Avalon 245

Chapter 245

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 The next day, as promised, they were able to take in the view of the canal again in a more relaxed manner.

 Alexis and Fransisca then spent the next three days slowly touring the festival.

 The size of the town of Austell is so large that even that was not enough time to see everything.

 So, on the final day of the festival, Alexis and Fransisca were planning to leave the town.

 They pack up their belongings and leave the inn.

 Along the cobblestone boulevard, which is as crowded as ever today, they walk in the direction of the north entrance.

 On there, they plan to meet up with Sagrado’s officials later this morning. There is no time to take it easy. If they are late, they will cause a great deal of worry.

 Thus, the scheduled carriage was waiting for them at the north entrance.

 After handing over the luggage to the driver, Alexis gets on first.

 He looked back toward the town when he offered his hand to Fransisca, who was still not on the coach.


 He calls out to her, and she finally turns around.

 ”…I’ll miss it.”

 A small voice came out of her.

 Nevertheless, she noticed Alexis’ hand, grabbed it, and got into the carriage.

 Soon the carriage starts to drive away, and then…


 A child’s voice came from somewhere.

 She turns around to look at the voice.

 On the cobblestones of the town they are leaving, a couple of strangers with their children are waving their hands down. Judging from their attire, they must be tourists who happen to be passing by.

 Fransisca leans forward and waves back.

 ”Are you leaving already!?”

 The girl asked loudly.

 ”Yes! And you mustn’t get lost again!”

 Fransisca replied, waving her hand until the girl was out of sight.

 ”…Lost, huh?”

 Alexis murmured.

 ”You can’t speak for others, can you?”

 A wry smile breaks out.

 ”Well, yes, but…”

 Fransisca is sulking.

 ”When did you get so close to that little girl?”

 Alexis asks, and Fransisca smiles.

 ”On the first day when we got separated. That’s when we became friends.”

 ”I see, so you’re lost together.”

 Fransisca was silent in response to his sharp questioning.

 Finally, after a while, she refuted it.

 ”…But she was a good girl…”

 ”Yes, I guess so. That’s the impression I had.”

 Alexis reply simply with the same words as he thought, and she closes her mouth again.

 After a moment of silence.

 ”…Girls are nice, aren’t they?”

 Fransisca said.

 ”Ah, but boys might be cute too,” she quickly adds.

 ”What are you talking about?” Alexis looks at her.

 Fransisca looked down and said.

 ”Well, isn’t it time to really think about a baby?”


 Alexis is puzzled, and then he is silent.

 —However, she is right.

 In fact, it is the right time to start thinking seriously about it, without any hesitation.

 So, Alexis nodded his head.

 ”Okay, we’ll do that.”

 Fransisca’s face lit up.

 ”Alexis-sama, I’m so happy!”

 With these words, she hugs his arm.

 Alexis was surprised to hear that she had been waiting for him for so long, but he was still surprised.

 He also reflected on the fact that he had been neglecting her too much lately.

 ”…It’s about time. I’ll be a little more attentive to you from now on.”

 She nodded “Yes.”

 ”Let’s go on a trip again when we have a chance.”

 She nodded “Yes” to these words.

 She smiles happily, and Alexis’ expression softens.

 In the carriage on the way home, Alexis renews his determination to make her happy.

 The End

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