Avalon 209

Chapter 209

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 The secret act in the deserted prison was over. And now, in the quiet and still torture chamber, Alexis, fully clothed, looks down at Eden.

 She remains unconscious in the restraint chair. Her legs are sloppily spread apart, and a white slime is dripping from between them, wetting the seat and her legs.

 Alexis shakes Eden’s unconscious shoulder a few times, and she finally seems to wake up.


 She comes to her senses and regains her control.

 Because of this, she recognizes that she is embarrassed by her current outfit and what has just happened, and her cheeks quickly turn bright red.

 ”I…I… Master… that…”

 The taciturn Eden is even more at a loss for words.

 She is terribly ashamed that she is so irrational in Alexis’s hands.

 As she keeps silent, a hand is placed on her head.

 Alexis’ hand gently strokes her hair.

 ”Good work,” he says.


 Eden’s red face is downcast, and she’s choking.

 ”Satisfied? Your reward?”

 Alexis says one word.


 Eden looks up at Alexis’ face with a start.

 Alexis said with a smile.

 ”Well, when I heard there was an abandoned prison, I thought I’d give it a chance. You know, I haven’t been torturing you as much as I’d like lately. I thought maybe you’d be better off here…”

 ”…Y-Yes, it’s better.”

 Eden turns red again, conscious once more of her own attire.

 ”Ah… I… Mmm… I, I”

 Eden is lost for words.

 She doesn’t know what to say. But she can’t keep quiet.

 As you’re experiencing that feeling for the first time…

 ”You’ve told me to torture you so many times. You like it hard, don’t you?”

 Alexis smiles at her.

 ”Yes. Well, that’s…”

 Eden is at a loss.

 It’s not as simple as that.

 After a long pause, Alexis asks, “Or… no?”

 Eden thinks for a moment.

 ”No… it’s not that.”

 That was all she could say.

 But this was not enough to get the point across.

 ”Well… I don’t hate it. It’s just… it’s hard. I like it when Master is pleasant to me sometimes.”

 In the end, that’s all she says.

 Her face lights up again, embarrassed to say how she feels.

 At this point, Alexis says, “I see,” and finally removes the restraints from her hands and feet.

 And embarrassed to remain in this position, Eden quickly tries to stand up, but she stumbles.

 Alexis helped her up.

 ”There is a waterhole nearby. Shall we go there to cleanse ourselves and then return to the inn?”


 Eden nodded her head and asked, “…Are you sure you won’t do something bad this time?”

 She asked in a whisper.

 Alexis couldn’t help but laugh.

 ”No, no. Have you learned your lesson from the other day?”

 Eden nodded with a slight frown.

 This is a rare expression of intent on her part, and Alexis can’t help but smile more.

 ”Well, I just thought it was a good tease…”

 ”…Too much. Not good.”

 She says this with a frown.

 Alexis laughs and replies, “OK.”

 ”But, you’ll have to reward me appropriately next time.”


 Eden’s cheeks turn vermilion, and her gaze drifts.

 Although she did not say it this time, she must have been not chomping at the bit.

 And seeing this intent was a good sign, Alexis smiled.

 ”Well, let’s go.”

 Eden put on only the clothes and shoved her back.

 She didn’t put on the panties because there was still a sticky white substance from her inner thighs to the toes of her sandal shoes. However, it might be too late since her underwear was still moist.

 Now, Eden nodded and leaned into Alexis’ arms with her head down.


 Alexis looked at her in surprise and replied with a stutter, her cheeks flushed, “…I’m having trouble getting to my feet.”

 ”Master. Please take me with you.”

 Alexis smiles as she grabs Alexis’ clothes, and he replies, “OK.”

 Maybe this time was a little too forceful. Alexis thought.

 But he thought again that it would be good if they could get to know each other a little.

* * *

 The next day, the group leaves the town.

 Eden, in full armor, rides a horse on the coachman platform, and Alexis and Maria are rocked in the carriage, as usual.

 ”Yesterday. Did you take good care of Eden?”

 Maria asked.

 ”Can you guess?”

 When Alexis replies, she sighs.

 ”…You had relations with one girl and then another girl… you’re really a dishonest person, aren’t you?”

 ”What!? Didn’t you ask me to go with Eden!?”

 Alexis feels the absurdity of it all and leans back.

 Then, resting her cheek on her knee, Maria stares at him and chuckles.

 ”No, the other girls and I are OK. You’re the princess’s husband, but you’re our king before that, aren’t you, Prince-sama?”

 ”Maria. If you know I’m your majesty, can you stop calling me prince?”

 ”I can’t help it. It’s a habit.”

 She says this with a pout and then murmurs, “Well, it’s not that…”

 ”It’s just that I sometimes think I want to become special to Prince-sama. I was aware that it is a privilege to be a “princess,” but I want it just a little bit.”

 Maria’s gaze drifted, and she noticed that Alexis had fallen silent, so she coughed to cover what she had just said.


 Her cheeks are tinged with vermilion as she sits up.

 ”We are your ‘special vassals,’ you know. —Don’t you understand?”

 Alexis stares at Maria’s face.

 But Maria did not meet his eyes.

 Eventually, Alexis smiles and nods, “…yes”

 But he thought, “I’m a lucky guy, huh?”

 ”…although I would like to complain about not being able to go back to Sagrado for a year at a time…”

 Suddenly, he became angry toward his father, so he blurted out.

 ”—Eh? What is it?”

 Maria asked back, apparently not having heard it clearly.

 ”No, nothing.”

 Alexis trails off and turns his eyes toward the window.

 ”…I want to go home…”

 ”—I guess you’ll have to give that up, for the time being, Prince-sama. How many more countries do you think we have to visit?”

 Maria suddenly looks like a secretary and starts flipping through the schedule book in her hand.

 ”Yes, I know. Don’t say to everyone…”

 Alexis was scratching his head.

 ”…Huff. I don’t think it’s my fault, you know?”

 Maria giggled.

 ”I don’t mind being by Prince-sama’s side. But sometimes, why do you cheat on your wife once in a while? Well, she’ll tolerate it, and she can’t blame you. After all, the princess isn’t the type of person to be offended. Then, we, the vassals, can’t say anything more.”


 Feeling embarrassed, Alexis falls silent.

 ”Besides, you promised your father, didn’t you? —Please hold on a little longer, our prince-sama.”

 ””es, I know,” Alexis replies to Maria’s unusually non-threatening words.

 He then looked again at the window and out of the carriage.

 The meadow and the horizon spread out under a clear blue sky. The ocean is visible in the distance. There is a peaceful road here that goes on forever.

 (Yes, this world is peaceful)

 There’s no need to panic—the jet black is gone.

 Sagrado is now a safe place to live. It is a place to which he can return.

 There is nothing wrong with leaving it in his wife’s hands.

 Still, Alexis wonders what to bring for his wife. And what he thought was random…

 After that, with the group on board, the carriage continues to drive southwest along the road.

 The next destination is Fidelia.

 There, too, the status of the Conqueror will be sought after, and the tales of heroism will be welcomed.

 The name of the king who overcame the gods is now a living legend around the world.

 The End

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