Avalon 243

Chapter 243 [Princess-Maiden] On the Tower in the Darkness of the Night, Punishment, Part One

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 Alexis and Fransisca decided to start over from the central square where they had strayed and looked around the various places.

 They went to the stalls to see what was on offer and took a new boat ride. Fransisca seemed to really enjoy it when the boatman let her touch the birds.

 Seeing her like this, Alexis feels happy that he had brought her, despite the hardships.

 After all, it had been a long time since he had seen her with a big smile on her face.

 Eventually, time passes, and it’s almost sunset.

 ”…Well, we should get going…”

 The waterway is tinted in the colors of sunset. When Alexis sees that the boat is slowly crossing the channel with no passengers in sight, he turns his head to the boat.

 ”Um, where are we going?”

 Fransisca asks but follows his hand.

 ”You’ll understand if you come with me”

 That was all Alexis could say.

 The number of people who had been around having decreased considerably.

 She followed Alexis, though she was still wondering why.

 And beyond the tower, there was a tower.

 The tower is not a special place. In this town, there are towers three or four stories high here and there where the waterways intersect. They are like watchtowers.

 However, these towers seem to be built not for military use but for monitoring the waterways. During the daytime, some birds were seen coming and going between the towers. These towers are used for daily life.

 But such a tower for business use, which was closed during the daytime, was open at that time. Inside the stone hall, there is a spiral staircase along the wall.

 There were a few other figures here and there.

 ”Okay, I guess I was right to choose the corner. This place doesn’t seem to be very popular.”

 Alexis climbs the stairs and finally reaches the rooftop. There was a panoramic view of the city’s waterways, and benches were placed in the direction overlooking the city.

 Each bench has a backrest and faces in a different direction. Two benches were already occupied by a man and a woman who looked like a couple.

 Alexis sat down on one of the open benches and called Fransisca.

 At that time, their hands were already apart, but there was no danger of them getting separated because there were few people around.

 Fransisca nodded and sat down next to him.

 ”You are tired, aren’t you?”

 She breathed, and the words came out of her mouth naturally.

 ”What? Is it because I haven’t been to Avalon for a while that my body is weakened?”

 ”Fufu. Maybe that’s part of it…”

 Fransisca laughed.

 ”Still, the crowds are a bit…”

 ”Well, aren’t you used to it? I mean, you’re used to large numbers of people, but not to be in the crowd as a mass.”

 ”Yes, maybe.”

 Fransisca nods her head while Alexis watches the waterway sink into the colors of the night.

 ”I used to be a princess maiden, huh…”

 She is thinking about her past. For her, the ritual is her role as a princess-maiden in Sagrado. A ceremony.

 Perhaps her participation in the festival today, not as a participant but as a spectator, may have given her some kind of sentimentality.

 That’s when Alexis looked at Fransisca’s profile.


 Her face lit up.

 ”Wow… it’s beautiful.”

 As if she were devouring it, Fransisca gazes ahead.

 Various colors are emerging on the waterway.

 Red, blue, yellow, green… The seven colors of light, like a rainbow, illuminate the waterway, turning and drifting as if dancing slowly.

 The shimmering surface of the water reflects the light, creating layers upon layers of sparkles.

 The view she gazes at so absorbedly is exactly what Alexis wanted to show her.

 Her hand pulls the hem of Alexis’ dress with a snap.

 ”Alexis-sama. Look…”

 As she looks back at him, Alexis blocks Fransisca’s voice.

 Then he slowly traces her lips with his lips.

 When he pulls away, Fransisca finally opens her mouth.

 ”Oh, um, Alexis-sama, this is not a good time, in a place like this”

 It was a sound of frustration.

 But Alexis laughs and replies.

 ”That’s why we’re here, aren’t we?”

 ”What are you talking about? Hyaa!”

 He pats her thighs peeking out from her skirt, and her knees buckle.

 ”Um, don’t. Not here.”

 Fransisca is very aware of the stares around her as Alexis’ hand moves under her skirt.

 But seeing her like that, Alexis thinks that the Sagrado officials have poisoned her a lot in the last two years.

 ”In a place like this, at a time like this. A place where no one knows who we are and a time when no one is paying attention to us. And the bench is a good blind spot.”

 ”That being said… Mmm, mmm…”

 She chokes out a squeak as Alexis’ hand tickles her inner thigh.

 She thought she could stop this mischief if she really didn’t want to do it. But her body did not stand up or even wriggle, despite her verbal refusals.

 In the meantime, Alexis glanced at her profile in the light. Her cheeks were upturned and her eyes were dilated.

 Seeing this, Alexis giggled.

 He then pulled her shoulders and she wriggled because she thought it was not a good idea.

 Still, he pulls her by the shoulders and pulls her into his arms by force.

 He put one hand gently on the bulge that was pushing up Fransisca’s clothes and whispered in her ear.

 ”Did you think you could get away with what you did today without getting punished?”


 To Fransisca’s gasping for air, he added, “Well, if you really don’t want to, I can think about it.”

 She steadied herself and remained silent.

 ”Umm, what are you going to do?”

 She asked, and sighed, her breathing trembling.

 ”…why are you asking me?”

 ”Umm, I was just wondering what you want to do.”

 In his heart, Alexis can’t stop laughing.

 Of course, this is part of the punishment.

 When Alexis touches her like this, she can’t stop herself from getting excited. This is the result of the many times he has taught her by imprinting on her. Like Pavlov’s dog.

 Knowing this, he rubs her breast softly with one hand through her clothes and strokes her inner thigh with the other hand.

 He wonders what kind of response he will get. In addition, he wonders if he has mastered the skill of responding in a Sagrado-like manner. Then…

 ”Punish me, please…”

 Fransisca said, her voice trembling.

 Alexis couldn’t help but be amused.

 ”Heh~. So, the queen of Sagrado, who must set an example of purity, even internationally, wants to be punished in a place like this, at a time like this?”

 ”B-Because, Alexis-sama… Mmm, hmm…”

 Between her slightly opened legs, Alexis-sama lightly pokes her secret place behind her panties with his finger. Just by that, she shakes her voice.

 ”Haah, haah… Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca opens her legs slightly, her face melting with anticipation.

 Feeling the wetness on his fingers, Alexis grins.

 ”You’re already wet. You look like a pervert. That’s lewd.”


 Fransisca bit her lip and nodded her head.

 ”Yes… After all, I’m dying for a punishment… Alexis-sama…”

 She makes a sweet voice.

 ”So, please do it.”

 ”In this place?”

 Her body trembled as she was being asked.

 But then she says, “Yes,” and her voice sounds like it’s about to fade away.

 ”Then, I’m going to punish you, but don’t do that again…”

 Alexis pulled his hand out from under her skirt once. At this, Fransisca lets out a disappointed sound.

 Then, he reaches for the buttons of her dress.

 He undoes them one by one and opens them left and right.

 Both of her breasts, which had been inside her clothes, are thrown out into the open with her underwear. And it made her body tremble.

 ”Ah, no, don’t! If someone sees me…”

 She shakes her head with tears in her eyes. To which Alexis responds, “People won’t be able to see you,” while he rubs both of her breasts from behind.

 He then puts her on his lap with her back to him and nudges his fingers against the softness of her breasts through her back and over her bra.


 On the other side, Fransisca can feel Alexis’ tentacle squirming under her hips, and she lifts her hips slightly…

 However, Alexis doesn’t take out his p*nis, and he doesn’t touch her breast directly. No strong stimulation is given. Even the lower half of her body is not touched.

 This kind of rushing is not something she can endure indefinitely.

 ”Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca finally speaks between breaths.

 When Alexis was silent, she stammered out.

 ”I don’t like it when you don’t punish me more…”

 She wriggled her hips on her knees as if she was in trouble.

 ”Punishment, like what?”

 Alexis asks, knowing she is shy.

 Sure enough, she turns bright red up to her ears.

 ”I want you to punish me harder and harder…and I want your man parts, too.”

 ”If I do that, won’t you be able to keep your voice down?”

 ”T-That’s true, but…”

 It was funny to see her stuttering and stammering.

 But she seems to have reached the end of her patience and finally kneels down in front of Alexis’ lap and reaches for his pants.

 This action took Alexis by surprise.

 ”Please, please. I’ll try not to make a sound…”

 Fransisca loosens his belt, pulls up his stretched p*nis, and kisses the glans.

 ”Ah, *Kiss.* I’ll serve you to make you feel good. So, Alexis-sama…”

 In the darkness, with only the moonlight and the light coming up from the canal, she carefully runs her tongue over Alexis’ tentacle.

 ”*Slurp*… Alexis-sama’s punishment, I want it.”

 Alexis giggles.

 It can’t be called a punishment anymore when she asks him to do it like this.

 But she shuddered with a tremor in her hips from all the cum that came into her body.

 The oral skills he has taught her have not diminished a bit.

 Moreover, she’s really starting to get into it, isn’t she?


 Alexis replied.

 ”You’re hopeless. You put your position as my slave before your position as a queen.”

 ”Yes, Alexis-sama…”

 She looks up at him and her expression relaxes.

 Alexis then picked her up and made her sit on his lap again.

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