Avalon 34

Chapter 34

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 Alexis finally removes the blindfold after untying the strings that had deprived Fatima of her bodily freedom.


 Fatima squinted at the light from the wall sconce that suddenly appeared, but she did not cover her vision with her hand because she could not move.

 It was not because of the aftermath of the act she had just received, but because she had been in the same posture with her hands and feet tied for a long time.

 Thus, for a while Fatima could only lie on the bed and breathe in and out, worrying about her bare breast.

 (I-I really did this with Alex…)

 She didn’t have much time to think about it.

 After all, even now her stomach was bloated with the liquid that Alexis had poured into her intestines, stimulating the inside of Fatima.


 Fatima clenched her butt, which were about to open, and tried to get up, but she could not move her arms and legs properly.

 But there was no way she was going to make a mess.

 ”I-I have to go…”

 Fatima tried to pull herself up. But Alexis said.

 ”Are you okay?”


 (Alex is so gentle…)

 Fatima’s cheeks are stained with that thought.

 And then, Alexis tries to pull her hand, saying, “Let me help you,” but Fatima’s expression becomes distorted.

 (Oh, I see, she can’t move because I made her stay in the same position)

 Alexis noticed this and silently adjusted Fatima’s clothes, and then he carried her in a princess hug.

 ”Huh?? A-Alex?!”

 ”You can’t move, right? So, I’ll carry you”

 (…Well, in fact, I don’t want her to mess up my room. And even though I heard that there is no excrement in Fatima’s asshole, but I’m still not sure…)

 That was 80% of what Alexis really meant.

 But Fatima, who doesn’t knew it, flushed in Alexis’ arms as he picked her up and strode away.

 ”Alex, I’m… sorry…”

 Despite her reluctance, Fatima eventually chooses to lean against Alexis’ chest.

 It is true that she would blow fire with embarrassment if someone saw her in the hallway in such a situation, but still….

 (…I want Alex to do this to me…)

 That was Fatima’s true feeling.

 Fatima was so occupied with the fact that Alexis was holding her and the state of her stomach that even she was unaware of a small sound coming through the door.

 (…was there someone at the door?)

 Alexis also heard it and he listens closely.

 Then, after hearing the distant thuds and thumps of shoes, Alexis opens the door.


 After dropping Fatima off at the bathroom, Alexis went back to his room alone.

 He picked up “something” from the floor and held it tightly in his hand.

* * *

 At this time, Fransisca slammed the door of her private room and leaned her back against the door and put her hand on her chest, which was still pounding.

 Yes, it was Fransisca in front of Alexis’ room.

 (That voice. A-Alexis-sama is with Fatima…)

 She can’t stop thinking about the voice she heard through the door during the affair.

 Not so long ago, she would have taken it as a voice of suffering, but now she understands it clearly.

 (Fatima sounded comfortable… and Alexis-sama, to speak in such a gentle voice. I’m…)

 ”After all, I’m just a slave…”

 Fransisca comes to her senses, aware of the stinging in her chest and her own muttering.

 ”W-what am I worried about…? B-besides, shouldn’t I be relieved if Fatima is going to take my place?? Fatima seems to be willing to do it too…”

 (…but if Alexis-sama will never do that to me again…)

 Fransisca felt a tightening in her chest.

 She imagined it. Alexis would tell Fransisca this again.

 [Oh, it’s you. And is it a slave? Yes, it seems that one. But I’m done with that. I have Fatima now. Anyway… thank you!]

 (No, no, no… Alexis-sama said he wouldn’t terminate my slavery!)

 Fransisca know it’s a delusion, but she can’t stop this sad and painful feeling.

 It is true that the relationship is absurd, but Fransisca is still…

 ”…sad. Why? Why am I so sad and in pain…?”

 Before she knew it, she found herself bursting into tears.

 She knows that her position does not call for these feelings. But she can’t stop crying.

 ”Alexis-sama…I, I already, I can’t live without you…”

 She wonders if he had taught her to pleasure herself the other day in order to get rid of her relationship with him.

 Still, Fransisca could only fight this anxiety alone, clutching her trembling shoulders.

* * *

 The next day the carriage were driven again to the front for the journey to Avalon.

 Yesterday, earlier than Dorothea’s arrival, Alexis had discussed with Fransisca and had decided the schedule for the rest of the day.

 First, they will continue to collect crystals in first layer during the week when the blacksmith is forging the weapons, but for efficiency, they will have other soldiers with them during the week.

 If they work in groups, they will be able to gather a large amount of crystals in no time.

 And in the meantime, Alexis would like the soldiers in the fort to test the magic effects of the duplicated crystals that they have accumulated recently and make a list of the duplicated crystals.

 The crystal balls thus evaluated are to be used in the strategy if they have any usable magical effects.

 Then, as soon as the weapons are ready after a week of this process, the members who dive into the dungeon are limited to the original members of the strategy team, and the strategy team begins to explore the second and subsequent layers.

 On the other hand, the blacksmiths still continue to use the crystals they have accumulated to make weapons as quickly as possible, and the other soldiers are to equip themselves one by one. ――This is the procedure.

 Fransisca was thinking this as she and her three vassals were being carried along with Alexis in the carriage.

 But then, she glances at the back of Alexis who is sitting on the dais and sighs.


 She can’t get rid of this heavy feeling.

 ”Your Highness, you don’t look well, is something wrong?”

 And it was Fatima, the one who was making her feel this way, who suddenly asked her this question.

 Fransisca thought that Fatima did not know anything about it. And in fact, she had only intended to ask Alexis to take care of the parasite monster in her intestines last night.

 But Alexis taking advantage of the situation to do it with her.

 Despite this, Fransisca was fed up with her own ugly jealousy even though she knew it.

 (This is not good. I have to forget what I heard yesterday…)

 Thinking of this, she finally manages to smile.

 ”I’m fine”

 After answering Fatima in this way, Fransisca turns her gaze towards the landscape.

 The awkwardness was not completely removed and Fatima looked at her strangely. However, Fransisca thought she had managed to fake it.

 (Yes, that’s good. We’re going to Avalon now, and I don’t have time to worry. I have to try to forget about it, because if I don’t I might cause trouble for my allies)

 Fransisca decided in her mind.

* * *

 After an hour’s drive from the fortress, the group arrived at the forest, which was affected with the darkness, and decided to dive into the dungeon at once.

 After finishing their work in an orderly fashion, they returned to the front encampment as the sun was setting.

 ”Everyone, thank you for your hard work”

 Fransisca said as soon as she came out of the dungeon.

 After her voice, the group members disperse in their own way. It is a habit of the group.

 ”Your Highness, would you like to go bathing with us?”

 Sara smiles at her, and Fransisca nods, “Yes, that would be nice,” then looks at Alexis with concern.

 ”Oh, um…”

 Seeing her like that, Alexis can understand what she says even if she doesn’t say it. This has become a half habit.

 ”Oh, you want a lookout, don’t you?”


 Fransisca nods reservedly.

 ”That’s fine, but…”

 Alexis was silent, then said in a voice only Fransisca could hear.

 ”Come to my tent later”

 Fransisca’s heart pounded as he said this.

 ”Eh? Uh, well, um…”

 After a few moments of hesitation, Fransisca nodded her head.

 From that moment on, she began to wait anxiously for the time to come.

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