Avalon 33

Chapter 33 [Maid] Tie a Rampaging Maid

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 Alexis covered Fatima’s eyes with a towel and tied it tightly.

 ”Y-you’re going to blindfold me again…?”

 Fatima screamed in anxiety as Alexis carried her in his arms.

 Fatima is almost as tall as Alexis, and has a glamorous figure with voluminous breasts and hips and a thin waist, but when she is lifted up like this, her light weight makes Alexis feels that she is still a woman.

 While thinking so, Alexis took her to the bed and made her lie on her back.

 Fatima seemed to recognize the bed from the creaking sound and the soft touch of her back.

 And she says in a low voice.

 ”A-Alex?! I can’t climb into the bed of the opposite s*x. T-this is not right… it’s not the right thing to do as a priest”

 Fatima protests weakly with her cheeks flushed bright red.

 Looking back on it, Alexis thought to himself that this girl was just like a typical Sagrado.

 (Even though her ass has had my cock shoved into it, she’s still protesting after all this time…)

 Well, it’s natural. After all, Fatima herself doesn’t know it. Anyway, Alexis considers that he should keep quiet because he can only imagine a not-so-good future if she knew.

 So instead, he responded in this way.

 ”You’re always so unsteady when I treat you, right? So, if it happens that you fall down on the bed, you won’t get hurt”

 ”T-that’s true, but…”

 ”Come on, just lie down. Your intestines already feel strange, don’t they?”

 Alexis urged Fatima to lie down on, and she did so, reluctantly acknowledging the situation.

 ”Well then…”

 Alexis lifted up Fatima’s skirt.

 He saw her ass covered by her panties, garter belt, and garter stockings.

 ”Well, if you’re here because you want me to put a stick in your ass, why don’t you at least take off your panties to make it easier for me to do it?”

 Alexis says, and Fatima lets out a groan.

 ”W-why I must do that? I can’t act like a whore!”

 (Doesn’t she think that this situation is like that?)

 Alexis thought so, but did not do such a tactless thing as to say it out loud.

 Anyway, he removes her panties for now.

 (First of all, it’s not very elegant to end every time by rubbing her breast and shoving my cock up her ass. And I’d like to do more like Fransisca. However, right now, it’s called therapy. I don’t want to do anything unnecessary that might raise suspicion)

 While thinking of a better way, Alexis grab Fatima’s butt and spread them apart and look at them for a while.

 ”Huh?! W-what are you doing…? P-please don’t look at it as much as possible…”

 Fatima’s voice is trembling with shame, but all she can do now is to trust Alexis.

 (…I see, I had an idea…)

 Alexis just had a flash of inspiration.

 ”Uh… What is it? This is not right…”

 Alexis loosens his belt and pulls out his thing from the gap of his pants.

 ”W-what happened…?”

 Fatima, as expected, sounds anxious.

 With her vision covered, she seems to feel uneasy about everything.

 ”Well, there’s something wrong with the stick. It’s not getting any fluid out. Is it clogged? I’m sorry, but could I ask you to please clear up the blockage?”


 ”Yeah, maybe if you suck it out…”

 Fatima immediately nodded her head when Alexis said that.

 ”…J-just suck it, right?”

 ”Yeah. I can’t seem to get it right. Please help me out”

 Alexis put his p*nis in front of Fatima’s face and poked her lips with the glans.

 Fatima opened her mouth and bit down.

 Easily, without any resistance.

 (Hahahaha. It’s a big win for me!)

 Alexis was laughing inside. But…

 ”*Lick*… Ugh, what is this…”

 Fatima immediately took it away from her mouth.

 ”It smells strange… it feels strange on the tongue… it tastes strange…”

 ”Don’t be ridiculous!”

 Alexis said back. And then he thought.

 (Is it strange…? But Fransisca has never complained this much to me…)

 ”…I can’t help it”

 Alexis rolled over and let Fatima lie back down on her back.

 ”If you don’t like it, we can do it this way”

 With that, Alexis reached for her bra.

 He undid the buttons and Fatima did not seem to understand what he was doing to her, but when he pulled the front of her bra down completely and touched her exposed breast directly, she jumped up and down.

 ”W-w-what are you doing?!”

 Fatima’s voice is inverted, but Alexis says.

 ”I’m trying to help you. You know what I mean?”

 ”B-but that doesn’t mean you have to touch me directly!”

 Fatima started to flail, but Alexis grabbed both of her wrists and held her down. He looked around for something to hold on to, and what he saw was a tape-type leather strap on the table beside him, which he had brought to wrap around the hilt of his sword.

 ”Stay still”

 Alexis said, and he reached for the strap and took it.

 He turns Fatima over and uses the strap to forcefully tie her hands behind her back.

 ”Alex Rein!!”

 Fatima shouted.

 It was a familiar name, Alexis thought.

 ”I-I don’t care if it’s you, but there are things you can do and things you can’t!”

 ”Hey, it’s just another way to shut up the monster in your gut. Okay?”

 Alexis speaks softly to her, stretching out the strap, and ties up her legs, which are about to flail about.

 And to prevent her from moving, he tied her hands and legs so tightly that they were bent backward.


 It must have been a painful posture. After all, Fatima let out a cry of anguish.

 ”W-why are you doing this?”

 Fatima protests while gasping for breath, blindfolded and tied up.

 ”I’ve told you many times. I just want to help you”

 ”Ugh, no… you don’t have to do this, I’m not going to go berserk…”

 ”That’s exactly what you’re lying about. It’s not safe for you to be violent. This stick is fragile, and if it gets out of control while it’s inside your gut, it’s your gut that’s in danger. You know what I mean?”

 Alexis slowly patted Fatima’s head as he spoke.


 Fatima gulps and falls silent.

 Alexis speaks softly to Fatima.

 ”Can you trust me?”

 ”Fuhh… Fuh…”

 Fatima exhaled for a while and then said.

 ”…I can… trust you…?”

 Fatima mutters, and then starts to keep her mouth shut.

 (Sorry, Fatima)

 Alexis chuckles at the thought.

 ”…but I won’t make it worse”

 Alexis then spread her two large breasts, which were overlapped by Fatima’s prone position, and inserted his tentacle p*nis into the gap between them.

 The heavy weight and softness wrapped around them, and the shape of the breasts changed with the movement of his p*nis.

 (Kuh…this is just what I thought it would be…)

 Alexis was thrilling.

 He then stretches out his hands, feeling that Fatima should feel something too.

 He gently pinched her nipples with his fingers, and Fatima’s body trembled.


 He continued to stroke her nipples in a circular motion.

 ”Ah, ah… ah…”

 Fatima’s breasts seem to be sensitive, and soon she starts to feel them.

 ”Haaahhh…ahhh… Ahhhh, ahhhhh…”

 Fatima’s body trembles.

 She doesn’t say anything today, even though Alexis has been teasing her breasts so persistently.

 She has decided to trust Alexis once she has told him she does.

 For Fatima now, the sensations that Alexis gives her are all that matters. But soon.

 ”Ahhh… no, s-something is coming up…”

 Fatima tries to twist.

 But the tautness of the strap prevents her body from moving even a fraction of an inch.

 ”Ahhhhh, no, noooo…!”

 Fatima shakes and shudders. She seemed to have reached with her nipples alone.

 ”Haaaaahhh, Alexx..!”

 Fatima let out a half-sarcastic, almost resentful cry. But Alexis didn’t think anything of it.

 On the contrary, he was smiling with happiness.

 ”Fatima has weak breast, huh?”

 While saying this, he lowered his face and flicked his tongue over Fatima’s perky nipples.

 ”Fuahhhh. W-what!? What are you doing… ah, ahhh!”

 Fatima is shaking again.

 But Alexis sucked her nipples.

 ”Fuahhh…. No, no more… Mmm, my breast will melt…”

 An interesting expression, Alexis thought.

 She actually looked like she was on the verge of debauchery, and he could see through the blindfold that she had a tormented expression on her face.

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it?”

 He sucked one breast and rolled the other one gently with his finger.

 ”Kwahhhh… B-but… this is a bad feeling…!”

 Fatima tries to resist the pleasure, but Alexis tells her.

 ”You don’t have to worry about it. When you feel good like this, you’re going to get squishy, aren’t you? Then your asshole will loosen up and it will be easier to get a stick in there”

 As he speaks, Alexis lowers one hand and inserts it between Fatima’s legs, then slides his fingers down her pubic mound and into her crack. At this, Fatima’s body shakes and shudders.

 ”Nahhhh… T-that place…!”

 ”――Oh, I’m sorry, my hand slipped”

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Don’t touch that place…”

 Fatima warns Alexis while repeating her breaths with a little bit of a scowl.

 ”Seriously,” Alexis thinks to himself.

 Due to this, He is tempted to tell her that the princess she work for are much more open to his touch.

 Well, in Fransisca’s case, maybe she doesn’t fully understand that it’s wrong. Overprotectiveness is also a sin.

 Anyway, Alexis reaches for Fatima’s butt, wondering if this is the only place where he is allowed after all.

 He was bent over so that he could get a good look at her asshole. After he saw it, he groped for it and inserted his finger into it.

 When he pushed my finger in, her anus, which had accepted his finger several times, it firmly swallowed Alexis’ finger.

 It was wet and slippery inside. Sara had told him that it was the Monster’s saliva or something, though there might be some intestinal fluid.

 At the sensation of the finger moving inside the anus, Fatima lets out a sniffling sound, probably due to the sweet sensation of the breast she had just tasted.

 Fatima, however, soon realizes that it is strange for such a voice to come out and turns red.

 ”Ah… Why? No, it can’t be…!”

 Alexis is amused by Fatima’s upset voice, and he starts to finger her anus.

 ”Ahhh…ahh? Ahhh…?”

 Fatima was embarrassed because she couldn’t hold back her voice.

 ”Why are you doing this… something is wrong with my ass…!”

 ”That’s all right. You see, I don’t know if you can tell, but it makes it easier to insert and remove. It’s easier for Fatima, too, isn’t it?”

 As Alexis piston her while talking to her, Fatima moans.

 ”Ahhh, ahhhh. This is not good… this is wrong, this is so wrong… ahhhhh…”

 She said it was wrong, but she seemed to be unable to resist.

 So Alexis lies down next to Fatima, hugs her, and puts his other hand on her head.

 ”I told you it was okay, didn’t I? So just believe me”

 ”Uhhh… yeah, but…”

 Alexis’ chest is squeezed against her voluptuous breast.

 And through her breasts, which were changing their shape and conveying the feeling of debauchery even through the cloth, he could feel Fatima’s heart pounding.

 ”Then, make yourself comfortable. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Fatima’s body. I’m sure God will forgive you”


 Fatima gently rubs her face against Alexis’ cheek.

 As he watched her, Alexis analyzed her, thinking that she was susceptible to a gentle push.

 As Fatima is relaxed, Alexis pulls his finger out of her anus and hugs Fatima tightly.

 Then, he extended his tentacles p*nis toward her, and rubbed it against her secret place.


 With a jerk, Fatima did not try to protest against Alexis any more.

 It was that simple. If only he could encourage her to surrender herself to him, she would have the desire to cross the line.


 As he moved his p*nis back and forth, Fatima’s love juices started to flow from the crevice between the cracks and became entangled with him.

 Then, combined with the pressure of her tightly closed soft thighs, Alexis lets out a small breath.

 ”Hahhh… ahhh, ahhh…”

 Fatima also seems to feel pleasure, and she just lets herself be guided by Alexis, letting out a moan of pleasure.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* Alex…! I-I still have a bad feeling…”

 Fatima complains in a sweet voice, but Alexis said, “But it feels good, doesn’t it?” and she nods her head.

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… It feels so good… very good… Alex… Mmm… Fuuh, ahhhh”

 Fatima is shaking and trembling.

 Thinking that she is about to reach her climax, Alexis pushes the head of her p*nis, which is soaked with her cowper fluid and love juice, toward the crack.

 He plays with the underhair covering the crack, and slips his p*nis into the jar.


 Fatima’s body twitched when the p*nis hit the entrance of the jar.

 ”No, no, not that place!”

 But Fatima’s rational mind refused to accept this.

 (…Damn, that was close…)

 After thinking so, Alexis says, “Sorry, I can’t see, it’s my mistakes”, and again moves his p*nis in the right direction.

 He pushes the wet glans against the anus, and it slurps into the anus.


 Fatima reacts loudly.

 Every time he pushes his p*nis against her anus, a squish-squish sound is heard.

 Then, a rush of pleasure seems to rush through Fatima, and she shakes her body greatly.

 ”Fuaah, ahh? Alex, my asssss!”

 ”Yeah, it feels so good, doesn’t it?”

 Alexis also breathes hard by the tightness, and Fatima nods her head.

 ”Amazing ―― I never felt anything like this…? Uahhhhhh, not again ―― not againnnnn!”

 Fatima’s body trembled and her anus clamped down on the p*nis.


 Fatima seems to have reached her climax, and her body shakes and quakes loudly.


 Alexis ejaculated into Fatima without any hesitation.

 Spurtttttt! And then, one after another, he was pouring into her.

 ”…ah, ah…”

 Since he was holding Fatima’s body tightly, Alexis’ breath must have reached her.

 However, Fatima did not say anything, but just accepted Alexis’ breath, shaking her body.

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