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Chapter 42 [Princess Maiden and Female Blacksmith] A Princess who Wants to be Committed and a Female Blacksmith whose Timing is Bad

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 After all, she has recently become a much more obedient girl and is very happy with his p*nis

 (She is always happy no matter what I make her do, right?)

 Just when he was thinking that, he heard a knock at the door

 Alexis and Fransisca both gulped at the same time when they heard a knock on the door

 Involuntarily, Fransisca clung to Alexis tightly and asked in a whisper, still gasping for air, “Huh, is it Fatima…?”

 ”*Huff* I have told you, right? I told you to give me a little more time.”

 Alexis is taken aback, while Fransisca’s eyes tear up as she says, “B-But…”

 However, the voice they hear is from someone they did not expect to hear

 ”Prince, are you there?”

 ”Dorothea?!” Alexis was so surprised that he raised his voice

 ”Oh, you’re here. Then that’s good, I’m coming in!”

 Immediately after she said that, Alexis heard the sound of a doorknob being turned, and he hurriedly picked up Fransisca and pushed her into a nearby closet

 ”Eh! Alexis ―― mgh!”

 Fransisca’s mouth was about to speak in surprise, but Alexis covered her mouth and said in a hushed voice, “Quiet!”

 ”You. What do you think would happen to me if people knew that there’s princess-maiden in my room? And in this outfit!”

 He points out Fransisca, who is wearing nothing under her skirt and her breasts are shown

 ”Ah… I-It’s not good…”

 Fransisca replies with a reddening cheeks and then slams the door behind her and rummages through her trousers to adjust them. However, the bulge was not going to come back easily

 While she is in a panic, the door opens

 ”Excuse me for disturbing you!”

 Alexis turned to look at Dorothea who entered without hesitation

 ”Hey you. If you’re going to come in, you’re going to have to wait for permission…!”

 ”Why are you talking like that? I came all the way here because I forgot to thank you!”

 With pouting lips, Dorothea suddenly noticed Alexis’ raised p*nis

 ”Oh, prince, don’t tell me you’re thinking of doing something to me again…”


 ”Why is she saying that!” Alexis was annoyed in his mind

 ”If you don’t want to get fucked, you can thank me and just go home.”

 Alexis folded his arms in frustration and told her so. But Dorothea said

 ”Why are you being so mean to me? I was thinking I might give you a chance.”

 ”You don’t have to do that, just go home.”

 ”Why are you so cold? You’re so cruel, Prince. Even though you’re doing what you want with my body!”

 They finally started arguing

 (Oh, what a hassle. I want to play with Fransisca again as soon as possible!)

 Alexis was thinking about this in frustration

 On the other hand, Fransisca, who is in the closet, is surrounded by Alexis’ clothes, but she hears the argument and her eyes are black and white

 (Eh…? W-What did she mean, Alexis-sama? Is it not only Fatima?)

 Fransisca bit down on the closet door and peeked through the crack

 She could see outside. Alexis and Dorothea were arguing

 ”Prince, you idiot! The worst! It was stupid of me to think you could get off with just one birth control pill!”

 ”What? Did you come all the way here just to say that? If so, why are you bothering me?”

 ”A-Are you done!? Enough!”

 As soon as Dorothea says this, she turns around and tries to run out of the room

 But she stumbles over something and falls heavily to the floor

 Seeing her let out a “Ouch” sound, Alexis is panicked

 ”Hey, are you okay?”

 Alexis is really thinking that she was a woman with a bad timing

 She must have been a rash and clumsy person in many ways

 After all, Dorothea’s skirt had rolled up when she fell down, exposing her lower half of her body in spats

 Of course, Alexis couldn’t help but swallow his spit when he saw that the tightness of the spats against her skin emphasized the shape of her butt. Besides he was horny because he was just about to ejaculate when he saw this

 (How could I resist?!)

 Alexis forgot about Fransisca, who was still locked in the closet, and reached for Dorothea

 ”Ow ow ow ow… w-what? What is it…?”

 Dorothea, with tears in her eyes, picked up the bundled rope. It had been left on the floor because Fransisca had arrived before Alexis could clean it up

 ”A rope…?” Dorothea tilts her head. But Alexis’ hand touches her ass, and she leaps

 ”Eh…? W-what? What are you doing, prince?!”

 Dorothea turns around on all fours and looks at Alexis who is touching her butt

 ”Why are you touching my…!”

 ”It’s your own fault for being dressed like this”

 As he says this, Alexis slips her spats and panties down, causing Dorothea to blush up to her ears at once

 ”What are you doinggg!? You said you wouldn’t do anything early, didn’t you!? You lied!”

 ”I didn’t say I wouldn’t do anything. I meant I’d commit you if you didn’t go back soon.”

 ”B-But, I was trying to…!”

 Dorothea tries to escape on all fours in a panic, but Alexis pulls her skirt to hold her back and reaches his hand between her legs

 He lightly traces the folds of her clitoris, and soon finds her large clitoris

 He pinches it lightly, and Dorothea drops her upper body to the floor with a “ahhh” sound

 ”T-That’s not fair!”

 ”What not fair?” Alexis responds as he strokes Dorothea’s reddening clitoris, rolling it between his fingers

 ”If you don’t like it, you don’t have to feel it, do you?”

 Alexis turns Dorothea over so that she is lying on her back on the floor, and lifts her thighs up

 ”Ahhh?! No, not this position…!”

 Alexis moved his face to Dorothea’s secret place and flicked his tongue against the over-expressive buds

 Dorothea immediately feels a tingling sensation ran up her spine. Her hips also bucked and shook

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhh…? Ah, why did you do that? No, no, stop, if you did that to me, I… ah, ah!”

 In the closet, Fransisca saw Dorothea’s eyebrows raised in pleasure as she was licked on her secret parts

 (N-No way. Alexis-sama…)

 Fransisca manages to stifle her gasps of pleasure

 She sees Alexis pressing his p*nis against Dorothea’s secret part, and in the closet, Fransisca slowly opens her legs and dips her fingers into her own secret passage

 Squelch! Her secret hole makes a gurgling sound, but it is not heard outside

 (Even though I was the one who made Alexis-sama’s p*nis so big… Even though I was the one who was supposed to get it…)

 Fransisca reached one hand to her breast and pinched her nipple

 ”Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Idiot, idiot!”

 While listening to Dorothea’s disturbed voice, Fransisca pushed three fingers in and out of her own honey pot. Each time she does this, it makes a gurgling sound, and her back slides back in thrill

 ”Haaahhh… Alexis, sama…”

 It was miserable

 But for some reason it made Fransisca’s body hot and made her feel high

 (Ah… I-I was so miserable that I couldn’t get Alexis-sama’s p*nis in me…)

 What this state of mind gave Fransisca was a suffocation in her chest and a trembling excitement

 She thought she was a pervert to get aroused by such a thing. But she couldn’t help it

 ”Ah, ah…ah…ah…”

 Even though she knew she had to restrain herself, Fransisca couldn’t help but let out her voice

 Meanwhile, outside, the climax was getting more and more intense

 ”Ahhhh, you idiot, no more, stop ittt ―― ahhhhhh!”

 Dorothea was bending over, unable to resist


 As Alexis also had been holding back ever since Fransisca’s orgasm, his p*nis also pulsated violently, and he poured out a lot of his desire

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!

 ”Fuahhhhh, inside me, inside me… again…”

 Dorothea’s stomach grows bigger and bigger, as she has no choice but to accept it with tears streaming down her face

 ”Kuh…ah, ah…”

 Alexis, having finished spitting out all the contents, looked down at Dorothea’s distended abdomen with a sense of satisfaction

 (Fransisca could rub inside her womb without hesitation… Well, let’s just pour it in her this time…)

 Alexis thinks about it and then realizes..

 …Huh? Fransisca…?


 Alexis suddenly shouts out, and Dorothea is startled

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… W-What?”

 ”Sorry!!” Alexis says as he pulls his p*nis out of Dorothea’s pussy

 ”Can you go back now?”

 ”Huh? In this condition…?”

 Dorothea looked down at the white spurt of cum that was pouring out of her secret hole

 ”I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you later!”

 Alexis hurriedly wiped Dorothea’s lower body with a towel, put on her spats, and pushed her out of the room. He did so while thinking about how he might as well make it up to Fransisca

 ”Sorry. I’ll bring the birth control pills later!”

 Alexis bows his head and slams the door

 ”W-What the heck…?”

 Dorothea can only stand in front of the closed door in a daze

 (Just as I was just going to thank him for forgetting it, but he ended up have s*x with me, and when he was done, he kicked me out of the room. W-What am I to him? Did he think that I’m just a thing for the prince to have s*x with?)

 Dorothea gets frustrated and exclaims, “What’s with that guy!?”

 ”Enough! I don’t care about the prince, he’s a terrible guy!”

 Dorothea turns back to the workshop in anger

 ”I shouldn’t have used my break time for this…” She thinks

 ”Besides, I didn’t come here to do this! As a blacksmith, I’m here to… No, I’m never going to be a prince’s partner again…!”

 So, no matter how many times he praised her pussy or touched her like he cared about her, she would never allow herself to be with him again, Dorothea thought

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