Avalon 244

Chapter 244 [Princess-Maiden] On the Tower in the Darkness of the Night, Punishment, Part Two

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 Now Fransisca had no time to look at the multicolored light reflecting on the waterway.

 After all, Alexis’ hand went up to her faintly illuminated breast bulge.

 The touch of his cold fingers on her burning body made Fransisca’s body jerk up.


 A thin breath comes out.

 She can’t let her surroundings know that she’s done this.

 But despite these thoughts, her body heats up after not being touched for a long time, and a sweet numbness rises in her body.

 She wriggles with the frustrating sensation but still waits with anticipation for Alexis’ hands to start moving.

 Even just the gentle caress of Alexis’ hand around the circumference of her breast is enough to make me shudder and shudder with pleasure.

 She thinks she should give herself to his touch. But more than that, she is filled with uncontrollable lust.

 ”Alexis, sama!”

 Fransisca says.

 ”More, do it more…”

 She takes Alexis’s hand and guides it to her own already turgid nipple.

 ”Haah, haah. Here, here…”

 But she doesn’t just want a gentle touch.

 Fransisca sputters spontaneously, thinking of that moment.

 ”Squeeze me, please punish me…”

 That was her favorite way to be touched.

 The pain that felt like a zing was mixed with a tingling sensation. It fills her body, and before long, the only thing she feels is pleasure, and her mind goes blank.

 For a long, long time, she has been waiting for it…

 ”But won’t it make you scream?”

 He whispers behind her.

 ”I’ll hold back. So, please, please.”

 Fransisca is on the verge of tears as she begs.

 ”I want to be punished. Alexis-sama, I’ve always wanted that.”

 ”Well, you can’t even wait properly. You need to be punished.”

 The sound of his exasperated laughter brought sweet delight to Fransisca.


 The sudden sensation of a pinch and a twist on her nipple made her jump. But she managed to grit her teeth and bite back her voice.


 It was pulled so hard that the hot pain is mixed with wild pleasure

 ”You’re leaking a little”

 Alexis whispers to her, and she opens her mouth quickly. “I’m sorry.”.

 But her voice was not heard by the others. The reason why it didn’t reach the others is that Alexis immediately covered his mouth.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm—”

 Still, his other hand remained there, twisting and crushing his nipple.

 The hot ache gradually fades away, and a slow, numbing pleasure fills her body.

 Her head is filled with ecstasy, and she is lost in thought.

 ”You made a sound. You’re a bad girl. I think you need more punishment.”

 ”Forgive me,” Fransisca says.

 She can’t reason her way out of this. And if she does, she doesn’t know what will happen to her.

 But the silence prevents her from saying anything.

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

 Alexis happily puts one hand behind her back and pulls up her skirt.

 Under the night sky, not only her breasts but also her lower half were exposed.

 Fransisca was not good at embarrassing herself, so she twisted and turned.

 But each time she did, Alexis pinched her breast hard.

 Soon she is so relaxed that she can’t think of anything else but pleasure.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Her body trembles and shivers.

 And under his hands, her voice had long since been muffled.

 Still, Alexis’ hand pulls down her panties to her knees.


 Fransisca feels her body melt with shame.

 When Alexis’ hand moves over her secret place, a wet sound reaches her ears.

 As the crack opens from side to side, she can feel the juice that has melted from the honey pot and flows out to the bench on which she is sitting.

 ”Your cunt is always wet to the touch, huh?”

 The sound of his exasperated voice makes her want to protest.

 ”It’s because you touch it…”

 The voice reaches him without a giggle because Alexis opens his hand slightly.

 ”Of course, it’s because I’m touching you. But why are you still wetting yourself at such a place like this?”


 Fransisca couldn’t even breathe.

 In fact, she herself knows best that she feels soaked even in such a place.

 Although she knows she’s going to speak out, but…

 ”…I have no choice…”

 Fransisca slowly opens her legs.

 The feeling of the open air hitting the hot slickness in the back of her pussy makes her even more aroused.

 ”Because I want your p*nis. Please put your p*nis in me, Alexis-sama…”

 She makes a sweet voice as she presses her ass against the tentacles she can feel through the fabric.

 If he makes her feel more and more comfortable, it might be only a matter of time before someone finds out.

 But it’s no use. She can’t control herself.

 Because she wants it so much.

 ”You can’t stand it?”

 Alexis asked, lightly touching her lower abdomen.

 Fransisca nodded her head.

 The core of the numbness is being touched from the outside. That alone gives her a slight tingling sensation.

 If it were touched directly here… When she thinks like that, she can’t stand still.

 ”It seems that the bad cunt needs to be punished, doesn’t it?”

 ”Yes, it wants to be punished…”

 Fransisca was on Alexis’ lap, her legs spread in an M-shape.

 Alexis undoes his belt and stretches his tentacle p*nis through it.

 After a while, Fransisca feels the head of the p*nis against her pussy, which is tingling with anticipation.


 She screams out, but Alexis’ hand covers her mouth again.

 The glans rubbed the wet spot again and again. From there, a squishy sound can be heard as the Cowper fluid mixes with the love juices.

 Alexis moved back and forth over the clitoris as if he was hooking the clitoris.

 On the other side, Fransisca’s body trembled with sweetness from the lower part of her body.

 (Oh, I’m going to cum!)

 Fransisca wanted to cry.

 She wanted him to come inside her, but she was sad that she was about to reach the point where she wanted him to enter her.

 However, there was no way to stop the rush of pleasure, and her body trembled and her hips bucked at the sensation of thrusting sensation.

 At that moment, the head of the p*nis was placed against her vaginal hole.


 A rush of pleasure rises to her head and fills her whole body.

 There was no way she could resist the touch, especially on her sensitive parts.

 Nevertheless, in the middle of the climax, one nipple was pinched tightly. This intensified the pleasure.

 With one hand holding Fransisca’s mouth, Alexis pinched Fransisca’s climaxing nipple with his other hand.

 ”Nnnn, nnn—!”

 Fransisca’s climax was not over yet.

 She bends over for a while, shaking her hips.

 ”Really, you have no patience!”

 Alexis laughs mockingly.

 ”I think you need more punishment.”

 With that, he inserts his p*nis into Fransisca’s vagina in the middle of her climax.

 The p*nis slips into her vagina to pry open the tingling spasms in her vagina.

 As the hypersensitive vagina tightens, Fransisca can feel the hardness and firmness of the p*nis rubbing directly against her body.

 The sweet numbness makes everything inside her melt.

 And Fransisca’s mind went blank even after she had reached her climax.


 She shakes her hips by herself, and Alexis’ p*nis rubs against the back of her vagina.

 (Alexis-sama, come deeper. Please screw me more deep inside, please…)

 All of her voice turns into a muffled sigh.

 It’s because Alexis is covering her mouth.

 Still, the pleasure rises again with each deep penetration of the p*nis.

 (Oh, I’m cumming again. I’m cumming already—Please, don’t thrust it like that. Please come deeper at once, or I’ll cum! Please don’t just rub it…)

 But Fransisca’s voice does not reach Alexis.

 It was just like that.

 ”Ah…I’m sorry.”

 After the climax settled down, the hand covering her mouth opened up again. That’s what she said at that moment.

 Her voice was muffled and she sounded as if she was going to fade away.

 And with her mind blank, Fransisca apologized.

 ”I’m sorry, I came… I can’t stand it. I’m sorry…”

 ”Oh, yes, you’re right. It was almost in your womb.”

 Alexis’ p*nis is still thrusting deep inside Fransisca.

 Every time his cock bounces inside her, Fransisca feels a sweet sensation that makes her body tremble as well.

 ”When do you think your punishment will be over?”

 Fransisca’s heart is hot even when she is being asked such a mean question.

 ”I’m sorry, I’ll be punished until the end…”

 ”Of course. —Here…”

 Alexis’ p*nis pries open her cervix.

 Fransisca shakes again. This time, Alexis’ hand firmly restrains her mouth before her voice turns into a squeal.

 ”I’m going to have to make sure I seed you deep inside”

 The p*nis lightly poked her womb.

 A thrilling and violent shiver went through the lower part of her body.


 This time, Fransisca could barely hold back her climax.

 However, she couldn’t stand the fact that the p*nis moved like stroking inside of her womb immediately.

 Again and again, Fransisca climaxed in a flash.

 Still, Alexis continued to move his p*nis, this time with no consideration, and muffled sounds continued to come out of her mouth

 Now, it was hard to tell if she was climaxing continuously or if the pleasure was so strong that she was climaxing. But soon…

 ”I’m going to cum…”

 Alexis whispered in her ear.

 Even her melting head could understand those words.

 Fransisca was pleased.

 She pressed her ass against him and said “please”, but did not say it aloud.


 Alexis breathes, holding Fransisca tightly from behind.

 His twitching p*nis spits out a hot, thick load that fills the pit of her stomach.


 Fransisca turns around, unable to contain her rapture.

 At that moment, Alexis’ hand is removed from her mouth.

 He leaned forward and kissed her.

 On his lap, she reached for Alexis and hugged him, mixing their saliva.

 ”*Slurp*—-Mm, mmm. *Slurp…*”

 She kissed him madly and swallowed every drop.

 In this way, she felt that Alexis owned her.

 Meanwhile, Alexis finished a long ejaculation.

 ”…Huff,” he breathed.

 ”That was a lot of cum. I’ll have to go flush it later.”

 Alexis pulls the panties off Fransisca’s knees and stuffs it in place of removing his p*nis. It was a rough treatment, but he didn’t want to leave a mess like this.

 ”…It hurts a little bit.”

 Fransisca did not resist.

 When Alexis sat up, he hugged her tightly.

 ”Do you want me to finish?”

 To this question, Fransisca asked, “Can we continue tomorrow?”

 ”Well, okay.”

 Alexis stands up with a wry smile.

 ”It’s still on tomorrow. Shall we watch it again tomorrow?”


 Fransisca nodded and helped Alexis to stand up. But when she stumbled, Alexis held her.

 ”Shall we go?”

 Alexis said.

 Fransisca nodded.

 Because of the darkness, no one was paying attention to those who had left the place.

 As Fransisca walked with Alexis, she thought it was time to have a baby.

 So, she decided to confide in him.

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