Avalon 113

Chapter 113 [Personal Guard] Torture with a Tentacle until the Heart Breaks, Part Two

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 After that, Alexis continued to torture Eden’s vagina over and over again.

 Whenever she reached a certain point, he would stop and ask her if she had come, but she insisted that she had not.

 After repeating this over and over again, Alexis was ejaculating before he could get her to give in.

 The p*nis thrusting deep into her vagina spurts out a violent cloud of white cum, causing Eden’s abdomen to bulge out.

 ”Haah, haah, haah”

 By this time, Eden’s mouth was still drooling, her eyes were dim, and her face was staring at the floor.

 Her restrained limbs were wobbling, and she could hardly hide her trembling.

 Still, she is a stubborn person.

 ”Is it over…? It’s not as bad… as I thought”

 Because she said that, Alexis thought he would make her regret it.

 So, he pulled his dick out of Eden.

 Then, a white mist flowed out from Eden’s open vagina to the floor, staining the floor white.

 Eden’s secret hole has been holding Alexis’ p*nis for a long time, so that it is still open, and the white stain is still flowing out from it.

 ”…Fufu. I’m not going to give in…”

 Eden declares her victory in a weak voice.

 But Alexis smiles at her and puts his hand on his p*nis, which is beginning to swell again.

 ”—Hmm? It’s not over yet, okay?”


 Eden’s color changes.

 Just as she was relieved that it’s finally over, this is what she gets.

 ”No— no more…”

 It seems that even Eden’s stronghold that had been iron-clad has crumbled.

 ”No, no, no more, please…”

 Eden’s head comes down reluctantly, and her face is stiff with fear as she begins to plead with him.

 ”No, I won’t stop,” Alexis replies, inserting his cock into her again.

 *Thrust! Her open vagina readily accepts Alexis’ tentacle.

 Since she is already sloppy with her body fluids such as semen and love juice, it is even easier for him to insert the tentacle.

 ”Aren’t you all messed up, here?”

 Alexis says as he pistons her cock, making it undulate.

 ”Come on, you’ve got to get it in there, or you’re never going to finish, okay?”

 ”No, no, no—”

 Eden is forced to feel again, though she doesn’t want to.

 Oh—it’s coming back. That torturous pleasure.

 For how long? For how long?

 When Eden realizes this, she loses herself.

 ”No, no more…! Please, please, let me go! Please, forgive me, I beg you!”

 The taciturn Eden sobs like a child and begs.

 ”Forgive you? So, do you want to cooperate with me? Does that mean you promise to keep quiet about Avalon to Aniki?”

 Alexis grabs Eden’s bangs but she cries out, “Ahhh!” A moan of pleasure.

 It seems that any stimulation is now turned into pleasure because it is mixed with the violent pleasure from the p*nis that is still gaping and fucking her vagina.

 ”Look, how do you behave? What you’re doing now—it’s a sight to see. I’d like to show it to Aniki.”

 Alexis smiles wickedly, and Eden’s expression turns pale.

 ”Don’t— don’t— No—”


 ”No, I can’t, betray, Master—”

 ”Oh. You’re stubborn, aren’t you? —Well, it looks like you haven’t cum yet, right?”

 Alexis resumed pistoning.

 There was a gurgling sound, and her vagina was no longer opening and closing, and her love juice was splashing out.

 ”Haohhh, ahhhhh— It’s coming, cominggg…”

 At last Eden confessed.

 ”I said I still coming, forgive me, forgive me, ah, ahhhhh-!!”

 While begging for forgiveness, Eden seems to have reached another climax.

 Eden’s expression of debauchery appears again, and Alexis asks a mean question to her.

 ”—Hey. What do you think? Which cock do you like better, mine or Aniki’s?”

 ”Ah, no, no!”

 Eden shakes her head and bursts into tears.

 ”Don’t make me say it… I’ll obey you, I’ll cooperate with you…”

 ”…You said it well”

 Alexis takes his hand out of Eden’s bangs.

 Eden’s head drops, and her chest rises and falls.

 But her eyes are vacant and her mouth is slackly open, showing a hint of relief that the session is finally over.

 ”—Well then”

 Alexis held her hips with his hands and resumed pistoning. But this time slowly and carefully.


 Eden’s relieved expression changes.

 ”It— I’ll hooperate with you…”

 ”…Yeah. But I haven’t gotten it out yet. And you’ve been feeling so much roughness that you haven’t had much fun either, have you?”

 ”Hwehh… Fun, mmm…”

 ”What are you talking about?” For a moment, Eden gives him a glimpse as if she’s trying to say so. But the next moment, a tingling sensation spreads around her abdomen, and her expression melts instantly.

 ”Hwahh—uh, ah, ahhh—”

 (No way. Is such pleasure… possible…?)

 Eden couldn’t do anything but to let Alexis penetrate her.

 She couldn’t suppress her voice any longer.

 ”Hwahhh, haah, ah, ahhh—!”

 Her whole body shakes again.

 Eden can feel her womb contracting, shaking hotly with pleasure.

 Her womb is pleasuring her.

 It fills her whole body with a hot, numbing pleasure.

 ”Fugyaaa, wahaaaaa—Amazing, uuhh, ah, don’t… If it like this—”

 Eden was sobbing. Her eyes were closed as she cried.

 She felt a strong, clothed man’s chest against her breast.

 His breath hangs in her bangs.


 —It’s different.

 The smell. The breath. The way his chest feels against her breast, everything’s different.

 (I’m sorry, Master. I’m sorry…)

 Eden buries her face in the man’s chest. Then she murmurs.

 ”Haah, haah, I’m going to cum…”

 Eden thrust her hips as far as they would go and pressed her loins against the man’s groin.

 ”Cumming, it’s out—Ahh, cwummmming, hwaaaaaa”

 There was no longer any light in Eden’s eyes as she thrust her hips out, eagerly trying to swallow Alexis’ cock deep inside her.

 Her eyes were those of a beast, selflessly devouring the pleasure in front of her.

 ”—That’s good. Come on. It’s your reward for enduring so much. I’m going to make you cum so good.”

 Alexis whispered to Eden, also breathing heavily.

 Then Eden’s vagina, which had been sloppily opening, tightened up.

 ”Yaaaahhh—Cwumming, it’s cwommmmwing—”

 As Eden’s cervix trembled with her climax, Alexis poked it again and again, shaking it.

 He puts his glans into the opening of Eden’s cervix, and shakes it as if she tries to hook the glans. The action seemed to give her pleasure, and Eden was wiggling her body again and again.

 ”Haaaaah, ah, fugyuaaaah!”

 Eden’s chin is averted and her lips are open.

 Eden’s head was blank from the waves of sustained climaxes.

 (I want sperm… I want sperm…!)

 She turns her flirtatious eyes to Alexis with her female instinct.

 ”Sperm, please… put it in me…”

 Saying that, Eden squeezes her hips against him.

 ”Haah, haah… But it’s not Aniki, you know? Is it okay if it’s mine?”

 Alexis asks between breaths, and Eden nods her head.

 ”Yes… put it in, put it in, put it out inside…”

 Alexis again slid his cock into her cervix as Eden told him to do.

 The ring-like tightness of the opening of her cervix, and the squeezing tightness that Eden must have been consciously tightening, made Alexis’ aroused at once.

 ”Okay, I will put it out. I’m going to make you drink it.”


 Alexis poured his semen directly into Eden’s womb.

 ”Yes, hwahh, hwahhhh—”

 His long tentacle pulsate as he pours a huge amount of hot white sperm directly into the depths of her uterus.

 For Ede, it was the first time in her life that she had ever experienced such an experience, and at the same time, it must have been an experience that pleased all of her female instincts…

 For a while Eden was lost in herself, enjoying the sensation of Alexis’ spit filling her womb.

 They remained connected for a while.

 And after some time, Eden regains her senses and gasps when she sees Alexis’ crotch still inserted and her belly bulging out.


 Eden stays silent, only blushing a little red behind her ears.

 She seems to be back to her taciturn self again, but her appearance has changed drastically from the first time.

 There is not hatred, disgust, or indifference, but a shameful silence.

 Then, with a squelch, Alexis pulls out his dick.

 Alexis smiled thinly as he looked at the white slime that trickled down.

 ”Did it feel good?”


 Eden remained silent and bit her lip.

 That wasn’t me. It can’t be me. Her eyes turn to Alexis as if to say so.

 Her expression is not a sleepy blank one, but a glaring one, as if she is staring at with emotion.

 At this sight, Alexis was sure that she had changed.

 ”Can you stand up? If you can stand and walk, I’ll bring you a coat and you can go straight to the bathroom.”

 ”Don’t be ridiculous…”

 Eden said in a quiet voice.

 ”I, you, hate…. I’ll tell Master…”

 ”What?” said Alexis. He smiles, and Eden is startled.

 ”—-… yes, I’ll tell it, I’ll definitely…”

 ”I forgave you because you said you would obey me earlier, right? If you’re going to backtrack, you know you have to be prepared to do so, right?”

 When Alexis smiles at her, Eden’s lips purse into a tight line.


 An unyielding will.

 Eden gives that look again.

 Anyway, after putting on his pants, Alexis removes her shackles.

 Eden almost fell down on the spot, but she quickly held on to the wall as her back was against it. However, her feet are shaking and she will not be able to walk for a while.

 Eden, however, is trying desperately to stand up, perhaps not wanting Alexis to see this.

 Seeing this, Alexis returned the kiss and told Eden.

 ”Uh…I’ll get a coat, but I may be a little late. Wait there for a while. No one will be here anyway.”

 After saying these words, Alexis left the place without Eden.

 Eden waited until there was no sign of anyone, and then sat down as if she were going to fall off.

 ”…—Why I must… wait for you…”

 Eden muttered in a hushed voice and bit her lip tightly.

 But knowing her strength, she just wait until Alexis come.

 Moreover, her own body, which could do nothing but obey him, was also frustratingly frustrating.

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