Avalon 36

Chapter 36 [Princess-maiden] Reward for a Princess who is Honest

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 Alexis keeps Fransisca’s corset around her waist and pulls down her upper clothes from her shoulders.

 By doing so, the clothes flapped down to just below her breasts, exposing her two white breasts.


 As she looks at him with moist eyes, Alexis takes her lips.

 Alexis licks Fransisca’s upper and lower lips, and when a gap opens between them, he slips his tongue in.


 Fransisca twitches a little in surprise, but doesn’t rush to close her mouth.

 Soon after, she lets Alexis enter easily.

 When their tongues meet and make a kissing sound, Fransisca’s body jumps up and down.

 (Ah… W-what is this?)

 Fransisca closes her eyes and focuses her senses on her mouth.

 Every lick of Alexis’s tongue in her mouth brings out a sweet, still tingling sensation on her.

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Hafuu…”

 Fransisca soon realizes that this is pleasure, and begins to lick Alexis tongue, albeit sparingly.

 While they were making cupping noises, Alexis moved both of his hands to Fransisca’s breasts and pinched her nipples.


 Fransisca’s body trembled with pleasure.

 And as soon as their lips parted, Alexis slipped one of his hands under Fransisca’s skirt and rubbed the crotch through her panties with his fingers.

 ”Are you masturbating properly?”

 He asked her. And Fransisca nodded her head while her body trembling.

 ”Yes… *Pant* *Pant*… B-but…”

 ”But, what?”

 ”A-Alexis-sama’s… Hyan!? *Pant* Pant*… I-it’s better… to have Alexis-sama do it…”

 Fransisca replies breathlessly. And Alexis chuckles.

 ”I see. You’re really being honest today. What’s wrong with you?”


 ”W-what’s wrong… with me?”

 Fransisca answers between breaths, looking unsure of herself.

 Seeing her puzzle expression, Alexis then mutters.

 ”Well, whatever. I have to reward you properly now”

 Alexis says, and Fransisca gulps and looks down at Alexis’ pants.

 ”Hmm, you want it already? Then you can do it yourself”

 Fransisca follows Alexis’ words and moves her hands to undo his belt with a clank.

 ”*Pant* *Pant*”

 With a ragged breath, she gently inserted her hands under Alexis pants and stroked Alexis’s bulge through his underwear.

 Fransisca feels a twitching movement in the palms of her hands, which makes her heart pound.


 Fransisca squirms on Alexis’s lap, then leans in close and lays her lips on his again.

 Their tongues make a cupping sound, and Fransisca pulls out Alexis’s p*nis.

 Then, as it slides out and pecks Fransisca, Fransisca pulls her lips away from Alexis’ lips and smiles.

 ”Do you like this one better?”

 Alexis whispered and took away Fransisca’s hands on his cock and took it in her mouth.

 ”Mmm, mm…”

 Fransisca sucks his cock with a satisfied look on her face.

 She seems to be licking it in a way that she is properly pressing the pressure points Alexis talked about the other day, and Alexis gasps for air.

 ”You’re getting better at this…”

 As he says this, Alexis continues to play with Fransisca’s breasts with both hands.

 Fransisca seems to feel pleasure from it, and she sucks Alexis’ cock enthusiastically, sometimes with a charming voice.

 Perhaps her arousal was getting stronger, Alexis felt a little wetness on his lap, where her secret hole was pressed against his lap.

 ”It’s almost time,” Alexis thought and pulls his cock out from Fransisca’s mouth and stretches it toward her secret place.

 Fransisca shuddered, as if she sensed what Alexis was going to do.

 ”Ahh… Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca hugs him tightly.

 ”Lift your hips a little”

 Alexis said, and Fransisca nodded her head and lifted her hips lightly.

 Then Alexis’ p*nis came to enter the jar.

 Fransisca also moves her panties to the side with her hand to make it easier for Alexis to enter.

 Squelch! A sound was heard.


 Fransisca shivers and rests her head on Alexis’ shoulder.

 But the p*nis came deeper into the jar. Just like that, Fransisca was enjoying the pleasure as the p*nis entered deep into the jar.

 ”Ahhh… I-I can’t… get enough of this!”

 Fransisca was selflessly pushing and squeezing her pussy.

 ”Alexis-sama, please come deeper… deeper!”

 ”Yes, yes, I know what you mean”

 Alexis is panting while answering.

 And as usual, Fransisca felt good inside her.

 Anyway, Alexis rubbed his p*nis against the walls of her vagina as he thrust it deeper and deeper into Fransisca.


 Fransisca’s hold on Alexis tightens.

 ”Haa, haa, try to rock back and forth. It’ll get better”

 Alexis says, and Fransisca starts to move her hips.

 Soon she realizes that this is the way to get better, and she starts to move harder.

 And now, the sound of Fransisca’s hips slapping against Alexis’ thighs is heard.

 ”Ahhh, ahh? Ahhhh…!!!”

 Fransisca shakes her body enthusiastically.

 Thinking she was being too loud, Alexis covered her mouth.

 ”Mmmm, mmm? Mmm? Mmm――!”

 Fransisca looked stunned and wiggled her hips violently.


 Alexis clenches her teeth against the frequent tightening that is stimulating his member, but he still pushes it deeper into the hole. And then――


 Fransisca arches her back.

 She has a violent reaction and Alexis feels the sensation of his p*nis inform him that it had passed through her cervix.

 (Hauuu, cumming, cumminggggg――!)

 Fransisca clung to Alexis tightly, and with her mouth covered by Alexis, she shouted “Nnnhhhhhhhh!”.

 Her whole body was twitching, and her vagina was wriggling and tightening violently.

 ”Haaaaah, kuhh… ―― take it properly!”

 Alexis shuddered and spewing out his desire from his member.

 Spurt! Spurttttt! He filled Fransisca’s womb with his cum.

 And while tasting his ejaculation, Alexis withdrew his hand from Fransisca’s mouth and covered her voice with his lips instead.


 Fransisca moans out, and then she tongues Alexis with her tongue in an entrancing manner.

 Their tongues twined together for a while after the ejaculation was over.


 After a while, their lips parted, and saliva trickled from their mouths.


 Fransisca licks her mouth and kisses Alexis’ lips lightly with a kiss, then smiles happily with a tint on her cheek.

 ”Hah, hah… how is it? You like it this way, don’t you?”

 Alexis lightly rocked his hips while they were still joined, and Fransisca’s mouth let out a charming voice.

 ”Ah, ahh, mmm… *Pant* *Pant*… Alexis-sama’s inside my belly…”

 Her mouth is loose as she says this.

 And suddenly, Alexis thought that it was good to have her uterus shaken, so he stirred it around with his object that was still in her uterus, and sure enough, Fransisca’s reaction became more intense.

 ”Ah? Ah, ahhh? It’s, it’s great… ah, cumming again…!”

 Alexis held Fransisca’s mouth, and she continued to come with a muffled voice.

 Alexis wonders how many times she will come if he continues to do so.

 (I would like to taste her thoroughly as a reward, but…)

 They are in a tent. So, they never know who might visit at any moment.

 Just as Alexis thinks this, a figure is projected through the curtain.

 ”Prince, may I have a word with you for a moment?”

 A soldier’s voice is heard and Fransisca is startled.


 Fransisca then look at Alexis as if to say, “W-what to do?” .

 And after comparing Fransisca’s eyes with the soldier’s shadow, Alexis mutters, “Just in time,” and Fransisca widens her eyes and says, “Eh?” .

 He reached out and took one of the blankets stuffed in the corner of his hand and draped it over Fransisca’s shoulders to cover her body, then asked to the soldier outside, “What’s going on?” .


 ”D-don’t tell me you’re going to let him in? ?” Fransisca’s eyes looked as if to say this.

 And Alexis lifted the edge of his lips in a smile. He was enjoying Fransisca’s upset.

 ”Well, you look like you’re fully clothed, and in this position you look like you’re sitting on my lap. As long as you don’t try anything stupid”

 Alexis says this and Fransisca realizes that he is serious and turns red.


 She tries to complain, but her hips are lightly rocked and the semen in her uterus makes a chapping sound.


 The sweet numbness of the sensation causes Fransisca to relax, and she is now clutched in Alexis’s arms.

 At that moment, a soldier opens the curtain and enters the tent.

 The soldier notices Fransisca sitting on Alexis’ lap and his eyes widen.

 Moreover, the princess in front of him has moistened cheeks and eyes, and is hugging Alexis with an overtly s*xy expression on her face.

 Her feet are peeking out from the blanket, and she seems to be wearing clothes, but the soldier’s eyes drifts to the princess, looking at her posture that he is afraid to look directly into her eyes, and he becomes nervous.

 ”Ah… C-could it be that I’m interrupting you?”

 Alexis smirks at the soldier whose voice is turned upside down.

 ”No, no, it’s just a business”

 ”W-what business?”

 Fransisca was mortified. But then, the p*nis, which was still in her womb, was moved around and she let out an involuntary “ahhhhh”.


 Fransisca hurriedly closed her mouth, while the soldier’s eyes widened and turned red.

 But he looks at Alexis again to ask what is going on, to which Alexis smiles and calls out to Fransisca.

 ”What’s the matter, you suddenly made a funny voice?”

 ”Fuehh? ? A-Alexis-sama…――”

 At that moment, something moves again inside Fransisca. Fransisca has no choice but to stifle her voice.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* Uuu…!”

 Fransisca was about to complain as she was out of breath, but she had to keep quiet because she could not bear to be moved again by saying something bad.

 While Fransisca was struggling for breath, Alexis spoke to the soldier, “So…” .

 ”You came here for something, didn’t you? What’s going on?”

 While the soldier glanced at Fransisca, he said.

 ”W-well, we have only one barrel of liquor left in stock and we were wondering if you could give us a permission to get some more…”

 ”What? How much do you guys like to drink? Didn’t we have three more?”

 ”But there was a guy who drank the whole barrel at once… and another idiot who knocked over the other one!”

 ”Yeah, that’s a fool for sure… but why don’t you take this opportunity to give up drinking for a few days?”

 ”What are you talking about, Prince? It’s bad for our motivation!”

 Alexis looked at the soldier who was insisting so strongly and had a lot of things he wanted to say to the soldier.

 ”*Sigh*… okay, I’ll allow it. Then add four more barrels on the early morning departure tomorrow”

 ”T-thank you very much!”

 The soldier looks relieved.

 But his eyes remained fixed on Fransisca from start to finish.

 Fransisca seems to be concerned about the soldier’s gaze, and after glancing at him, she turns her head down with her cheeks flushed with a reddish color.

 Such an attitude of Fransisca seems to be new to the soldier, and he blushes with his eyes wide open.

 But seeing the soldier attitude like that, Alexis was not happy about it for some reason. So, he quickly said, “Then, you can go back now.”


 The soldier nodded his head and hurriedly turned around to leave the tent.

 (Don’t tell me the soldiers are still after Fransisca?)

 Alexis was thinking about this in anguish.

 ”Ah, umm…”

 Fransisca says in a frustrated voice.

 ”What are you thinking, Alexis-sama… how dare you? You can’t do this to me all of a sudden… I have human rights, even a slave has human rights!”

 Fransisca was crying and angry, which made Alexis think that he should just do one or the other.

 ”W-why are you mad at me? Isn’t this a special reward for you? I mean, you get excited when people look at you, don’t you? So I thought I’d give this as something extra…”

 ”It’s not a reward at all”

 Alexis was surprised because Fransisca was serious.

 ”W-why can’t you understand that it doesn’t make me happy to be seen by that piece of garbage?”

 ”You’re so foul-mouthed…”

 Alexis was taken aback, but remembered for the first time in a long time that Fransisca was a woman who was very rude when she spoke out of turn.

 ”…That said, this place is starting to get a little tense again”

 Alexis’ hand slips under Fransisca’s panties and touches the entrance of the jar, which is still filled with his p*nis.

 She’s soaking wet from the start, so she doesn’t notice any change in wetness.

 ”You’re getting ready to cum again, aren’t you?”

 ”I-it’s not because I was being seen, it’s because Alexis-sama is moving me inside…”

 Fransisca says this but then Alexis tickled Fransisca’s secret hole.

 ”Haaaaahhhh! *Pant* *Pant*… Alexis-samaa”

 Fransisca screams in protest, but her eyes are moist and wet and her breath is beginning to come again.

 Alexis’s p*nis naturally swells up at the sight of her.

 ”Well then, I’m going to give you another shot. It’s your reward”

 Alexis says, and Fransisca’s face relaxes, as if her previous frustration is gone.

 ”Is it true that Alexis-sama did that strange thing on the spur of the moment? I hope you apologize for that…?”

 ”Okay okay. You selfish slave”

 Alexis sighs and starts to move his p*nis.

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… I’m sorry for that, but…”

 Fransisca hugs Alexis tightly and thinks “I want you to do me more…”. Alexis, who knows what her thinking, answered with this.

 ”I won’t stay for long because it will affect tomorrow, but I’ll give you a little more…”

 Hearing this reply, Fransisca can’t hide her delight.

 ”Yes… Alexis-sama, and…”

 Fransisca starts to say something and then shuts her mouth, so Alexis asks, “What’s wrong?” .

 ”No, nothing…”

 While shaking her head, Fransisca said in her mind.

 (I love you, Alexis-sama)

 Fransisca then covered Alexis’ lips.

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