Avalon 208

Chapter 208 [Personal Guard] Make Her Sitting on a Restraining Chair and Torture Her

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 As they walk, Eden’s soggy secret place rubs itself.

 ”Haah, haah, Haah…”

 Eden’s eyes were wide.

 The sensation was so faint and frustrating that she felt she would lose all sense of reason.

 But now they are in the town. Eden has to keep up with Alexis.

 She also almost staggered, but Alexis hugged her waist.


 However, this mere touch sent a tingle of pleasure like a jolt of electricity through her body.


 It made Eden lean closer to Alexis.

 Normally, this would not be an unusual action.

 As they walked past, people passed by here and there.

 Even to the relatively open-minded people of the Dushan Kingdom, Eden must look like one half of an overindulged couple.

 Despite this understanding, Eden is unable to keep her distance from Alexis.

 After all, her head is foggy. She wants him to screw her quickly. Everything she can think is just that thought.

 Moreover, her body is on fire after being teased and prodded for so long, and she feels like she can reach her goal with the most superficial stimuli.

 ”Master… Hey… Master… Where? Quickly…”

 Eden asked Alexis quietly but surely. Where are they going?

 At these words, Alexis smiles.

 ”Where do you think?”

 ”Ah… Anywhere is fine. Master… More than that…”

 Eden presses her body against him.

 Eden gives him a horny look, even in the middle of a town like this.

 ”Screw me. Please…”

 She whispered so that no one around her would notice.

 But even if she does, the eyes of those around her still come to her.

 It’s gratuitously uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean Eden can’t stand it anymore.

 However, Eden is unaware of something.

 She did not realize that if she took off her armor, she would have the good looks to catch the eyes of everyone around her.

 Especially in this country, both Eden and Alexis have light-colored skin. They stand out even more because of their foreign appearance.

 ”You are a bad girl to try to seduce me in a place like this.”

 Eden’s heart flutters just as Alexis says this.

 ”Then I’ll have to punish you.”

 At that moment, Eden’s heartthrobs.

 —Punishment. It sounds so sweet.

 She knows it’s no good. But she just doesn’t want to admit it.

 However, she didn’t want to cum earlier. After all, she wants Alexis to make her cum. That’s what her desire is.

 ”Punish me, Master. I want you to do many bad things to me with your cock. Please, Master… Please…”

 From her words, Eden wanted to cum like that so badly.

 At that, Alexis laughed and nodded, saying, “I guess I have no choice.”

* * *

 Alexis took Eden to the outskirts of town.

 The decision to go there had already been made when he took her out.

 This was after they had gotten a place to stay. As Alexis left the room after finishing his usual work with Maria early, he overheard a chat between the innkeeper and a guest just as he passed by.

 —There is a deserted jail on the outskirts of this town, which has become a playground for children.

 Alexis hears this rumor that the lord plans to demolish it soon because of its inaccessibility and the deteriorating public order.

 Thus, the building standing quietly on the outskirts of the town was exactly what he had expected.

 With thick, solid stone walls and an entrance that is completely off-door and open to all.

 ”What is this place?”

 With Eden’s eyebrows twitching, Alexis walks in with her.

 It is late at night, and the place is deserted. It is pitch-dark inside, with the only light coming from the moon shining through the narrow window.

 But when Alexis finds a Cantera on an old table beside the room, he lights it up.

 It seemed to have some old oil left in it, and the fire lit up and illuminated the area.

 When he looked at Eden, she was fidgeting and rubbing her feet together.

 Their eyes meet, and she gives him a look of lustful desire.

 ”Haah, haah. Master… Are you done… yet?”

 ”Well, take your time. This way.”

 Alexis went to the back.

 Eden spat and followed him.

* * *

 At the back, they found the room Alexis had expected.

 A large, square space with ceiling beams attached to the ceiling, chains connecting the walls to the fetters. A hard stone bed and a chair with restraints attached to it were still in place.

 ”What is this place?”

 Even Eden gasps.

 ”It’s what people call a torture room,” Alexis replied.

 ”But it’s been turned into a children’s playground, so the adults leave it alone. And I thought they would have cleaned it up before they closed it down… well, sure enough. Hmm, this chair looks like it could come in handy”

 ”Eh…! A-A chair?”

 Eden flinched.

 Despite her hesitation, Alexis cheerfully checks the chair’s railing and the restraints attached to its feet.

 ”Okay, it looks fine.”

 Alexis puts the cantera in his hand on the floor and beckons Eden to him.

 ”Now, let’s take your clothes off.”


 Eden gulped.

 But her answer was too short-lived.

 ”As you wish.”

 She reaches for the dress she is wearing.

 With a soft rustling sound, she removes her clothes.

 The skin hidden underneath is moist, sweaty, and slightly flushed with excitement and expectation.

 Now, she removes her panties as if to show them off.

 And as soon as the fabric separates from her secret place, a thick and nasty mucus starts to drip down from her.

 ”—Hmmm,” Alexis smiles.

 ”It’s like your cunt is peeing itself.”

 Eden nodded, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

 ”M-Master… If I don’t have your cock… It’s hard to stop….”

 ”It’s a tricky pussy.”

 Alexis’ voice sounded so disgusted, but Eden felt so good.

 However, he beckons her to come to him, and she nods her head, eyes full of lust.

 When she walks up to him, Alexis pulls her arm and makes her sit on the chair.

 He then restrains her with bindings so that her legs are spread open. This gives him a full view of her vaginal hole, which is open and still dripping her love juice.

 ”Oh, quickly. Quickly, Master… Please torture my hole…!”

 She begs expectantly, and Alexis puts his hand on his pants.

 When doing this, he could see her eyes widen and shine. She must have been waiting for it.

 ”Ah, Master…!”

 She wriggles her hips while her limbs are immobilized.

 And just as he reached out his p*nis toward her and pressed it against her secret place, in the next moment…


 Her body convulses. Clear liquid spurts out from her secret hole, soaking the chair.

 ”Huhi, ahh…!”

 Her body trembles, and her face turns pale with ecstasy.

 ”…I didn’t even put it in yet. But did you cum?”

 Her body is trembling as if Alexis’ voice is pleasuring her.

 ”Haah… Yes…I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Please, don’t leave me… Put it in, Master… Please… your cock, more…!”

 There was no way that her body, which had been tortured to the limit, could be satisfied with just one penetration.

 ”Torture me. Please torture me with your cock, Master…!”

 Alexis sighs as she begs with a rapturous look on her face.

 ”You’re such a helpless cunt!”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry. Don’t leave me, Master…! Master…!”

 She’s bursting into tears.

 —But of course, Alexis didn’t want to stop there.

 ”Oh, I can’t help it. I’m going to have to punish you for this, okay?”

 He laughs, and Eden’s expression turns joyful.

 He stretches his p*nis again and presses it against the honey pot. Eden’s bottom opens her mouth as if to guide it, so it slides it in.

 He then stroked the soft walls of her vagina in a twisting motion.

 At this moment, her body trembled, and her vagina began to suck hard.

 ”Haaaaahhh…! Cumming… Cummmmming…!!!”

 Eden shakes her head no, with tears streaming down her face as if the stimulation is too much.

 But when Alexis pushed his p*nis further into her, Eden felt a tingling sensation rising up from the depths of her body, and her body convulsed violently.


 She turns her chin away, and her body, fixed to the chair, jumps up and down.

 ”Ah…! That’s, that’ssss…!”

 Eden moves her hips.

 ”I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming again!”

 Another gush of clear liquid comes out from the joint.

 It seems that she is continuously coming.

 ”Haguuuuh…! I’m sorry, please forgive me, mmm, nnoh, mhaouhh!”

 Again and again, her body jumps up and down.

 ”Mastwer… that’s… again… Amazing, fugu, fuguuu, cumming again, cummingggg!!”

 Eden was tied to a chair and penetrated by Alexis’ tentacle, cumming repeatedly.

 Her eyes had lost all reason, and she had developed a habit of cumming, twitching, and jerking even when she had stopped moving her body.

 Her vagina was also squeezing the whole rod.

 Still, Alexis poked her cervix, and her body jolted again.

 ”Nnnhaaaa…! Hahiii…! I’m going to die! I’m going to die…!”

 Eden’s eyes go fuzzy, and she pleads breathlessly.

 ”Should I stop?”

 Alexis asked. But Eden answered, “Don’t stop.”

 ”Kill me over. Screw me to death, Master……!”

 At her urging, he pushed his tentacle p*nis deep into her uterus.


 She reached again, this time with great intensity.

 After that, Alexis poured his semen as much as possible into her.

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