish face with a hint of innocence, not quite appropriate for her age.

 Her hair, which was kept short above her shoulders, was a pale sky blue, and her large, sleepy-looking eyes were scarlet like those of dusk.

 Her body, which had been covered by her armored armor, is well proportioned, and if looking above her slender and toned waist, her breasts are as large as a full-sized bowl.

 This moderately toned body is covered by a simple and tight one-piece outfit.

 Her skirt has slits on both sides, revealing her white outer thighs.

 She was not wearing anything under the metal shoes she was wearing, and her bare feet were flat on the stone floor.

 ”…Is this Aniki’s hobby?”

 Eden was silent at Alexis’s thinly-laughing words.

 ”Well, okay. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to restrain you to prevent you from escaping.”

 Alexis says this before grabbing Eden’s arm and leading her to the wall of the prison. The shackles protruding from the wall are fastened to her hands and feet, and she is bound to the wall with her arms and legs spread wide apart.

 Eden does not change her color even in this situation, and she still turns her drowsy, dazed eyes toward Alexis, who does not know what she is thinking.

 After doing so, Alexis picked up her sword that was lying on the floor.

 He pulls it out of its scabbard and checks the tip.

 ”Hmm—Is this magic crystal sword? Dorothea must have forged it”

 ”She gave it to me when… I went to Avalon”

 ”I see”

 Alexis turns the tip of the sword toward Eden and lifts the corner of his lips.

 Eden’s eyes are as sleepy as ever as she stares back at Alexis, not moving a muscle of her face.

 ”…You’re not moving, huh? You have a lot of guts”

 Eden replied in silence.


 Alexis raises his sword and brings it down in a straight line.

 ”How about this?”

 Right in front of Alexis’ eyes, Eden’s clothes fall to the ground. Eden’s underwear is cut at the same time, so that her skin is exposed without a stitch of clothing.

 Her body is toned and yet moderately well-fleshed.

 Her milky-white breasts, which could fit in the palm of his hand, have small nipples pointing upward at the tips.

 Her waist is thin but firm, and muscles are faintly visible on her abdomen.

 The fact that there was not a single scar on her skin despite Alexis’ sword swinging down on her showed how skillful he was. Normally, this would have awed the audience.

 Eden, on the other hand, was not awe-struck but remained there without changing her color even though her navel and inverted triangular underhair, not to mention her breasts, were still visible to the naked eye.

 Alexis was impressed by her silence.

 ”I see that Aniki has chosen you to be his personal guard.”

 Alexis folded him arms and pondered.

 (She is such a fierce fighter. If I just give her pain by beating her with a whip…—She might endure it without a care in the world. So I have no choice but to do this…)

 Alexis is not a villain.

 But he has no choice but to keep her quiet, and he doesn’t think she is the kind of person who would bend to his will in a discussion.

 Still, just to be sure, Alexis ask.

 ”—Hey. Are you willing to cooperate with me?”


 Eden is silent.

 But she looks at him as if she wants to say, “Cooperate?”.

 ”—Yes. That means I’m not going to hand over control of Avalon to Krangal’s homeland. I don’t agree with my father’s idea.”

 ”…It’s not up to me. It’s up to… Master”

 ”…I see”

 ”Negotiations are broken, huh?” Alexis thinks.

 But he knew that from the beginning.

 ”If that so, I’m going to cause you as much pain as possible…”

 Alexis puts his hand on his pants and takes it off.

 He couldn’t stretch it well enough to get an erection—But, Eden’s naked body in front of him was good enough.

 So, he puts his hand on his crotch and let his tentacle slide out.

 Sure enough, even Eden’s reaction is visible, at least a slight opening of her eyes.

 ”—How is it? Surprised, aren’t you? Yes—My p*nis is a little bit special. It’s a lot different from Aniki, isn’t it?”

 Eden doesn’t answer. But this is a woman Jerome keeps close.

 So, it is safe to assume that they are involved in a physical relationship. That means she should be able to understand that Alexis’ object is an aberration.

 ”You went to Avalon, didn’t you? Then you should be able to understand what kind of a thing I’ve got. Mine is a bit, well, demonic…?”

 With a smirk on his face, Alexis slowly reaches out his tentacle toward Eden.

 When he pulls it close to her face, even Eden turns away.

 ”Haha. It’s not too late, you know? Come on, just cooperate with me”

 Somehow, I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

 Alexis thought to himself with a wan smile. But Eden…


 She grits her teeth and shakes her head.

 Then she turned to glare at Alexis with a sideways glance.

 ”…I will not give in. I will not give in… to anything…!”

 That’s what she says.

 ”Oh, yeah…?”

 Alexis smiled, although he was impatient inside, seeing the more stubborn attitude than he had imagined.

 ”A-Are you sure? There is no turning back, you know…?”

 ”…Fine. You can do whatever you want… But I will never… ever… give in to you…!”

 Eden looks at Alexis with a sharp look in her sleepy eyes.

 The face that seems to be open, but shows no openings at all.

 ”You had said it, okay…?”

 Alexis’ smile tightens.

 ”…Well then, I’m going to make you regret this…!”

 Alexis turns his stomach and presses his glans against Eden’s soft cheek.

 Eden lets out a small gasp.

 ”I’m going to give you a taste of my tentacle. And then I’m going to make you want to follow me.”

 Alexis had said so.

 And with this, he was truly a villain.

 He knew that, but she didn’t cooperate with him

 ”Yeah, well. From the moment I was born, I was incompatible with my Sparkle Brothers. And that probably won’t change until I die. Then I’ll do it—you’re as evil to me as I am to you.”

 Was I speaking to Eden, or to myself?

 Alexis himself wasn’t sure.

 But anyway, Alexis decides to rape Eden and moves his tentacle, which were pressed against her cheek, all the way down.

 He lets his glans trace over her elastic skin.

 But it is better not to touch her face too much. If he does, she may recoil and bite him. Though her arms and legs are restrained, she should not be able to move her arms and legs below the neck.

 (Now, I’m going to rape her until she cries and begs for more.)

 Alexis thought, and gulped.

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