Avalon 35

Chapter 35

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 That day, outside of the majority of the male group, while the women were having dinner together, Fransisca was restless the whole time.

 Seeing her like that, Sara and Fatima looked at each other curiously.

 And it was finally free time after the meal.

 But Fransisca turns down Fatima and Sara and decides to go to Alexis’ tent.

 ”Your Highness, aren’t you going to bed yet?”

 Fatima asked curiously and Fransisca responded.

 ”No, I have a few more things to do… you can go ahead and rest”

 ”…No way, is it about Alex…?”

 Fransisca’s heart leaps out of her chest when she hears Fatima’s mutter.

 (Fatima know about this?)

 But she manages to swallow these words that were about to come out of her mouth for a second, and instead asked, “W-why?”.

 ”No, umm…”

 Fatima was at a loss for an answer.

 It was because when she had visited Alex’s room yesterday, he had acted as if the princess had visited him often. So, she wonders if it’s okay to ask about that.

 In fact, she is even more puzzled because she realized that the princess attitude suggests that she is right on the mark.

 (This attitude, Her Highness does not want to reveal it…?)

 Fatima was shaking her head in a hurry because she felt this way.

 ”Oh…no, I just had a feeling… It must be my imagination. Haha…”

 When Fatima laughs deceptively, Fransisca looks relieved.

 Such a princess named Fransisca is a very easy person for the vassals to recognize. Her attitude and facial expression easily show what she is thinking.

 ”I-I have to go now… Then, I’ll be leaving first…”

 Fatima tilted her head as she saw Fransisca who walked away fidgety and seemed to be walking lightly.

 ”…Her Highness seems to have gotten along well with Alex…”

 ”What makes you think so?”

 Sara asked from the side.

 Sara was asking this question not because she didn’t know anything but because she seemed to know what she was talking about, since she was smiling at Fatima.

 ”Well, I just thought Her Highness seemed happy to go to Alex…”

 ”Fatima-chan, you didn’t stop her. That’s unusual”

 ”Is it wrong?”

 ”Well, you see, a Princess-maiden is going to a place alone with the opposite s*x on a night like this. If it was a normal Fatima-chan, I think you would stop it without hesitation, even if you had to make a loud voice”

 Sara looks into Fatima’s face with cherry red eyes.

 Because of the height difference between them, she is looking at her from below.

 ”Well, if it’s Alex…”

 Fatima’s eyes moved a little.

 (I told him yesterday to be moderate. So, it should be fine… Anyway, Alex will protect Her Highness properly)

 With this thinking, Fatima trusted Alexis.


 Sara stopped looking at Fatima and sat back down on the wooden box on the ground.

 ”…I don’t think you should trust Alex-kun too much…”

 Sara murmurs, and Fatima asks, “…Hmm, did you say something?”.

 ”Uh, no, nothing, nothing at all. Don’t worry about it!”

 Sara says smiling at Fatima, and Fatima decides not to worry about it.

 ”Well… I’m so sleepy. I’m sorry for Her Highness, but I think I should go to bed first”

 With these words, Fatima decides to go back to the women’s tent.

 And Sara followed her, saying, “Me too.”

 But at the same time, Sara looks towards the destination of Fransisca, who has gone out of sight.

 (…Her Highness. I warned her it wasn’t a good idea…)


 Fatima looks back at Sara with a vacant stare.

 ”Oh, sorry, sorry? Shall we go?”


 Fatima’s expression softened and she nodded her head.

* * *

 Fransisca is standing in front of the tent where Alexis is supposed to be waiting.

 Even though she was armed, the sight of the Princess-maiden visiting the command tent where the captain was staying was quite conspicuous in an encampment full of masculine-looking soldiers.

 Fransisca knew that the soldiers standing guard around her were looking at her, but she suppressed her nervousness and stood in front of the curtain blocking the entrance to the tent, and opened her mouth.

 ”…Alexis-sama, sorry to keep you waiting”

 ”Ah, Fransisca. Come in”

 Fransisca stepped into the tent with a nervousness at being told to do so.

 ”A-Alexis-sama… I’m here as you asked. And, um…”

 Fransisca walked up to Alexis, who was sitting on a chair waiting for her, and she fidgeted with a shy look on her face.

 Whether he knows she is embarrassed or not, Alexis takes out a handkerchief from his pocket with a smile on his face.

 ”I found this on the floor in front of my door last night, isn’t it yours?”

 ”Ah… Y-yes, that’s mine!”

 Fransisca had received it from Alexis in a hurry.

 ”I’ve been looking for it since yesterday, thank you”

 She was disappointed inside, even though she had told him so. Because it was just a story about her lost item.

 As Fransisca thinking this, Alexis continued.

 ”Anyway, you wanted to see me, didn’t you? Then why didn’t you ask me?”

 ”T-that’s, umm…”

 Fransisca feels awkward.

 It’s hard to say because it looked like Fatima and him were embracing.

 It’s a topic she doesn’t want to get into any more than that.

 But Alexis knows by now what Fransisca was asking.

 ”Don’t tell me you just peeked in on us and left?”


 Fransisca is startled and then blushes, as if she is confirming the answer.

 Then Alexis smirked at her.

 ”So, how was it? Did you enjoy peeping on us?”

 Alexis asked lightly, but the next moment tears started to well up in Fransisca’s eyes.


 Alexis was startled, but Fransisca was spilling tears right in front of his eyes. Then she jumped on him and hugged him tightly.

 ”Alexis-sama, please. Please don’t leave me… Please, I’ll do anything”

 Alexis was upset because she was begging him. He wonders what is going on.

 ”Do you prefer Fatima’s body? Of course, Alexis-sama seemed very kind last night. I mean, I’ve treated you badly in the past, so I don’t expect to get the same favor… B-but, Alexis-sama…”

 As she desperately appeals to Alexis, they get so close that their faces are almost touching.

 Then, Fransisca’s cheeks start to blush as she comes to her senses what she is saying.


 Fransisca immediately becomes clumsy, and Alexis lets out a sigh.

 He pulls her to sit on his lap, and Alexis licks Fransisca’s soft, s*xy lips.


 Fransisca’s cheeks were flushed with a reddish hue after she was startled.

 ”Don’t put your face so close to mine. What if I kissed you?”

 Alexis asks with a sly grin.

 ”Fweh??…Umm, well… I-I would be happy”

 Fransisca puts her fingertips to her lips and looks shyly.

 (Why is she reacting like that…)

 Alexis was taken aback, but thought he would not hesitate to peck Fransisca’s lips.

 ”Hya… A-Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca’s expression turned into a pout.

 ”So, you don’t want me to throw you away?”

 Alexis’ question made Fransisca nod her head and then she looked like she was going to cry again, which made Alexis think that it was too much trouble.

 ”I don’t know what you think you’re doing but you’re my slave, do you understand?”

 Fransisca nods in response to Alexis’ question.

 ”Yes, Alexis-sama”

 ”Do you think I would give up my precious slave?”

 ”B-but Alexis-sama has Fatima…”

 Fransisca is puzzled, but Alexis says with a straight face.

 ”That is that, this is this. Do you know what I mean? The more staple foods I have, the better”

 ”I’ve never heard of…….”

 Fransisca gives him a subtle look, but Alexis says, “If I say so, so be it”.

 Fransisca knows that she is in a position where she cannot go against Alexis, no matter how absurd he may sound.

 So, Fransisca just nodded her head and looked somewhat relieved.

 ”So, you don’t mind if I stay with you forever?”

 ”Umm, you seem to be happy… Fransisca?”

 Alexis thinks it’s strange, even if she is masochis.

 ”…yes, I am happy”

 Fransisca hugs him tightly.

 ”…I see”

 Alexis felt like he had been drained.

 He had called Fransisca to ask her what she had seen or heard on the pretext of a lost article, and possibly to stop her from talking and to punish her for it.

 But seeing Fransisca so innocently and happily, such a feeling was diminished.

 ――But, well…

 ”Since you answered me honestly, I’m going to give you a reward”

 Alexis grabs Fransisca’s breasts tightly, and he can feel her heart pounding in his palm.


 When Fransisca nodded her head, she already had the expression of a female seeking a male.

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