Avalon 114

Chapter 114

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 While Alexis is tormenting Eden, Fransisca is visiting Jerome.

 She knocked on Jerome’s door and received a reply, “Yes”.

 ”Jerome-sama. Sorry to disturb you, it’s Fransisca.”

 As Fransisca calls out politely, the door opens and Jérôme tells her to come in for a word.


 Fransisca nods without thinking and enters Jerome’s room.

 As she enters, Fransisca closes the door behind her.

 Perhaps because his stay was still short, Jérôme’s room had the appearance of a guest room.

 A single bed, a two-seater small table, a wooden chest of drawers, and a closet. On the floor, there is a carpet.

 Jerome was just sitting in a chair enjoying a cup of tea.

 When he saw Fransisca, he suggested, “I will call the servant and arrange for tea”.

 ”No, please don’t trouble yourself. I will leave as soon as the conversation is over.”

 Fransisca smiled and said this.

 Jerome’s expression was somewhat discontented, though he meant it as a sign of concern. However, he said, “Oh…I understand” and immediately smiled.

 ”Well, please have a seat there at least.”


 Fransisca nodded and went to sit down on a chair as Jerome had instructed.

 At the same time, Jerome stood up and walked toward Fransisca and smiled at her.

 ”It’s hard for you to sit down, isn’t it? I’ll take your sword.”


 Fransisca blinks and remembers that Alexis had told him to wear the sword belt.

 A magic sword made of magic crystal still hangs from a belt around her waist.

 Indeed, when she sits on a chair, the sheath makes a clinking sound against the chair. —Still.

 ”No, thank you.”

 Fransisca replied with a smile.

 ”Thank you for your concern. But Alexis-sama told me to do this.”


 ”Yes. He told me to bring my sword”


 Jerome’s expression turned slightly.

 ”He…knows me so well,” he said, inwardly.

 But he still keeps a smile on his face and lets out a laugh, “Hahaha”.

 ”A sword in the safety of this fortress? Who does he want you to fight?”


 After tilting her head, Fransisca thought better of it and slapped her palm.

 ”…Ah… Maybe it’s Jerome-sama. When I was under Krangal’s care, I had always heard that Jerome-sama had a talent for fighting. But I may be no match for him on that day. However, I have been training in Avalon for some time now. —Would you like to play a game now?”

 Fransisca stood up, looking motivated.

 This made Jerome panic.

 ”No, no, thank you! As you can see, I don’t even have a sword…”

 Jerome points to his waist.

 Fransisca’s eyes twinkled as she noticed that there was nothing hanging there.

 ”…Ah… Then we can’t play the game, can we?”

 ”Yes, of course. Let’s talk about it some other time, shall we?”

 ”Yes. I understand.”

 Seeing Fransisca nodding her head, Jerome sat down again at his seat across the table with a relieved look on his face.

 Seeing that Fransisca was also seated, Jerome broached the subject, “By the way”.

 ”Have you finished checking?”

 ”Yes. It was the real one.”

 ”I-I see”

 Jerome’s smile tightens.

 The question of how and what she had confirmed comes to his throat.

 Then he thinks that he should ask Eden, and realizes that his own personal guard is not here.

 ”…By the way, where is Eden?”

 ”She is with Alexis-sama.”

 ”…With Alexis? Why?”

 ”Fufu. What do you think?”

 Fransisca was in a very good mood, which made Jerome pause.

 ”W-What’s that?”

 ”Anyway, it’s a very good thing. I envy Eden-san”

 Fransisca is laughing, which makes Jerome even more puzzled.

 ”No, what is he doing… I told Eden to come back immediately.”

 ”Did you? If so, won’t she be back when her business with Alexis-sama is over?

 Fransisca smiled at Jerome.

 But Jerome felt a strange impatience. After, it was Eden. It was hard to believe that Eden would put anything else before his orders.

 Even if Alexis had something to say to her, shouldn’t she come to him first, his master?

 When this is mentioned, Fransisca responds.

 ”This is why I am here to report to you, instead of Eden-san”

 ”…Princess Fransisca?”

 ”Yes,” she nodded.

 At this point, Jerome was becoming increasingly suspicious.

 He could not believe that Eden would send Fransisca on an errand instead of her.

 Maybe something terrible was happening to her?

 But Fransisca says it’s a “It was good thing. I envy her”.

 ”A-And, what do you mean, “good thing”?”

 ”Uh, well… That’s…”

 Fransisca was thinking.

 Should she tell him or not?

 But Alexis had told her that she must not let Jerome know about the s*xual relationship. But she had heard that it had already been told, albeit in a distorted way, through the mouth of a maid. That is why he told her it was OK to do it in front of Eden.

 That means… that is to say…. It’s okay to confide in him, right?

 ”…About naughty things”

 Fransisca’s cheeks were stained with shame, and she answered in a muffled voice.


 Jerome was extremely confused.

 What does she mean by ‘naughty’? What is it? What’s going on?

 Why does Princess Fransisca say it so shyly and happily? Something is wrong. And why does Eden respond?

 ”Oh, um… I’d like to take a look around—”

 Jerome knew that this was no time to mess with Fransisca.

 In fact, he had planned to call Eden into his room and then, once she was in the mood, he would push her down.

 Anyway, he got up from the chair and tried to tell her that she should leave for the day.

 ”Oh, no, you shouldn’t!”

 Fransisca stood up and stood blocking the door.

 ”You mustn’t disturb Alexis-sama.”

 Fransisca says seriously.

 ”What are you talking about, Princess?”

 Jerome was left dumbfounded.

 ”Alexis, my brother, is doing something bad. He’s messing with a woman, a vassal, and that’s not good.”

 ”I see… I understand. It’s wrong for a third party to touch a vassal.”

 Fransisca speaks as if she has never heard of this before.

 Jerome knew that she was not familiar with gender issues from the beginning.

 This lack of knowledge about gender makes him feel uneasy, but more than that, he now understands that it is indeed a bad thing. It should be.

 ”So, Alexis must be stopped.”

 Jerome says, and Fransisca shakes her head.

 ”No, there is no need to stop him.”

 ”W-What are you talking about…!”

 Jerome wanted to hold his head.

 No doubt. Princess Fransisca is crazy. She’s crazy. He was sure of it.

 ”…Step aside, princess. It seems you’re disturbed. You’re distracted by Alexis.”

 ”No, I’m not. I am in my right mind, Jerome-sama.”

 Fransisca smiled deceptively as she rested her hand on the hilt of the sword at her waist. Then, she added.

 ”…Well, perhaps you are right, Jerome-sama, maybe Alexis-sama has made me mad.”


 Jerome was taken aback.

 At this response, Fransisca says, “But…”.

 ”…Whether he is good or evil, it does not matter. I have decided to follow Alexis-sama. From the beginning… all the way.”


 Jerome is stunned.

 So, it turns out, she is not the victim of blackmail.

 She is Alexis’s accomplice.

 However, Jerome’s body is filled with a seething rage when he realizes this.

 ”…That guy. That fucking brother. He’s as clever as ever…!”

 Jerome could no longer keep his smile.

 Seeing the fury burning in his eyes, Fransisca clenched her fist tightly around the hilt.

 ”…Jerome-sama. I understand now. I understand now why Alexis-sama wanted me to wear the sword.”

 Then, in a calm voice, Fransisca tells him.

 ”It was to stop you. Jerome-sama.”


 Jerome had lost his temper.

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