Avalon 207

Chapter 207 [Personal Guard] Make Her Obey the Orders in the Outdoor

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 Why had Alexis taken her out?

 Eden did not know.

 She obeys her Master and walks along the town streets for a while.

 There are few signs of people, perhaps because the sun is setting.

 Still, here and there, there are streetlights and open stores, which cast light on the town.

 The town of the Dushan Kingdom is different from those of Sagrado and Krangal.

 For one thing, many stores are open relatively late. Another is that there is a public water plant and an artificial river.

 Although she was with her Master, Eden was not in the mood to enjoy it.

 Thus, walking through the town without helmets, armor, or weapons made her feel very uneasy.

 She feels so insecure that she tends to slump down.

 In the meantime, she found herself in a place with few people.

 It was a narrow back street, without a streetlight, passing between houses. On the left is a waterfront, where the water’s surface reflects the light from the street lamps.

 ”You don’t get used to it, do you? Walking outside without armor?”

 Alexis stopped and asked her.

 She nodded her head a little hesitantly.

 But after a while, Alexis still stands even though she has answered, and Eden feels uneasy.

 ”…You still don’t ask me anything, do you?”


 ”Don’t you want to ask me where I’m going or why I took you out at this hour?”

 Alexis’ question leaves Eden in a quandary.

 (Of course, I might be a little curious. No, I take it back. I don’t care. It’s what Master does. Nevertheless, my anxiety finally rises to my throat.)

 The anxiety of being taken to a place like this without weapons or armor and the night breeze is fantastic on her bare unprotected skin. She is afraid it will take her heart with it.

 But it is a lousy vassal to worry about everything her Lord does. And she doesn’t want to be a bad vassal.

 So this uneasy feeling, this feeling of wanting to ask back, is nothing but a hindrance.

 With these thoughts, Eden was just silent.

 But Alexis’ eyes are not averted. There was nothing he could do. However, eventually, Eden answers in a muffled voice.

 ”…what the Master does. I just follow it”

 Suddenly, Alexis laughs.

 ”So I can do whatever I want to you, then?”

 Alexis has a grin on his face. This gave Eden a bad feeling.

 As Eden is about to leave, Alexis walks up to her.

 ”Put your hands on the wall and turn your hips toward me”

 Eden is terribly upset but swallows it down.

 She glances over the designated wall.

 The first floor seems to be a storefront, and the windows are completely darkened, but there is another window on the second floor, lit.

 On the other hand, the house on the other side also has a light on the second floor.

 She does not know what he is going to do. But it must be shady.

 If someone looks down on her, they might see her. Because of this, her anxiety is growing worse and worse, and she feels as if she is going to be crushed.

 But she swallows it down and obeys her Lord’s command.

 She puts her hands on the wall and turns her hips to the side, and she feels Alexis walk up to her.

 As she felt this, her chest tightens and she feels like she’s going to freeze.

 She gasps for air. But then, she feels a hand on her buttocks through the cloth, and she twitches involuntarily.


 Eden bite her lip and gasp for air.

 She feels the fabric rubbing against her bottom.


 Her body stiffens with tension, and she feels suffocated.

 Despite the fact that she is in the open air, she can feel his hand lifting up her skirt, even if she can’t see it.

 ”Here, outside…”

 Eden finally speaks up.

 After all, she has a terrible aversion to anxious feelings.

 It makes her focus on the outside, makes all of her senses acute.

 ”Yeah, I know”

 Still, Alexis’ fingertips reach out and touch the panties she is wearing.

 The word “stop” rises to her throat, but Eden can’t say it.

 Instead, she closes her eyes tightly.

 However, she feels her panties slipping down.

 Now, with her skirt lifted up, her lower half of her body is exposed.

 She told herself that it was her Master’s deed, but she was not at all ashamed of it.

 No, her anxiety is greater than her embarrassment.

 She is even uneasy because of the lack of armor, and being forced to be even more defenseless makes her feel even more anxious. She feels her heart pounding louder in her chest.

 ”Turn around,” Alexis tells her.

 But if she does that, she exposes not only her buttocks but also her front.

 She thought so, but she obeyed his words, even though she knew that.

 Now, she feels even more tense and breathless.

 Even though she is outdoors, she is exposed her lower half of her body, and Alexis is looking at her with a smirk on his face.

 As she struggled to catch her breath, Alexis’s hand pointed at Eden.

 ”Take it off. I can do anything I want to you, can’t I?”


 Eden looks around, fidgeting.

 It’s not surprising that anyone could come in here and watch them from anywhere.

 The thought makes Eden do as he’s told.

 ”So, what do you do?”

 Alexis’ smile pierces her skin.

 ”As you wish…”

 At last she says, Eden pulls on her own clothes.

 She strips off her clothes, exposing her skin to the open air.

 Her lips trembled, her eyes were moist, and her skin was hot. In addition, her body stiff, and her breathing shallow.

 Seeing this, Alexis can tell that she is very nervous.

 But she still obeyed Alexis’ order this far.

 However, such an obedient girl is not boring to him.


 Alexis lifts the edge of his lips.

 If she’s willing to go this far despite all this, it’s quite a feat. It’s very titillating.

 A smirk is probably leaking out of his face.

 But knowing this, he looks at her as she stands there, not hiding her body.

 Her white skin is well toned, revealing the muscles of her abdominal muscles.

 Her breasts are large enough to lie flat on their sides, well-shaped, and her nipples are pointed upward and assertive.

 Eden was biting her lips and breathing in a stifled manner with her face downcast. Her breath was uneven and trembling.

 ”Nice view,” Alexis laughs.

 ”Now that you mention it. Show me how you masturbate here.”


 Eden’s breath catches.

 ”…as you wish, huh?”

 At his urging, she finally says, as if to let it out.

 ”…Where is “As you wish…?””

 Eden’s hands trembled as she reached for her own breasts.

 She pinched and rubbed the hardened nipples.

 ”Mmm—mmm, hmm…”

 Her stifled voice soon began to leak out.

 ”Eh… Mm, mmm, haah, mmm…”

 Eden’s moist, wet eyes are shaking as she lets out a voice that is a mixture of confusion.

 She is confused by her body’s unusual sensitivity.

 ”Ah… ah, kuh…”

 Her eyes are melting.

 She also has a look of frustration on her face.

 Still, Alexis smiles and squats down in front of Eden.

 ”Let me see what’s going on over here”

 With these words, he moves his hand to the pubic area.

 He parted and spread her tightly-closed secret passage to the left and right, and looked closely at her most embarrassing part.

 Although it is dark, he can barely see it by the light reflected from the surface of the water.

 ”Ah, Master…”

 Eden finally let out a protesting voice.

 But she could not say anymore.

 She just moved her legs.

 In the meantime, Alexis spreads her pubic region open, and looks at her moist, wet secret.

 Her red, ripe clitoris is burning with shame and moving with a heckling motion. Her clitoris is erect, and its head peeks out from its skin greedily. Clear mucus strings flowed, wetting the ground.

 ”Wow… you’re so wet, so wet…”

 ”Mmm, ah—”

 Eden keeps running her hand over her breast. She doesn’t ask to stop.

 ”You should be scared of being undressed in a place like this, but you’re so slippery here. Your bottom mouth is twitching. Do you want me to put something in you so bad?”

 In the open air, in complete safety, she is verbally tortured, trying to find the right spot on her breast, fighting back the anxiety that threatens to overwhelm her.

 Still, Eden pinched her hard nipples hard, wanting to torture herself for feeling pleasure in such a place.


 Eden’s hips lift up in anticipation of the unexpected pleasure.

 ”Hwahhh—ah, Master…”

 She can’t stop her hips from shaking.

 —I can’t help it.

 Eden’s head goes white.

 ”Master, don’t tease me again. Haah, haah… Touch me, Master…”

 A plea out of reason.

 ”Can’t you hold on any longer?”

 Alexis said accusingly, pinching Eden’s clit with his fingertips as if he were chastising her.


 Her knees buckle, but she manages to get to her feet and brace herself.

 ”Don’t do it… My voice, it’s coming out. Stop that!”

 ”Then, just keep your mouth shut”

 Eden did as she was told and quickly covered her mouth with both hands.

 Naked and with her mouth covered, she is touched by the man in her secret place.

 Alexis did not touch her clitoris gently at all. He pinched her clitoris even harder.

 Eden’s hips jumped up and down several times as he pinched her clitoris harder and harder.

 (Ah, make me cum! Please make me cum!)

 Eden screamed in her mind.

 The pleasure is so strong that she feels like she is going to break, but the stimulation is too strong for her to reach the goal.

 She tries to pull her hips away.

 But Alexis pulls her back.

 Thinking that she had disobeyed her Master, she turned pale.

 ”Didn’t you tell me I can do what I want?”

 Eden almost shudders as she hears Alexis’ reproachful voice.

 ”I’m sorry…”

 The apology stops mid-sentence.

 But Alexis didn’t let her apologize.

 Instead, he pinches her clitoris and inserts a finger into her vaginal opening.


 She tried her best to keep her voice down.

 And Eden was aware of her own loud voice. Therefore, she struggles to keep her voice down.

 ”If you even speak up… That’s a penalty.”

 Alexis said this, and Eden became more and more unable to make a sound.

 Now, Alexis’ finger was inserted into her vagina and moved to push her bladder.

 This made Eden feel impatient.

 The urge to urinate rises along with the pleasure, and she wants to move her hips. However, she cannot refuse her touch. She cannot resist.

 (Master, don’t do that. I have to pee…)

 Eden wish she could say it out loud, but she can’t.

 And if she removes her hand now, she will gasp in a moment.

 ”Mmm, mmm… Mmmmmmmm…”

 With her mouth sealed with her hand, Eden could only let out a muffled sound.

 But there was no other way to resist, and in no time at all she was unable to hold back.


 Unable to warn him, she becomes incontinent.

 A puddle spreads around her feet.

 As she feels discouraged and almost deathly embarrassed, Alexis stands up and smiles at her.

 ”Oh, I can’t believe you finally peed your pants. It’s a terrible thing to do outside”


 Eden exclaimed. She realizes that he is doing to her.

 Horrible, she want to say so, but she can’t.

 While thinking so, Alexis pulled her closer.

 She leans her back against him, and his hands reach for her breasts.


 Her nipples were pinched, and her whole body trembled with an electric pleasure.

 ”Fuuuh—fuuuh, fuuuh…!”

 She breathed hard.

 And at last she couldn’t hold back her tears, and they welled up on her cheeks.

 Still, Alexis’ hands were on her breasts.

 ”Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm!!”

 In a complete change from before, she almost reaches her climax this time.

 Eden tries hard to stop herself from coming.

 She doesn’t want to cum.

 She had not even been penetrated by Alexis’s p*nis yet, and she did not want to reach her goal with just her breasts.

 She also shake her head no. But it was not enough to resist.

 Finally, she flailed her legs to get away from Alexis’ hands.

 ”Oh,” Alexis’ eyes widen, and Eden, still naked, clutches at her chest.

 ”Make me cum,” she moans.

 ”Not with my breasts. But with Master’s cock. Please make me cum so much!”

 Eden’s eyes are insane.

 She presses her body against Alexis and begs, “Please, Master.”

 ”I’ve always wanted you to fuck me. I really wanted it. All this time… all this time… I’ve been holding back! Master’s manhood. I want it. If you don’t give me your cock, I will…!”

 Alexis smiles, thinking she’s finally fallen.

 ”In the open air like this?”

 ”Yes. Outdoors is fine, anywhere is fine…”

 Eden opens her legs.

 ”Please torture my bad pussy, Master…”

 ”Indeed, you have a really bad pussy”

 Alexis pushes Eden to the wall. Eden’s eyes get wet with anticipation and excitement at the thought of finally getting a p*nis.

 At the same time, Alexis give her outfit to Eden.


 Eden wriggles her legs.

 ”This isn’t necessary. Just do it…”

 Eden tries to hug Alexis, but he stops her and tells her to get dressed.

 ”Oh… Uh…”

 Eden complained, but did as she was told and slipped her clothes on.

 The cloth rubbed against her barely elevated breasts, causing them to shudder.

 She then put on her panties, but it was soon soaked by the unceasing secretions.

 ”Master, is this okay? Please…”

 Eden rubbed herself against Alexis.

 Alexis laughs and says, “Shall we do it?”

 ”Eh? Y-Yes, but…”

 ”Don’t worry. It’s hard to see a dark place from a light place. It’s not popular. No one will see us.”

 Alexis’ reply seemed to miss the point.

 ”Well, Master…”

 Eden’s hand moves slowly and reaches for Alexis’s p*nis.

 The tentacle is moving under his pants. But why? Eden was puzzled.

 ”Still, any more than this, someone might see is. Are you sure? Is it okay with you?

 ”…Uh, that’s…”

 ”Then, follow me”

 At Alexis’ urging, Eden followed him, her body still in a state of excitement.

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