Avalon 247

Chapter 247

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 Fernando ties the young body of his sister Angelica, who is hanging upside down, with the rope over her clothes.

 He passes the rope through her arms, abdomen, and under her breasts to distribute the weight on the rope evenly. This way, it should be less painful than hanging from a single ankle.

 After the ropes are evenly distributed around her body like a spider’s web, the second rope is hooked to the thickest part of the tree branch. By then Angelica no longer complained of pain.

 Instead, she was hanging down, her breathing shallow.

 On the lower half of her body, her skirt is pulled up, deliberately revealing her smooth, hairless secret. Fernando also tied the ropes around her inner thighs.

 He has learned from his sister’s body that tying the ropes so that they dig into the flesh emphasizes the pudgy, embarrassing bulge in the lower half of her body.

 ”Stop, stop…”

 She seemed to have completely responded, her skin was flushed and her breathing was disturbed, and she only let out a muffled voice.

 Watching the young princess-maiden, Fernando got good at it and wanted to be meaner to her.

 ”That’s what you get for always tormenting me, Ane-sama. I’m showing you that this is what happens if you keep on being so mean to me”

 He speaks softly to her, looking for her reaction.

 She suddenly becomes quiet and breathes despite his gentle words to her.

 Seeing this, he smiles at her.

 ”You’re really in a mess, by the way, Ane-sama. Your pussy is bare and so smooth that I can see right down to your crack.”


 Angelica lets out a cry of frustration.

 The backs of her ears and her neck are bright red, and she shivers.

 ”Don’t say that, don’t say that. Pervert, pervert—”

 ”Stupid sister. What do you think I feel for my big sister? Come on, tell me”


 She choked up and fell silent.

 It was a pleasure to be able to shut her up so easily.

 Fernando tried to be more gentle.

 ”Ane-sama, are you all right? Does it hurt?”

 He pulled lightly on the rope, and Angelica shivered.

 ”Ah… Stop it, stop it. It’s going to rub…”

 ”No, I’m asking if it hurts.”

 Fernando smiles, happy, happy.

 ”So, how is it? Does it hurt?”

 ”No… it doesn’t hurt, but…”

 Angelica answered in a voice like a buzzing insect.

 ”But what?” he asks her.

 Fernando, who was still only a child, did not know what she wanted to say. He just wanted to ask her.

 Angelica choked up and said, “I don’t know. I don’t know!”

 This makes Fernando laugh.

 ”Are you sure? You’re yelling so loud. What if someone comes?”


 Angelica falls silent.

 Fernando speaks to her gently and kindly.

 ”I wonder what will happen if the priest comes now… I wonder if he will see my sister’s smooth child’s vagina. I wonder if everyone will see a lot of it?”

 ”Ah, ahhh, Fernando, don’t. Don’t let them see me like this”

 Angelica looks like she is about to cry, her reddened body trembling, her breath labored, and her eyes misty.

 Seeing her like this, Fernando felt a tingle in his lower abdomen, but he didn’t know what it was.

 But without knowing what it is, Fernando lets his instincts take over and whispers to her.

 ”Look, maybe they’ve already noticed and are watching somewhere? Being tied up like this by your brother, hanging upside down, and having your shameful places exposed – you’re a princess-maiden, aren’t you? What would they think? If they see you like this…”

 ”That’s… that’s…”

 At last, Angelica began to sob.

 For some reason, Fernando did not feel sorry for her.

 He was just enjoying himself more and more.

 Deep inside, he is a little surprised at how mean he can be.

 But he can’t stop himself from feeling excited.

 ”You’re a bad sister, aren’t you? You’re breathing hard. Ah, you’re so dirty too. Well, I make you do it. So, what do you think? How does it feel to be treated like this by your brother who is always being looked down on by you?”

 When he asked her, she didn’t respond.

 She just trembled her red body and breathed a sigh.

 Her reaction seemed to be hot, which tickled Fernando more and more in a part of him that he did not understand.

 ”Can’t you answer anything? I’m asking you. Come on, yell at me like you always do”


 ”Can’t you? That’s funny. I didn’t block Ane-sama’s voice…”

 Fernando lightly stroked Angelica’s lightly opened lips and her body shuddered.

 ”Ah… Hweh…”

 ”It’s as if I’m the reason you can’t speak. I’m freeing your body and your voice, aren’t I?”

 ”No, stop it. Stop it…”

 She finally speaks.

 But tears well up in her large green eyes.

 ”Stop it. Don’t do it, Fernando. Please… forgive me”

 ”Don’t you have something else to say, Ane-sama?”

 And only then does she lower her voice.

 She choked on her words and looked so frightened that it filled Fernando’s heart.

 ”Ane-sama, it’s as if you’re my puppet!”

 He whispered, and she closed her mouth again and breathed deeply.

 ”Even your cunt is turning red. Are you feeling hot, Ane-sama?”

 ”Ah… no, don’t touch it. Don’t touch it, Fernando.”

 She jerked, the rope seemed to rub against her, and she stopped moving with a choked.

 ”I’m not touching you, Ane-sama!”

 Fernando said coldly.

 Angelica looked like she was about to cry and swallowed her breath.

 Again Fernando softened his tone of voice.

 ”You’re a bad sister, you think I’m going to touch you. I wouldn’t do that. Well, what a stupid sister you are, but I can forgive you. If you can say these words properly.”

 ”These words?”

 Angelica asks with tears in her eyes and stares at him.

 Her eyes look at him as if she is trying to get him, and Fernando feels a tingle in his lower abdomen as well as a sense of satisfaction.

 ”Can’t you tell it unless I tell you?”

 He asks her, and she looks frustrated.

 But she nodded her head.

 ”I…don’t… know…”

 ”Oh. You don’t know at all? You really are a bad sister without me, aren’t you?”

 He stroked her hair and whispered to her in a soft voice.

 ”Okay, I’ll teach you, but you have to tell me, don’t you?”

 She nodded her head, and Fernando gently and softly told her.

 ”—I’m sorry,” he said.

 Angelica gulped.

 But then, looking resigned, she said.

 ”I-I’m sorry… please…”

 Fernando was satisfied to see his sister biting her lip in frustration.

 ”Did you really hate apologizing to your brother so much? But you have to say it properly, don’t you?”

 Angelica nodded meekly, and Fernando patted her head.

 ”You did it well. Good job, good job.”


 When she looked at him with frustrated eyes as if she wanted to say something, he smiled back at her.

 ”What is it?”

 ”No… nothing, it’s nothing…”

 Angelica bit her lip and sighed.

 Fernando, on the other hand, is filled with a sense of satisfaction.

 ”Well, now that you’ve apologized properly, I’ll let you off. I also want my book back.”

 Fernando was about to reach for the rope that was crawling around Angelica’s body when something happened.

 ”Prince! Princess-maiden, what are you doing!!”

 The priestess who was in charge of tending the garden yelled at them in a loud voice as she ran toward them with a bloodthirsty look on her face.

 Fernando and Angelica both gulp and freeze at the same time.

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