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Chapter 43 [Princess-maiden] Make Her Speak Out Her Love and Make Her Drink and Urinate

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 While Dorothea was angrily returning to the workshop, Alexis hurriedly slammed open the closet door. And there he found..

 ”A… Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks are flushed and she is pleasuring herself while tears are spilling down her cheeks

 Her legs are open, and three white, slender fingers are inserted into a drooling honey pot, while her other hand is on her skin-kissed breast

 Although Fransisca saw Alexis, she did not stop working

 ”Ah, ah, ahh, Alexis, samaa, noo. I can’t stop…”

 Fransisca’s breathing is erratic, and she fidgeted with her hips

 ”I want it deeper, more deeper than this… ahhhh… no, not like this, no… Mmm…!”

 Fransisca shivers. Her vagina twitches and it sucks on her finger, which is a sure sign that she’s reached her goal..

 ”Hah, ahhhhh ―― Ah no, I want you to pound me deeper… fuahhh, ahhh, ahhh…”

 As Fransisca continued to move her hips and her hands, Alexis held back her arms


 He felt sorry for her, but it was replaced by dismay

 ”Have you been masturbating in here this whole time?”

 Fransisca realized that Alexis was angry and shuddered

 ”Ah… B-Because.”

 ”You see, I didn’t give you permission to come, did I?”

 ”Ah… S-Sorry, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca’s eyes are painted with excitement as she apologized

 Then she gasped, breathing heavily while saying, “Punish me… Please punish me…”

 ”I don’t care if it’s a spanking… I just want Alexis-sama to do it to me… Ahh, please…”

 Fransisca starts to cling to him tightly, causing his body to move

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Alexis-sama, please give me your p*nis this time…”

 Fransisca pleads with her face so close to his that they are almost touching. But Alexis is at his wit’s end

 ”No, even I can’t do it for the fourth time in one day…”

 ”Eh? The fourth… time…?”

 Fransisca is puzzled

 Fatima and Dorothea could be counted twice, but it didn’t add up to four. So, did that mean that he had been with more women just today?

 Her mind wandered to that point, but soon it didn’t matter

 ”Alexis-sama is a liar that my masturbation makes you less horny… In fact, it makes you want more, right…? Alexis-sama, please… I want it so bad…”

 Fransisca’s lips are almost touching Alexis’s, then she remembered that she needed permission right away


 Seeing her greedy looks, Alexis immediately covers Fransisca’s lips with his own

 Even Alexis feels bad about not giving Fransisca what he said he would

 ”*Kiss* *Kiss* *Slurp*… Nhaaa, haaah”

 Fransisca was absorbed in the deep kiss she was finally allowed

 Alexis tried to pull his face away from hers but Fransisca came close to him again

 ”*Pant* *Pant* more… more… please, Alexis-samaaaa.”

 Alexis answers her pleads by poked his tongue with her tongue and Fransisca made a happy expression on her face

 ”Ahhhh… I’ve been waiting for it for a long time… Please give me a lot, please…”

 Fransisca makes a sweet voice

 And thinking it again, Fransisca is the only one who asks Alexis with all her heart and soul. “Ah, I want to do it to her. I want to take good care of her,” Alexis thought

 ”I don’t mind doing that, but…”

 Alexis picked up Fransisca and laid her down on the bed

 ”Like I said, after the fourth time, even my dick doesn’t have anything to put out. Can I at least get some rest?”

 ”Y-You want a break…?”

 Sure enough, Fransisca’s face turns sour

 ”Yes. But I’ll do plenty of other things for you. I’ve put up with you for a long time, after all”

 Alexis lies down next to Fransisca and pats her head

 ”Really? T-Then…”

 ”What? Do you have a request?”

 ”What you just did for Dorothea, could you do for me too? And also, what you’re doing to Fatima… I want you to do everything, everything with my body…”

 ”…You’re really selfish”

 Alexis’ eyes widen at the unexpected request, but Fransisca says


 She mumbles, her mouth twisting around Alexis’s leg in a gesture of pain

 ”What is it? I’m going to ask you, okay? …just for today, maybe.”

 Alexis says this and Fransisca nods and gathers her courage to speak

 ”Because, you know, I want Alexis-sama to love me… the most… I know it’s impolite. But…”

 Fransisca stares into Alexis’ eyes

 Alexis is puzzled, because she is a little hesitant to say more

 ”What? You should finish what you’re going to say.”


 Fransisca suddenly became troubled and shook her head, then turned her head down with a reddened expression up to her ears

 Alexis wondered why, but he started to undress Fransisca

 Fransisca stared at Alexis as he undressed her, and their eyes occasionally met

 ”Can you tell me what you really want to say?”

 Alexis asks, and Fransisca shakes her head

 ”No, I can’t…”

 But her expression shows that she is holding something back. As usual, it is obvious

 “Oh? In that case―,” Alexis stopped after he had finished taking off all of her clothes

 ”I don’t think I’ll do it later. Do you understand?”


 Fransisca shook her head in panic

 ”Ah no, don’t say that!”

 As Fransisca bursts into tears, Alexis smiles at her

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