Avalon 246

Chapter 246

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 Sagrado Castle is a chalk palace that is a mixture of old and new.

 Now, more than a decade after the restoration of the capital, Sagrado is regaining its former prosperity.

 But even today, the palace is filled with the sound of crying.

 ”Uwaaaaaaahhh….! Mom, momm!”

 The priests of Sagrado are laughing at each other as they see a small boy running down the corridor.


 The little boy clutched at a high priestess who was walking down the corridor with a book in her hand.

 Her beautiful golden hair, the same color as the boy’s, was neatly tied into a bun, and her ample breasts were pushed up against her priest’s uniform.

 She has a beautiful face, and her blue eyes gaze coolly at her small son, who is no taller than her own breast.

 ”Fernando, what’s wrong?”

 The woman who called out to him was a woman in a unique position in the history of Sagrado.

 It was Fatima Contesti, the high priestess and concubine of the king.

 ”Mom, listen to me. Ane-sama took a book I was reading! When I asked her to give it back, she hit me with her fist!”

 As soon as she heard her son’s complaint with tears in his eyes, Fatima’s face turned into an indescribable, troubled expression.

 ”Ah, Angelica… again. Even as a Princess-Maiden, she’s become a tomboy.”

 ”Not again. Mom, please get mad at her today! She’s always taking my toys!”

 Fatima pats her son’s head gently.

 ”Fernando, I know how you feel. But I am not an educator. You should talk to the priests or the queen or the king. In general…”

 Fatima sighs slowly.

 ”…You are what you are, Fernando. You’re eight years old. You’re His Majesty’s son, after all, and you need to be a little stronger. Why don’t you try to figure it out for yourself sometime?”

 ”No, I can’t do it by myself. Besides… Ane-sama is as fierce and strong as a monster…”

 ”Don’t talk like that. At times like this, your father… Alex… the Priest-King will figure it out himself. Why don’t you try to be strong like that?”


 Hearing his mother’s voice, Fernando falls silent.

 Then Fatima’s hand caressed the head of her son.

 Fernando thought as he was being stroked.

 (Like father…?)

 King Alexis is a strong, cool, and respected father to Fernando.

 The 8-year-old boy thought in his own way.

 ”…I’ll try my best. I’m going to punish Ane-sama for this”

 Fatima laughs at the innocent boy who clenches his fist.

 ”Punishment… I-I see. Haha… but be gentle with her, just a little”

 Fernando wonders at his mother’s awkward reaction.

 But when he made up his mind, he nodded his head broadly.

 ”Okay, I’ll try. Watch it, Ane-sama. I’m going to make you realize how much I resent you for the past eight years in my own way!”

 Once he had decided to do that, it was a simple matter of time.

 Fatima wiped the tears from her cheeks and watched the prince walk away with a roll of her eyes.

 ”Did I say something wrong…”

 She mumbled to herself and was tapped on the shoulder.

 Turning around, she saw Maria dressed in a priest’s robe.

 She is now one of the high priests who are involved in the operation of Sagrado together with her.

 Apparently, she had seen the exchange, and she smiles at her from behind her round glasses.

 ”It’s the son of the priest-king, you know. Is it all right for you to push him like that?”

 ”…I-I’m sure he’s fine. He’s a serious person, just like me.”

 Fatima answered, but seeing his son’s enthusiasm earlier made her a little uneasy.

 ”…Is he going to be all right?”

 ”Shouldn’t you keep an eye on him, just in case?”

 ”Hmm… But I don’t think I should use a priest for that kind of thing…”

 ”Well, it’s a sister-brother thing, isn’t it?”

 Fatima sighs deeply while Maria smiles bitterly.

 She is indeed worried. But she has a job to do.

 So, if her son overdoes it, she has no choice but to scold him… That’s what she thought.

* * *

 The next day, in the middle of the morning, the boy Fernando lies down in the grass in a deserted courtyard of Sagrado.

 In the center of the courtyard, there is a circular stone terrace, and on a bench, there is his sister Angelica, a year older than him.

 (I knew it. I knew it was time to come here)

 Fernando lets out a secret laugh under his breath.

 His big sister, who opens the book without noticing her brother’s presence, is, from Fernando’s point of view, only well-dressed.

 Her waist-length shiny silver hair shines white as if to trap the moonlight, and her neat profile, though still young and innocent, seems to resemble her mother’s, Fransisca.

 Her green eyes, framed by long eyelashes, are downcast, pointed at the book on her lap.

 The white one-piece dress resembles that of a princess maiden, and her slender hands are white and thin.

 (Don’t be fooled by her appearance. Don’t be fooled. She’s a demon, a monster, a witch. I’ll put her on trial for witchcraft!)

 He gets a dark feeling as he lies down in the shadows like this. Even more so when he sees his book on her lap.

 ”Watch this, Ane-sama. I’m going to give you a good, hard, hard time…”

 He said this in a way that she couldn’t hear, and then he told her how determined he was to do it.

 For a moment, he takes a deep breath and calms down his fearful feelings.

 (Now, how to punish my sister…?)

 Yesterday, he spent the whole day planning his strategy. And today, he’ll be here early in the morning, well ahead of Angelica’s arrival.

 Of course, he knew from the beginning that he could not defeat Angelica by sheer force.

 So, if he wants to hurt her badly, he has no choice but to do it this way.

 (Not by force. I’ll use my creativity!)

 At that moment, Angelica gets up from the bench.

 She closes the book and goes down the terrace stairs.

 ”—Not yet!” Fernando pulls the rope in his hand.

 The rope is wrapped around the ankle of Princess Angelica as she descends from the terrace stairs onto the lawn.


 Fernando makes a gut punch in secret as he watches his sister fall to the ground.

 He had been secretly setting a trap for hunting, for catching small animals.

 (It’s too late to play the weak girl! After all, I know who she is!)

 It would not be good to go out like this and have her yell at me.

 Fernando approaches her with crawling steps to hide, and then quietly approaches her backside where she is still lying down.

 Then, he reached out his hand stealthily and pulled down her white panties peeping out from under her skirt at once.

 ”Hyaa!? Huh… Fernando!”

 Angelica jerked herself up and turned around.

 Their eyes meet, but it is too late. Her sister’s panties are in her brother’s hands.

 ”You’re trapped, Ane-sama! Now, if you want your panties back, give me my book!”

 He said standing up.

 Angelica, however, looked furious and her face immediately turned red.

 ”Don’t play with me, you little brother! If I scream right now the priests will come! You won’t get away with this!”

 ”Heh? Is it okay if you yell?”

 Her mouth hangs open as Fernando knows it will.

 Her cheeks flush as she stifles her voice.

 Yes, his sister is shy. She can’t stand the thought of her panties being seen by an unspecified number of priests.

 Fernando grins, grabs the rope connected to her legs, and pulls it at once.

 Then Angelica’s body lifted up.

 ”Eh—what, what is it!?”

 Angelica was immediately hung upside down.

 This was another trap set by Fernando.

 The rope that entangled Angelica’s legs was threaded through the branches of a nearby tree so that she could be lifted up if she pulled on it.

 Fernando is a good climber, so it was easy for him to get the rope through the branch.

 The skirt is upside down, so it is exposed, revealing her unclothed secret. It was still smooth and girlish, without any hair.

 Although he has no sentimental attachment to his sister’s secret, Angelica’s is so different.

 ”Stop it, Fernando. Don’t—”

 She hangs back, her voice tearful.

 ”Did you ever forgive me when I cried, Ane-sama?”

 Fernando asks, and she chokes up.

 ”But my feet hurt. They hurt.”

 As she complains, her body is lifted up by a single rope that tightens around her slender ankles.

 Not wanting to hurt her like this, Fernando thinks about it.

 —More ropes.

 So Fernando reached for the spare rope he had hidden at the foot of the tree, just in case.

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